I had a handful of messages overnight asking about the new London cast of Les Mis, but I’m afraid I don’t actually have that much information! The announcement of the full cast came out earlier than usual, and most of the actors in the ensemble are indeed just announcing themselves as “ensemble” members (and saying which principal roles they’re covering, if they are), not saying their named roles. I do like to know for sure which actors are playing the Amis before I create a picset of them, which I why I haven’t created one yet.

So here is what I do know, as of this moment, beyond the principals:

Adam Bayjou: presumably still Foreman/Claquesous and alternate Valjean
Ciaran Bowling: unknown
Oliver Brenin: presumably still Swing and 2nd cover Valjean
Hugo Chiarella: Grantaire
Andy Conaghan: presumably still Babet, Bishop, and cover Grantaire
Antony Hansen: presumably still Montparnasse/Bahorel and 3rd cover Valjean
James Hume: Bamatabois, 1st cover Thenardier
Ciaran Joyce: 2nd cover Marius
John Lumsden: 1st cover Marius
Jonny Purchase: presumably still Feuilly and 1st cover Enjolras
Shaq Taylor: 1st cover Javert
George Tebbutt: unknown
Lee Van Geleen: Brujon, 2nd cover Javert
Danny Whitehead: presumably Swing likely Combeferre and 2nd cover Enjolras

Emma Barr: Factory Girl cover
Sophie-May Feek: 2nd cover Fantine
Catherine Hannay: unknown
Holly-Anne Hull: presumably still cover Cosette
Katie Kerr: 1st cover Madame Thenardier
Rebecca Lafferty: unknown
Jo Loxton: presumably still Swing
Anna McGarahan: Factory Girl
Lauren Soley: presumably still 2nd cover Eponine
Alice Ellen Wright: 1st cover Eponine, 1st cover Fantine

I’ll update when/if I trip over more information. eta: Oh, auto-spellcheckers are so not helpful. Apologies for any misspellings that remain.


I animated a gun that shoots Revolver Ocelots.


OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver

Designed by Igor Stechkin, manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau c.2002-today.
7.62×42 mm SP-4 five-round moon clips, swing-out cylinder, six o’clock barrel, integral laser sight, double action, manual safety.

A very interesting design brought to us by the Stechkin automatic pistol guy, the OTs-38 was developed from an earlier model designed for Vietnam tunnel rats, which fired tungsten birdshot rounds for some reason. This revolver’s rounds are only similar in that they are completely silent, using a low amount of gunpowder located behind a piston inside the case, meaning no gas is actually released when firing the gun, producing no sound or muzzle flash. The gun itself being a revolver also means no spent cartridges can be heard dropping on the floor.