bullet photography

the first true spread of my 2017 bullet journal!

my 2016 review serves as a brief snapshot of different things that matter to me in terms of their individual progress. i will do a very similar review for 2017 at the end of the year for comparison!

the 2017 preview serves as an aligning of focus for me. i put thought into what i wanted out of this year, and then created “categories”, or larger goals, that encompassed groups of smaller goals used to achieve them. the plans of each step-goal are written out on my macbook; i’ve yet to transfer them into writing here into this bullet journal. but soon 💛

the difference here is that i have fleshed-out plans to achieve larger ones. i truly believe everything on my list can be achieved por eso.

used: micron 005 (flattened) on leuchtturm1917 dotted


17/11/16 // came home from school at lunch time today because I had two frees last. I’ve taken my dog for a walk in the wind & rain and managed to catch up with my planner and english literature analysis of a street car named desire. now I’m about to try and finish my english language coursework for tomorrow ahh wish me luck📝🍂



next spread setting up
i love to create different themes every 5 days
this week is plants and coffee, two things that i love

no filter photo, lately all my original photos are natural light, i create the atmosphere just with my camera, and i been liking it more



past week has been good, im just excited to start 2017 and leave 2016 behind. idk also ive been thinking a lot about purpose but not in a hopeless kinda way, kind of the opposite actually. its nice to be happy for once.

may 24, 2016 // 11:30 am // 1/100 days of productivity // i’ve always wanted to try making a bullet journal and now that a new term has begun, here’s a sneak peek(ish) featuring the breakfast club!!! i was really inspired by @studypetals post and @inkclings post :) also!!!! i hope i get to finish this 100 days of productivity thingy!!!!

follow forever

Hi! I’m Lotte, a new studyblr with a growing follower count of 100, i’m a smol bean lol. Under the span of a month, you’ve all shown me the warmth of this community! Everyone is so nice and encouraging. What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a follow forever post?  Even non-studyblrs are tagged as long as I like your blog! P.S. my ask box is open to anyone with comments or questions! 






01.05.17 - went to muji and @kikki-k to get myself some new stationery. Got a design-your-own calendar (reduced because it’s may 🙌🏻) and here’s may with a spirited away theme.
🎧Reflections ~ MisterWives