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#DumbassMark Roman Reigns vs. Balor Club Finn Balor

Plot Twist: Roman Reigns’ announcement next RAW is his heel turn to go along with his #DumbassMark Twitter rant. Reigns comes out to a rain of boos. Grabs the mic and tries to say something. BOO! Grabs the mic and tries to say something again. BOO! Then he does that where people pat the mic and it annoys people and they shut up. Roman Reigns says “I’m tired of coming out to ungrateful crowds like you”. He goes out of the ring to some guy with a drink who's booing loudly (he’s a plant). Roman asks what his name is and why he’s booing him, the plant says “My name is Mark and you suck”. Roman says “Well Mark, you are a dumbass.” and then pours his drink all over him. Then Roman addresses the crowd “I hate all you Dumbass Marks” and then Finn Balor comes out and says “How dare you insult The Balor Club”, big pop, this is your summer feud and new Roman Reigns.

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Felt like revamping the GhostHunter!AU boys

Marco is an actual puppy in dark grungy clothing, and Eren is a shaggy wolf with too-small tshirts

But what’s Armin holding, and why is Jean levitating a small rock?? who knoowwsss <( ̄︶ ̄)>

He Didn’t Say Pie

Summary: All Y/N wanted to do was lay back, relax, maybe even watch some Netflix; however, when a shifter accidentally gets into the bunker, she finds out she may need a bit of help from her brothers.
She just hopes she can tell the real Winchester from the fake.
Word Count: 1936
Warnings: mild gore, some swearing (flashbacks are in italics)
A/N: ehhh not my proudest work but it was one of my ideas so I figured why the hell not??
ALSO my dudes requests are open so feel free to hmu and I’ll try to spit out some stuff and see what happens;)

Gun drawn, Y/N stalked silently through the bunker halls. The boys were out hunting, so it wasn’t like she had backup. She was on her own. Y/N took in a deep breath as she leant outside the kitchen entrance, listening to the sounds of someone moving around. Hopefully, when her brothers came back, she’d be alive.

As long as they didn’t shoot her first.


Y/N plopped onto Sam’s bed as she logged into her Netflix account. She chose to stay back from the hunt this time- needing some “lady time,” as Dean had put it- due to still being sore from the last one. Ghouls were stronger than she’d initially thought.

Sam and Dean had left two days ago, helping out another hunter with a demon problem the next town over. Nothing too big, so Y/N had figured that she could let them take it over. They’d be fine.

She was about to click the next episode of How to Get Away with Murder when the sound of the door slamming shut resounded throughout the bunker. Frowning, she checked her phone. The boys were doing a case close by, she knew that, but this was too early for them to be back. They were good, but not that good.

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Balor Club + Finn Universal champion booking Part 1

ALL THE CREDIT TO WHATCULTURE AND PLUMPY/ADAM BECAUSE FOR A LOT OF THIS BOOKING I USED HIS “ How WWE Should Book The Debut Of Bálor Club’ GO WATCH IT IT’S AMAZING. but I kinda wanted to rebook it  because it is kind of old so yeah please know my first language is not english so if there are any spelling mistakes I am very sorry for that 

link to whatculture video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhiubZVBZbM&t=431s 

(written on 6/23/17)

So the Universal Championship match at great balls of fire pay-per-view is Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe. What I think should to happen even if it probably won’t because they want Brock to hold it until Mania/Summerslam is that Joe wins at great balls of fire just make it a great match and show that Lesnar is just a lot slower and has a lot less stamina than Joe, make sure everyone knows how athletic Joe is.

Then when Joe is champion he will hold it until Summerslam and then in the mean time Finn goes up in the ranks by getting into small feuds with people like Elias Sampson and Joe does the same so they are both busy. But every week Finn asks kurt to give him a championship opportunity and Kurt always says no.

So at one raw Joe is in the ring saying stuff like “hey ya’ll I am champion and no one van beat me” ya know what I mean and Finn interrupts Joe and grabs a mic and then just says something like “you are here all the time just standing here saying you are the best and everything but that right there (as he points to the championship) is mine, I haven’t lost it yet” and Joe just laughs and says “not lost it yet? So what were all those other matches you lost against: Roman Reigns and hm I don’t know did you forget when I chocked you out at extreme rules?” and Finn just gets extremely mad and attacks Joe and at first Joe is shocked but then he gets Finn in the Coquina clutch and Finn again passes out and joe just leaves him in the ring as the refs get to Finn with first aid. Then Finn is gone for a week for “health issues” or something like that and Joe just goes on destroying every living soul that tries to win his belt.

