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Bruce Wayne Request

Bruce Wayne/ batman x reader. While Bruce is away on a business trip his wife gets kipnapped. Almost immediately a video ransoms is sent out to him. The rest is up to you

You woke up when Bruce’s alarm went off. You groaned and turned to your waking husband. “Go on back to bed,” he told you brushing the hair from your face.

“I’m up now. I’ll make some coffee while you shower.” You threw on your robe and padded down to the kitchen.

“Good morning, Mrs. Wayne,” Alfred greeted you as you came into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Alfred. How’d you sleep?”

“Very well, thank you. Can I make you anything for breakfast?”

“No, thank you Alfred. I’m just going to get some coffee going for Bruce and get him something to nibble on on his drive to the plane,” you smiled. “Can I make you anything for breakfast?”

“No, ma’am, I’ve already eaten my breakfast,” he grinned at you. He didn’t have to admit it, everyone knew you were his favorite, especially since your husband and his Batman alter ego had been such a thorn in Alfred’s side.

Once the coffee was made and you added the cream and sugar you went back up to your room and let yourself in the bathroom, where the shower steam still floated and the closet doors were thrown open. “Just like you like it,” you handed the coffee to your husband and took his place, looking through his shirts and suit jackets. You pulled out a nice blue shirt, black suit jacket and pants, and a matching tie.

“What would I do without you,” he kissed your head and took a sip of his coffee.

“Probably have Alfred pick out your clothes.” You left him to get ready and went downstairs, sitting in front of the fireplace as you read the morning paper and drank your own coffee.

When your husband came down with his briefcase you stood up and walked over to him. “How long will you be gone again,” you said as some of the butlers carried out the couple of Bruce’s bags.

“4 days,” he wrapped his arms around you. “I’ll be back before you know it and I’ll call you every night before bed.”


“Promise,” he leaned down and kissed you. “I’ve got to get doing, the plane’s waiting on me.”

“I love you,” you gave him a sad grin, already missing him.

“I love you too, Mrs. Wayne,” he kissed your forehead before leaving the house and walking to the care, leaving you alone in the doorframe wrapping your robe tightly around yourself.


“You look nice,” Alfred said as you came down the stairs ready for the day. “Plans?”

“Thank you and yes. I have to run and pick up something I have on hold at that cute little boutique on the outskirts of the city.”

A fatherly look crossed his face. “Mistress Wayne you know you should take security if you plan to go near the city.” After what had happened to his parents and his concern of crime, Bruce had insisted you travel with security, especially if you went near the city.

“Alfred-” you stopped seeing the persistent look on his face. “Fine, I’ll take a guard. But I don’t think I even need one,” you defended yourself. “I won’t even be in the city.”

“I’ll get Mr. Legend to accompany you Madam,” Alfred stood up and left to get your guard for the day.


You sat in the back of the car as James Legend, your guard for the day, drove you to the boutique. “Thanks for coming out with me James. I doubt Alfred would have let me leave the house alone.”

“It’s part of the job Mrs. Wayne,” he smiled. You felt something in your eye and opened your compact mirror to check. As you moved the mirror around trying to get a good angle a car behind you caught your eye. “James, do you see the beige car behind us?”


“I think it’s following us.” James sped up and turned at the next right. Sure enough the car followed. James sped up and tried to lose it but the driver was good. You picked up your phone and dialed the house number.

“Wayne residence,” Alfred answered.

“Alfred,” you said panicked, “we’re being followed and we can’t lose them.”

“I’m pulling up the car tracker and ringing Master Wayner.”

“Alfred, what do they-” you were stopped as a car came from ahead of you and ran into your side of the car, jerking you against your seatbelt, sending glass flying around your face, and sending you into unconsciousness.


“Alfred, I’ve hardly been gone 6 hours, surely you can’t miss me already,” Bruce comically answered the phone.

“Master Wayne, it’s Y/N,” Alfred’s worried voice came through the phone and Bruce sat up straight, leaving the filled room quickly.

“What do you mean? Alfred, where is she?”

“She and Mr. Legend went out and they’ve been attacked. I had her on the phone just a moment ago but the line went dead.” Bruce waved at the driver and ushered him for the keys, taking them and storming out of the building leaving everyone confused.

“I’m driving to the plane now. I should be back within the hour. We have to find her, Alfred,” he shut off the phone and pushed the car pedal to the floor.

As soon as the wheels touched down and he got into the car Bruce’s phone screen lit up with an email from an unknown server. He clicked on the link attached and his heart broke.

You were sitting in a chair with your legs and arms tied. Your clothes were tattered and torn, your face looked dirty and seemed to have small cuts over it, as well as duct tape that covered your mouth, and your eyes showed that you were drained and broken. “Mr. Wayne, we have your wife,” the masked man’s voice echoed in the large empty room as four others stood by with guns in their hands. “You have millions while those around you have nothing. Deposit 25 million to the account number on this board within the next 12 hours or we will kill your wife.” The video went black and Bruce punched the seat in front of him.

By the time he got home Alfred had sent the employee’s home so it was just the two of them. Alfred struggled to keep up with Bruce as he briskly walked to the elevator and took it to the cave.

Bruce sat in front of the large computer screens and started working. “What are you doing Master Wayne?”

“I had a tracker implanted in Y/N’s wedding ring for emergencies. I told her when we got married but part of me thinks she didn’t believe me,” he said furiously typing. “And there she is,” a small red dot pinged on the screen in the outline of one of the building that came up on the schematic.


One of the men ripped the tape off your mouth and you hissed. “Tell us, Mrs. Wayne,” the man sneered, “did you marry him for his money or his looks.” You felt the shift in the air, something that you had picked up from years of living with a man who liked to sneak up on you and criminals for a living.

“My husband won’t pay you,” you laughed to yourself.

“Why is that? Because he’ll just replace you with a younger, hot model?”

“No…because you can’t pay dead men.” A black figure swooped down and took out two of the guards before disappearing again.

“What was that,” the final three men looked around frantically with their guns ready.

“Bats don’t like to be woken during the day,” you said as your Batman swooped down and started fighting off your captors. You closed your eyes as the sound of gunfire rang out. You heard bullets cling to the ground and thuds of bodies hitting the floor and walls. You slowly opened your eyes when the loud noises were replaced by a deafening silence and were met by the black bat mask right in front of your face.

“Are you ok,” your husband asked ripping off his mask and holding your face in his hands as he looked you over.

“I’ve been better.” He went behind you and cut the ropes from your hands and feet. “Come on,” he said lifting you up in his arms. “Let’s go home.”

Accidents Happen (Part 7/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Love you all! This is going to be a loooong chapter! Woop woop! Shit’s getting real! There’s a lot of dialogue in this part LOL!! I made it extra-long in celebration of my first ever fanfic (Stone Cold) turning one on 9/27!

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, swearing, violence, blood, etc.

 Accidents Happen Masterlist // Masterlist

(gif is at the end!)

“Sean Morris has escaped.”

ESCAPED? What the ever loving fuck does she mean ‘escaped’? Was he coming for you?

“Y/n?” Natasha’s voice came over the phone, out of breath. The gunfire had ceased for a moment, “Are you there?”

“I-I’m here.” You stuttered out, hand shaking as you grabbed Peter’s forearm in fear, “What happens, now?”

“Clint and Wanda are on their way to come collect you, Peter, and May.” She grunted, and you could hear a shout coming from her end, “Tony is collecting your mother.”

“Okay.” You replied, staring numbly at the window in your shared bedroom. “See you soon.”

When you hung up, you laid a hand on your stomach and turned to Peter, “Did you hear all that?”

“Yeah.” He replied, jumping out of bed and helping you up. “Pack what we will need. I’ll wake up Aunt May.”

“I’ll do it. You pack.” You picked up one of Peter’s sweatshirts from the ground, pulling it over your head and covering your tank top and shorts. “Don’t forget our school bags.”

You sped out the door and into the hallway, trying not to panic. It was hard not to. The team had assured you that the cell your dad had been locked in would hold him. It was supposed to be made for Bruce, if he Hulked out. You knew this would fucking happen. How the fuck did he escape? Did all the prisoners escape? What the hell did this mean for you? They promised you were safe…

You threw open May’s door and shook her awake, “Aunt May, wake up. We have to leave. Now.”

“What?” She groaned, sitting up quickly, “What do you mean we have to leave? Is there a fire? Are they evacuating the building?”

“No.” You shook your head, pulling the covers off her, “I’ll explain on the way, but we need to get to the Avengers Tower, now. It’s an emergency. Pack your things.” You tossed her a sweatshirt and she yanked it over her head.

“Are we safe?” She ran to her closet, grabbing a bag and shoving her clothes into it. “Are you safe?”

You handed her the work uniform on her dresser, “No. We aren’t.” You sat down on her bed, laying a hand over your stomach and swallowing down the panic that was threatening to fry your nerves, “My dad is in town.”

“Your dad?” She knelt in front of you, laying her hands over yours, “Y/n, does your dad want to hurt you?”

“We don’t know.” Your voice was shaking, “Clint and Wanda are picking us up. We need to get somewhere safe.”

“The Avengers?” She asked in shock, eyes wide. “You know all of them?”

“I’ll tell you when we get to the tower, May!” Your breathing was getting worse, and the pressure on your chest was increasing, “Can y-you see if Peter has everything?”

“Sure, honey.” She kissed your forehead in comfort, running out of the room with her bag and calling out his name.

The paralyzing fear was racing through your veins like ice.

“Daddy! Please!” Your four-year-old self cried, “I don’t want to, anymore! It hurts!”

“Do it, now.” He screamed in your face, vein in his forehead prominent with anger, “I’ll kill Mommy if you don’t!” His gun was pointed to your unconscious mother, her limp body sprawled on the kitchen floor. “Heal it, or mommy dies!”

You laid your hand on the little kitten’s face, cradling it to your chest with shaking arms, “But Daddy, I think it’s dead!”


“Y/n!” Peter’s voice brought you back from the memory playing in your mind. You hadn’t even noticed that he was crouched in front of your shaking form, nor that you were clutching the bed like you were going to float away. “Y/n, we have to go.”

May was standing behind him with her hand on his shoulder, fear in her eyes. You could hear Clint and Wanda in the living room, gathering what few bags you packed.

The anxiety was making you nauseous, and the baby kept doing little flip-flops in your belly.

“I can’t keep doing this, Peter.” You sobbed, knuckles white with the death-grip you had on the bed, “This is all too much.”

