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Mafia!AU Baekhyun Smut [Requested]


Genre: Smut

Warnings: slight slut shaming/humiliation, dominating themes, orgasm denial, and just good ol’ smut

Word Count: 2318

Keep your fucking mouth shut.” Was the first thing he whispered to you with his warm breath faintly brushing up against your flushed skin, his body pressed so tightly against yours with one hand being used to pin your hands above your head, the other with a tight grip on his gun.

The sounds of gunshots being fired off into the distance hadn’t made you flinch, especially since you’ve been tagging along in your boyfriend’s erroneous duties of illegally becoming involved with drug trades and other activities you’ve decided to keep to yourself. Baekhyun’s eyes as well were unflinching, bullets hitting the wall and flying across the worn down room while he finally leaned over the corner and shot down the last of the henchmen on your tail. He smirked to himself in satisfaction, finally letting your hands loose to fall to the side of your worn down shirt and disheveled denim jeans. Your hair was a mess from all that running, a sheen layer of sweat evident on both of you faces.

“Stay here doll. I need to make sure everything’s okay.” He commanded, as you willfully nodded your head. But just before you could even turn the other direction he had grabbed you by the wrist and leaned closely into your ear. “And go into the bedroom all the way down the hallway while you’re at it. I’d like to give you a little prize for being so obedient this entire trip. Maybe spanking you was the best thing I’ve ever done to discipline you.” Baekhyun grinned, planting a sloppy kiss on your lips before walking away and surveying the area for any more surprise attacks.

It came as a surprise to you as to how his black dress shirt and slacks were in top-shape, still accentuating his broad shoulders and every little detail you couldn’t keep your little hands off for any time longer. Your way down the hallway towards the bed room was spent biting down your bottom lip harshly, thinking about all the different ways Baekhyun took you. From feet away from perpetrators, his hand over your mouth to keep you shut from them hearing your dirty little deeds, and not to mention the way you would shamelessly beg for him to thrust harder ran through your head of yours. It was no game when it came to him, especially since his eyes became so accustomed to all of your irresistible features as well.

Your eyes wandered around the room, the bed in the middle of it with its white, dusty sheets, the curtains hanging loosely from its holdings and the amount of thrown papers and books on the ground made the place look like a robbery. And before you could even walk around and examine anymore of the contents withheld within the books, shelves, and dressers, Baekhyun had already walked into the room with his arms snaking around your waist. His enchanting and intoxicating lips pressed feather-like kisses onto your shoulder, his hands drawing closer and closer to the zipper on your denim jeans.

“You always smell so good, doll.. You’ve been so good to me, what have I done to deserve you baby girl..?” He murmured, turning you around and pressing another sloppy and erotic kiss on your swollen lips.

“I’m all yours.. Take me please, I’m begging you.” You pleaded with desirous eyes, hands running up and down his toned torso as Baekhyun growled at this. His now strong hands pushed you towards the bed, your petite frame falling against the sheets as he climbed over you and immediately undid the buttons on his dress shirt. You took this opportunity to quickly throw your shirt off, exposing your chest covered with a lace bra.

“Oh baby..” He groaned, relishing in the beautiful sight and burying his face into your fleshy mounds and planting kisses onto them. “Beautiful.. Every inch of you is so beautiful, doll..” Baekhyun whispered, now leaving a trail of kisses from your breasts and up to the nape of your neck. His mouth left marks, hickeys to blossom later and as well as a way to ward off any possible on-lookers. And you knew all too well that Baekhyun had a delirious hatred for any man who turned to look at you when you were all for him and only him—not that you were complaining, there wasn’t any man who made you felt as good as Baekhyun did.

He now took this time to finally undo your zipper, sliding down the denim material and indulging in the beautiful lace sight that was your lingerie. Baekhyun licked his lips seductively, his bottom lip being caught in his teeth as he continued to eye you up and down while you looked up at him pleadingly. The sight of you so ready, so pleading for him to take you turned him on; followed by how beautifully tainted you were for him—and only for him.

“Baekhyun.. please..” You whimpered pathetically, and in a desperate attempt to arouse yourself even further your hand slipped itself into your panties and began to toy with your clit. His jaw hung agape at this, the look in his eyes becoming a shade darker and glistening with lust at the lewd sight. Nothing had ever made him this madly turned on, and he was more than willing to show his token of appreciation by pushing your hand away and pulling down the lace fabric to devour your dripping arousal.

