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Jesus, this isn’t just about Johnlock for us, can’t people see that? The Final Problem literally made no sense. Nothing in this series did. Having a flowing, reasonable narrative like every other season but still no canon Johnlock would’ve made sense in the end. I wouldn’t have liked that, but at least the show would’ve been quality. But instead we got Mary as a plot device, Molly Hooper humiliated, a psycho sister who acts like Jigsaw, bleeding portraits, John beating the shit out of Sherlock, 12 broken Thatcher busts, continuity errors, cameramen in shots, Mycroft doing legwork, actors floating in and out between cuts, characters surviving grenade explosions, Sherlock ignoring John chained in a well, those chains miraculously disappearing, Sherlock having no memory of two other children in his life, slow-motion bullets, an Umbrella-Sword-Gun, and a low-budget final episode. You cannot argue that this isn’t true. You may have liked the series, but that doesn’t change the fact all these unrealistic things happened. I am way beyond confused. There was obviously always a possibility of no Johnlock, that’s why we called ourselves a conspiracy – you think we didn’t know we were the underdogs in that fight? Anyone messaging me or reblogging my posts to say “You just didn’t like series 4 because there’s no Johnlock” or “You’re the only people out there who don’t like TFP” can pull their heads out of their asses at any time and see this series was so incredibly different than anything we’ve seen them do so far, making it obvious why so many people don’t like it. This was an award-winning show. You think that’s going to continue? Because as it stands with these three episodes there’s no way this is going to live up to its name, and the absence of Johnlock has nothing to do with it.

Peace: Cassian X Reader

I fell in love with our rugged Captain Andor after watching Rogue one so I decided to write this. 

Summary: You wake from a terrible nightmare and go to Cassian for comfort. When you wake up in the morning he is next to you and fluff ensues.

Warnings: None

You’re in a battle, Cassian is fighting beside you, and everything around you is a blur. The sounds of battle are overwhelming. Your heart is pumping hard in your chest. Suddenly your blaster jams, a trooper uses the advantage over you and pushes you to the ground. Hitting the ground hard, you’re disoriented for a moment but quickly scramble to get up. Your legs have stopped working and you’re frozen in place, unable to move. You try to reach Cassian but watch in horror as blaster bullets tear through his body. It’s like watching in slow motion as the light leaves his eyes and he starts to fall. You try to scream but there is only silence. Cassian’s body collapses on the ground and you jolt awake.

“No!” You scream, shooting up in your bed. You frantically look around your room gasping and shaking uncontrollably. Your face is stained with tears and your skin feels sticky.

“It was just a dream, just a horrible dream,” you try to reassure yourself.

You run your fingers through your tangled hair and try to steady your breathing. The emptiness of your room is almost suffocating. You have to get out, now. You lower you feet to the cold stone floor, stand up shakily and stagger out into the hallway.

The compound is quiet except for a few people monitoring the control room and droids doing maintenance on ships. You wander through the dim hallway to Cassian’s quarters. When you reach his door you knock, wondering if he’s up, it is quite late after all. Much to your surprise he opens the door and blinks groggily at you.

“Y/n, what are you… oomf!” You throw yourself against his chest, cutting off his question.

“Cassian, I… please don’t let go,” you whimper, tears once again streaming down your cheeks.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong? You’re shaking,” Cassian notices, his voice full of concern. He pushes his door closed and then wraps his arms tightly around you.

“It was you this time. In my dream… it was you,” you sob. “You died, right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

Losing Cassian was your worst fear. It was usually your parents’ deaths you relived in your dreams, but you had lost them so long ago they didn’t bother you anymore. You didn’t know what you would do if you lost Cassian, whether he was killed in a battle or never returned from a mission. He was your closest friend and you loved him with all of your being. You didn’t think you could bear it if he died.

“Shhh, it was just a nightmare mi amor, I get them too,” he says softly, “I’m here now, it’s okay”. He kisses the top of your head and guides you to his bed.

You rest your head against his chest and he holds you tightly. The steady rise and fall of his chest is comforting to you. Just feeling his warmth and knowing he’s there calms you down. You match your breathing to his and soon stop crying.

“I love you Cassian,” you whisper after a while.

“I know, I love you too,” he replies.

Cassian moves to the centre of the bed and you settle next to him with your head resting on his chest. You listen to his steady heartbeat as his fingers gently comb through your hair and he hums softly.