“I know, Baby.” He laid his hands over yours in comfort. His face was pale, and dark circles were becoming a permanent stain under his usually bright eyes – eyes that were shining in concern. “We can deal with it when we get to the tower, but we have to go. We need to get you and the baby somewhere safe.”

You took a deep breath, trying to clear your mind. It helped a little. The pain of the anxiety was still present, but you were beginning to think clearer. “Okay.” You stood on shaking legs, trying to gather yourself. “Okay. I’m okay.”

He led you out of the bedroom with his hand around your waist, mostly to keep you moving. “Alright, we have to go.” He placed your cross-body purse around your neck, taking the bags and turning to Clint and Wanda. “Lead the way.”

Clint and Wanda walked ahead of you, in full gear. Their posture was stiff, calculating, and ready for an attack.

“The tower is secure,” Wanda said to you, accent thick “The only prisoner to make it out alive was your father, but more were waiting outside the tower. We will find him, Pachen’ye.” Nat’s fucking nickname was starting to spread.

The stairs were torture. They didn’t want to take the elevator – fearing that someone would fuck with it – so you were forced to take the never-ending staircase. Trying to quickly go down many sets of stairs when your equilibrium was off, and having a giant watermelon in your uterus was not easy. You couldn’t catch your breath, and you kept slowing down with the fear that you were going to fall down the stairs.

Eventually, Peter picked you up - bridal style - and you made it to the ground level with no incidents.

When you reached ground level, you tried to walk through the lobby like nothing was wrong. You didn’t want to rouse suspicion of civilians, and get to the tower as fast as you could. Luckily, there were no incidents in the lobby.

Not until you were in the street.


You jumped as Peter shoved Aunt May to the ground, causing a bullet to hit the wall versus her chest. Peter pushed you into a crouch as Clint Opened fire at the shooter, and Wanda created a field around you all. Civilians started screaming, and running in all directions.

“Wanda, get them out of here!” Clint shouted, running off. He was yelling something into his comms.

Wanda grabbed Aunt May, hauling her up. Peter threw the bags into the trunk of the big SUV as May helped you hop up onto your seat. The windows were bullet-proof, but you still crouched down as far as your belly would allow. May jumped in next to you and Peter hopped into the passenger side. Wanda, using her abilities to shield the car, threw it in drive and stomped on the gas – jerking everyone back.

“Now, what the hell is going on? Why the hell are there people shooting at us?” May yelled, gripping the bar as Wanda drifted around a corner.

“My dad is part of HYDRA.” You replied, feeling nauseous from getting tossed around in the vehicle. “He was detained in the tower, but he somehow escaped.”

“Your dad? How do you know he was there?” She let out a yelp as a bullet hit the windshield in front of Peter, grabbing onto his shoulder in panic, “You know, I feel like there is a lot of things you two aren’t fucking telling me.”

“Aunt May, not now!” Peter yelled from the front seat, grabbing two guns from the glove compartment and handing you the Glock. You quickly checked the magazine, then clicked it back into place and pulled back the slide to rack the chamber. You kept your finger off the trigger – since there was no safety on the gun – and intended it to be that way unless you needed to shoot it.

“Oh, HELL NO.” May screamed, anger in her voice, “Why the fuck do you two have guns?! Where the hell did you learn about guns?!”

You both know Natasha Romanoff… There was no way that she wasn’t going to teach you the basics of handling a firearm.

“Aunt May, calm-” Peter was cut off as Wanda cried out and stomped on the brakes. You were all thrown forward, as the car came to a screeching halt. “Wanda what the hell?”

She didn’t reply with words – just a groan of pain – and you gasped when noticed a little hole in the windshield. “Peter, she’s been shot! I thought these windows were bullet proof!” You leaned back to dig through your bag, pulling out a tank top and pressing it to her wound. You handed Aunt May the gun, “Keep your finger off the trigger, unless you intend to shoot. There’s no safety.”

That earned you quite the look.

Peter unclicked his seatbelt, leaning over the center console to check her out. He grabbed the comms from her ear and put it in his own, “Guys, Wanda’s been hit.” He listened for a moment. “Okay.” He turned back to you, “Tony dropped your mom at the tower, and is around the corner. He’s going to cover us, and I’m going to drive.”

“Peter, you don’t even have your license!” You yelled out, leaning back as he shoved Wanda in the middle of you and May, “Do you know how to drive?”

“I’ll figure it out.” He snapped, throwing the vehicle into drive, “Left is brake, right is gas! That’s all I need to know, right now!” He stomped on the gas, and you lurched forward, going fast.

You continued to hold pressure on Wanda’s wound, blood leaking through the tank top and wetting your hands. Wanda looked at you with a serious look, “Don’t you dare try and heal me. We don’t know how it will affect the baby.” She winced as you pressed down. The shot was through her shoulder. It looked like it had gone completely through, but you didn’t know the extent of the damage. You could usually sense the extent when you healed someone, but – like she said – you didn’t know if it would hurt the baby.

“The hell does she mean? ‘Heal her’?” Aunt May held Wanda in place as Wanda cried out in pain. “Do you have something to tell me, Y/n?”

“I have abilities, May!” You looked up at May’s shocked face, “I can heal people.”

She was silent. Her eyes shone with – what looked like – hurt, and her mouth was opening and closing like she was trying to say something and didn’t know what to say.

That was when things went to shit.

“FUCK!” Peter yelled, slamming on the brakes and jerking you to a hard stop. “Y/N, get the gun.”

You quickly switched with May after wiping your hands on your – Peter’s – sweatshirt. You held the gun in your hands, as she applied pressure to Wanda’s wound. Wanda looked about ready to pass out from blood loss, breathing starting to get shallow.

“Wanda, don’t pass out!” You unclicked your seatbelt. “How far away are we from the tower?” You asked, leaning over to get a better look at why Peter had slammed to a stop. Holy crap! There were people running everywhere. It looked like a war zone. HYDRA agents were attacking civilians while the new SHIELD agents – and the Avengers – were attacking HYDRA.

It was fucking mayhem.

“We’re still a block away.” He unclicked his seatbelt and turned around to face you, “Do you think you can run?”

“I might be pregnant, but I still have legs.” You rolled your eyes, “What about Wanda?”

“Leave me for Med Evac.” She murmured, head lulling onto May’s shoulder.

“Not happening, Wanda.” He turned on his comms. “Tony. We can’t get through the crowd with the SUV. Wanda needs medical attention, really bad. Are you sure the tower is secure?” He listened for a moment. “Alright.”

“What’d Mr. Stark say?” May asked, brushing her damp hair from her face. Wanda’s blood stained her forehead. “What do we do, now?”

“We have to carry her. We can come back for our stuff, later. We have to go, now.” He opened the door, running to the other side and opening May’s door to help carry Wanda, “Y/N, carry the purses. Everything else stays.”

Your purse was already around your person, and you stacked May’s on top of yours, “Peter, we only have 15 bullets, each.” You grabbed his hand as he helped you down from the SUV, “Is that going to be enough? What if this turns into a shoot-out?”

“I’m wearing my web slingers.” He sighed, glancing over at May. “We’ll be fine, as long as we move fast. If we start getting shot at… run. Leave us behind. Get you, and the baby, to safety.”

You shut the door and Peter moved to grab Wanda, throwing her on his back like a piggyback ride. You kept your gun down, trying not to attract attention to yourself, and keeping your eye out for HYDRA agents. Small bombs were going off in the streets, people were screaming, and there was debris everywhere. It was almost like aliens were attacking, again. There was so much chaos and damage. Four in the morning, and Manhattan was lit up like it was midday. There were fires, flashes of light from Tony’s beams, and it seemed like everyone in the city was awake and terrified.

A big man stepped out from an alley ahead of you, aiming a gun at Aunt May. “SHIELD bitch!” The man screamed, and Aunt May gasped as the man charged at her.

Bang! Bang!

The man fell to the ground.

You shot the man twice with shaking hands. Once in the chest, and once in the neck. Blood had sprayed from his wounds, splattering against a horrified Aunt May. You could see him choking on his own blood, but you didn’t want to dwell on it, yet.

You needed to get your baby, Wanda, and Aunt May to safety.

“Keep moving.” You shouted, grabbing May’s arm and pulling her along. “We need to keep moving.”

“You shot him!” She shrieked, tears streaming down her thin face, “You actually shot him.”

“I shot him before he could shoot you, now move!” You shoved her forward, feeling a little bad about being so pushy. “We’re almost there.”

The tower was like a beacon of light. It was so close, you could almost see into the lobby. You could see Ed from security, standing at the doors with an M16 in his hands.

When he spotted your group, he ran to the doors, unlocking them and ushering you in.

“Thank god you guys made it.” He sighed, laying a hand on your shoulder, “I was worried.”

“We’re fine, Ed.” You were huffing from exertion, free hand holding your aching lower back, “But Wanda needs to go to Med Bay. She’s been hit.”

He pulled out his walkie, summoning Med Bay down as Peter set Wanda on the ground, stripping off his hoodie and bunching it under her head like a pillow. May leaned down to put pressure back on the wound, and Peter walked over to you.

He immediately wrapped you in his warm arms, holding you close to his chest. “You’re safe.” He whispered, “Thank god. Oh my god.”

You went to say something, but instead you turned – shoving him off you – and vomited in the waste bin. The anxiety had made you nauseous, earlier. Now that you were at the tower, and your adrenaline was lowering, you couldn’t hold back the bile anymore. At least you didn’t yak on Peter, again.

You groaned, turning back to Peter, “That really sucked.”

He brushed your hair from your sweating forehead, pressing a kiss on your hairline, “Were you internally freaking out as much as I was?”

“Probably more than you were.” You smirked, wrapping your arms around his neck. Your shoulders sagged in relief. You were finally safe. You shuddered, “I shot a man twice… in the neck and chest.”

His hands went around you, running along your spine, “I know. I saw. Are you okay?”

You shook your head. “I should be feeling worse than I am. That was somebody’s baby.” You laid your head against his shoulder, “Should we be concerned about telling Aunt May everything? I’m pretty sure she heard you say you were wearing your webslingers. I told her about my abilities.”

He shrugged, “I mean, she caught me in the suit one time, and I told her it was a Halloween costume. I think she’s been suspicious, ever since.” He was silent for a moment, and you could hear the chaos on the streets starting to die down. Then, he moved a hand to your belly, “We should be careful. All this stress can’t be good for the baby.”

