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The Romance Scene I Wanted with Fenris:

Soft kiss, give him a backrub so he can relax, tell him he’s great, cuddle with armour on, he’s not ready and Hawke doesn’t push, a slow romance that’s about trust, Fenris opens up in all cutscenes after this and his constant tension eases.

The Romance Scene I Got:

SLAM Fenris against the wall, biting kisses, Hawke tops, Fenris has flashbacks midway through and HAwke doesn’t even notice, Hawke passes out and Fenris stays up having panic attacks about repressed memories and Hawke is personally offended?? Fenris breaks up with Hawke because wtf wtf WTF HAWKE

”I’m sorry, I can’t see that you truly love me”

- Bulls In The Bronx, Pierce the Veil

Ascendant and Physical Appearance

I’ve recently read into (Evangeline Adams’ book on rising signs) what your rising sign has to do with your appearance and it’s pretty interesting so I thought i’d make a post about it, it may even help people guess other people’s dominants in their chart.
Before I get started though, it is very important that people read this part; this post isn’t me telling you what YOU look like (Especially for those people who only know their sun sign, for the love of God, do not use only your sun sign); this is for you to use as a tool to understand why you look the way you do (ex. why is it that my hair grows excessively, why do I have high cheek bones, why do I have a square chin, etc.) AND to help you guess the dominant of others.
The second important thing you should know before you read the descriptions; Harmonious aspects contribute a lot to appearance. What this means is that even though your Ascendant may be Capricorn, you may have a lot of fire conjunctions and trines which will contribute greatly to your appearance or you may have a planet that sits closely to your Ascendant that will modify parts. Also, if your Ascendant happens to be a mutable sign, the affects of other planets will almost always change or contradict the description of your Ascendant’s appearance
If you don’t know the strong influences in your chart, I would suggest having someone help you look at it if you don’t know how.
Finally, you should know that these descriptions are the extremes of each sign, they are the purest form of each ascendant which is very rare for a person to have.
So if I receive any messages saying something like “the way you described Sagittarius is nothing like me!” Well, you obviously didn’t understand or read anything I wrote before reading your description because chances are, there is some other influence in your chart that is contributing greatly.
Alright, lets get started.

There are two types of Aries appearances, the masculine/active Aries and the feminine/passive Aries. Regardless of sex or gender, a person can have either type.

Masculine Aries: Their movements are spasmodic and assertive. They are usually tall, slim, and muscular. Their body is very well formed and rarely accumulates excessive fat. Their forehead tends to be a prominent feature. Hair is often reddish or light brown. Eyes are cold a possess a keen and haughty expression. They have straight standing out noses, a thin mouth, and sharp chin.

Feminine Aries: They have a rounder head compared to Masculine Aries. Their eyes are pale and wider, they carry a timid expression. Their nose is fleshier than Masculine Aries as well as they have fuller lips and a rounder chin. 

Their movements are much slower compared to a Fire or Air elemental. Their body is overall thicker, including their shoulders which tend to be very prominent. Their limbs are somewhat shorter in proportion to their body. They have a square shaped face. Their face is strong-willed with a sense of affection. Their hair is usually dark, in rare cases almost white, with a crinkly texture. Their eyes are also dark. Their nose is usually short and plump, their lips are full and voluptuous.

Their movements are swift and their eyes dart around in awareness. Overall their body is quite small and slim with long arms and fingers. Their hair is usually of a blonde shade. Their eyes come in colours from grey to brown. Their complexion is sort of pale. Their lips are usually small and thin and their nose is long and aquiline.

The Cancer appearance again is divided into passive/feminine and active/masculine, but they do share some similar traits. One common Cancer trait is that even if they are not plump in their early years, they tend to accumulate it in their early years. Also again, regardless of sex or gender, a person can possess either active or passive traits.

