bullet proof scouts

Cinnamon roll squad
  • Look like they can kill you but is a cinnamon roll: Suga
  • Look like a cinnamon roll but can kill you: Jungkook
  • Look like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:
  • Taehyung/Hobi/Jimin
  • Look like they could kill you and can actually kill you (with the feels): Namjoon
  • Could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls: Jin
  • SINnamon roll: ARMY

@labmoth a Min Suga for you <3

  • Interviewer: So, your fans are interested in why you call yourselves "Bullet Proof" Boy Scouts?
  • Taehyung: Ah, it's a good story. You see, I actually got shot once. But technically I wasn't shot because the bullet didn't penetrate my skin, and I came away with a measly scratch. Crazy, I know, but I lived to tell the tale and therefore I am bullet proof. It's a good name for the group, isn't it?
  • Yoongi: He's talking about the time we had a nerf war in the dorm.

[!] “Silk” Teaser [!]
You lie there- waiting for the sun to shine through the window to at least make you believe that this day would start off on a high not, but as time passed by and the feeling of stress and anxiety creeped closer to you as each second passed, you knew you had to get up for your great job.

Rolling onto your side and practically throwing yourself off the bed. You walk over to the window of your bedroom and shut its blinds.

It was a rainy dark day.

The sound of raindrops hitting the window soothed you but also made you sad. You hated your job, your co-workers and especially your boss, Kim Taehyung. It’s like he’s been on a power trip since he was born. You hated him a lot and he probably hated you as well. But just because you hated the job doesn’t mean you sucked at it. You and Kim Taehyung had rarely had any run ins with each other at the office- since you avoid him so much but every single time you did. Oh boy. It was horrible.

He’d try to correct you even if you right and if you dared to say something he would say stay stuff like,
‘If you don’t like how I run things you can go’
‘The door is over there’

‘I obviously didn’t get the memo of you being in charge’
And if he did find something wrong
How can you mess up something so simple’
‘Great now I have to take time out of my schedule and fix your mess’

Or simply
‘You’re an idiot’

You find yourself already ready, no surprise though. Same routine every fucking day but usually you wouldn’t be this riled up at the end of this so called daily routine. It’s only because of that imbecile.

You run your hand through your hair aggressively, you get so mad thinking about the one liners he can use against you.

BTS As Boyfriends

Because everyone is uber curious, right?



The caring boyfriend. He’d want to do all the cliche things you see in movies and romance novels, like sending you flowers and complimenting your outfits. He’d be one of the better ones to introduce to your family or friends because he will literally be so kind, polite and say all the right things. On Valentine’s Day, he’d be the best to cook you a special dinner and make you homemade chocolate just to see your smile. Very, very, romantic. 

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The laid-back boyfriend. If you ever feel stressed out, he’s the best to go to. He’ll always lend an ear if you need someone to listen, and will always cuddle you if you’re sad. But in secret, he tries so hard to be romantic for you, like taking you out on dates and trying to say wooing words you know he’s been practicing. He’ll write you a song but he won’t admit it’s about or for you. 

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The fun boyfriend. One you can totally mess around with and just have a whole lot of laughs with. He’ll take you to amusement parks, sky-diving, water parks, you name it, he will indefinitely want to experience it with you. But that doesn’t mean he won’t get serious. Whenever you’re sad, you can expect him to comfort you like there’s no tomorrow. Or when he decides to be romantic, he’d surprise you by acting like a grown-up for once. 

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(lol ily hoseok don’t worry)

Rap Monster

The cool boyfriend. When the two of you go out, he’ll have his arm draped across your shoulder, a silent reminder that you belong to him. The type to bring you to museums and go on lazy coffee shop dates together. As much as he acts relaxed and such, he’s totally crazy about you and really wants to impress you. He’s just a big dork that needs a whole lot of loving, but he doesn’t want to admit it. 

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The sweet boyfriend. This boy has the heart of an angel and he would treat like royalty. Asking to carry your things, kissing you whenever he gets the chance and such. Poor little bun is so whipped he won’t know what to do. If he’s going to take you on a date, which will probably be as often as he can, he will bring you somewhere cutesy like a garden or beach. 

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The odd boyfriend. The type to ask you to go bowling at four in the morning or asking you to take him for ice cream when you’re busy. He’s constantly asking weird questions and making dumb jokes, but you can tell by the way he looks into your eyes, he is sincere and true about his unrelenting feelings of love towards you. You’d be his one and only sunshine. 

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The confident boyfriend. If you have an ex, he’d put an arm around your waist and the world would just know. He would bring you on dates and around town with you on his arm, and it would be perfect. But deep down, he is freaking out over what he should do and how to impress you, if you’d rather he did this or that, or what you’d like him to wear the most. Nervous bean. 

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Min Suga painting progress :)

Short Jimin’s Six Pack Against Short Jackson’s Six Pack

Dancing Rapping And Singing Maknae Jungkook Against Dancing Rapping And Singing Maknae Yugyeom

Beautiful Visual Jin Against Beautiful Flying Visual Mark

Tbh, I’ve been seeing this around lately. Its annoying. Jungkook is still going through puberty probably. Adding on the stress of performing like every other night. Acne should not matter. Talent is what matters.

Shitty and Cringy Imagines || BTS

Dedicated to my bes fren, who is obsessed with them @sadboybangtan and doesn’t have any talents (haha jk)

This is it. This was your dream job, you finally got to meet your idols. It was your first day and all you had to do is bring them the 7 water bottles placed on top of the glass table. You picked them up one by one and made your way backstage were the boys were waiting after their performance. You hurried through the crowded hallways trying to get to them as fast as you could. When you finally get to the door that led you to their break room, you waited a minute to get yourself together. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for, you were finally meeting BTS. You pushed the door in but accidentally tripped over your own foot making you fall forward and sending the bottles everywhere. It was all a mess, you were a mess. All their eyes turned on you, your cheeks acquired a soft shade of red and you started to cry. This was your only opportunity to show them who you were but you blew it. You feel somebody grab both of your shoulders making you stand up. Anxiety invaded your mind, Jin Seok stood in front of you and wiped your tears away.

“What is wrong gurl?” He asked you lifting your chin up and wiping off the tears with his thumb.

“I don’t have any talents! I can’t do anything right!” You shouted. “I can’t even carry water bottles for fuck’s sake!”

“Gurl, you are the most beautiful and most talented water girl in this world,” Jin replied calmly. “Imma kiss you now.”

“What-” and he safe you a soft deep kiss, it was so powerful that all your clothes exploded and you had an orgy with bts.