You pulled your eyebrows together in thought, “I wonder if the baby is going to inherit my ability, or something like it?” You put your hand over Peter’s, “Spiderman as a father, and a mutant as a mother. This kid is going to have something.

“Or maybe nothing.” He shrugged, “It happens.”

You looked over Peter’s shoulder, seeing Aunt May hand Wanda off to Dr. Cho.

“We should talk to Aunt May.” You grabbed Peter’s hand, and running your thumb along his busted knuckles. “She needs to know.”


WHAT?” May shouted at Peter, throwing her hands up in frustration, “Your him? Spiderman? You said it was just a costume! You lied to me!”

You and Peter were sitting on the bench at the end of the bed in Peter’s room in the tower. You were all three freshly showered, and the sun was starting to shine through the window. You and Peter were sitting on the couch at the end of the bed, like two teenagers who had just gotten in major trouble. Which, was not that far off.

“Aunt May-” He tried to explain, but she cut him off with a shout.

“I cannot believe you, Peter! We only have two rules in the house!” She held up two fingers, “Rule number one: we do not put maple syrup in the refrigerator.” She ticked off the first finger, and pointed to the second. “Rule number two was that we were always going to tell each other the truth.” She put her head in her hands, “I feel like those two rules are fairly simple, and I haven’t been that hard of a guardian.”

“Aunt May, you’re the best parent anyone could ever hope to have.” He insisted, standing up, “I just didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“What about you, Peter?” Tears were streaming down her face and she pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration, “I promised to take care of you, and how can I do that if you’re risking your life? You should think about these things, honey. It isn’t just you anymore.” She pulled him into a hug, “Who else knows?”

“Ned, the team, Y/N, and now you.”

She hit him in the shoulder, “‘The team’? Are you an Avenger?”

“Not officially.” You finally spoke up, hand gently running over your bump as your kid fluttered around, “They won’t let him become an official Avenger until he’s a legal adult.”

“What about you?” She let go of Peter, sitting next to you, “Are you an Avenger?”

“No.” You grabbed her hand, “I just started working in Med Bay, but I won’t be healing people until after the baby is born.” You looked down at your bump, “We don’t know if healing people will affect the baby.”

“How long have you had this… ability?”

“Since I was little.” You squeezed her hand, which had moved onto your belly, “I was born with it, I’m pretty sure. I figured it out around three or four years old. My dad is a mutant. He has super strength.”

“Your dad is HYDRA?”

“I guess.” You shrugged, trying to lock those feelings in a box and lock it away, “I haven’t seen him since I was seven. My mom left him and-”

WHERE THE HELL IS MY DAUGHTER?!” You heard someone scream from the communal lounge.

“Speak of the Devil.” Peter muttered, crossing his arms in distaste. You gave him a look. She’s still your mother. “Sorry. Hard to like her when she threw a bottle at your head a few weeks ago.”

“She what?” Aunt May turned towards the door, standing up. “I’m going to kick her fucking ass.”

“Aunt May, please.” You sighed, hauling yourself up. “It’s fine. I healed and I left. I barely see her, anymore.”

Aunt May and Peter looked at each other communicating something to each other that you didn’t catch, then looked at you. Annoyed, you followed your mother’s voice and found her standing in the middle of the lounge, yelling at a dirty Steve Rogers.

“Ma’am, you need to calm down.” He tried to reason with her, running a hand through his hair in frustration, “Y/n is-”

“Right here.” You finished, rolling your eyes. “Mom, stop yelling. He can hear you just fine.”

“How the fuck did these idiots lose your father?” She threw her hands up, bracelets clanking together. She was dressed like they found her in a club. “I thought The Avengers were supposed to be ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’? Don’t you have that big, green bastard that fucked up a few cities? Use him.”

“Mom.” You snapped, pinching the bridge of your nose in frustration, “Don’t offend the people who just saved your damn life.”

“They did nothing but snatch me up from my date with Mikey, and hold me against my will.” She was swaying back and forth like she was drunk. She probably was. “They left Mikey in the club. How do I know Mikey’s safe?”

“Who gives a flying fuck about Mikey, Mom.” You yelled, crossing your arms. “Dad escaped and we don’t know if he knows about you and I being in New York.”

“I don’t think he does.” Natasha’s voice came from the doorway.

She was just as filthy as Steve. Soot covered her whole body, there was dark spots that looked like blood spatter on her uniform, and there were bruises forming on her face. She looked like she had gone through the ringer. She looked exhausted.

“How do you know?” You asked, not wanting to take the team’s word for anything, anymore. Not after they promised he wasn’t going to escape.

“He immediately went for the weapons and HYDRA, instead of you. Plus, you aren’t an Avenger and you aren’t in the news or anything.” She had a point. “I think you are safe for the time being, but it would be beneficial to move into the tower.”

“What about school?” Aunt May’s voice came from behind you, “The kids can’t just drop out. The school year is almost over.”

“That’s where I come in.” Tony entered the room, clean and holding a few small boxes in his hands, “I designed these a while ago. I was going to give these to you as a part of a baby shower gift, but now seems appropriate.”

He tossed the boxes at Peter, who caught them easily. He handed you the box with your name on it, and you tore into it.

“A watch?” You stared at it, confused. It was one of those fancy, touchscreen watches that hook up to your smartphone. The band was black with cute little colored music notes. “It’s cute, but what does this have to do with my safety?”

“It has a panic button.” Tony sat on one of the couches – a small drink in his hand. “It looks like one of those Apple Watches, but it is really my own design. It has all the same functions, but if you press and hold the little red button for a few seconds, it sends the team a distress signal with your location.” Tony took a small sip of his drink, then continued, “Plus, they are stylish. Also, it’s hooked up with FRIDAY, so you won’t be needing a pass to get into the tower anymore, and FRIDAY is around if you need anything.”

“Cool.” Peter took his plain, black one out of the box - putting it on his wrist. “So, we can go to school?”

“You will wear this watch at all times, and be escorted by agents,” Tony stood, sending a look of distaste in your mother’s direction, “but, yes – you can go to school.”

You smiled, putting on the watch. “Cool, thanks.”

“Now that everything is all fan-fucking-tastic,” You mom snapped, “Can I leave?”

“Yes. Please, get the hell out of my tower.” Tony waved a hand in her direction, walking out of the room.

You sighed, lump in your throat. You had no more energy to deal with anything. You needed to go to bed. You were not about to start arguing with everybody about your mother. “I’ll call you later, Mom.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll be fine.” She snatched up her purse and stomped towards the elevators. Steve shot you a sympathetic look, following her to make sure she found her way to the lobby.

“I need to go to sleep.” You sighed, putting your head in your hands, “I think it’s safe to say that we are not going to school, today. It starts in…” You looked at your new, fancy watch. “Actually, it started ten minutes ago.”

“I’ll sleep in Y/N’s room.” Aunt May headed back into the hallway, “You kids go get some sleep.”


OMG! Did you hear about what happened in Manhattan, this morning?

HYDRA?? Insane!

Why aren’t you guys at school, today? Ned said he hasn’t heard from you since you told him about your ultrasound?

How did that go, by the way??

Fuck, I’m spamming you.

Wait! Ned just said your building got shot at, last night!

Are you okay????

Hurry the fuck up and reply to me, woman!


Now I’m worried!!! Y/N!!

“Jesus, Michelle.” You groaned, turning on your side towards a sleeping Peter.

He looked so cute when he slept. His mouth hung open, just a little bit, and he would lightly snore. His face was free from any anxious expressions, his curls hung in his face, and his cheeks got a little red when he slept. He usually slept with his arm around you, but he had been so exhausted that he passed out on his stomach, with his arms under his pillow.

It was adorable.

You replied to Michelle: We are at The Avengers tower, actually. Crazy shit happened. Tell you more, later! We’re all just fine and safe. Baby is doing wonderful! Keeps kicking my goddamn bladder! Can it be my due date, yet? UGH.

You knew you weren’t going to get any more sleep.

You had to pee. Again.

After kissing Peter on the cheek, you heaved yourself up out of bed and walked into the attached bathroom. Once your business was said and done, your teeth were brushed, and you threw your hair up in a bun – you went to go find Aunt May.

You figured she called into work, so you headed a couple doors down and lightly knocked on the door to your bedroom.

“Come in!” May’s voice chirped.

You slowly opened the door, pulling the sleeves of Peter’s sweatshirt down. “Can I come sit with you?”

“Of course, sweetie.” She patted the bed next to where she was sitting and reading a book, “What’s on your mind?”

You sat down, pulling your legs into a crisscross. You looked around your newly decorated room – Wanda and Natasha had done an awesome job – staring at the little nursery corner. There was a crib, changing table, and a rocking char. The whole room was a grey and cream color theme. The nursery was gender neutral, had cute little elephants, and was perfect. You loved the rocking chair more than you would ever admit.

“Y/n?” May broke you from your thoughts, laying a hand on your knee, “What’s on your mind?”

“I’m sorry, May.” You looked down, grabbing the hand that had been on your knee, “I’m sorry that we lied to you. We didn’t want to, but we didn’t want you to get dragged into all of this. Then, you ended up getting dragged into it, anyways.” You looked up at her, tears forming in your eyes, “Are you mad at me?”

“Oh, honey.” She leaned forward, pulling you into her arms, “I could never be mad at you.” She ran her hand up and down your back like Peter usually did, “I love you, okay? There is nothing that you could do that would make me mad at you. Disappointed, maybe. Mad? No. I will never be truly mad. I just want you to be safe and make good choices in your life.”

“I love you, too, May.” You sniffed, tears leaving hot trails down your face. “I’m sorry I yelled at you so much in the car.”

She chuckled, “I was going a little insane. I needed a little check.” She pulled back, brushing your hair from your face and wiping your tears, “How are you feeling? A lot has happened. You shot that man.”

You closed your eyes, “I don’t want to think about that.” You laid your hands over your bump, protectiveness washing over you. “I didn’t want him to hurt you, but I didn’t think I was going to kill him. I just… reacted.”

“You saved my life.” She rubbed her hands up and down your upper arms in comfort, “Thank you.”

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to you,” You confessed, shyly looking down at your hands, “I need you. You’re like my mom. Better than my mom.”

She threw her arms around you and let out a small sob, “Oh, honey. I love you and Peter like you are my own children. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, either.”

“Y/N? May?” Peter’s sleepy voice came from the doorway. He was rubbing his eye with one hand, and running his other hand through his hair. He was barefoot and in his pajama pants. Luckily, he had thrown on a tee shirt, because he got weird about May seeing him without a shirt on.