Then on the next raw Finn gets back and has a match with some Jobber and just destroys them. Then we see a backstage segment of joe just walking or ding just something normal or maybe talking to someone and we see him getting attacked by Finn and a lot of people jump on them getting them of each other as Finn just yells “that is my championship”.

Then at the raw before Summerslam it starts with Kurt in the ring and he invites Joe and Finn into the ring and says “you two have been fighting for weeks this will stop now. At Summerslam on Sunday, Finn you will get your opportunity at the championship” and Finn just grins and Joe just looks confident and adjusts his belt on his shoulder like ‘hey dude ya know this is still mine’ and Joe just gets his mic and says “do you remember the last time you faced me in a championship match? Ye that didn’t end so well for you did it?” he says with a smirk on his face as he drops the mic and walks off and Kurt holds back Finn so he won’t attack Joe talking to him (something the audience can’t understand) trying to calm Finn down.

Then at Summerslam we haven’t seen them fight before one on one (well on the main roster at least) and show that to them in a way like show a bit off the NXT match in the video package or something. Then at the Summerslam match make it one off the main events just make sure it high up in the way to make the belt feel important. So the match it fantastic of course make it a lot of very impressive stuff and let Finn hit the coup de grâce only one time but have a few almost hitters and that one time is close to the and but Joe kicks out of it because well Joe is amazingly strong and not long after the coup de grâce Joe gets Finn with a Mustle Buster but Joe has tries the Coquina clutch a few times but Finn always gets out at the last moment. After Finn looses he just lays in the ring just worn out, at the same time Joe gets his belt and just dangles it in front of Finn because it is all about that belt for Finn and Joe just walks off.

Then in the raw after Summerslam Finn immediately asks for another opportunity because he just really wants and almost needs that championship and Kurt just says no you had your opportunity and puts him in a match with another jobber.

On the next raw Finn gets put into a match against Dean Ambrose (well depends if he is feuding but I am here just saying he isn’t) and at the start of the match Finn is a bit frustrated but does show respect to Dean as they are obviously both faces but Finn almost looses but he just slightly cheats but it could be a ‘accidental’ kind of cheat or something but do lay the first few like little heel things in his behavior.

In the raw after that there is a match between Dean and Finn have a backstage segment were Dean is like “yo dude wtf why did you do that that’s kinda a shitty move brah” and Finn is ‘apologetic’ but it doesn’t feel honest and Dean is just like “what the hell man you are getting to obsessed with that championship” and Finn immediately gets defensive like “no man what are you talking about I just deserve that championship” (putting empathies on the deserve) and Dean is just like wtf and walks off. Then as we just see Finn standing there someone puts his hand on Finn’s shoulder and the camera pans out and it is Karl Anderson with Luke Gallows by his side and Finn just looks and turns around and faces them (they wait a bit until they talk because the crowd is probably going wild at that moment) and Karl says “I agree with you man you do deserve that championship” and Finn just looks at them kinda conflicted and Karl talks again “We have known each other for a long time Finn and I know how much the championship means to you, and we could help you” he says pointing to Luke and him as Luke is just doing the to sweet as a kind of come on bro and Finn just looks at Karl and says “those times are over and I do not need your help I can do it on my own” and then he just looks at them and especially the to sweet and just walks off Karl and Luke look at each other (as Luke lowers his hand) a bit frustrated and then the segment ends.

Then on the next raw there is a confrontation between Finn and Dean and Finn is kinda being an ass and dean is like wtf and challenges Finn to a match at no mercy to “humble him” or something like that. And Kurt Angle agrees. Then Finn just destroys a jobber as the Club just won a title opportunity at no mercy (hopfully against sheamus and cesaro)

At the raw before no mercy Dean and Finn get into the ring and before the match Dean confronts Finn like why are you being an ass?! Finn just ignores him and they start the match. The match is fine but the match ends with Dean winning over him clean and when it ends you see Finn just being incredibly frustrated.

