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[ 07.26.17 ] another late post of my july week 1 spread!! i really love this page but the other half is boring so i didn’t include it anymore lol. have a nice day everyone!


July 25 2017

Five months until Christmas!!

Studying physics looOOOOl. Last night I dreamt I moved back into the dorms already and I met my roommates and I forgot to bring going out clothes so all I had was undergarments and pajamas!! yike



7.26.17 | 1:36 PM
Not satisfied with how the writing turned out on this studio ghibli movie list, I guess I’ll start using one of my notebooks for calligraphy practice. This is my first bujo entry that’s stepping a lil more out of the comfort zone.

have you had a nice cool refreshing glass of water today? bc u should get on that. it’s good stuff


26072017 • revision x this week’s spread • 🎧 : No Matter What - BoA x Beenzino》

Do you want to know what screams disaster??? When i found the first part of my methods sac that i did today easy?? And i only did one hour of revision last night  👀 👀 On a side note I’m planning on uploading a bujo plan with me onto youtube sometime next week! So keep an eye out 😉 (open for better quality xx)

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Going to the beach with Shawn

A/N: I am living for those pictures of Shawn at the beach and couldn’t help taking inspiration from them.

  • You reminding him to bring sunscreen.
  • Because you know he will get sunburned.
  • You asking him if you can drive his jeep to the beach.
  • Him laughing at you while opening the passenger’s door.
  • “I don’t think so”
  • Applying sunscreen evenly on his face while he scrunches his nose.
  • And getting to massage the sunscreen ALL. OVER. HIS. BACK.
  • “Babe, don’t you want me to return the favor?” While wriggling his eyebrows.
  • His picking you up over his shoulder and taking to you the sea.
  • And while he is walking to the water you take the chance and pinch his butt.
  • “Hey!” He laughs pinching yours too.
  • Shawn pretending as he is not going to throw you but does it anyways.
  • Underwater kisses. OMG.
  • Then going back under one of those beach umbrellas and laying on top of him.
  • Fixing his hair band.
  • Just being able to detail the bod, basically.
  • Seeing the red spots developing on his nose and top of his cheeks, and realizing he indeed sunburned even though you applied the biggest amount of sunscreen on.
  • Putting aloe where he got sunburned while he whines.
  • “Y/n, it hurts a lot”
  • “Shawn, if I don’t do it, it will be worse tomorrow”
  • Him cuddling in the night but you being afraid of rubbing his skin too harshly by accident.
  • “I don’t care. I need you close”

tarot-themed bujo: Day Two: The Magician. The Magician is a card associated with willpower, balance and creation. It’s a card that’s grown on me, more so after reading The Raven Cycle (it’s a card heavily associated with one of the characters). For me, it represents the balance between the divine and the material, creation and manifestation. 

Late Nights with Shawn

A/N: This was requested. I know I promised an imagine, but like writers block happened and I was just like well damn, this aint working. So enjoy some bulletpoints and blurbs haha. Ill get them in soon.

  • So like late nights. Coming home from work a bit later than usual because apparently people are throwing due dates left and right for a program that needs to be tested. 
  • Now you’re home at like 9:00 instead of 6 because damn was that a nightmare. Your eyes are drooping, your brains worn out, you cant even look at another computer screen without being triggered.  But thats okay because Shawn’s here in person on the couch watching Grey’s or was until he heard you come in.
  • So you see that smile of his, his cheeks a little flushed, and that fluffy hair. Which makes you think Damn it feel so good to be home.
  • But the buck don’t stop there.
  • He scoots over allowing you to lean on him  as he strokes your hair, kisses your forehead, hearing about your stressful day. And immediately gets up. “Where are you going?”
  • “Shh. Just stay there for a bit. I’ll be back.”
  • Moments later he drags you from the couch and leads you to the bathroom where he sets up a nice warm bath to destress. 
  • While distressing, he steps away for a bit…only to get you and himself dinner from the one and only Micky D’s (McDonalds) for when you come down.
  • So you’re like laughing about the silliest things and stealing each other’s chicken nuggets. “Y/N, stopp stealing my nuggets! That’s why I got you your own box.” he’d laugh.
  • After a few seconds of pleading and pulling off a puppy dog face “Okay, just because I know you had a stress day and I just love you so much.”
  • So instead of going to bed at like 12 AM, you both decided to make a fort out of the furniture cushions, and blankets from upstairs. 
  • So now both of you are catching up with the latest shows on Netflix with chocolate chip muffins in the middle. Because popcorns too over rated.
  • So now you’re just watching and munching, but now both of your attention is towards each other, looking deep into each others eyes giving that sweet gentle smile.
  • No words needed to be exchanged in this moment to say how much you loved each other, how much you missed each other., how nothing else around the world seemed to matter, but having that person you love right here beside you.
  • Given you two could do something exciting like traveling the world or do crazy things, but simple moments like mornings and late nights are the moments worth living for.

Hello! My name is Ali and this is my introduction to the studyblr community!! :)

about myself:

✎ she/her

✎ I’m 15, going into the 10th grade

✎ Gryffindor, INFP

what I love:

✎ books

✎ my dog 

✎ photography

✎ playing field hockey

✎ wakeboarding!!!

important classes I have this upcoming year:

✎ honors algebra

✎ AP environmental science

✎ honors spanish lll

personal goals:

✎ maintain the highest GPA that I, personally, ca

✎ read as much as possible each month

✎ balance sports, studying, school, and personal fun

✎ fill a whole bullet journal


✎ these are the accounts that led me to create this. you’re doin’ great guys.

@studyquill @studyblr @elkstudies @theologianstudies @journalsanctuary @eintsein @stvdybuddies @scholarstudy @griffin-studies @circle-studies @bookmrk @focusign @studyrose @hystorically