“Hey, Peter.” May pulled back and wiped her face, “Come to join the sob fest?”

“Why are you crying?” He fell onto the bed, laying across the bottom of the bed on his stomach. He grabbed your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles, “Do I want to know why you’re both all weepy?”

“It was a cute moment. Shut up.” You smirked, rubbing the tears from your face. That was the moment that your baby decided to kick you in the side, and you let out a huff, grabbing the sore spot. “Jesus, kid. You’re going to break me.”

Peter put his hand on the spot, rubbing it. He leaned down and jokingly scolded, “Quit kicking your Mommy.” The baby nudged at his hand. His eyes bulged from his head, “Did the baby just kick my hand?”

You smiled, nodding. “The baby is sassing you already.” You chuckled as the baby nudged his hand, again. “This kid is going to be a handful.” You looked down at your belly, “Quit giving Daddy sass.” You looked up at Peter, and he had the biggest grin on his face. He looked so in love, already, and you felt a warmth of love in your chest. The three people in your room – one in utero – were your family. Nothing else mattered.

You would deal with your father. You would deal with your mother. You would deal with what happened. You would deal with the repercussions of telling May. You would deal with all the HYDRA bullshit.

You just needed moments like these.

Moments where nothing else mattered but your little family.

I look at you, and see the rest of my life flash in front of my eyes. -Unknown

Part 8

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The Aurora Theatre Shooting

The events of the horrific Aurora Theatre Shooting unfolded on July 20, 2012. The shooting transpired during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and ended with unthinkable losses. 

James Holmes, the sole perpetrator, initially entered the theatre and bought a ticket to the film, sitting in the front row. Approximately twenty minutes into the movie, Holmes exited the theatre through an emergency exit door. He propped this door open with a plastic tablecloth holder and proceeded to go outside to his car. Inside of his vehicle were protective tactical clothing items and multiple firearms. Holmes changed into the protective clothing, which included a gas mask, a ballistic helmet, a bullet-resistant throat protector, a load-bearing vest (which was not additionally bulletproof), bullet-risistant leggings, a groin protector, and finally a pair of tactical gloves. While at his car Holmes also retrieved the guns that he would use in the attack; a 12-gauge Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun, a Smith and Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle with a 100-round drum magazine, and a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun. 

Holmes then reentered the theatre through the same door he had propped open and entered the auditorium, wearing headphones and playing “techno music” as to not hear the audience’s reactions. He first threw two canisters that discharged a gas or smoke. This smoke caused eye irritation and obscured vision, as well as itchiness to the skin and throat. After this Holmes fired his 12-gauge Remington shotgun at the ceiling, then at the audience. He additionally fired his semi-automatic rifle, but it soon malfunctioned. Holmes lastly fired using his Glock 22 handgun. 

Holmes began shooting at the back of the auditorium, then towards people in the aisles. Three people in a neighboring room were hit by a bullet when it passed through the wall, and that area was subsequently evacuated. This room was also screening The Dark Knight Rises. Meanwhile, back in the auditorium where the shooting was taking place, the fire alarm began to sound. The scene was in complete chaos, and some were hesitant to flee due to shouts of an additional shooter in the theatre’s lobby. The first calls to 911 were made at 12:39am, with police arriving in 90 seconds. Some individuals reported the shooting on Twitter rather than calling the police, but officers were already present at the theatre when these tweets were sent. 

A total of 76 shots were fired by Holmes in the theatre; six of these were from the shotgun, 65 from the semi-automatic rifle, and five from the Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun. When Sergeant Stephen Redfearn, one of the first police officers on the scene, arrived, he decided not to wait for ambulances. Sergeant Redfearn instead sent a number of the victims to the hospital in squad cars. At approximately 12:45am, Holmes was apprehended behind the theatre by Officer Jason Oviatt. He stated that Holmes was calm and “disconnected” during his arrest. 

12 people were killed in the Aurora shooting and 70 non-fatal injuries were reported. 10 victims died at the scene and two more died at local hospitals. Four of the victims, Jonathan Blunk, Matt MqQuinn, Alexander Teeves, and John Larimer, were killed while protecting their girlfriends. Two of the victims were active-duty service members. For a full list of the fallen victims, click here

Two federal officials had stated that Holmes had dyed his hair red and called himself “The Joker”, but authorities later declined to confirm that statement. However, three days later at his first court appearance, Holmes had reddish-orange hair. Authorities found a first aid kit, as well as spike strips, in his car. Holmes later claimed that he planned to use the spike strips if police chased him or shot at him. Police interviewed a grand total of 200 witnesses during the investigation. Holmes was first incarcerated at the Arapahoe County Detention Center under suicide watch. 

The Aurora Shooting had claimed the largest number of victims of any mass shooting in the history of the United States, but was later unfortunately surpassed by the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting in 2016, which had a combined total of 102 casualties. The Aurora Shooting was the deadliest mass shooting in the state of Colorado since the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999, which claimed 13 victims, not including the two perpetrators who committed suicide after their attack. 

Confessions (part 2)

Summary: Bucky and the reader - who are madly in love with each other - are locked in the tower for who knows how long so Bucky starts a confession cam.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: not that anyone cares but I FINALLY got my ABH palette and I be lookin’ poppin’.

The next day around 5 in the afternoon, you’re in Natasha’s room trying on all the clothes that she left behind. While you were doing this, Bucky quietly made his way into an empty room across from his. He looked towards the stairs, making sure you weren’t coming down before bringing a chair inside the room along with a camcorder and a tripod.

Bucky flicked on the light and set up the tripod near the wall. After setting that up, he put the chair in front of the camcorder before reaching over and pressing the record button.

When he saw that it was recording, he sat back and ran his fingers through his hair. “Alright it’s day two of being locked up in the tower and I have to say it’s not bad. I mean, I love Y/N. She’s amazing.”

Bucky paused, listening to see if he heard you but when he heard nothing, he turned back to the camcorder. “I thought I heard her. Anyways, today we had, I guess it’s called a Nerf battle? We each had three lives and it was so fun. She ended up winning and it was so cute seeing her gloat about it up until I shot her with the little rubber bullet…”

2 hours ago

Bucky pressed himself against the wall, gun in hand as he kept quiet.

“Bucky, where are you?” you sang.

He was trying to be more careful. He had to be. He had only one life left while you still had two. The only reason for that being he had bragged about how good he was with guns, real or toy ones.

You shot him two times.

He just stood there in shock while you quickly ran away from him, laughing.
Coming back to the present, he moved his finger to the trigger when he heard your footsteps get closer and closer. When it sounded like you were close enough, Bucky jumped out from behind the wall and shot at you.

The rubber bullet hit your chest and you look up at Bucky before shooting him as well.

“Dead!” you cheered.

Playing along, Bucky fell to the floor.

“Yes! I win!” you do a little dance and Bucky laughs at you from his ‘dead’ position on the floor. While celebrating your victory, Bucky grabs his gun that was beside him and shot you once more. It hit you on your right side and you stop dancing to look down at Bucky.

“Dead!” he smiled.

“What? But I killed you!”

“Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one last scare.” he smirked and you groan.

Scream.” you grumble.

“I had to.” Bucky chuckled. “Now die.”

You drop your gun and dramatically collapse to the floor. You gasp for air, one hand on your throat while the other reached up to grab nothing in particular before falling right next to Bucky.

Bucky laughed, rolling on his side and you pick your head up, smiling.

“Truce?” you stick your hand out.

Bucky nods. “Truce.”


Bucky blushed at the memory. “I’m happy I get to spend so much time with her. It’s like… I can’t even explain how I feel when I’m with her. I can’t explain how she makes me feel. All I know is that it feels right. I know I haven’t made very good decisions but loving Y/N has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

The brunette’s phone goes off, causing him to jump. “Crap.” he mumbled, pulling the device out from his pocket. “It scared me.” he looks at the caller ID and sighs, flashing the camcorder his screen. “It’s Steve. I gotta answer. Peace.”

He reaches over and pauses the video before standing up and exiting the room. Once he’s in the hallway, he answers.


“Bucky, what’s up?” Steve’s voice blares through the phone. “I just wanted to call and check up on you.”

“I’m not a child, Steve. You don’t have to check up on me.” Bucky scoffed.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” his friend responds. “So how’s everything going?”

“It’s fine. Nothing major has happened. Me and Y/N had a Nerf battle earlier, that was fun.” he says, walking down the hall.

“Who won?”

“She did.”

Steve laughs. “Bucky I swear you’re so…”

The soldier stopped paying attention to his longtime friend when he looked up and saw you walking down the stairs in a little red dress.


“Bucky? Bucky, hellooo?” Steve called.

Bucky gulped. “Steve I gotta go.”

He hung up instantly.

You made it all the way downstairs, standing in front of Bucky. “Ugh. I dunno how Nat wears this. It’s suffocating my boobs.” you pull the dress up, trying to cover your chest.

“Oh god.” he gulped again.


“You look so fucking good.”

You smirk. “Oh really?”

Bucky takes a step back and shoves his hands in his pockets. “I-I mean you look amazing in that – it looks amazing on you – you… you look really beautiful.”

You giggle at his flustered appearance. “Thanks Bucky.” you smooth out the front of the dress. “Ima go take this off. I’m losing air.”

Bucky nods and watches you go back upstairs. When you turn the corner, Bucky bolts to the room that he now calls the Cam Room – I know, not very creative but it was all that he could come up with in 5 minutes.

He shuts the door, sits down on the chair and presses the record button.

“Okay I know it has only been like, eight minutes but jesus fuck Y/N just came downstairs in a little red dress that made her look amazing. I mean the thing hugged her curves just right and-”

Bucky’s eyes fall to his lap and he smiles. “I can’t even describe how she looked because there aren’t enough words in the world to explain how good she looked.”

You calling out to him caused him to turn his head towards the door. He waited a few seconds before turning back around.

“That was her. I gotta go.” he says. “I really need to man up and ask her out already.”

And he ends the video.

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Merry Christmas, @omghoechlinplease!

It’s a quiet day– the best kind of day as far as Derek’s concerned. He’s settled on the couch, knee deep in the first half of next week’s required reading. His face is just barely out of range of a ray of sunlight that’s been steadily creeping across his living room floor towards him. In about twenty minutes that’ll become a problem, but for now?


