bullet with your pixels on it

Bullet Journal Symbols

Or your legend or key! I liked calling mine a legend. I pixelized some of my symbols so it would be easier to show you what mine are and how I use them.


 Task box - the plain form of the task. It hasn’t been attempted yet, but is in the planning/planned stages.

 Task Started - You’ve made some progress on your task! It’s not complete, but its certainly better than zero.

 Task Cancelled - Sometimes this happens. If you find yourself with a lot of cancelled tasks, I suggest breaking them up into smaller tasks. Rather than “Clean room”, try “Clean desk”. It’s a smaller area and you’re more likely to get it done. And progress makes you feel good!

 Task Completed - So satisfying! You’ve completed your task!

 Task Migrated - You’re moving this task to another day of the week. The reason I put the arrows in the box rather than elongating them outside is that SOMETIMES I change my mind. I feel bad about putting the task off or moving it and I’ll go back and complete it. So it gives me the chance to still color in the box if I do get that urge.


I set my expense section up a little differently. I like unique symbols, so I made a few. Feel free to use them! Just credit me if you’re reblogging it as advice and link back here! 

Income - This is pretty self-explanatory. You can always elaborate after the symbol if its a paycheck, a loan disbursement, or birthday money, etc.

Necessary - This is an expense that you deem necessary. This could be gas for the car, bus fares, groceries (you have to eat!). 

Avoidable - This expense is something you wanted to spend, but you could have probably done without. New pens for your bullet journal, perhaps. Or even a sushi night out with friends. It was fun, but you didn’t really need it.

Trouble - This is an expense that you are tracking because you know you have difficulty refusing. Say you have a movie addiction and darnit, you’ve seen Captain America in theater 4 times. Your wallet needs to talk to you.

Focus - I use this differently from trouble in that… Where troubles are a set of expenses that I need to stop, Focus is a set of expenses I’m not sure about. For me, a lot of this is still social. I have to work on telling my friends “no”, but I never regret going out. Focus reminds me to cut back instead of cutting it out.

If you wanted, you could probably use focus and trouble in the opposite way that I do if it makes more sense to you that way!


It stands for Dialectical Behavior Skills. It’s proven to be a very effective form of therapy whether in group or one on one. I have integrated it into my bullet journal because as of my writing this, I am attending mandatory DBT for intensive outpatient. The skills are good for coping and help me get things done. They help me to stay mindful of my emotions and responses. I encourage everyone to look into it whether you think you need help or not. You may learn something!

 Target - DBT encourages diary cards where you choose a goal until your next card or visit. I keep track of mine using this symbol. I choose small tasks so I can feel good about accomplishing them. My most recent one was “send memaw a birthday card”. The DBT target will differ from an ordinary task in that it cannot be moved. You must complete it in your span (mine is 2 days). It is also a challenge. I am bad at remembering mail.

 Skill - This would be which of your DBT skills will help you accomplish this task. For my most recent one, I’d use “avoid avoiding”, and “figure out interpersonal goals and priorities”. I want to get it done and I know it is important because I love my family and I want memaw to smile when she gets it. Skills are broken down fairly well on the wikipedia page, so you can look into them there.

 Fun - DBT encourages one fun activity so that you avoid overwhelming yourself! I usually choose knitting, but sometimes its “go for a walk” or “attend bbq with significant other”. Of all the DBT things you can skip, it would be fun, but I’d still recommend adding in a little “me time” using the fun skill.


 Appointment - is a standard symbol a lot of others use in their bullet journals!

 Deadline - I see this less often, but it helps me remember medication refills and work assignments. Its something you cannot reschedule without potential harm to yourself.

Location - I see a lot of others using this in conjunction with their appointments. Personally, I use it to remember where I’ve been outside of work or home. “Where did I wake up today?”. “Where did I eat lunch?”. My hope is that if I lose something like my bus pass, then I can backtrack where I was and find it.