A sudden gasp left your lips, his eyes trained on your gaze down at him licking and slurping at you until you felt your head dip back in pleasure. A small smirk curled up on his lips at how your body reacted to the slightest of touches, devouring and savoring in the sweetness that was you. Suddenly, he introduced a finger to toy around with your clit as his tongue worked its way up and down your slit. You could no longer suppress your moans any longer, the way his tongues and fingers magically making you give into the tightening knot in your stomach.

However just before you could even catch your breath, two long and slender fingers entered your hole abruptly and your back arched off of the messy and dusty bed with toe-curling pleasure. Your moans came out broken and hoarse, your tongue unable to string syllables into words as Baekhyun finally moved his face back up to yours while his fingers worked wonders between your legs. Baekhyun relished in the sight of you looking so hopeless beneath his touch, vulnerable to each thrust of his beautiful long fingers and desperate for a release only he could give. And being the cocky tease he was, he playfully took a nipple into his mouth and began to slow the pace of his digits between you.

“N..no.. Baekhyun please.. D-don’t slow down..” You pleaded, clutching onto his biceps with urgency as the knot in your abdomen grew tighter and tighter. But as soon as your orgasm was about to course through your veins violently, he pulled out abruptly and slapped you across the face to humiliate you.

“Aw my poor little slut.. look at how desperate you are to cum.” Baekhyun smirked down at you, your eyes filled with tears as frustration became evident on your face. “Don’t you give me that face baby girl. You don’t want me to spank you again now do you?” He asked, whispering those tantalizing words into your ear as you desperately shook your head from side to side. Anything but that.

“Don’t punish me please..” You said, your voice weaker and smaller from how dry your throat was. He smiled down angelically at you, admiration for you evident on his face as he brought his fingers up to the light. Your cum glistened and deliciously contrasted against the sexually tense atmosphere, and abruptly, he shoved the digits into his mouth to savor more of your taste. “Baekhyun..” You whimpered, turned on madly by this gesture.

“You taste like heaven doll..” Baekhyun groaned. “Now let’s make you cum all over me. We don’t have enough time until the cops find the place ransacked now, do we?” He smirked, gesturing for you to spread your legs open as you were happy to oblige.

Baekhyun soon positioned his body between your legs, unbuckling his slacks while your eyes were trained on his outlined erection through the black fabric. You gulped, watching all of the layers of clothing come off of his toned and delicious body while he threw his clothes somewhere already forgotten. After giving his pressing erection a few experimental strokes, he finally positioned himself right at your entrance at pushed into you roughly—perhaps to have more time in you that in a jail cell.

You both immediately let out content sighs, curses leaving his lips while he dirtily complimented you with remarks regarding to how tight and how deliciously wet you were for him, while you bit down on your bottom lip harshly at how big he was. Immediately, his thrusts became very forceful, every inch of his thick and pulsing member pushing into your tight snatch and driving you closer and closer to the edge of heaven. His pants and warm breaths stroked the side of your cheek, the look of adoring lust all over his face as he continued to press kisses here and there.

As your hands wandered the skin of his back, your nails dug its way deeper and deeper in a way that made him groan out and thrust even harsher into you. Your head was thrown back, eyes rolling to the back of your head as Baekhyun began to leave more hickeys onto your tainted neck while his hands roamed your chest and kneaded your breasts. He looked completely delirious in this position, his eyes darkened with lust, a sheen layer of sweat on his face while his eyes were screwed shut in how tightly your walls hugged his member.

“Baby.. H-ah… I love you..” He groaned out, spreading your legs out farther and letting his other hand wander down to you core. HIs fingers easily found your erected clit, teasing and pinching it in a way that made you squirm. “That’s it baby.. Take all of it.. Take it all..” Baekhyun growled, staring down at your vulnerable state of pure need. You shook your head from side to side, his thrusts now managing to hit your sweet spot every, single, time.

You whimpered and mewled, begging for him to slow down but you both knew that in vain—you wanted him to ruin you beyond imagination. And that’s exactly what he did when he ignored your pleads for mercy, thrusting and teasing you in a way that drove you both crazy. How softly he could kiss you, caress you in every place that made your body crave and bend to every word he spoke, and how roughly he could also handle you made your head spin. How on earth had you find such a treasure like Baekhyun? He could honestly say the same thing about you now, and the way how you took all of him and how you begged for more despite the fact you were pushed beyond your limits drove him crazy.

“N-no.. Baekhyun I’m going to.. h-ah..!” You tried to articulate words, only to fail miserably as he head-on hit you in the right place, making your world shatter apart into pieces. Baekhyun was close behind, a final groan and growl leaving his lips as he continued to shoot up white ropes of sexual frustration deep into your tightening core.