The doorbell rings– probably the biography of Abraham Lincoln he ordered off Amazon. With a lazy stretch, Derek drops his book on the end table and gets up to answer the door–

–and the world spins–

–and he finds himself standing in a grimy, poorly-lit warehouse, staring down the barrels of at least six automatic rifles.

“Uh,” he croaks, hands twitching upwards on reflex, when someone captures his wrist in a vice grip and yanks. A rough voice shouts get down, dumbass! and he follows obediently, more out of shock than anything else. He folds his legs under him and throws himself to the ground behind some waist-high metal container, biting back a curse when he hits concrete elbow-first.

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thisbirdhadflown  asked:

Here's a prompt: how about Hartwin in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU?

I hope this is what you were looking for!

‘’I can’t believe it!’’ Eggsy yells, angry and sharp, when there’s a lull in the shooting and mayhem. ‘’You’ve been a fucking spy all along, Galahad.’’ He’s hiding in the hallway, just next to the door, and Harry’s still somewhere in the living room.

There’s the tell-tale sound of Harry reloading. ‘’And you,’’ he says, quieter than Eggsy, but just as angry, and Eggsy thinks he’s hiding behind the sofa by the sound of it, ‘’a database administrator, really, Eggsy?’’ A bullet embeds itself into the doorframe, some four or five inches from Eggsy’s head. ‘’And you still go by Unwin? How many years have you been Unwin-Hart now?’’

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It’s on, nerd [j.k x reader]

warnings: light swearing, fluff

word count: like 1k? i honestly dont know

requested: @ash-preston  - “Can you do a Jared Kleinman x Reader writing prompt 74?😊” 

Anonymous: “Jared Kleinman x reader” | “i want some me boi!”

xoxo cass

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Accidents Happen (Part 6/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Little fun fact: the cologne I mention is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and I thought it was funny because Tony Stark mentions wearing a Tom Ford suit in CA:CW! LOL!

Warnings: Panic attack, teen pregnancy, swears, angst, etc.

Masterlist // Accidents Happen Masterlist

Originally posted by agresje

“Dad?” Tony asked, shocked, “What the hell do you mean, ‘Dad’?”

You couldn’t answer him.

You couldn’t think.

You couldn’t breathe.

The only thing you could feel was the terror and pain that monster had caused you. The memories that you had – apparently – repressed. You had only remembered the arguing, the fighting, and the violence directed at your mother…

You didn’t remember them being directed at you, but you could see his face in your memories. The memories that were bubbling under the surface were not the good ones that you had previously remembered. They weren’t the ice cream dates that he had brought you to. They weren’t of him bringing you a teddy bear on valentine’s day, or a chocolate egg on Easter.

They were memories of a monster with your father’s face.

“Do it!” Your father would scream at you, holding a gun to your head. “Heal it!”

“I can’t, Daddy, I can’t!” You’d cry – shaking – holding a broken, tiny mouse in your little hands.

“Do it, or I shoot!”

“Daddy, please!” You sobbed, cradling the mouse to your chest in terror, “I don’t know how!”


You screamed, jumping back as a bullet hit the wall - right next to your head.

Suddenly, you could feel the warm, tingling sensation that happened any time you used your ability, and the little mouse was shivering in your hands. It was going to be okay. You had healed its wounds.

“Very good, baby girl. Well done.” He would sneer. “Go get ready and daddy will take you out for some ice cream.”

You felt your body swing around, as Peter moved the chair. There was anxiety laced within his voice, “Y/n, baby, talk to me!”

Your hand flew to your chest. Your breath was stuck in your throat. Your head was starting to swim with lack of oxygen. You felt your heart palpitating in your chest. The pins and needles in your fingers and toes. You were pulled forward, into Peter’s chest and onto the floor. You couldn’t hear him, but you could feel him. His hands were shaking, but they were holding you tightly against his warm body – pulling you onto his lap. One hand was pinning your body to his chest, and the other one was running up and down your back, like he did any time you cried.

His voice sounded like it was underwater, but you could hear him talking to you, “Baby, you need to breathe. Calm down. Listen to my voice. Y/n, please. Calm down.” He turned your head, pressing your ear against his chest, “L-listen to my heartbeat. Concentrate. Come on.”

Suddenly, you felt the usual fluttering of your child inside your belly.

The baby!

Everything came into focus.

You could hurt the baby! Breathe! Properly, goddammit! You focused on the feel of your baby in your belly. Every little twitch, every little movement. You focused on the arms, pinning you to Peter’s chest. You counted his heartbeats, trying to slow your breathing. You felt yourself able to breathe, again. The pain was still there, but you could breathe.

You moved your arms, burying yourself into the safe warmth of Peter’s chest. You could smell the light scent from the Tom Ford cologne you bought him for Christmas, and the smell of your laundry detergent. It was calming you down, a little more. You always loved how he smelled. Your arms wrapped around his middle, and you pulled yourself as close as you could with your belly in the way.

Then, the hysterics began.

The sobs that racked your body were a sound that you didn’t recognize. All you could see was the memories. All you could feel was the terror. You couldn’t get it to stop. All you could do was try to focus on Peter’s voice in your ear, the feel of his chest raising and falling, and the smell of him.

“Shhh. Y/n.” His lips were pressed against your hair, whispering near your ear. “Take deep breaths. He can’t hurt you. He’s contained. That cell is made for Banner, when he turns green. He can’t get to you. He doesn’t even know you’re here.”

“H-he will.” You sob, tears soaking his sweatshirt. “He’s g-going t-to hu-hurt me, again.”

“Anyone else confused, right now?” Tony’s voice came from behind you, “Because I’m lost.”

Peter tensed, arms wrapping around you tighter. He whispered in your ear, “You don’t have to tell them, if you don’t want to.” One hand moved to your belly, and the other was still firmly wrapped around your body. “Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Has it passed?”

You sniffed, nodding after a deep breath, “y-yeah.” You pulled back, laying your hand on top of his, “It passed. I-I’m okay. Baby’s okay. Still kicking my bladder, in there.”

He brought his hands up to your face, thumbs brushing the tears away. His eyes were still a little wild, but he sagged in relief. He pulled you up, helping you sit in the chair and handing you a bottle of water, “Drink this.” You took a small sip, and he sighed, “Babe, you need to drink more than that.”

You heard the door to the meeting room open, and Dr. Cho came in with a frazzled looking Bruce. “Miss Y/L/n. I’m just going to check your vitals, quick, okay?” She walked over, setting a bag down on the table and pulling out a stethoscope and other doctor equipment.

“In the meantime,” Tony said, sitting in the same chair from before, “What the hell just happened?”

“That’s my dad.” You said quietly, flinching at the tightness of the blood pressure cuff Cho was currently inflating. “I haven’t seen him since I was seven.”

“You’re telling me that this man,” Tony waved an arm to the screen that you refused to look at, “is your father? Why the hell is he not on your birth certificate?”

“I don’t know.” You shook your head, taking another swig of the water and leaning your head against the back of the chair – exhausted. “He knows about me. He’s the reason I am the way I am.” You turned to Peter with watery eyes, “I remember, now.”

He leaned down, kissing the crown of your head in comfort.

“What can you tell us about him?” Steve asked, taking a seat in one of the chairs at the front of the room, “Did you know he was HYDRA?”

“No. I didn’t know.” You shook your head, “But I knew that he was bad. He used to-” You stopped, clamping your eyes shut and grabbing Peter’s hand, “He used t-to hold a g-gun to my head… To make me train my ability.” Peter’s hand tightened, and you kept going. “I think I repressed a lot of it, because I only remembered him being awful towards my mom. Then, when I saw his picture, it all sort of came back.”

“That happens.” Bucky said from the chair behind you, “It happens to me, sometimes, about my time with HYDRA.”

“Where did you guys find him?” You asked, not sure if you wanted to really know.

“Near Montauk, New York.” Steve replied. He had been in New York? “He was trying to transport weapons from sailboats to a ship waiting a few miles from the coast.”

“Now he’s here?” You asked, feeling calmer. Numb. Exhausted.

“Why don’t I bring you back to the apartment?” Peter asks, rubbing his thumb across your knuckles, “The stress can’t be good for the baby.”

“I need to-” You felt tears leak out, again. “I need to talk to my mom. I need my mom. She needs to know.”


You felt a sense of déjà vu as you stood outside the door to your old, decrepit apartment with Clint and Peter. It felt the same as the day that you told your mother you were getting emancipated, and packed what little things you had in that apartment. She had not taken that very well. You just hoped that she would listen to what you had to say, now.

“Yeah?” Your mom answered the door, looking worse for the wear. Her hair was greasy, face pale, and her robe barely covered how skinny she was getting. “Y/N? What the hell do you want?”

You looked down, swallowing down your nerves, “We need to talk.”

“About what?” She snapped, pulling her robe tighter, “About how you abandoned me?”

“Dad’s back.”

Her face turned white, eyes wide in shock. “No. That can’t be.” She opened the door wider, staggering over to the couch and picking up a bottle of something clear. She took a swig, “Where is he?”

“He’s being held prisoner by The Avengers.” You replied. “He’s part of a bad organization.”

“How do you know all this?” Her hands were shaking as she pushed her greasy hair from her face.

“I work with them.” You sat down on the other end of the couch, “I work in Med Bay at the Avengers tower.”

She shook her head. “Bullshit. Don’t fucking lie to me. I know about your little secret.” She took another swig. “They wouldn’t accept you, otherwise.”

“Hey, now.” Clint defended, “She’s one of the smartest kids I know.”

“Obviously not.” Your mom rolled her eyes, gesturing to your swollen belly, “Got herself knocked up, didn’t she?”

“Anyways.” You cut them off, “So you know about me? When did you know?”

“I’ve always known.” She waved you off, “I’m your mother.”

What the fuck? How the fuck? She never said anything. “Why didn’t you say anything?” You asked, confused, “How did you know?”

She leaned back into the couch, pulling her feet up. “You used to heal me, you know.” She smiled to herself, “When your father would go into one of his rages and would… You would come into my room, after. You would come snuggle up next to me, and run your hands over any wounds I had. I felt this warmth, and they would just…heal.” A small tear leaked out of her eye, “I think that’s why your father used to be like that, to me. To make you heal me. He was never like that when I married him.”

“I don’t remember that.” You frowned, “I don’t remember a lot of things.”

“I paid good money to keep it that way.” She grabbed a pack of smokes from the coffee table, lighting one up and blowing it away from you. “You shouldn’t be trying to undo it. It won’t be pretty.”

