Artemis Fowl Movie Concept

They should take the coded text, separate it into section each one or two sentences long, and implant them into the scenes as Easter Eggs.

Possible Places To Implant The Coded Message:

I)Foaly’s office screens

2)On the monitors in Holly’s visor

3)On a pile of paperwork in Artemis’s study

4)Scrawled across the door in the Ho Chi Minh sprite’s lair

5)On a street sign in a Haven city scene

6)The obvious place: in the Faeri Book

7)On the C Cube’s screen

8)On a bullentin board in the LEP offices/in Argon’s Clinic

9)On the packages of Beetroot’s famous fungus cigarettes

10)Scrawled in the margins of a copy of Lady Heatherington Smythe’s Hedgerow in a demon classroom scene with No.1


This is my March Silent Program…. and I think it looks AWESOME! 

On February 13, 2014 Facebook began allowing users to customize their gender, no longer confining people to a binary system. This opens a conversation about gender preference, PGPs, and what does it mean to have a spectrum of genders. 

My silent program was inspired by THIS article from the Washington Post, which broke down the various gender options. Terms are defined by the Gender Equity Resource Center at UC Berkeley. 

I’m really hoping residents will respond well to this month’s silent program.