It’s an old lullaby his mother used to sing to him, and most young children of the rebellion know it well. It helps them fall asleep when the war rages outside. The song promises that they will wake to peace one day. That day has not yet come.

“Sleep mi amor, I promise I’ll be right here when you wake up,” Cassian assures. You allow yourself to relax against him and close your eyes. Soon, you drift into a peaceful sleep in Cassian’s arms.

When you wake, the sun is shining through the small window in Cassian’s room. He is beside you as he promised, with one arm draped across your body and his legs tangled with yours. You turn to face him and press a gentle kiss to his lips. His eyes blink open and a smile brightens his features. For the first time in a while you can’t remember the war outside, for once you feel peace.

“Sleep well querida?” He asks. You nod and kiss him again. He strokes your cheek with his thumb and kisses your forehead, cheek, and then hovers over your lips, just barely touching them. You look into his beautiful brown eyes and smile.

“Don’t tease,” you laugh. Cassian chuckles and lowers his lips against yours.

“Can we just stay here forever? I don’t ever want to leave,” you sigh, content.

“Unfortunately, some of us have rather important jobs to attend to,” Cassian says, “but those can wait, for now.”

He pulls you closer and trails his hand under your shirt and rests it against your ribs. You run your hands over the muscles of his back and press needy kisses along his neck and jaw, finally reaching his lips with a passionate kiss. You sit up and crawl on top of him, straddling his torso. You lean down to meet his lips and your fingers grasp the hem of his shirt, tugging it up.

Suddenly, the door opens and Kay-two walks in.

“There is a meeting in the control room and you are needed sir,” the droid says.

Cassian sighs and Kay-two realizes he is not alone.

“Oh! I’m terribly sorry sir, I did not mean to interrupt you, the odds of anything going on in here were so low I just-”

“Get out Kay-Two!” Cassian snaps, a blush creeping into his cheeks. Kay-two shuffles out and closes the door.

You fall next to Cassian and burst into a fit of giggles. Cassian shoves you playfully.

“Stop it you!” He chuckles. The look on his face only causes you to giggle more. Cassian leans over and silences you with a kiss.

“I guess we will have to finish this later,” Cassian says.

“Oh you can count on it,” you smile, sitting up. “Now go, before Mon Mothma sends someone else in here to embarrass you.”

Cassian gets out of bed, pulls on a clean shirt and vest, and puts on his boots.

“I’ll be back,” he says, kissing you one more time before heading out the door.

I hope you all enjoyed that! I certainly had a lovely time writing it.

Feel free to send in requests! Just send in a character and a prompt and I’ll do my best to create an imagine for you.

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Fundamental differences

First, I’ll describe what happened when Sherlock was shot. It’s in slow motion, but you can see just how quickly the bullet goes. Sherlock blinks right after the bullet enters his chest, and not before then. I don’t know the exact rate a bullet travels, but it took less than a second. The first thing they do is establish that there’s never a big spurt of blood when you get shot, and you don’t fly backwards. They then say that Sherlock only has three seconds left of consciousness, and show how much pain Sherlock is in. He can barely talk, even in his mind palace, and passes out as soon as he falls.

Now here’s what happened with Mary: the bullet fires, once again in slow motion, but then all physics are defied when Mary jumps in front of the bullet from a good few feet away. You can see Sherlock beginning to move away, but he clearly has no time to dodge. Mary is immediately knocked backwards, and a huge spurt of blood bursts out, showing that her wound is in the same place as Sherlock’s. She then has a minute and a half of consciousness, and is able to give a long, rehearsed speech before dying.

I want Hinata to dodge a bullet for Komaeda. [fic idea]

A scene where Kuzuryuu lures Komaeda to a quiet place before pointing a gun at him, eyes filled with malice (or a shaky one by Souda who is scared, blaming Komaeda for a threatening situation that could cost lives.)

Komaeda blinks in brief surprise before calmly staring head on, unafraid.

The one holding the gun threats to shoot, justifying their action to kill is for the greater good. Komaeda doesn’t feel intimidated which angers/confuses the gun holder.

With their finger on the trigger, Komaeda closes his eyes, ready to be pierced with the bullet. Stretching his arms in the air, wishing for the shooter to take a good aim and end his life. A brief of happiness crosses his heart that he’ll finally be freed from his cycle.

The gun fires and everything goes through slow motion. When the bullet never came, Komaeda opens his eyes to find Hinata taking the bullet for him.