At no mercy the club win the tag team championships. Dean and Finn have their match (this match is stolen from Plumpy/Adam from whatculture and his “how they should book the balor club video its great watch it!) so the match started and it fine not to interesting but accidently the ref gets knocked out and out of nowhere two hooded dudes get into the ring and beat up Dean Ambrose (extreme heat for them) as Finn is in the corner confused and then the figures both take off the hoods and they are Anderson and Gallows and Finn is just like dude no and stops them and they just look at Finn they unzip their hoodies and they have balor club shirts on and Finn just screams at them “no I do not want this” and they start screaming at each other and Anderson and Gallows get out of the ring and then Finn looks at Dean: down the ref: down but getting up slowly, Finn looks at the corner gets Dean and just drags him there gets up on the corner and hits the coup de grâce on Dean and the ref is up and does a slow injured count and he wins but he seems confused and just distraught about it and he watches Gallows and Anderson walk off to the back looking extremely pleased with themselves. And he just stands there confused. As Dean is helped to the back having trouble walking (by the way Samoa Joe is still Champion and is basically just destroying everyone)

On the raw after no mercy there is a backstage segment from a bit far away like it is secret of Finn and the club talking and Finn is just screaming at them as a what the fuck was that kind of thing then you hear Karl say “you want that belt from Joe right?” and you just see Finn go quiet.

(still a lot of this is from Plumpy/Adam’s video) On the next raw there is a segment were it starts with Dean in the ring with a brace on his knee basically saying (but in a more Dean way) “so as you all can probably see the club injured me and Finn Balor didn’t stop them noo he just took advantage of it” at that moment you hear Finn’s music when he gets to the ring he gets a mic and says “I did not take advantage of you I am sorry about that is was in the moment I was not thinking I am very sorry Dean” as Dean just looks at him with disbelief then the music of the club comes on as you just for a second see Finn react to the music with shock. The club walk to the stage with Balor Club shirts on and their new belts and Karl talks as they walk to the stage “come on brother we-“ he gets interrupted immediately by Finn “I did not want you to attack Dean I do not want this!” he screams to them as the club gets in the ring but everything he says feels ingenuous and then Karl talks again as Finn aligns himself with Dean “come on Finn we all know you also want a belt around your waist I am pretty sure it is about the same color as these” Luke says as they point to the tag team belts and you see Finn look at the belts and then at Dean “come on Finn we have been friends for a really long time I know you better then anyone I know you NEED the Universal belt you DESERVE that belt” Karl says when at the same time Finn turns to Dean and then looks at the belts and back again and then… boom Finn spears Dean into the corner of the ring and as he stands up he laughs and points (with the gun motion thingy from new japan) to Dean picks up the mic and says “Joe you see that that is exactly what is going to happen to you enjoy the belt.. for now” and he drops the mic to sweets the club and they walk off.

Serendipitous Sneezes

REQUEST: Since you and @wheresthekillswitch seem to be the causation of all the wonderful crack on my dash, would one of you take a crack request? Where the reader hunts with Sam and Dean and is allergic to things like cats, dogs…. and especially werewolves. - @kmb99t

Warnings: Slight language, sneezing, allergenic grossness, cat shenanigans

Word Count: 1,943

A/N: I hope I did this justice for you, babe! Much thanks to Lee and Han for giving me ideas and editing my tired brain errors on this!

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything that I write :)

As soon as we stepped foot into the motel room, my nose started to twitch. I felt a familiar itch start to grow around my eyes. Well shit.

“There have been cats here,” I hissed, slowly backing back off of the moldy green carpet and out of the doorframe.

Dean looked over the room and then back at me standing a good few feet into the parking lot, “It looks clean, Y/N. I’m allergic, and I’m not sneezing.”

“I can sense them,” I whispered, resisting the urge to furiously rub at my irritated corneas.

Dean rolled his eyes, “Don’t be ridiculous.” He came out into the lot and took my elbow in his hand, slowly leading me back inside the room, “You’ll be fine.”

Famous last words.

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Could you please write a fic about Daisy being reckless during a mission and almost dies and whenever she gets back, Coulson and May scold at her to hide their worry? I love your fics and It's been a long week and I need some cheering up. Please and thank you!!

AN ~ at long looooooong last I dug this out of my inbox! Hope you like it. If you want more the Daisy + Coulson &/or Daisy + May dynamics, check out Team Playground Drabbles & Ficlets and Sounds Like a Song. In the meantime, enjoy!

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They ran on each other’s heels as bullets pinged off the scaffolding around them. Coulson jumped down first, and though he landed a little heavier than he used to, it didn’t stop him pulling the pistol from his belt and covering the others as best he could. Considering how fast and hard the day had gone downhill, Fitz and Simmons were doing a very good job of not audibly freaking out on the other end of the comms line, but as May jumped and rolled to land by Coulson, Fitz exclaimed –

“Daisy, no!”

