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Hello everyone, we’ve had a couple of busy weeks, but I finally got time to make a blog post. As “promised” in my last post, I said we would be back with more from our visits to my younger brother’s house. And since Damian brought some of the kids to visit them yesterday, while I was at home with little sick kiddos, I might as well make a post out of it. Dimitri and his boyfriend are both excited about their new house in Eriu Fe, so that’s wonderful. But not only have my dear younger brother moved, my twin sister has also moved to a bigger house, with more space for her and her growing family. It makes me want to move again. Not only to keep us close to family, but Eriu Fe is absolutely stunning, and I would love to live in such a beautiful area. However, my dear husband is not too fond of the idea, so I’ll have to see what the future brings, and if he will change his mind one day. But moving on, I managed to convince Damian to take Emily, Max and Aiden to visit my brother yesterday. William and Lumi have both gotten a fever, and now Noah seems to have caught what they have. He wasn’t his usual cheerful self, so I decided to stay at home and take care of them.

Our kids love to visit family, and they were excited to go and “play” with their little cousin.  Maddy will soon be 1 month old, and he’s doing wonderfully.

Again, thanks to my brother and Caius for having them over. It’s always nice to visit family, and the kids love visiting their only and favorite uncle. Damian got some really good photos, which we are always happy to share with you guys! Hopefully, we’ll be able to post more often. We have so much to update you on.

A Taste Of Hazel Chapter 7

Nick walked out of Frays practice onto the busy zootopian street, he looked down to his paws and the $500.00 + dollars he now held firm in his paws and for the first time in such a while, felt as though he was not alone. He made his way across the street entering the mall and asking a shop front to change one of the notes to smaller change that included money for the pay phone.
The shop keeper changed his notes, but could not get his eyes off the wad of cash carried by a homeless looking fox.
Nick got his change and ran across the road to the pay phones.
The bear that ran the shop Nick had exchanged the money at, picked up his phone as Nick walked away.
“Hello, ZPD, what’s your emergency?” spoke a voice on the other side of the phone.
“Yes, I believe I just served a thief at my shop- “
Nick arrived at the phones and gently slid two coins in pulling out the card from his pocket.
“9648 4892 1212 4” he spoke out loud as his claws danced among the dials. The phone rang twice when it was picked up.
“Ello waterin hole tavern, this is Pricilla”
Nick’s voice choked and he didn’t quite know where to start.
“Ello, ello”
The silence lingered and Pricilla was getting frustrated.
“Look Bobby bulldog, if this is anudda one of ya pranks you can stick it up ya-“
“Hello” splurted Nick finally.
“Oh hello, this is tha waterin hole tavern, how can I help ya?”
“Hello….Is, is this Pricilla?” Nick slapped his face feeling stupid, realising she literally answered the phone and introduced herself.
“Ya huh, who’s dis?”
“Um, look I don’t know if you remember me…” began Nicks rubbing the back of his neck nervously “I came in for a job interview a few years ago…I uh… A rabbit showed up… and…”.
“Da police offica…Nicky right?”
“Yes…yes that’s right” he explained gleefully surprised she remembered him.
“How ya doing Sweetie?”
The question was asked all too often and he knew that it was more a polite rhetorical that didn’t need answer. However Pricilla seemed to truly appreciate normality and so Nick answer how best he should.
“Not so good”
“Oh that’s no good hun, I just assumed maybe ya go da job at the ZPD when I didn’t hear from ya”.
“No I never got the job back “affirmed Wilde.
There was a pause in the conversation and Nick took a deep breath “Look I know it was a year ago that you were hiring, but you know-“
“Come in this afternoon, say bout 5 how’s dat for ya hun?”
“That’s….perfect…that’s perfect…”
“Okay sweetie, I gotta go, I’ll see ya at five”.
The phone went dead and Nick simply stood starring at the receiver, a happy feeling deep in his guts, things were going to get better, with Jack no longer around to stomp him out, perhaps he had a chance.
“I’m gunna get my daughter back JACK ASS” he snarled.
He put the phone down and in the shiny reflection of the phone box he saw two reflections, dressed up in blue; walk up behind him.
He turned to see Chuck and Delgato behind him, Chuck grabbed his by the scruff and pulled him from the phone booth throwing him to the ground and pinning an arm behind his back while chuckling to himself.
“Hey, what are you doing?” cried Nick trying hard to pull his paw free.
“Nick don’t resist” begged Delgato holding a paw out while talking into his two way.
“What? What’s this all about?” grunted Nick, listening to Delgato’s orders; Nick letting his arm go limp.
“Law and order” snickered Chuck in his ear, contorting his arm in such a way that it felt as though he was about to break the bone, and Chucks knee was so deep in Nick’s back he could feel the nerves screaming.
“Delgato?” cried Nick, looking for Delgato to come to his aid and make Chuck less aggressive
Delgato raised his paws, tied by the law due to the call they received.
“Nick just, relax your body” he explained.
Chuck went into Nick’s pockets; the first was empty but out of his left pocket Chuck pulled out a wad of cash.
Delgato shut his eyes and sighed.
“Oh Nick…where did you get this money?” asked Delgato assuming the worse.
“I got it from a friend” argued Nick, his eyes pleading with Delgato.
“Bullshit you don’t have friends” growled Chuck pushing his face into the concrete and putting the money into a zip tie evidence bag.
“Hey that’s mine” yelled Nick trying to stand only to have Chuck push his head into the concrete harder.
Nick cried out in pain as he did so.
“Where’d you get the money fox” he shouted in his ear, all the eyes in the street now on Nick and the police, camera phones catching every minute.
“A friend!” cried Nick
Chuck lifted him and slammed him into the ground.
Delgato went to intervene “hey enough-“

“You want all these people to see that the ZPD stood up for a thief” yelled Chuck loud enough to be heard by bystanders; Delgato falling silent, the cameras and crowd making him nervous.

“I said where did you get the money from fox?” growled Chuck again.
Nick was in tears, his shirt was torn and his arms hurt from being knotted behind his back.
“A friend!” he shouted defiantly.
“You don’t have friends” repeated Chuck lifting him up to slam him down again.
Nick was in a flurry of confusion but could hear faint fast approaching footsteps, as if urgent, then an all too familiar voice.

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