Hinata falls on the ground, holding his wounded area as blood pools under him.

Komaeda’s eyes tremble in disbelief.

Thoughts rage in his mind. ‘Why would Hinata save his worthless, insignificant life? Why would he do such a stupid move?’

Instantly, Komaeda drops down to his side and stares at the wound in horror.

The shooter rages(panics), ordering Komaeda to step away.

Hinata grips his wound tighter, the pain being unbearable, yet he looks over the shooter. Eyes shake in anger as he pleads for him to stop this madness.

But the shooter expresses he must eliminate the threat that is Komaeda.
Hinata yells with his remaining consciousness that killing is never the answer.

Buying enough time for the others to arrive, they stopped Fuyuhiko(Souda), snatching the gun away from him.

Komaeda calls out Hinata’s name but Hinata quickly loses vision and falls unconscious.

Others quickly carry the fainted Hinata away and Komaeda is left staring at his hands, tainted with Hinata’s blood.

Recalling every spilled blood caused by his own luck, having Hinata’s blood spilled as well throws him over the edge. Komaeda eyes widen in anger and self-loathing as he screams.

Sharp eyes catch glimpse of the gun and he reaches out for it. Grabbing it and pointing the gun at his head, the others panic as they rush to stop Komaeda. Komaeda pulls the trigger but the gun gets jammed.

In anger, Komaeda fires again and again before Gundum tries pulling the gun away while Nidai grabs hold of a thrashing Komaeda.

During the pulling, the gun shoots in the air before Gundum takes hold of the gun.
Komaeda curses his luck. Gundum throws a hard punch to Komaeda’s stomach to knock him unconscious.

Hours later, Hinata wakes up in the hospital bed and Mikan sighs in relief. Hinata still heavily drugged from the medication recalls the shooting and asks about Komaeda. Mikan hesitates before telling him Komaeda’s is in lock up due to his suicidal tendencies, and also to protect him from other threats from the rest of the classmates.

Hinata’s eyes soften, knowing Komaeda will surely blame himself for putting him in harm’s way.

After Hinata gets healed enough to walk, he goes to Komaeda’s room and releases him from his lock up. Telling him he trusts him enough not to hurt himself, because then Hinata’s sacrifice would be for nothing and Komaeda understands this.

Conversation goes on as Hinata says, “I’m not afraid of you, Komaeda. Nor from your luck.”

“You should.” It has been bothering Komaeda for some time now so he asks, “Why did you save me? I would have been better off dead.”

“That’s not true.”

“Why?” Komaeda cuts in.

Hinata wonders briefly for himself why did he risk his life for Komaeda. And he finds the answer while staring deep into Komaeda’s eyes.

“Because I couldn’t stand losing you, Komaeda.”

Komaeda looks at him confused.

That very thought makes Hinata grab onto Komaeda. The thought of losing Komaeda scared him terribly. Suddenly, Hinata’s heartbeat races. His hand involuntarily reaching and holding Komaeda’s face with both hands. Komaeda stares with eyes lidded in confusion.

Hinata stares at pale-green eyes and finds himself leaning forward, placing his lips on Komaeda’s.

Komaeda freezes in shock.

Hinata moves his lips on his and kisses him with a newfound affection. Komaeda’s eyes shake softly before slowly closing and melting into the kiss, hesitantly lifting his hand and pressing it at Hinata’s nape.

Kiss turns deeper, one after the other. Heads tilting further, warm sighs escaping their noses and lips.

Just as they were pulling away, Sonia clears her throat. Hinata fidgets as he pulls away and steadies his tie in embarrassment. Komaeda simply looked the other way.

Sonia smiled warmly and asks about Hinata and Komaeda’s well-being.

“We’re fine.” Hinata replies.

Sonia casts her eyes down, “Kuzuryuu (or/Souda) would like to apologize to you.”

Hinata’s eyes furrow as he exclaims in anger, “He should be apologizing to Komaeda-” suddenly Hinata turns his head to him when he feels his grip on his wrist.

Komaeda looks at him and shakes his head.

Sonia looks to the side and mentions that Kuzuryuu (or/Souda) still thinks of Komaeda as a threat.


Bullet leaving barrel at 1 million frames per second.

