bullet babies

Random but important !!

Don’t ever let people make you feel bad for spending time on your notes/making your notes look pretty etc
So many times I’ve had people say ‘that’s a waste of time’ or ‘you’re so extra’ and it makes me so angry !!
If spending an extra 2-5 minutes to make your notes look a little prettier is going to help you learn them better, or even if it just makes studying tolerable then that’s okay??? Keep doing it!!
There’s honestly no worse people than the people who will try and make you feel bad about doing something YOU want to do

an older spread but still one of my faves! i saw baby driver that week (which was so good!!!) so i dedicated a spread to it and the epic road trip i imagine baby and debora went on after they drove off into the sunset 🌅

from my studygram: peachstudii


07.07.17 || this is some of my haul from muji and shimojima note how i say “some” because this isn’t even everything help  


Hello everyone!
I’m back on school grinding again. Minimal notes for my Economics lecture. I’ll try to be more active and post my notes more often.

Also i reached 1k today! Woohoo! You guys are all awesome! Thank you for inspiring me to do better and become a better student!
Have a blast everyone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


♡ 13/07/17 ♡

a simple spread ft. my makeshift week (aka the result of a very busy past couple of days) and summer break is starting in a few days yaay!! !


- ̗̀ 30/05/2017  ̖́-

my june (+ ramadan) spreads 🌱✨ i am sooo proud of these, they look even better irl >.<

i feel like yellow and green are such perfect colours for june, we’re entering summer; the school year’s nearly coming to an end and ramadan’s here- they’re happy colours, and the flowers are SO PRETTY a nice touch, i guess

i’ve been binge watching a lot of talks on self esteem/empowerment and honestly even if that rush of self love only lasts for a couple of minutes, i think it’s the best thing i’ve ever done for myself

These and more on our Animal Physiology. Sorry for being inactive lately, just got busy because of many school activity. We’ll be having a quiz about this topic and i’m tired of it. Lol. Just keep inspired and carry on studyblrs! ✨


08.16.17 // a lil space themed spread from a while ago ft. the cutest nasa poster thingy i’ve ever seen i love it so much


- ̗̀ 01/06/2017  ̖́-

this week’s spread 💎

(and yes, i am aware that the brown does not match) (and that’s okay)

🎧 don’t wanna cry; seventeen

mini stationery haul!

bought a new bullet journal with dotted pages, washi tape and two muji 0.5 pens. also got some stickers and a to-do list memo (not shown in pic). japan has so much cute stationery, i want it all!


- ̗̀ may ; 22nd - 28th  ̖́-

psa: primary colours look sO GOOD TOGETHER 👌❤️🗣

this is definitely my most favourite spread of may- what a nice way to end the month :)

🎧 shut up and groove; heize ft. dean