“Oh doll.. Mmmph..—” He called out, only to have your lips pressed onto his to shut him up while you continued to ride out your orgasms. Just then, however and unfortunately, the sound of sirens and flashing lights could be heard and seen, interrupting the intimate moment. “Shit, come on baby let’s get dressed. Grab all the bags by the entrance and jump out of the window. I’ll be right behind you to make sure they don’t hurt my precious darling.” Baekhyun grinned, placing a quick kiss on your lips before you both sprinted off the bed and hastily put on your clothes.

The police drew in closer, and this adrenaline rush wasn’t the only reason why you loved being with Baekhyun so much. It was something else about him that made him so irresistible to you. Something you couldn’t quite yet give up just yet. And after you quickly grabbed the bags he instructed you to grab, you already heard the policemen yelling and screaming at each other to surround the perimeter and close off any possible entrances. Too bad they didn’t know about how thoroughly planned out this escape was going to be.

Gunshots were already being fired, Baekhyun’s dress shirt still hanging unbuttoned on his shoulders as he wrapped an arm around your chest and dragged you to the window where you both jumped, possibly two stories. Despite the loud thump, the two of you began to run like madmen towards the exit point you both agreed on and hopped into the car with a loud and painful thud. He grinned over at you, starting the car and already driving off into the sunset and away from the things that held you back. Things that held the two of you back.

“What a day..” You sighed, slumping in your seat and letting a chuckle leave your lips. Baekhyun couldn’t agree anymore, and adjusted his rear-view mirror before cupping your face with his gentle hands.

“I can’t really call it a day unless I hear those pretty little moans of yours against the flashing of blue lights again now, can I?” He smirked, gesturing towards the faint image of blue flashing lights in the mirror while his hands now wandered down to the zipper of your denim jeans once again.

wow I have sinned and I must now scrub in some holy water [heavy breathing] I hope this fulfilled your expectations and that you enjoyed reading! I certainly enjoyed writing it (-; now, back to my holy water.

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*Requested* Imagine Stefan reading his favorite book to you while there´s a thunderstorm outside.

(Here´s a fluffy one for all the Stefan girls and guys out there. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 940

Your name: submit What is this?

Lightning illuminates the day followed by the occasional roar of thunder. The wind howls through the street and the rain smashes against the window like bullets hitting a wall. Luckily rain isn´t strong enough to break windows like a bullet would.

You are currently curled up in the arms of your boyfriend Stefan watching your favorite movie for the billionth time. Stefan had to cancel the date he had planned for today because of that horrible weather. Unfortunately not even a vampire can control it. Even though Stefan would have done so in heartbeat. However, a lazy day at home is not the worst either. Especially because he gets to hold you in his arms and trace his fingers over your skin.

Your favorite part of the movie begins and the thunderstorm continue to roll through Mystic Falls. A sudden, loud lightning hits a nearby power line with an ear defening sound. The TV shuts off, as do all the lights and you´re left in complete darkness

Y/N: “Oh come on, really??!!”

Stefan gets up and look out of his small window. You get up as well, trying to find something to light the room with. You both must have left your phones downstairs. Typical.

Stefan: “Looks like the storm cut off the power”

Y/N: “But that was the best scene! Ugh, what the hell should we do now?!”

Stefan giggles at your inability of thinking of stuff to do without anything technology related. He walks over to on of his cupboards and lights a few candles to illuminate the room.

Stefan: “There are a lot of things we could do without electricity, you know.”

Y/N: “So what are we going to do? Start knitting?”

Stefan walks up behind you, and snakes his arms around you, and rests his head on your shoulder.

Y/N: “I mean, you´re old enough for that activity anyway, grandpa.”

Stefan fake gasps.

Stefan: “First of all, how dare you? Second if all, I meant we could do something like reading.”

Y/N: “Oh.“

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Capra punchin’ Doris in the face, because yes. From @totalskeletontrash‘s fanfic, Chill or Be Chilled.

Chapter 89:  In Which Things Begin To Fall Irreparably To Shit II: Even Shittier

Your concentration snaps, and the bubble comes crashing down, and time rushes back in. You stagger, your eyes adjusting to the light, your ears reacting to a hundred gunshots, a hundred bullets flying uselessly to hit the far cavern wall, and Doris, just a few feet away from you, she’s already moving, she’s stepping into the elevator and -


Peter Capra comes stepping out of the elevator, giving Doris an uppercut that sends her flying back five feet into your arms, where she immediately falls limp. He looks around the room, his mouth hanging open for a second as he tries to process the mayhem, then he seems to give up on that for right now, and he beams.