The velocity with which the bullet exits is known as muzzle velocity. It is around 1000 m/s on average. But higher muzzle velocity is also acheivable.

things i still don’t understand
  1. how pietro was able to be killed by a couple of bullets when it has been proved that to him, bullets move in slow motion????? it just does not make logical sense??? pietro is probably much faster than a couple of bullets and yet he is killed by ~6 of them???? could he not have pushed the bus in front of clint and then run away??? he might have gotten clipped by one or two this way but it is likely that they would not have killed him???? pietro maximoff’s death made no earthly sense and it haunts me to this day
  2. brucenat
Thank You, Taylor Swift (T.Swizzle pt. 2)


 A/N: I didn’t quite know how to do this so I hope this is good enough!! <3 <3

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I had this dream a while ago where I was watching America and Russia have this really touching moment, hugging each other and all that until America tells him something like

“Whoever lives has to play ‘mmm watcha say’ while the other dies. For a peaceful death”

Then suddenly both of them take out their guns and shoot each other. America is the one who gets hit and Russia doesn’t because Al’s gun never even had any bullets.

So Alfred starts falling and it’s all in slow motion but ‘mmm watcha say’ wasn’t playing. And when he falls he looks at Ivan with so much hurt as the other just walks away into the sunset.

When I woke up the first thing i said aloud was “Why, Russia, why?”


Wounded - Marvel (Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver)

Anonymous said:

hi! can you do a pietro (aou) imagine where pietro gets hurt during a battle and the reader is really worried and is like “you need to lay down” and he’s being stubborn and brushing it off like “no, i’m fine”. If it’s too specific that’s fine, but I love your writing, haha :D


You heard the gun shot, you heard the bullet hit something, something slightly soft. It was like everything was in slow motion, making you watch everything that happened. One of the soldiers were holding up a gun, the gun which the bullets just had escaped from, hitting straight in the upper arm of one beloved speedster. 

 The blood was slowly seeping through the thin material of his shirt. Pietro tried to not show that he was in pain, but you knew he was hurting. Badly. The look in his eyes was pure pain, his eyebrows furrowed together in concentration. If there had only been one bullet he could have easily brushed it off, but having three of them in the same area was too much. 

 He looked to the side where you stood, looking very concerned, but he only shook his head, saying it was okay, and for you to keep on fighting. You were having none of it though, as you ran over to him, not saying a word as you removed his hand to look at the bullet wounds. Around you the battle was still raging, but luckily for the both of you Wanda had witnessed the scene and was doing her best to protect the two of you.

 «Y/n, don’t worry about it. I’m fine, it will heal in a few minutes.» He said, covering your hand with his as he pulled you away from his wounded side. «Now go, kill some of those bastards for me.»

The battle was over and you were all back in the quinyet. Pietro sat beside you, and you were looking closely at his arm. You had managed to get him to let you bandage it, since the wound was still bleeding and didn’t look good. Beside you, Pietro sighed, meeting you gaze. 

 «Y/n, stop worrying, I’ll be fine.» He spoke, cupping your chin with his hand. 

«You need to lay down.» You spoke sternly, seeing the glassed over look in his eyes. He was still in pain. 

 «No, I’m fine.» He replied stubbornly.   

«You’re not. Don’t you think I can see it? You’re in pain, Pietro!» Yes, Pietro was stubborn, but you were even more so. 

 «Y/n, stop it.» Pietro sounded defeated, and you knew you almost had him. So you patted you lap, motioning for him to lay his head in your lap. 

He looked at you one last time before obeying with a sigh. The whole way back you kept stroking his hair, until he finally fell asleep halfway back, and did’t wake up again before doctor Cho had cleaned and fixed his wounds.

Hades/Persephone AU Part 15


Felicity hadn’t anticipated pain. Realities fading had never hurt before this. But she had seen, almost in slow motion, the bullet ripped from the gun. Just before the projectile met Oliver’s skull, Felicity was pulled violently to the side and against a wall. 

She slid down it, her head spinning dizzily. 

“Wrong choice,” a voice said ominously from above her. 

Then Oliver was tossed down, his body limp, and Felicity caught him as best she could in her arms, but they both fell to the floor. 

The bullet hadn’t hit his head, as Felicity swore it would, but instead had torn through his shoulder. The shoulder he would need to draw back his bow. No wonder he was unconscious. 

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so i was watching the pietro scene again and i was thinking… 

does he see everything in slow motion? like that scene with thor’s hammer… he saw the hammer flying in slow motion….

does that mean when pietro was shot, the bullets were also in slow motion? like… did he feel every single bullet slowly piercing through his body?