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First things first I AM NOT TRYING TO BE A DICK PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT THAT WAY. D: But regarding the "adopt don't shop" post, isn't there a risk of many breed-specific problems from "shopping" even from reputable breeders? I'm not trying to knock the idea- I totally support the actual RESPONSIBLE breeders (who breed dogs for work purposes and not show bullshit. Working lines are great.). But there's unknown risks for adopting, and breed-related for buying, right? Animals like bulldogs especially

Well, yes. If you’re getting a jacked up breed in the first place you’re going to eventually hit problems no matter where it came from. Maybe slightly more likely in a random shelter dog considering how many of them were backyard bred in the first place. You gotta research the breed you want because it will have breed specific issues no matter what. Your purchased gsd can get hip dysplasia as easily as your rescued one.

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⚙  “Madam. Its a pleasure to see you once again!” The tiny Transformer bowed slightly. “Is there anything I can get for you? Everything at your castle is going quite smoothly. The Knights and the other adopted Transformers have been pulling their duties to make this place better than ever, especially Bulldog.”


What 100 years of Selective Breeding has caused.

Recently watched the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed - Three Years On.Examples were seen along with other breeds within the documentary.

I am completely gobsmacked at the changes, the Bulldog especially and my heart sinks at how us humans carelessly play “God” on dogs for our own cosmetic satisfaction.

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Often Greg's face remind me of a very cute dog, like a pug or a bulldog. Especially when he does the starry eyes thing or has tears on his eyes.

I can see where you’d get that, he does evoke the good, positive things you associate with dogs (positive, friendly, goofy and well-meaning)

and, I mean, his voice just fits the looks of a cute dog