bullet truss rod


1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Black

Even after Leo Fender left his namesake company, they continued innovating and experimenting. The single-coil sound may be what Fenders are most known for but by the 1970’s, the brawnier, beefier humbucker sound was everywhere. To develop their first humbucker they brought in Mr P.A.F. himself, Seth Lover. These pickups are the heart of the Tele Deluxe, which also featured individual volume and tone controls for each pickup. They offer more output than any previous Fender pickup, and more clarity than what Gibson was offering. As Fender has always been a company that kept a mindful eye on the bottom line they were always looking for ways to simplify construction. For the Deluxe, they used the same neck as their Stratocaster with the larger “CBS” headstock, bullet truss rod, three bolt neck and rounded neck heel. This made managing their on-hand inventory easier. Custom colors were available for order but most can be found in Walnut Brown, Blonde, White, Natural, and Black. As with a lot of Fender’s in the 70s they tend to be on the heavier side, but this very vibey black one is super light and only 7.4 lbs!

This guitar is currently available for purchase at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide. Please contact our store directly at 773-878-8616, rocknrollvintage.com or email at rocknrollvintage@gmail.com for more info.


Last shots for this weeks Tuesday Night Guitar Shopping.  Still at Long & McQuade Burlington (Toronto) Canada:

  1. I love 2-tone sunburst on a Tele!  Also…I don’t know what’s happening on the Strat but I love it!
  2. Heading out of town towards Burlington on the QEW (which is the main highway between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  BTW, QEW stands for “Queen Elizabeth Way” and not many people know this, but it is NOT named after the current British Queen…but her mother, aka the “Queen Mum”.  In 1939, on the eve of WWII, King George VI and the queen toured Canada.  This highway had just been completed so they named it after the Queen Mum to commemorate her visit.  Also, this highway included the very first “cloverleaf” interchange ever in all of history!  Ok…back to guitars…  ;)
  3. Gretsch George Harrison Signature DuoJet.
  4. OK, here’s a used Strat, but I don’t know what it is!  By the serial I can see it was made in the USA in 2012.  It has a large “CBS” headstock, but a four bolt neck and no “bullet” truss rod, so it can’t be a reissue of a 1970s Strat.  BUT it also has a roller nut.  So I am totally at a loss to tell you what this model is.  Maybe the roller nut was a later upgrade?  We will probably never know…  :D
  5. Pricey but gorgeous Martin 00-28V.
  6. Pricey but gorgeous Custom Shop Les Paul HOLLOW!  I LOVE THIS!  now I just need to gather the required dosh… :\
  7. The new is ES-195. I find it very intriguing…
  8. Solid body ES-335?  C'est impossible, non?  NON!  Here is an ES-335 “S”!
  9. There’s that white SG again…
  10. I’m not really into Ibanez, but this one is so cool.

One of the HUNDREDS OF GUITAR SHOPS I visited this week…Long & McQuade Mississauga (a suburb of Toronto):

  1. Nice finish on this Gibson ES-195.
  2. This must be a new model…CBS large headstock, bullet truss rod (and so I assume a 3 bolt neck…) AND a matching headstock!  As all the kids say these days “that’s super-keen daddy-o!”
  3. Since this is the second shot of the same ES-195, does that mean I should refer to it as an ES-295?? 
  4. Nice, used Martin D-18 for $1800.  A bit of damage/wear on the body, but it actually looks good on this guitar!
  5. I’m not a big fan of “satin” finishes, but I’ll gladly make an exception for this dark-burst Larrivée OM model.
  6. I have owned so many Strats in my life that it takes a lot for me to be impressed with any (non-vintage) one.  But here we have a gorgeous 2001 American Series (later re-branded “American Standard”) Stratocaster in natural  with red-ish tort ‘guard.  $700-ish
  7. Gibson “Arlo Guthrie” signature.  Looks like it’s based on the one Robert Johnson played (er…  L-1?  L-0??  not sure…)
  8. Carved top, set neck Tele?  What will they think of next??
  9. Is it me or does Squier make some nicely finished bodies?  
  10. Another one of them newfangled '68 reissue silverfaces.