The scaffolding creaked and groaned, and the shooting became sporadic and soon ceased, as shooters ran, confused or endangered or both. Daisy still hadn’t followed May down, and after peering through the bars, Coulson thought he might have got a glimpse of her, braced between two pillars. Bringing the place down around herself.

“She waited ‘til I was clear,” May muttered. Then, into the comms she hissed: “Daisy, get out here, now.”

“I’m sorry,” Daisy said, and then the sound of screeching metal drowned her out.


Fortunately, whether it was from self-preservation kicking in or just a natural consequence of being the epicentre of the quake, Daisy was relatively unharmed in the end. She was battered and bruised, of course, but bringing half a factory of steel beams and grate flooring down on oneself was bound to leave a mark. Daisy was stuck in the med bay for hours, feeling quite sorry for herself as she waited for her concussion assessment to pass. Her scratches were taped, her arms bandaged, and her head pounding – not just from the exertion, or the near-deafening noise of the implosion, but also from anticipation. The miserable anticipation of her concerned pseudo-parents who, she could now see, were just about to be let inside.

“Agent Johnson?” one of the medical staff checked through the speaker. “Agents May and Coulson to see you.”

“Let them in.” Daisy waved them through, and the staff member opened the door. Both Coulson and May seemed… itchy; Coulson more so, but it was disproportionately unsettling to see May shaken.

“Daisy,” she demanded. “What the hell was that back there?”

“I was covering you,” Daisy insisted. “Is that not what we do anymore?”

“There was no need to do it like that,” May snapped. “It was a non-lethal situation.”

“Pretty sure it turned lethal when they pulled their guns on us,” Daisy retorted. “They shot first, alright? I was just looking out for my team.”

“We could have gotten out of there and you know it,” May growled.

“And what about us having your back, hm?” Coulson added. “I know you’ve been having fun playing lone wolf, Daisy, but you’re part of a team now! You have to tell us what you’re planning so we can back your play!”

“Look, I’m sorry, okay?” Daisy threw her hands up. “I was just trying to take out the bad guys, any way I could.”

“Sure, and while we were trying to figure that out, May and I were sitting ducks!” Coulson pointed out. “You have comms for a reason. You have team mates for a reason. We all share the load. We share the fight. If you want to be out in the field like this, Daisy, we need to see that.”

Daisy scoffed. “You’re grounding me?”

“Not if you start acting like an adult,” May corrected. “And an Agent. You know better than this, Daisy.”

“And we can’t afford to lose you to another stunt like this,” Coulson finished. “So shape up or ship out, soldier.”

He glared at her, and Daisy felt her lips tugged all of a sudden with the urge to cry. Usually, she would fall back on defensiveness, upon feeling the keen sting of disapproval. Right now, though, her eyes burned. Her face flushed.

We can’t afford to lose you.

She knew what he meant. Not just the mission or the organisation – she was certainly a valuable asset, but Daisy knew Coulson meant more than that. So did May. So did the rest of the team; the family; the connection that she had been denying herself for so long. It was not the fear of disapproval that choked up her throat, but the knowledge that she’d hurt and scared the people that loved her. It was a new and visceral feeling, and Daisy lowered her head.

“Yes sir,” she agreed. “I’ll shape up. Just don’t – please don’t take me out of the field. I need to be doing something, or I just feel…”

She couldn’t find the words for that kind of ache. Her eyes flickered from Coulson to May, whose expression had momentarily softened. She got it. But when Daisy looked at her, she straightened and pressed her lips together. She nodded brusquely.

“Drink your water,” she instructed. “Come to the conference room for debrief when they let you go.”

She seemed a little discomfited by her own vulnerability, to Daisy bit back a self-flagellating quip about how eager May seemed to leave. She even offered a rueful smile to Coulson as he paused in the doorway. With an expression matching hers, Coulson looked back at Daisy. After a moment, he pulled a chocolate bar from his pocket, showed it to her, and set it down, before continuing on his way without a word.

