Romance Pants

Bullduino-powered jeans fly wirelessly alters room ambiance when opened, dimming lights, turns on the stereo for romantic music, lights candles. Internet of Things? Internet of Trousers? Video Below

Romance Pants - Red Bull Creation 2012 Entry by Team Instructables from Audrey Love on Vimeo.

Romance pants are a pair of pants that dims the room lighting and raises the stereo in relation to the fly zipper being pulled down. Of course it does not stop there. The romantic coup de grace involves electronically ignited candles triggered by the unbuttoning of the waist button. This subtle sensual assault is sure to shock and awe any prospective partner into ecstatic submission. As the evening progresses, this smarty-pants technology will undoubtedly to set the mood to the appropriate level of ‘getting it on.’ Romance pants are definitely where the future lay. 

Should you feel inspired, you can find out how they are made here


Presenting the Little Tinker Red Bull Creation – #GiveMeWings. 

Decoding the Bullduino

My co-worker received his Bullduino yesterday and brought it in so we can start working on the Red Bull Creation 2012 challenge. Interestingly, the Bullduino has, like the previous year, an Easter Egg in the form of a Morse code message blinking on diode D7.

External image

External image

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures)

The message runs pretty fast, and not being fluent in Morse code was causing us some issues in getting even the first letter right. After various attempts, we narrowed down how we could approach decoding the message. The final solution was to get a camera really close to the LED and use a Morse code decoding software found here to decode the message - from there it was just messing with the various settings (getting the intervals right, and adjusting for the brightness) before we could get the message to be legible. The final message is from the classic movie, War Games - “Wouldnt you prefer a good game of chess”.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what people submit to the challenge!