bullet blues

She’s My Firecracker (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Warnings: None

The instant you heard your boyfriend was the reason of the deaths you went rigid. There was no way Bucky would do such a thing. You had just seen him a couple weeks ago, on the down-low. Steve was still looking for his best friend along with Sam Wilson. They had their suspicions when you came back with bruises on your neck. Maybe you were seeing someone else on the side, which is what Sam said but Steve only shook his head. He knew damn well you were bound to Bucky in unexplainable ways. The two of you were always together back in the forties. You were the only dame that kept Bucky coming back for more. The first time he met you, he had told Steve you were the gal he was going to marry. Not only did you talk back to him, you challenged him. Which is exactly what he needed in his life. He was a flirt, but you were the dame that claimed his heart.

Nevertheless, when you heard such things you immediately ran to Steve and talked it out. You knew he was going through a rough time because of Peggy but you told him that you weren’t going to let someone accuse Bucky of these killings. Steve knew then that you were keeping contact with Bucky. That you couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. Sighing you spilled the beans and told him there was /no/ way Bucky was the reason for these deaths. Agreeing with you, Natasha called him and told him to back off, and that if you were with Steve that you needed to just sit back. But that would /never/ be the case with James. You would do everything in your power to protect him. In the end, you found yourself fighting alongside Steve and taking out a bunch of armed men. Bucky shielded you from a few bullets, his baby blues meeting yours for a brief moment before he’s pushing you to the ground. Grabbing his bag, he is jumping to another building. Steve helps you up and the both of you are running again.

Running down the road, Steve yanks you up onto a vehicle and you narrow your hues a little. Who the fuck was the guy in the cat looking outfit? You got into a fight with him as well and he threw you, going for Bucky once again. Everything ended when you and the boys were standing near each other. Really screwed this time. Rhodey appears next to you and tells you all to freeze. Turns out the dude in the cat outfit was T’Challa. Something you were /not/ expecting. You were handcuffed and put next to Steve. Bucky was elsewhere and you were pissed. They took the cuffs off and you saw Sam too. Nodding at him, you see Stark and your jaw clenches. He mentions him being the reasoning you weren’t all in cells yet. You snort and then cross your arms. Your gaze flickers to the screen prompter. Your expression dropped the instant you saw how they locked Bucky up. Heart clenching, you whip around on Stark and glare.

   “What the fuck is that shit?” You demand. All gazes flickering to you. Natasha instantly knew what you were talking about.

   “It’s a safety precaution.” Tony admits.

   “For whom!?” You yell.
   “Your man.” Stark responds.

   “Fuck you! You just think James is some monster! You know he’s not! He’s never been one! If you would listen to what I have to fucking say then maybe just maybe you would realize that it wasn’t him!”

You hadn’t realized you had gotten in Stark’s face until Steve was grabbing your arm gentle. Chest rising and falling you give him the death glare. You were the only one who knew of Bucky’s whereabouts and that he /was/ innocent. While you were all having your little disagreements, your eyes flicker to the screen and you notice the man talking with Bucky. You frown in the smallest and continue to watch the screen. Something was wrong… something was /very/ wrong. Without stopping yourself, you slip out of the room and make your way to find the area Bucky was in. Managing to find the area, you heard the commotion and run into the area.

   “No! STOP! Don’t–.” You yell.

But you were too late. The soldier was activated. The Winter Soldier was angry and he was coming straight for you. Shit. This was not good at all.

   “Bucky.. Buck. Listen don’t do this baby. Please.”  You plead soft as you step lightly, watching his every move. Sam and Steve manage to distract you and the soldier is throwing you. Steve catches you and puts you down. Going after Bucky and you stand there for a second. Shit this was never good. Taking off again you sprint after your boyfriend. The fucking douche activated the soldier and you knew how to calm him but you were going to have to get him cornered again. This time you had to be more forceful. You watched as he fought Tony and part of you were rooting for your man but then you shook your head. No. God damn it, you loved your team. Even if they were all being childish about this whole fucking scenario.

You tried to corner Bucky again but it just didn’t go as planned. The man pretty much pushed you away and got in a helicopter. Steve stopped him and they both went over. A scream built in your throat but thankfully they landed in the water. Sighing heavily, you make your way down to the water and quickly get them out. Sighing heavily you all disappear and quick. You hated that Bucky had to be locked down, but you couldn’t stop yourself from pacing.

In the end, Bucky remembered things and Steve let him up. You were quick to fling yourself in Bucky’s arms. He closes his eyes and hugs you tightly. Not wanting to lose you again. He felt like he had lost you once again. Pulling back you kiss him on the lips and hear Sam crack a joke. Rolling your eyes you tell him to fuck off. Which made Bucky chuckle. From there you are all finding people to recruit for this battle. It was going to be rough but it was worth it in the end. You watched as Sharon and Steve were talking, your gaze flickering over to your boyfriend only to hear him grumble about Sam moving his seat up. When he doesn’t, Bucky moves closer to you.
   “Wilson stop being a little bitch.” You smack him in the back of the head and smirk. Bucky barks out a laugh pulling you to his side.

   “Always my little firecracker.” Bucky hums soft and kisses your jaw.

   “Well I don’t take shit and I don’t take kindly to someone being a pain.” You tease Sam softly.

   “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” He rolls his eyes.

Giggling you kiss Bucky on the lips, only having Sam roll his window down to yell     at Steve.

   “STEVE! Would you hurry your ass up before these two are having at it in the back seat!” Sam whines. The blonde rolls his hues and makes his way back to the car. Shaking his head at the three of you, he heads for the airport. You remain near Bucky the entire time and then meet up with everyone else. This would be interesting for sure. Bucky pulls you aside and talks with you softly while the others get ready.

   “No matter what happens doll.. No matter what, i love you okay?” He murmurs soft.

   “You’re my everything Buck. I’m always going to be yours.” You respond.

   “Always baby.” He smiles and presses a kiss to your lips.

   “We do this together. Just like we used to.” You nod.

And that’s how it would always be. You would fight the entire world to protect your boyfriend. It was time the world knew just how innocent James Buchanan Barnes was. Even if that meant this entire team was falling apart.


September 20, 1988 The Bullet Boys released their eponymous debut record.


Hollywood Undead - Live at Graspop Metal Meeting 2015

Live at Graspop 2015 - Belgium
Date: June 21, 2015

01 Usual Suspects (00:00)
02 Undead (03:38)
03 Tendencies (08:19)
04 Comin’ In Hot (12:36)
05 War Child (16:28)
06 Bullet (w/ Folsom Prison Blues Intro) [20:43]
07 Everywhere I Go (25:30)
08 Day of the Dead (30:25)
09 Hear Me Now (35:04)