Memoir (Part II)

Click here to read Part I

You stare at the full length mirror hanging on the closet door in front of the bed. A few loose curls have managed to escape the pins in the back of your head, your peachy dress covered in a light sheath of dust, heels sitting abandoned on the hotel floor, leaving your sore, bare feet to breathe. Altogether though, besides the smudges of dust here and there and the frazzled expression on your face, you actually look quite decent – you look like the typical, runaway maid of honor (as typical as that could get). But as your gaze trails upward so that you meet with your own stare in the reflection, you notice the bags under your eyes seem even more defined than usual, your pupils trembling, dry pink lips pulled into a thin, pursed line as you replay the past hour in your mind for the umpteenth time.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

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Overwatch: Step Into My Parlour

Said the Spider to the Fly

Commissioned by @korr-a-sami who asked for some Widowtracer goodness!

The following was heavily inspired by these two pieces of by @nikanono and this great art of some great kisses and @disteal and the creative uses for the grapple cable

Read on Ao3 here

“We spotted Talon troops infiltrating a high tech security coding facility…”

Please be here

“We need to get in there and ensure they don’t leave with any vital information that could be catastrophic to us and the world!”

Please be here…


Winston’s words were cut short as the sky exploded with thunder under a cloudless sky. But no one was harmed. The not so mysterious bullet flew straight up into the atmosphere with the intention of informing Overwatch who was there and waiting for them, commanding silence and fear to all those who heard it.

Except one.


“…watch for snipers. Any questions? Good. Let’s go!” Winston pushed up his glasses, grabbed his canon and set off, leading the charge of oddities towards the tower.

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Controversial opinion here, but I honestly don’t think Kenny should be the Bullet Club “leader” (if you can even call him that) anymore. Me and @specialagent-dalecooper were talking about this, and Kenny just feels like he’s part of The Elite, not the Bullet Club. I just think that if he doesn’t leave, they need to have him take on more of a heel role. Believe me, I love goofy Omega, but Bullet Club is a heel faction. Kenny should start to make drastic cuts to the BC, like getting rid of stars he doesn’t think are big enough (because BC is w a y too big). I’m hoping that tonight thats going to happen. Either he leaves, or he starts to take more of a role.

Honestly, I think Bullet Club is slowly running out of steam. They don’t feel like a team anymore. I just think something needs to be done.

The Funnies? or Boxes? Diaries Chapter 7 & 8

Thank you everyone for your patience, Chapter 7 is a little short but there is a reason why. I had someone look this over, so hopefully there is less grammar errors. Enjoy!

“There is some information I need you to get for me, it’s hidden deep in the Zootopia police department files” said Berlin, his dark voice flowed like smooth silk.

“How do I know where to find it?” said Judy, she tried to keep herself calm, following Berlins orders to make certain that Nick and the babies would be safe.

“Just follow my instructions and you will be fine, now get out of the car” he snapped.

Judy slowly opened the car door, the cold wind sent a shiver up her body. Her right hand clenched the phone to her ear while the left cradled the baby bump. She couldn’t let Berlin get away with this, she needed a plan, to get away from him and the sniper who had eyes on her, she needed to warn the ZPD, to warn Nick.

“Head into the back entrance of the police department, you have exactly 15 minutes before your precious husband returns and we both know what will happen if he does”..

Judy gasped and started to fast walk through the cold parking lot, the wind was colder than expected as she tried to keep her baby bump warm. The wind whistled through her ears as she shivered until she heard the sound… a click.

Judy stopped, perking both ears up through the wind.


She knew that sound, it was the sound of a gun, cocking back its bullet before the gun is ready to shoot. She knew where the sniper was hiding, she could hear the sniper body shifting for a good lockdown on her. She turned her head slightly to the left.


This was her chance, she could run and know exactly where he would be aiming, if her ears were correct, he was perched in between the museum and mayor’s office building. This was it, she could make a run for it. Berlin took note of her silence.

“Don’t do anything rash my dear” he whispered.

Judy threw the phone down and bolted towards the front entrance of the ZPD, the wind howled as she heard the sniper pulling the trigger. The bullet whistled through the air as she quickly turned on her heels, the bullet made its mark on one of the car windows of the parking lot. She ran faster, holding her bump as she ran. Then she heard a loud shout in the distance.

“Stop! Don’t shoot”

Distracted by the voice, she didn’t hear the second bullet going off, her ears snapped up as it was getting closer to her, she lunged to the side but tripped over her feet. She was unable to catch herself as her belly smacked hard into the wet ground. She felt like her stomach was spilt in half, tearing her apart piece by piece. Judy screamed in agony as she curled onto her side, tears streaming down her face, fists tightening, and turning white. Judy couldn’t hold in her screams; the pain was unbearable. She started fading out of consciousness, My babies

“Nick!” she gasped “Save us”

A black car pulled into the parking lot, a large figure stepped out. Judy’s vision began to fade; the figure was coming closer.