Feminine Cancer: Movements flow like water, obviously. Their face is round and flat with a very pale complexion, similar to the moon. Their mouth is large, nose is snub, eyes are large and pale. They have arched eyebrows that give a curious expression. Hair is usually blonde, but in cases where it’s black, it is very straight and lacks shine. Their body is short with rounded limbs. In women, they tend to have nicely shaped breasts as Cancer rules over motherly duties.

Masculine Cancer: Their face is aquiline instead of round. Their complexion holds a pinkish-rubicund colour. Their mouth is thin and firm. Eyes still pale, but piercing. Their body is sort of clumsy and plump.

The Leo type is divided into two different kinds of Leos, the Noble type and the Degenerated type.

Noble Leo: Ruled by the sun, they represent sort of a masculine beauty. Their movements are proud and quick. They have a frank expression. Their complexion ranges from dark and ruddy to clear and rosy. Hair is usually blonde, sometimes reddish. Their hair can be quite prominent when it is grown out like a mane. Their eyebrows hold an expression of bravery and challenge. Their forehead is high, but overall their head is equally proportioned. Their eyes are fearless and commanding. Their nose is neither very large nor very small and is straight. Their mouth is well shaped and small. Chin is rather square. Overall their limbs and body are well proportioned, but hips tend to be slim and shoulders to be broad. 

Degenerated Leo: Easy to spot, they have sort of a “bull dog” type face. Complexion is almost always dark and flushed. Their whole face seems pinched and squinted. Their body is a lot smaller and weaker from the noble type, but still broad.

Their appearance is often modified by other influences in their chart; it’s rare to find a pure Virgo. The Virgo appearance is divided into the Earthy type and the Mercurial type, they are very different from each other.

Earthy type: Movements are slow, as earth signs typically are. Their head is pretty large for their body. They have wide nostrils, the nose is sometimes the most prominent feature of their face. Their eyes are clear and small with a cunning expression. Their lips are small and narrowed. Their body can be very oddly proportioned and limbs ill set. Their hair can either be light or dark and it’s very striking and either crisp or wavy; it tends to stand up away from their forehead which is a strong characteristic of an Earthy type Virgo.

Mercurial type: The more common type of Virgo you’ll see. Their bodies are very small, well proportioned and active. Their face is feminine and long with small facial features. Their hair is usually like brown and their eyes are usually grey or hazel, sometimes blue. Their eyes have a intelligent expression. Their nose is small and straight, still with the wider nostrils. Earth signs tend to be thicker, but for Virgos, they tend to stay very thin and their movements are quick like an air sign.

They are divided by two types, the Venusian and Saturnian/Scorpio type. Their movements are graceful as air signs tend to be.

Venusian type
: Their body is small, delicate, and slim. Facial features are small, soft, and pleasing. They tend to be callipygian (nice butt hehe). Their complexion is usually olive-ish and their hair is very dark with a glossy warmth to it; it is usually very straight. Their nose is small and Grecian, straight with no indentation on the bridge. Their lips are dark and seductive.

Saturnian/Scorpio type: Their body is much more muscular and square compared to the Venusian Libra. Their shoulders are prominent and square. Their eyes are more intense and somewhat sinister. There is something mysterious about Saturnian/Scorpio Libras. Their complexion is courser compared to Venusian Libra.

There are two types for this one, the masculine/active type and the feminine/passive type. Any gender or sex can possess either type.

Masculine type: Their hair is usually very thick and dark, sometimes curly. Their face is square, similar to Leo, but their cheekbones are much more prominent. Their eyes are deep-set and intense. Their nose varies, but always carries an aggressive and powerful expression. Their mouth is large and compressed usually. Their jaw is square and strong. Their body is thicker-set, but strong.

Feminine type: Their face is usually a perfect oval and they have an overall alluring expression. Their lips are full and loose. They have a body that is thinner and smaller. They tend to get moles and dark freckles.

