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~ TalentSwap, Part Three: The Finale That Never Truly Ends! ~

Ohhhhh snap! Are you ready for the 10k finale of TalentSwap I know I am! 030!! I’ll keep this short and just get into the fic for you all :pp

Thanks one more time to @hellofriend304​ for editing and helping me out with the logic behind this fic, you’re the beeeest and thank you and yaaaay and thanks again and blah blah blah, ahaahah! <3333 But seriously, thank you for your help ^3^

Part 1 Here! and Part 2 Here!

Warning: There’s an execution in this fic, but it’s not super duper graphic. And yeah, typical DR trial stuff in here 030 

Ennnjoy! ^u^

~ TalentSwap, Part Three: The Finale That Never Truly Ends! ~

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Ya Allah, today, I told myself that I’d dodged a bullet. Truth is, You saved me from what would have been the result of my own carelessness.
You saved me - just as You have

so many times before.
~ TalentSwap, Part Two: The Deadly Duet of Fatality!? ~

Holy frick you guys are in for a long one (Just under 7k words I think??? XD ) Presenting the entire investigation period takes a while, huh? Well, I won’t waste too  much of your time then ^3^ At the end of this fic, there will be a list of truth bullets for you guys to behold so you can all try to figuire out yourselves the mystery 030 Again, thanks to @hellofriend304​ for editing ^3^!!!

Part 1 here!

Part 3 here!

Warning: Character death, uh, the usual as to what expect with the DR franchise, ya know? Also, won’t make sense if you haven’t read the first part. I mean, the first line literally will spoil the prev. part, so uh, check that out first? :V 

Enjoy! ^3^!!!

~ TalentSwap, Part Two: The Deadly Duet of Fatality!? ~

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NDRV3 Demo Rough Translations - Truth Bullets and Skills

My Japanese is not very good, but I will be attempting to translate the NDRV3 demo. Please take my translations with a grain of salt and note they may be incorrect at times. Do not use my translations for subtitling without permission.


  • Skill Set
  • View ElectroID
  • Change Difficulty
  • Begin the class trial (bottom)



Increases the maximum power of your statements by a little.
Valid through the entire class trial.
Cannot be used jointly with Influential Voice of Envy.


Increases the maximum power of the concentration gauge by a little.
Valid through the entire class trial.
Cannot be used jointly with Menacing Concentration.


Allows for high speed rapid-firing of the silencer.
Valid during non-stop debate and panic talk debate.
Cannot be used jointly with Shotgun or Grenade.



The victim is Yasuhiro Hagakure.
The time of death was approximately around 1:00 AM.

The place where the body was discovered was the shower room of the protagonists’ private room within the student dormitories.

The killing blow was a stab wound on his abdomen made by cutlery.
Aside from the wound on his abdomen, no other wounds were found.


A brown hair had fallen on the floor of the protagonists’ room.

It was surmised to be hair from someone’s head, shorter than Hagakure’s, and the color most closely resembles that of Naegi or Hinata’s.


Naegi left before Monokuma called everyone into the gymnasium and did not show up.

He reappeared during the investigation of the incident regarding Hagakure, and according to his own testimony, had been investigating the inside of the academy.


On the bed and walls of the protagonists’ room, there were countless traces of marks left by cutlery.


The weapon embedded in Hagakure’s abdomen.
Overall, it was covered in blood, but the color of the blood on one section seems off.


There were knives of various sizes gathered in the kitchen, but one had been taken.


Before the body discovery announcement, Chあbashira had gone to the kitchen to brew some black tea and all the knives were still there.

After that, she drank the black tea with Yumeno in the cafeteria, and when they went to put the teacups away they saw that a knife was missing.

Again, she says that while she was drinking black tea with Yumeno in the cafeteria, someone had paid a visit to the kitchen.

(Once you select “begin the class trial” at the very bottom, a pop-up will appear. It says, “The class trial will proceed. Is this setup alright?” and the left button says yes whilst the right says no.)

I’m still in the midst of translating the actual trial, but for those of you who want to struggle through this with the evidence list and want to know your skills, here you go.

Thank you for reading.

I’m a picture without a frame. A poem without a rhyme. A car with three wheels. A sun without fire. I am a gun without bullets. I am the truth without someone to hear it. I am a feeling without someone to feel it. This is who I am. A mess without you. Something beautiful with you.
—  Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

now im thinking does this mean if shadow pulled a gun on sonic would he get all uncharacteristically scared like ‘H-hOLD on man what the hell put the weapon DOWN’ but then i remembered in sa2 he only seemed slightly inconvenienced at worst when he was surrounded by gun agents and beetles looking to arrest him and he could probably dodge a bullet so.. what is the truth sega

Kiibo: The culprit sneaked from the library!!!

White Noise #1: I wonder if it’s really true.

White Noise #2: The locked room was supposed to be there…

White Noise #3: The culprit was able to sneak in?

Truth Bullet: Completely Locked Room

Notes: Kiibo isn’t speaking very politely right now. Probably because he’s very irritated. See? He does have human emotions too. If he didn’t, he’d speak like an emotionless robot, but you can clearly see by his speech how irritated he’s right now.

Headcanon: Kiibo’s objection catchphrase is: Sore wa chigaimasu yo! Because chigaimasu is the polite form of chigau