“Help..” Judy whimpered. The stranger picked Judy up with strong arms, cradling the bunny. Judy went limp as she looked back towards the ZPD, stretching her arm towards it.

“No, Nick…I need…Nick” she gasped. Where was the sniper? What about Berlin? She had failed, she needed to get to Nick before Berlin did. The stranger got into the car with Judy, she tried to wiggle free, but her body was frozen in place.

“Please” she whimpered to the stranger, “Please, I need to get back to my husband”, her hands going limp at her sides, she could feel the dark soft fur that was on the stranger.  Then she heard the voice, the voice that could cut glass. “Driver, get Dr. Chaplin on the phone”. It was Berlin, she was in the arms of Berlin.

Chapter 8


Nick stepped out into the cold air, shivering in the light breeze. He shoved his folders under his right arm as he walked towards his car. He couldn’t wait to get home, he and Judy had a lot of planning to do. His smile was bright on his face but slowly vanished as he realized the passenger door to his car was open. Nick sprinted to the car.

“Judy?” he looked inside, she was nowhere to be seen.

His heart went into his throat as panic started to befall him. “Judy!?” he screamed. He did a full 360 at least three times as it finally dawned on him. She was gone. He turned to his left and saw her phone smashed on the ground. Oh my god. The wind started to pick up, Nick could smell a strange aroma to give him suspicion that someone else was here and had taken Judy. Nick sprinted into the ZPD.

“CHIEF! EMMA! HELP !” His voice echoing off the main lobby walls.

The Chief burst out of his office, and Emma coming around the corner rushing towards him.

“What’s going on?” said Bogo, officers starting to gather in the main lobby.

“Someone has taken Judy! She is gone! She isn’t in the car!” Nick yelled trying to catch his breathe

“What!? Check surveillance!” said Emma, officers began rushing around, running outside for clues and checking every security camera system.

“We are on high alert; an officer has been kidnapped” repeated Bogo on the speakers.

“Sir, the surveillance system was shut down” said one of the officers

“What!? How is that possible?” he snapped

“We aren’t sure sir….”

“Well figure it out!”.

Nick began to panic, his fists tight at his sides. Emma put her hand on his shoulder, “Don’t worry Nick, we will find her”.

Nick’s phone began to buzz, he quickly looked at his screen. He received a text message from a blocked number.

Come to your apartment, alone.

Without a word, Nick raced out to his car ignoring his name being called behind him. He put the keys in the ignition and drove full speed to his apartment. He flew out his car, his feet barely touching the ground as he made his way up the stairs. He paused when he reached the doorframe, pulling out his gun ready to face whoever was in the there. He unlocked the door, taking aim at the dark figure that sat in the center of their living room.  

“Woah there Fox trot, is that anyway to treat an old friend?” her voice rolled gently, a voice that was all too familiar from Nick’s past. Nick turned the lights on to see what stood before him.

“Lyra?” he gasped

“Hello Nicholas, getting into some trouble I hear?” the old-aged artic was named Lyra Chaplin, one of the best doctors in the world. She has been in the business for 35 years, she may be old, but she is one of the smartest doctors out there, and also the most cunning. Every crime boss in the underground wants her working for them, she could do almost anything. Berlin must have made a very fine offer in order to have Dr. Chaplin’s presence. Her glasses perched at the end of her nose, as she sat up from the arm chair.

“Start talking, where is Judy? why are you here!?” Nick aimed the gun at her.

“You’ve definitely become feistier since the last time I saw you Nicki, this way please”. She started walking down the hall towards their bedroom. Nick followed, still aiming the gun at her.

Dr. Chaplin opened the door to reveal Judy in her bed, sound asleep cradling her tiny bump.

“Oh my God Judy!” Nick flew forward kneeling beside her he put his hand to her forehead. She was knocked out, looking peaceful in her sleep. Nick put her hand in his paws, kissing her knuckles gently. He then snapped up, pointing the gun at the artic fox leading her out into the living room.

“Start talking, what happened?” he snapped

Dr. Chaplin seemed unfazed by his evil glare. She slid her glasses further down her nose, “I don’t know everything that happened, all I know is that Berlin called me, saying she was injured and he needed me to see her ASAP”.