You could feel Peter twitching about her smoking around you, “Mom. I’m pregnant. Wait to smoke until I leave.”

She shook her head, taking one last drag before stubbing it out.

“What do you mean you paid good money to keep it that way?” Clint asked. “What did you do?”

“There was this professor.” She started, crossing her arms. “A good man in a wheelchair. He said that he could help me make her forget.” She shrugged, waving a hand in your direction. “Obviously, that didn’t work, and I wasted my time and money.”

“Why did you blame me?” You asked, needing to know the answer to the question you’d always wondered. “Why did you say it was my fault that we left?”

“You were the reason.” She huffed, “He tried to sell you to some guy named Pierce.”

“Alexander Pierce?” Clint asked, lines forming on his brow in confusion. “He tried to sell her to HYDRA?”

“I don’t know.” Your mom sighed, running a hand through her hair, “I left before anything could happen and hid us.”

This was too much information to take in. You were officially overwhelmed. You needed time to process all this information. “Peter, can you take me home, now? I need to go lie down.”

He nodded, pulling you up from the couch. His hand went to the small of your back, leading you around the coffee table.

“You may hate me.” Your mom said, staring down at the bottle with a sad look on her face, “I don’t care. I tried to save you as best as I could. Even if I have been a piece of shit mother, and I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

“I know, mom.” You sighed, leaning into Peter. “I wish things could be different.”

With that, you walked out the door


You woke to the sound of a phone blaring on the night stand.

“Babe.” Peter groaned next to you, shaking your shoulder, gently. “That one’s yours.”

You looked over at the clock. 3:34 AM. Who the fuck is calling a pregnant woman at this fucking hour? You slid the little answer key over without looking at your phone, putting it up to your ear. “Hello?” You answered confused, voice thick with sleep.

“Y/N!” It was Natasha. She sounded like she was in the middle of a shootout. You could hear gunfire, and Natasha’s strained breathing. You sat up immediately, slapping peter awake. “You need to have Peter bring you and May somewhere safe. Now.”

“What? Why? What’s happened?” The alarm in your voice had Peter sitting up, immediately, “Are you in a fight, right now? Natasha?”

You were not prepared for Natasha’s response.

“Sean Morris has escaped.”

Part 7

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, making out

Summary: You? an average civilian pretty content with your average life. Him? A super soldier who must keep you away from Hydra’s tentacles with the only rule that you can’t never know about his existence, neither his team. But why is a world knowed evil organization after you? Would he break the only rule when your life gets threatened by a not-Hydra related danger?

A/N: I don’t know how much chapters this series will have, but I clearly know how where want it to go :)

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 One gun , Two guns


The knock on the door repeats and Bucky’s body tenses upon you. You push him away softly so you can stand up and reach the door. 

- Wait - he says grabbing your arm 

- What? - you ask confused

- Are you expecting someone? - he doesn’t look away from the door 

- No… but, maybe a neighbour needs something? - you shrurg

He keeps staring at the door, his body tense and prepared to jump if necessary. The knock repeats, louder and impatient. Bucky ducks his head and whispers in your ear - Ask before open. You are getting a bad feeling about all of this. Why such a fuss about an unexpected visit? You do as told

- Who’s there? - you heart beats a little faster waiting for a response

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Ninth [Chapter 1]


Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: Seven supernatural beings are captured and imprisoned in the governments’ most secure and secretive department. The eighth is on the loose and agents are hot on his tail. What they don’t know is that there’s a ninth member that has never appeared in any records, and you are in charge of finding him.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4

A man sits on the roof of an old building, looking down on the large city below him. A small hum escapes, calm and slow and lighthearted.

He dangles his feet as a small breeze blows past, rustling his soft dark hair.

“You look awfully calm.”

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I Told You So l Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader is being cocky on missions and Steve tries to put them in their place. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Type: One-shot 

Requested: anonymous 

Originally posted by christophers-haven-evans

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nerf war

Pairing: nct dream x reader

Summary: “Those were literally the most dramatic deaths I’ve ever seen.”

doing stuff with the dreamies masterpost

“I have declared war!”

“I’m busy, go away.”

“I don’t think so,” Chenle sings, resting his chin on my shoulder from behind. I shrug him off.

“If I say I declared war, war shall happen,” Haechan says, poking my side. I turn to him and glare.

“Well you see, I’m in the middle of doing something important.”

“Taking a quiz on whether or not you’ll marry your favorite idol doesn’t seem like an important thing,” Jisung comments, sitting across from me at the table. I growl.

“If you looked at the screen, I’m buying a gift for someone not doing some quiz like that,” I huff before mumbling to myself. “Besides, I did that earlier.”

“Is that someone me?” Jaemin asks, grinning.

“No,” I say, shoving his face away. He pouts, putting his chin on top of his folded hands.

“Are you saying I bought these nerf guns for nothing?” Haechan asks, pulling eight of them from behind the couch. My eyes widen, wondering when he put them there.

“Didn’t Johnny buy those for-” Renjun begins before being cut off by Haechan’s hand. He smiles innocently and shakes his head.

“What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.”

“If I must, I’ll play since it looks like I won’t get anything done,” I say and stand up. Haechan’s eyes sparkle as he starts preparing the nerf guns. “Are you boys joining?”

“I guess so,” Renjun shrugs and chuckles.

“You’re going down!” Chenle exclaims.

“Let’s kick some butt!” Jisung grins.

“You better watch out,” Jeno smirks.

“This is gonna be fun!” Mark comments.

“I’m so winning,” Jaemin nods and crosses his arms.

“So you, Renjun, Chenle and I are on a team. Mark, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung on the other team.”

“How much planning did you put into this?”

“I wanted to play since last week, but we didn’t have the guns.”

I chuckle and ruffle his hair. “You need to do something else in your free time.”

“Should we get into position?” Haechan smirks.

“Wait, we’re playing in my house?”

“Where else?”

“Anywhere, but here?”

The boys stare blankly at me and I sigh.

“THIS IS WAR,” Chenle exclaims, firing the first shot and hitting Renjun.

“Hey! I’m your teammate!”


“Maybe this was a bad idea,” I mumble.

“You’re out, Renjun,” Mark hums.

“What? No! That doesn’t count!” He whines before walking to the stairs. He sits down on the step, sulking away.

“We haven’t started yet, come here.”

Renjun grins, running over to our team.


We scurry around to find furniture to hide behind. We quickly move them around, trying to build a fort.

“Don’t make the walls so high! They’re going to fall over,” Renjun says while Chenle and Haechan are trying to stack the chairs. He turns to me and pouts. He points at them. “Talk some sense into them.”

I scoff. “They won’t listen to me.”

“I got this,” Haechan shushes us.

“See! Nobody ever listens to me.”

“Now you know how I feel!” Mark yells from the opposite side of the room.

“I feel your pain, Mark.”

“Get serious, it’s time to kick some Dreamies butt!” Chenle yells.

“But aren’t you Dreamies too?”

“Just have fun, you nerd.” Haechan pokes his tongue out at me. I huff.

“ATTACK!” The other side screeches, jumping out from their spots. Our eyes widen as we try to use our shield as best as we can.

“NO, WE’RE NO COWARDS. LET’S FIGHT!” Renjun exclaims, standing up to give his speech. We watch in admiration before a bullet bounces off his head. He pouts, making us snicker.

“RENJUN’S OUT!” Jeno yells and the other side erupts in celebration.

“I was giving a speech,” He pouts, walking to the stairs to sulk again.

“Let him back in.”

“This is war, you can’t revive soldiers!” Jaemin yells and Renjun sticks his tongue at the younger boy as he runs back to base.

“Now, we start for real!” Mark declares.

Bullets go flying everywhere as the sound of our yelling increases with every passing second.

“Mark, at the count of three, we shoot.”

“Haechan, we’re on opposite teams!”

Haechan immediately turns to us. “Chenle, Renjun, at the count of three, we shoot.”

“FIRE!” Renjun and Chenle stands up and yells, ignoring the fact that Haechan never gave his signal.

“YEAH!” Jisung exclaims.

“CHARGE!” Jeno yells as they move towards us while dodging our wild bullets. Swinging the cushions around, the bullets barely miss us.

Then, it happened.

Jeno was the first one to be hit.

Jaemin gasps, immediately running to his side. Jeno gasps for air, his hands trembling with his nonexistent blood.

“This is the moment where friendship is tested,” Renjun whispers as we watch in anticipation.


“But I must, I’ve been shot.”


“DON’T FORGET ME!” Jeno exclaims before his head goes limp. I facepalm and shake my head. Jaemin sniffles and wipes away fake tears.

“No man left behind!” Jaemin cries as he tries to drag Jeno’s body across the floor. Jisung climbs out from base and tries to help him. A bullet hits the wall beside them and their eyes widen.

Jisung giggles and runs off. “Bye!”


“Leave me, Jaemin.”

“How are you still talking when you’re dead?” Jaemin asks, his head tilting to the side.




As Jaemin runs back to base, silence overwhelms us. We watch for any sign of movement on the opposing team, waiting for the right moment to attack.

“I spot the enemy, over,” Chenle says, imitating the sound of a walkie talkie when it cuts out.

“I see him too, over,” Renjun whispers, repeating what Chenle did.

“What are you doing? We’re literally three feet away from each other, not even.”

“Be quiet,” Haechan says and puts a hand on my mouth.

“We can hear you too, you know?” Mark says, making everyone laugh.

“Reload your guns, we’re about to ambush them,” Chenle commands and we do just that.

“Do the same thing,” Jisung shouts as they hurry to do the same. As both teams reload, we stand up and aim our nerf guns at each other.

“Put the gun down and no one gets hurt,” Mark says.

“Oh, but someone does.” Haechan smirks. “AND THAT SOMEONE WILL BE YOU.”

Chaos breaks loose as bullets go flying around the living room. Everyone yells at the person they’re trying to aim for.

“MAN DOWN!” Chenle exclaims, making Renjun and I whip around to look at the Haechan laying in his arms. Chenle cries and sniffles. Renjun covers for me as I rush to Haechan and hold his hand. He coughs a few times before throwing red ribbon from his side. He forms a pool of red ribbon near him.

“Wait what?”

“This is not the time for confusion! Haechan’s dying!” Chenle cries.

“No, I know. I’m just wondering where you even got the red ribbon,” I mumble, holding down on his fake wound.

“Come closer.”

“What is it?” I ask, bringing my ear closer to his mouth.



“I hate Mark Lee.”

