bullet bras

29.1.17 // 2oC 🌥

31/100 Days of Productivity

Gettin’ ready to make February my bitch. It’s going to be a hellish month, but after I’ve handed in my final essay for the month on the 27th, that’s my workload emptied until May. 👊🏼✌🏼

I also got Snapchat, @belle.etc!! Follow me for slightly out of focus snaps of my dogs and tear-stained textbooks !!

Seeing all the Kanekis together was the highlight of this chapter but we see this again

Ishida really dumbed her character down to a baby maker anime waifu. What. Does she have a soft pillow lap too? Or do her breasts make up for that? Really. Get rid of the bullet bra. It ain’t cute anymore.

But of course, Ishida likes to ruin things by making things about Touka again when she’s barely relevant. Like, pray tell me, why even include Kaneki going on a tangent, saying Touka’s name like they actually had chemistry.

You know, believe it or not, but there was once a time when Kaneki didn’t even acknowledge Touka that much other than one of the people he wants to protect. Really. She wasn’t high on a pedestal. She was on level ground with everyone else but hey, it’s expected when she open her boob and show her vagene. That’s the only way a character who had little to no relevance to the plot in :re can suddenly become so important when in reality, they haven’t even done anything dramatic other than sexual intercourse and conceive a child. My mom had sex with my dad and had me; where is her spotlight? Where’s her manga?

God Ishida, just, take a break and let me write the manga. It’ll do us some justice.