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This isn’t Girl Meets World related, however, I still would like you guys to read it. It’s about the Nickelodeon series, Bella and the Bulldogs. I am not sure of it’s success rate at the moment, but I feel like this show is under appreciated. And it isn’t discussed here a lot, even though it’d be perfect for Tumblr.

Bella and the Bulldogs is amazing. It has so much diversity and it tackles stereotypes and sexism.

Our main protagonist is Bella Dawson, she’s a white blonde girl who starts off as a cheerleader. But once the coach sees her throw a football, he offers her the position of quarterback. She still keeps her femininity and doesn’t change herself to fit in. The guys learn to love her for who she is. Bella beats obstacles throughout the show. She was doubted by so many people because of her gender and the fact that she was playing a male-dominated sport.

In the last episode, *spoiler alert* an opposing team’s coach found an outdated rule, about girls not allowed to play football, just before the playoffs. Bella fought her way and she wasn’t just fighting for herself because she thought she was a better than most girls cause she got in a male dominated sport. She fought for ALL girls. She got the rule changed, however, not soon enough. She couldn’t play at the playoffs. This lead to the team forfeiting because they’d rather not play if they don’t have their quarterback. This episode showed how great the character development is, too. In the pilot, the team was trying everything to stop a girl from take ANY position and in the season finale, they FORFEITED the most important game of the season to support their girl. 

The diversity factor is very strong, and they don’t make gimmicks out of them.

  • Troy Dixon is an African-American boy who has a military father. He’s a known player, but he always cares about his friends. He’s bossy, but he’s working on it. Troy is a regular guy and it’s good to see that he isn’t stereotyped.
  • Sophie Delarosa is Hispanic and has many brothers. But they didn’t make her a gimmick. That trope that if you have a lot of brothers, you’re like one of the guys. Nope, not Sophie. She is a feminine cheerleader and doesn’t let her brothers change her. Her brothers, Ricky and Luis, wouldn’t change her anyway.
  • Pepper Silverstein is the Asian American child adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein. She is not your stereotypical Asian, like in most shows. She isn’t the smart, geeky friend or the dumb one cause the show’s trying so hard to break the stereotype. She’s a fashionable cheerleader who loves to hang out with her friends and her boyfriend, Sawyer.
  • Sawyer Huggins is a country lovin’ cowboy. There’s really not much to analyze here, because Sawyer’s life isn’t really talked about that much. He was raised by a goat, alongside his human family, if you will.
  • Newt Van Der Rohe is a son of a successful businessman, who rarely sees him. His parents are divorced and he has a stepmom, Brenda, who hasn’t appeared, but she’s not your typical mothering type, that’s for sure. 

And those were just the main characters. There are so many people in the show that are different.

Bella and Bulldogs

is just perfect. The main characters are of different ethnicity, the show doesn’t necessarily focus on the romantic side, the girls don’t do cat fights or are fake with each other, and it confronts misogyny. It’s a beautiful series, and I just want everyone to watch it. Please?


Bella and Bulldogs

is perfect and I recommend you to watch it.