“That’s all you had to tell me?” I scoff, pulling away.


And then he dies.

“NO, I’VE BEEN HIT!” Mark gasps, clutching his shirt where his heart is. Renjun smiles in victory.


“Men,” I snicker.

“Let’s dominate them!” Jisung sniffles, wiping away fake tears. He charges in while Jaemin tries to tell him to stay back. “THIS ONE IS FOR JENO AND MARK.”

He was shot in the head with Chenle’s bullet. The boys snicker as Jisung takes his time to collapse to the ground before dying.

“Jaemin, you’re our last hope.”

“I’ll avenge you, Jisung! You too, Mark, Jeno!”

With good aim, Jaemin shoots Chenle in the chest. He lets out a loud yell, collapsing to his knees.

“I was too young and beautiful to die!”

“Maybe just young,” Renjun sighs, patting the younger boy’s shoulder. Chenle glares at Renjun before falling down beside Jisung, coming face to face with him. They giggle.

“It’s you and me versus Jaemin.”

“We got this, right?”

“I don’t know, do we?” He smirks, revealing the many bullets he somehow collected in his pockets.

“I’m so glad you’re on our team, Renjun.”

“Me too,” He grins. We load up our guns and Renjun jumps over our fort. He does a roll into kneeling, aiming his gun at Jaemin. I roll my eyes and walk to the other side of Jaemin’s fort, surrounding him.

“GO JAEMIN!” His teammates cheer, giggling.

“DON’T LET THE TEAM DOWN,” Jisung yells.

“You can do it!” Jeno cheers.

“I CAN AND WILL DO THIS!” Jaemin exclaims, jumping up from his spot and sending a bullet to Renjun. Renjun hurriedly aims his gun and shoots at Jaemin, but misses as he dodges it skillfully.

“NO!” Chenle cries as Renjun collapses to the ground.

“I can see the light,” He extends his hand upward and coughs.

“Get away from the light!”

Jaemin snickers. He rolls before standing up and aiming the gun at me. I quickly stand up as we’re put into a standoff.

“It looks like it’s just you and me.” Jaemin smirks.

“It seems so.” I cock my head and smirk.

“DON’T SCREW THIS UP,” Haechan yells, cupping his hands around his mouth.


“Wow, my teammates are so supportive,” I scoff and roll my eyes.

“I’m cheering you on!” Renjun mumbles and I send him a thankful smile.

“You know, you’ve always been my favorite?”


“I’m surprised you even made it this far, Jaemin.”

“Hey.” He pouts.

“I’m joking! I’m sorry!”


“DO IT NOW!” Haechan complains, wanting me to hurry and win.

“It looks like I’m going to win, Jaemin.”

“Says who?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Says me.” I smirk and pull the trigger.

It was too late. He was shot.

Jaemin places a hand on his chest where the bullet bounced off of. He drops to his knees and then lays on his back.

“Goodbye, cruel world. It was nice knowing you all,” He gasps before sticking his tongue out and closing his eyes.

“WE WIN!” The boys on my team cheer, running to me and engulfing me in a group hug. I laugh and grin, celebrating with my boys.

“VICTORY SCREECH!” Chenle shouts. The opposing team rush to the dead Jaemin, trying to bring him back to life.

“Come back to us, Jaemin!” Mark pouts.

“You can make it back!” Jeno shakes him back and forth while Jisung rubs his hands together.

“Clear!” Jisung yells before pressing them against Jaemin’s chest.

“I’m okay,” Jaemin says, pulling his members into a hug. They look over to us with big smiles. The Dreamies bring me along into their group hug.

“That was fun,” Jisung comments.

“We should do it again,” Renjun adds.

“I’m a genius with good ideas, huh?” Haechan asks with a proud smile.

“Those were literally the most dramatic deaths I’ve ever seen.”

Prison AU thing???

A prison AU for Re-Nightmare
Contains: gore, slight sexual themes
Characters belong to Sleepykinq


Alfred sat peacefully on a chair in the clinic, reading a magazine in the silence. Kao had taken a seat a few meters away, staring at a magazine with a slightly red face. The canine yelped as the steel door to the clinic slammed against the wall as Mystery barged in, holding a bag. The feline dropped the bag, a heavy object inside thumping to the floor. “Hello, hello~!” The cat chuckled, glancing at Alfred in Kao in turn. “H-hey, boss.” The dog managed to say, a tinge of nervousness threaded throughout his words. Mystery chuckled, scooping up his bag and holding it, “I had an idea for a rather fun activity we can all participate in today.” The cat said menacingly.
Kao looked up, “O-oh, what is it?” The goat asked.
Mystery turned the bag, three pistols falling out and hitting the table with metallic thumps.
“Let’s rob a bank!” The feline said sharply.
Alfred jumped, “There is absolutely no fucking way in fucking hell I am robbing a fucking bank!” The dog snapped.
Mystery picked up one of the guns and pulled the chamber back, a small click sounding.
The feline aimed the gun at the goat no more than a few feet away.
“Does this change your mind..?” The cat said quietly as the goat covered his face and started trembling in terror.
Alfred sat in silence for a moment, “O-Okay fine! But how do you plan to rob a fucking bank..?” The dog whimpered.
Mystery snorted, moving the gun away from Kao, “How do I fucking know? Let’s just walk in with guns and demand money~” the cat said.
Kao whimpered, “I’m too young to rot in prison..” the goat whined.
Mystery snickered, “Who said we’d be going to prison? If the police come we’ll just shoot our way out of it~” the cat purred.
Alfred had a terrified look on his face, “I’m all for death but- ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE.” The dog shouted. “That’s fucking suicide!” Alfred finished.
Kao nodded a little, “He’s right.” He said.
Mystery chuckled, “I mean if you both rather be stabbed to death by me, whatever works~”
Alfred and Kao cringed in fear, Alfred being the one to speak first. “Fine. But I’m not helping your dumb ass if the police come.” He growled. Mystery shrugged, “Alright, pussy.”

The large van pulled up to the bank as a tiny slit of the moon glowed above, the three males creeping out, the smallest of them trembling in terror. Mystery pushed through the door, the lights in the bank glowing. The feline grinned, sharply firing three ear-bleedingly loud shots into the ceiling. The lone bank teller yelping in fear. “Oh, it’s just one~ now be a dear and fill this bag, hm?” The feline chuckled. The bank teller paused for few moments, sharply hitting the floor and smacking a button. Heavily enforced barriers slammed down, locking them in, Alfred whimpered weakly, “I’m going to die.. aren’t I?” He whined under his breath. Mystery snarled, “MOTHERFUCKING CUNT.” he yelled, slamming his fist into the iron wall protecting the bank teller. The feline repeatedly shot the wall, each bullet lodging into the steel. One broke through and hit the wall in the back. Kao was trembling violently, while Alfred was standing quietly in defeat. Mystery hissed as loud sirens wailed outside, the iron door opening in the front with a wall of armed officers. Mystery paused for a moment, and violently fired shots, the bullets hitting the glass with loud shatters, the glass crumbling onto the ground, Alfred and Kao immediately dropped to the floor as an aray of bullets fired across, Mystery seiged foward, despite his efforts, he was overpowered in moments by tasers and pepper-spray alike being shot all over him. The cat thrashed and hit the ground, hissing and spitting insults to anyone around him. Two officers approached the canine and goat on the floor, “Don’t move!” One said sharply, Alfred grunted in pain as a knee was pressed to his back and his arms forcefully pulled behind him, cringing as cuffs snapped into place around his wrists. Kao whimpered weakly as he was pulled up alongside Alfred, the both of them being dragged out into the parking lot of the bank. Mystery had multiple officers on him, and was cuffed in multiple places, the cat snarled and thrashed with every step, while Kao and Alfred simply followed the officers without any resistance. Mystery turned to them, “You’re both fucking pussies!” The cat hissed angrily. Kao blinked away tears as he was pushed into the police vehicle beside Alfred, who sighed weakly. Mystery was shoved into a separate armored vehicle. Kao sniffed and looked at Alfred, “I don’t want to go- I’ll fucking die in there! I just-” the goat broke off into sobs. Alfred finally spoke, “We’ll be okay. We won’t be in there for life.” The dog said weakly, trying his best to smother the terror in his voice. Kao sniffed, “Is that rumor really true?” He asked. Alfred blinked, “Which one?” He asked. Kao sniffed, “The one about dropping the soap in the prison showers.” The goat whined. Alfred paused, “I-I’m not sure.” He said. An officer finally opened the driver door, “Enough chit-chat you two, time to get going.” The fox said, Kao and Alfred sighed, saying nothing more as the car rumbled as it started, driving off with the handcuffed goat and dog inside.

Soldier 76

  • Prompt: “First kisses on your favourite ow characters”

Soldier 76 would be too reserved and cautious on the regular basis to let a lick of romantic contact happen. The man has a damn visor on majority of the time anyways. But in general, he believes involving others in his life is a horrible idea. He has a personal mission to achieve, a past that can’t exactly be forgotten. If there were any developing, feelings, he would stamp out the flame and shove the ashes to the back of his mind, hoping they will blow away in time. So when he kisses his S/O for the first time, it is a primal, animalistic- instinct driven kiss.

The moment when the danger passes, he goes up to them, shoulders tense, hands clenched tightly. He looks like he’s one second from lifting his pulse rifle up and shooting them in the chest himself. Once he’s in front of them, he grabs them by the wrist and pulls them roughly away from everyone who’s gathered around them. Even if his S/O tries to break his hold, he barely notices. His mind replays the scene over and over again, like a never-ending nightmare. Every time his mind plays the moment when the bullets hit the wall inches away from them, his breath catches, barely able to force air into his lungs.

When they’re in a secluded area, he releases their wrist as he was burned, and brings both hands to grip his hair tightly. He lets out a frustrated growl, as he paces a few steps back and forth, until he abruptly stops and stares at his S/O. Instantly he reaches up, presses the button which opens the latch on his visor with a hiss, and lets it fall to the ground. He doesn’t care that this is the first time his S/O saw him without his visor. He ignores the wide eyes that are frantically trying to take in this revelation all at once. He’ll reach up, thread his fingers into their hair, gripping almost too tightly and pulls them forward.

