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Who is Shotgun Jane?

On 1 June, 1987, two men picked up a female hitchhiker who was strolling along I-87 near Bulls Gap, Tennessee. The trio attended a party together and after a few bottles of liquid courage, they decided they would break into a nearby home and rob it. They attempted to trick the homeowner into opening the door by staging a fight in. The homeowner knew exactly what they were doing and refused to open the door.

Refusing to give up, the hitchhiker decided she would try to pry open the screen door and as the homeowner became alarmed, she fired her shotgun, killing the hitchhiker. The two men were soon apprehended for the attempted break in, however when questioned, they contended they had no idea who the hitchhiker was. She was estimated to be between twenty and thirty years old, weighing around 120 pounds. She had brunette hair and brown eyes and has a tattoo on her arm which read: “B.H.” She was clad in a Miami Dolphins t-shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. An autopsy discovered a scar consistent with a c-section and old injuries that were consistent with a vehicle accident.

She became known as “Shotgun Jane" as her true identity was never discovered. 

“Mrs. Sarah J. Wilson, Bulls Gap, Tennessee. In addition to daily work around the home, she finds time to raise some cotton, carding and spinning it herself. She also does some hand-weaving.”, 10/22/1933

Series: Lewis Hine Photographs for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), 1933 - 1933Record Group 142: Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918 - 2000

March is Women’s History Month! Women have shaped this country’s history in more ways than we can count. Long before Rosie the Riveter joined the war effort in the 1940s, women earned wages to support themselves and their families. This series of posts celebrates the diversity of women’s labor, ranging from industry to agriculture to folklore and beyond.

In 1933, photographer Lewis Hine was hired to capture images of rural families who would be displaced by Tennessee Valley Authority construction projects. Here, Hine captured Sarah J. Wilson carding cotton that was raised on her land in Bulls Gap, Tennessee.

This month’s Women’s History series comes via Nora Sutton, one of our interns from the Department of State’s Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) program. Nora is finishing her Master’s in Public History at West Virginia University this semester.

If you’re tired of people insisting Clara and the Doctor have totally platonic feelings for each other simply because of the age gap between the actors which totally ignores the age gap of 2000 years between the characters no one cared about when the Doctor still looked young clap your hands

Inspired a wonderfully bittersweet comic by milkymaccha, though with a dash of my own flavor. Hope you enjoy!

The Iron Bull: everybody loves him. A mass of rippling muscle, a charming and crooked smile, and a one-eyed wink that makes even a chantry sister weak at the knee. A winner, a hero, a stud – the Iron Bull is anything you ever wanted and everything you had no idea you needed. A laugh, a drink, a helping hand, a confidante, a night of thigh-quivering fun or a day of bruising in the sparring ring. He’s rough. He’s gentle. He’s intimidating. He’s a big softie. He’s a smooth talker. He’s a good listener. He’s the Iron Bull and you love him.

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