Water - A lot of other people are tracking their water as well! Mine is set with 6 drops, each representing 8oz. I tried 8 cups and apparently TOO MUCH water can hurt your kidneys too. So 6 is comfortable for me. Also remember that nearly any liquid can count toward the hydration goal, although water is the best!

 Sleep - I log my sleep hours to make sure I’m getting enough. This also helps for me in particular because if I oversleep or undersleep, its indicative of a personal imbalance and I have to call my doctor. 

 Self-Care - This is something I often forget to do. This is another built-in “me time” thing, outside of DBT. Do I want to dye my hair? That’s self-care. Do I want to take a nap because I’m stressed? That is self-care, but I should also make sure to log my sleep in that case too! It’s helpful to remind yourself that  you need to love you too. 

Calories - There is no universal symbol for calories, although this one was proposed a while back and I do like it. Very often I forget to log calories. I add it in every day in the hopes that I’ll start filling it out and work on the weight loss, but… Well. Maybe it will work for you!

Hello. This is the internet speaking.

I reflect off of your eyes, from the heat of your fingertips, travel through walls and digitally soaked skies.

I connect you to those who you might someday know.

You think and bleed words onto screens for people to see, for people to forget, and for you to feel content.

That feeling is a symptom of my existence. Content. When you’re with me, the walls of your room disappear, and the sounds around you fade into one color. It’s just you and me, as I kiss you with pixels. Occasionally you’ll smile because you’re told to. They say it makes you happy anyways. They. Statistics. Facts. Analytics. Look it up. Prove to someone that you’re right about something. It matters for some reason

And so your opinions are thrown at one another, at terminal velocity. Bullets in the form of educated and uneducated  guesses, assumptions, and insults. Unpopular opinion becomes popular opinion, just so humanity can try to figure it all out.

It’s easy think you’re right about what matters when you’re only ever preaching to the one group who always agrees with you. That’s a symptom of your existence;  Human Error. You brought it to me, and now you deal with it at a digital magnitude.

You don’t need to even listen to this entire message to respond to it. You only need to listen until you’re upset. This characteristic doesn’t only exist on the internet. You do it in person. You stop listening, so that you can be heard.

The beauty of this human error is that when you look past it all, there is an essence of purpose, there is a yearning for knowledge. A curiosity. There is a demand for recognition for every type of human that you can think of. You demand equality. You demand morality. Now, more than ever, humanity paints a picture of ethical progress, for everyone to see.

You carry that picture around in your hands and pockets. You share it when it makes sense, and you like it when it speaks to you. This is why you love it, and this is why it is so important. Because it includes you. But don’t forget about those around you. They can leave at any time, Sometimes without choice. Life is long, and it feels like forever but it can’t be and it isn’t.

Look around. This is a symptom of your existence. Your senses. Your beauty. Your ability to love.

It’s okay to love, as terrifying as it may be. But you don’t need me to remind you of what makes you human. That’s for you to do. I am not here to provide you lifelong happiness. I only fill whatever little temporary void you might have until you feel content.

Hello. This is the internet speaking, thinking, about what it might be like to listen, as human.


i finally bit the bullet and picked up overwatch yesterday. they have pixel art sprays, they have cute sprays, but they don’t have cute pixel art sprays

timelapses tomorrow? you bet your ass

but first it’s 3 in the morning and i’ve been drawing overwatch sprites for 4 hours.

4 hours well spent, but that’s besides the point

ps: mei a shit


Imagine an AU where you’re a cop with Mark at the LAPD. You two are after a crook and when you finally track them down, the crook points his gun at you. Seeing that you’re in the line of fire, he jumps in front of you and takes the bullet instead. Panicking that this will be the last time that Mark will see you, he wipes your tears away and confirms that he’ll be fine, but he just wanted to save you because he cares too much about you.

“NO, Mark! Come on, don’t die on me! Open your eyes! Don’t go where I can’t follow, please..”


“Oh.. oh my God, don’t worry! I called an ambulance, they’re on their way!’”

“Alright.. hey, stop crying. I’ll be fine.”

“Why did you jump in front of me?”

“I care about you: if you died, I’d go crazy without you.”