They’ll both breathe one sharp breath at the same time, whether it was from the contact between skin, the shock of the situation or adrenaline running through their veins. But as if the kiss was a starting gun, they both jumped passed the first hurdle and didn’t look back. He kisses them as if he is drinking them in, as if he is dehydrated to the brink of death. It becomes a disarray of messy kisses, breathy moans, hands grabbing onto everything and nothing at the same time. It was tongues fighting for dominance, painful moments when teeth met flesh and gasping breaths. It was only when the soldier himself started slowing down, directing the panicked hunger into a pleasant ache, that the kisses became gradual and heavy– sweet and passionate. His grip turns into a caress, trailing from the back of his S/O’s head, to their hips. He breaks the string of small pecks, resting his forehead against theirs, breathing deeply. Finally, he allows the sense of relief wash over his body. He tightens his grip on their hips, as miniscule tremors affect his muscles, his body winding down from the adrenaline rush. He leans back reluctantly, his brow slightly furrowing as he kept his eyes closed. He lingers in this unreal moment because he knows that once he opens his eyes, reality will slap him in the face and he will see the unrepairable damage he made.

The silence between them almost breaks his resolve, but it was the lightest touch on his brow that makes him open his eyes. His S/O stares at him, glassy- eyed with the gentlest smile on their face. They smooth the lines between his brow, tracing their fingertips down the side and cups his cheek. He leans into their touch subconsciously, barely believing that the world is still okay, that reality was merciful and gracious. He tries to speak, but his words catches in his throat as it seems to tighten. His S/O beats him to the words he wanted to say.

“I’m sorry, I should have known better.”

He shakes his head once, clearing his throat. “I overreacted. I’m sorry.” He manages to say, as he takes their hand that cupped his cheek with his own, weaving his fingers between theirs. He is pleasantly surprised on how well they fit together, letting a shy smile grace his lips. In turn, his S/O grins, that teasing expression he knows all too well. Soldier 76 raises an eyebrow, challenging them to say anything. His S/O laughs, bringing their hands down so they settle more comfortably between them.

“Come on, the rest of them will be worried.”

He grunts and doesn’t move for a long moment, staring at their clasped hands. It is only when his S/O releases one hand and bends to pick up the forgotten visor, that he brings his eyes up to meet theirs. They lean in, placing a sweet kiss on his bristly cheek and then brings their clasped hands up so they can place another peck on his weathered hands.

“You shouldn’t have taken your visor off. Now I know what’s underneath that emotionless mask and I won’t settle for the fowl thing anymore,” they tease, trying to lift the heavy moment between them. Solider made an amused noise, reciprocating their previous action and kisses their hand. They feel the smile on their skin as his lips press against their hand.

“Can’t start spoiling you now,” he murmurs, smile still plastered on his face as he placed his visor back on, much to his S/O’s displeasure. He never lets their hand go, even when they leave their hidden haven and joined the others, ignoring the curious gazes.

“Back to the rendezvous point,” he barks out, authority back into his tone.

“Let’s go home.”

30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Six: Wearing each other’s clothes

Note: Violence, swearing, and flirting!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1120

“You understand what you’re doing is dangerous Agent (L/N).” Nick explained handing her the pile of clothes. “If it’s to help the others I will do it.” She said softly before swallowing down the fear that was plaguing in her mind. “Put this on after you change. You will look like him.” Nick handed her something to put in her ear as she nods. “Thank you sir.” She said before taking it as she walked into the other room to change. She was staring at the outfit in silence before she shook her head as she removed her own while she started to get dressed. The others needs help on a mission and right now Nick was sending her in… as the Winter Soldier. She pulled on the outfit before placing on the mask feeling her air was slightly restricted when she placed the piece into her ear.

She looked in the mirror before her eyes widened, looking exactly like Bucky took her by surprise as she glanced down to her metal arm. The door opened as Nick handed her a comm when she breathed in and out slowly trying not to be afraid. She was going into a Hydra base which terrified her, but she was doing it for the others so she was trying her best to remain strong. She cracked her neck when they opened up the door before Nick explained to her what she was going to do. She nods before she jumped from the helicopter down onto the roof top as her heart started to pound loudly in her own ears. “Good luck Agent (L/N).” He said before the comm went quiet before she held up a mp5 when she kicked down the door looking around.

Her mission was to find the others and get them out safe, knowing that she was going to have to kill people scared her after spending half of her life trying to save them. Then she remember what they were, and she wasn’t as scared before she went down the steps. Her heart was pulsing, but now this time it was the adrenaline pumping through her veins. She moved quietly, gracefully as she went down the steps before she noticed two men walking down the corridor. She shot them both before looking around for more as she kicked open doors, but none of them revealed her friends nor her lover. Fear was striking her that they were moved, or worse… killed. She immediately shook off that feeling when suddenly there was gunfire in her direction as she moved quickly.

She took in the four men at the end of the hall cursing in Russian, freezing when she heard Natasha’s voice spitting back at them. There. She pulled out her gun taking the one down through his head as blood splatted against the wall behind him. She took the other in the knee before taking the fatal shot through the chest as she started down the hallway. She wasn’t going down without a fight as more men came to the door before they too fell victim to her murderous rampage. She was a woman on a mission and nothing would stand in her way when she finally made it inside the room seeing everyone was sitting there. Everyone froze looking from her to Bucky as Bucky’s eyes widened. “They cloned me?” He asked angrily as she rolled her eyes.

She ripped off the mask for a moment. “No you ding bat.” Her voice even sounded like his before she sighed taking out the earpiece as her body shifted to its original form. “Holy shit (Y/N)?” Tony asked in shock as she grins holding the gun up to the ceiling. “At your service.” She said before she looked to Bucky who had his jaw practically on the floor. She was about to speak with a bullet pierced through her shoulder and hit the wall above Tony’s head. Everyone gasped as (Y/N) gritted her teeth before turning around with a dark expression. “Who the fuck just ruined my shirt?” She growled before she shot down the hallway as Steve looked to Bucky in shock. “Your girlfriend is crazy.” He comments as (Y/N) took out the rest of the soldiers.

“And don’t you forget it.” Bucky grins as she unlocks everyone from their chains when Bucky looked at her shoulder. “Well at least there’s an exit wound.” He sighed in relief. “I’m okay.” She said ripping off a piece of her pants to wrap around her shoulder. “Hm remind me not to ever get on her bad side.” Tony comments as she chuckles. “Come on, do we still have anything to do here or are we good?” She asked. “We still need to get to the control room and collect the data.” Steve said as she nods. “Well let’s get going.” She grins while everyone follows her as Bucky stares at her the entire time. She noticed him as she quirked an eyebrow at him, but he immediately looked away causing a smile to spread across her facial features.

After what felt like forever they were finally back on the quinjet with the other agents and returning back to New York. “How’s your arm?” Bucky asked as she looked down it. They had bandaged her up and she hadn’t changed just yet when he sat down beside her. “It’s good. Hurts, but it’s good.” She said shrugging as he chuckles. “Yeah I can imagine that it hurts.” He said when she noticed he was staring again as she nudges him. “See something you like?” She asked as his face lit up before he looks away quickly. “You look… fuck you look hot.” He comments as she laughs happily laying her head onto his shoulder. “Is it because I’m in your clothing?” She asked as he mumbled something causing her to roll her eyes, commenting ‘He’s a mumbler’.

“Yes.” His eyes fluttered closed when she turned his face to look at her. “Yeah?” She asked grinning as his face flushed even more. “Y-Yeah.” He murmured to her causing her to bit her lip. “You know I feel pretty badass.” She chuckles as he rolls his eyes before she leans into his eyes. “But you know where these clothes would look better?” She asked as he swallows. “W-Where?” He winced as his cracking tone causing her to suppress a chuckle when she leaned closer. “On your bedroom floor.” She said before pulling away entirely as she looked at the window while Bucky’s eyes widened comically when his jaw dropped open. “Yes, yes they would.” He said as she starts to laugh at his flustered face while everyone stared in confusion.

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The Charmer: Close to You

Part 4

It had been months since Y/N talked to Wanda. She stayed on her floor, a place no one was permitted unless on business. As the Avengers kept looking for the terrorist group Y/N was once a part of they slowly ran out of questions to ask the ex-operative. Her days were long and melancholy with only her own company. Lately, Y/N was terrible company, being stuck with herself meant hours of thinking, of wishing, of should’s and could’s that would never be. It was for the best that she was isolated, no one could get attached to her and she couldn’t get attached to anyone. That was her life, and up until it had never bothered her. People, once they figured out what she could do were only ever interested in sex. She became more of a sex toy than a companion, or people just didn’t want anything to do with her at all. Someone who’s able to alter how you feel with just a touch is scary. If she wanted to she could make anyone she wanted love her, that could be scary for prospective friends or romantic partners. However, too often she found someone she liked, who liked her too, but she was never sure if it was because of who she is as a person, or her power. She’d berate herself with questions: Did I accidentally touch them? Did they figure out what I can do? With all of this uncertainty and paranoia she decided she was just better off alone. She forced herself to be content with herself, and she was except now there was someone who was immune to her powers, and she might be able to have an honest friendship… but Wanda is an Avenger, and if the Avengers wanted to bring any harm to Y/N they would surely use Wanda. So once again, she was better off alone.

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Do No Harm - Chapter 10 - Final

I swear by Apollo the Healer

Wanna read previous chapters?: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch.6, Ch.7, Ch.8, Ch.9

3747 Words

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Yup, this is the end. Thank you all for reading. You have been wonderful!

It felt good to be flying again. As much as flying meant responsibility, Angela hadn’t realized how much she truly missed it. She wore her Valkyrie armor more often than not now. It was good. This was a good thing.

Still, she would have rather not been dodging enemy fire while doing it. That was not so great.

The strike team had been deployed to Morocco to assist with a hostage situation the local authorities were ignoring. An extremist group was holding three scientists in a compound. A stealth mission had already failed, so the recalled Overwatch agents were trying their best to brute force their way in.

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Dazed that there is a sun.

Hello! I’ve decided to start posting some stories on here, most likely fan related, and anyways I hope you enjoy this Ohmtoonz!

He’s not sure what lead to this, strapped in Luke’s car going nearly 80mph down a back road in New Mexico with Luke’s music so loud it seemed to electrify the air, setting something in him off with every beat that reverberated throughout his soul. He could blame it on the conversation that sparked everything a little over a day ago, but it feels more meaningful than that. He pushes that thought down in time for when Luke nudges him, leaning forward to turn down the radio.

“You okay there, Ohm, you look a little spaced out.” There’s a slight smirk playing on his lips, and yet Ryan can tell they’re thinking the same thing, only he seems to be the one going to say something.

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