“Injured!? how!?”

“My orders from Berlin was to take care of the girl, she was brought to me at my hospital, it seems she took a nasty fall and fell too harshly on her stomach, the babies are fine but I’m sure it was quiet unpleasant for them and her, she does have a few bruised ribs though, I would keep an eye on that. I then had direct orders to bring her back here, and you know it’s not that hard to break into someone’s home” She sniffed.

“I don’t understand, Berlin found her?”

“It would seem so, I would ask your wife when she wakes up, I was just doing my job”. She walked over to the couch and start packing up her small medical supplies. Nick was still pointing the gun at her.

“No, you’re not going anywhere, you are under arrest” he snapped

“Now we both know that is not how it works, if it wasn’t for me your wife would not be in the best shape right now” she glared

Nick starting lowering the gun, knew too much that she was right, whatever had happened he was thankful that Lyra Chaplin was the one helping her. She walked over and put a paw on his shoulder.

“I have always been fond of you Nicholas, I don’t know what has gotten you tied back up with Berlin, but all I know is from a friend to a friend that you need to take care of your wife, stressful situations like these could be harmful on your babies and her”

“What should I do?”

“Leave town, go someplace quiet? if Berlin was kind enough to help your injured wife, that tells you something right? Do you have somewhere to go? Somewhere relaxing?”

Nick nodded, he knew exactly where to go.

“Alright then, I will show myself out, you take care of yourself boy”. Dr. Chaplin walked out and shut the door behind her. Nick didn’t waste another minute, he quickly picked up his phone and dialed the number he needed, after a couple of rings, Mrs. Hopps finally picked up.


“Mrs. Hopps, it’s Nick”

“Nick, hello dear, everything alright? Judy okay? It’s pretty late”

“Yes everything is fine, she is asleep, she actually had an idea before she passed out, she is feeling pretty stressed here in the city and with her maternity leave coming up soon she would like to come back and get some fresh air, any room for us in your household?”

“Oh Nick of course there is always room for you guys, how long will you be staying?”

“For a while if that’s alright”

“Of course, when will we be expecting you?”


“Oh, so soon! Ok perfect I will let Stu know, goodbye dear!”


Nick hung up the phone, his mind dazed after the events that had happened today. He feels like he could explode at any second and melt to the floor. He walks back into their bedroom, Judy still sleeping. He fell to his knees by her side, sinking his head by her arms. He doesn’t what happened tonight, but sure as hell he was going to pry it out of her tomorrow. He quickly sat up and started packing their suitcases as quietly as he can. His mind running at 1000 miles an hour, not sure how to deal what has been going on.

Judy moved a little her sleep, making circular motions with one of her hands on the lower parts of her stomach.  Nick kneeled by her, curious to know why she was rubbing that certain area. He slowly moved her paw away, putting his hand where she was touching. After a couple of seconds, Nick felt a tiny nudge.

Nick kept his hand there, feeling the tiny pushes against Judy’s stomach, his heart overflowed as he laid his head next to Judy’s.

WELL, what an interesting turn of events. A couple of things you should probably be thinking about.

1.       Why did Berlin help her? What did Berlin want ?

2.       You guys are going to love Dr. Chaplin,  she is awesome

3.       Time to head back to the burrows, I will be writing a few chapters of some cute pregnant stuff, especially the baby shower, it’s time these two took a break from all the crazy.

4.       I have already began writing a few chapters, and the baby names are picked out!! You will have to wait and see. I will be on spring break now, so I may be able to squeeze in chapters here and there.

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Overwatch: Pity (WidowTracer part 2)

Part 1 | Part 3
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Wow this is long. enjoy the pain friends

It would be three days later until their next fight. 

In which Widowmaker spent the last three nights watching the Overwatch agent in her own home. Domestic, silent and lonely. 

But this creature before her. 

Wide eyed and a grin so wide it rose her tinted goggles further up her forehead with a giggle of joy echoing through the alleyway she blinked past dodging bullets tailing her heels. 

Such a well decorated mask she wears. 

“’Ello luv! Didja miss me?” she laughed, winking playfully like she did so every time they met on the battlefield. 

“I never miss” Widow replies cooly, a gentle upwards tug of her lips at the sight of the familiar smile from across the street. 

“I dunno luv” she blinked inches away from the barrel of her rifle,”I’m living proof of that false advertisement!” 

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