bulldog especial

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Name: Carrie
Nickname: idk…I don’t really have one??
Gender: Female
Star sign: Gemini
Height: 5′8″ 
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Dream trip: New York City is literally my favorite place in the world, but I think it would be really nice to visit Ireland or Germany someday since my family originally comes from those two countries.
Average hours of sleep: 5 hours, if I’m lucky.
Dog or cat person: I love them both, but…dogs have a slight edge. Especially French bulldogs. They’re my favorite. :)
When I made my blog: Late 2012, I think??
Reason for my url: My first name is Carrie, and my favorite person’s last name is Colbert. Simple as that.

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anonymous asked:

Often Greg's face remind me of a very cute dog, like a pug or a bulldog. Especially when he does the starry eyes thing or has tears on his eyes.

I can see where you’d get that, he does evoke the good, positive things you associate with dogs (positive, friendly, goofy and well-meaning)

and, I mean, his voice just fits the looks of a cute dog