They have a finely proportioned head that is slightly long. Their eyes possess a similar dreamy look to Pisces; they are usually a grey or light brown colour. Their nose is long and straight; a Jupiter influence will tip the nose down almost like a hook, while a strong moon influence will turn it back up. Their chin is narrow and rather pointed. Their hair is usually auburn. Sagittarius can be easily recognized by their doe-like expression/face. Their complexion is a rosy pink. Their bodies are some what similar to Libra, but more athletic as fire signs typically are. Their movements are graceful, restless, and active. Their legs are long and prominent.

Their movements are slow, again just as earth signs are. Their skull is broad and their forehead is high. They have small, piercing eyes. Their nose is long and bony, mouth is thin and compressed. Bone structure is the most prominent part of their appearance; they are tall and lanky, limbs are big boned and long. Women with Capricorn influence often complain about having too much hair. Their expression is intense and kind of bitter. Wrinkles appearing early in life is common, but despite aging, they tend to keep keen eyesight.

Movements are graceful and swift. Their skull is broad compared to length, their face is long and oval. Their hair possesses a beautiful glint, it is usually curly. Their eyes are slightly wider set apart, the colour ranges from hazel to blue; they are large and luminous. Their nose is neither very long or very short, nor very thin or very broad. Their lips are of medium size, but somewhat thin. Their body is very average and well proportioned; not very robust though. Aquarian men tend to be a little effeminate while Aquarian women tend to be a bit masculine.

Their face is very soft and rounded. Their eyes are very prominent: dreamy with almost a sleepy expression. Their lips are full, their neck is short, shoulders are round. Their hair is usually brown. Their limbs tend to be short and squishy.

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my sexuality is Bull giving Garcia tips before they jump into Holland, i am high-key in love with Dad!Bull

Bull is the type of guy who comes to help you move, drives you to the airport, always has a tool box in his car and he will come over to fix things.

I love that in the books Garcia is legit called “Bull Apprentice”, like, just bury me here i don’t need this level of cute in my life

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You recently did a post about the breed of bull terriers, would you have the same stance of Staffordshire bull terriers ? Also I have heard a few times over the years that mixed breed dogs like mongrals tend to be healthier than pure breeds. Would you agree with this? Thanks

Staffordshire Bull Terriers (SBTs for short) are one of the most popular dog breeds locally. They are quite different to Bull Terriers, but talking about them is confused because I see three different types of dog called SBTs.

The first type is the classic English SBT. This breed is actually kind of small, but has lots of muscle packed on.

(Photo By Sannse on en.wikipedia)

The second type is the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, sometimes called the AmStaff.

(Photo via pintrest, but watermark states ‘art of staff’)

The AmStaff is a bigger breed, distinctly taller and locally they are the breed most likely to be called a ‘pit bull’.

The third type of dog presented to me called a SBT is either a mix of the two, or a similar looking dog with brindle or black-brindle coat that looks close enough to be a SBT mix, but doesn’t actually have any SBT DNA when tested.

If I keep the focus of this post on actual SBTs and their mixes, then these are the the points I always bring up with perspective owners.

Allergies are the most common problem I encounter with either types of SBT. Ths can range from a seasonal plant allergy to full blown atopy. Food allergies aren’t as common but can still occur. The allergies can then predispose to pyoderma, and require maintenance to keep the dogs comfortable

Demodex mange is also reasonably common, though less so with over the counter parasite products available that just happen to treat it.

They are prone to anxiety. This varies in how severe it is, and more of them are barkers than destroyers, though they have a decent set of jaws and can chew through an awful lot of stuff if given the opportunity. These dogs, especially the English, really need a human. They’re very people focused and many of them just can’t handle the world without ‘their’ people.

They’re often hyperactive and hyperexcitable, but that’s personality. The difficulty with that comes when they are poorly behaved in public, especially with the AmStaff, and members of the public call them ‘pit bulls’ which can get them investigated by the council.

Some of them will chew rocks and wood, wearing down and damaging their teeth. This isn’t a genetic weakness, but it is something that benefits from careful management.

Skeletally they’re not too bad. They’re a common breed to present for cruciate ligament rupture, but to be fair this usually happens after the dog has jumped off something particularly silly.

They are one of the breeds unreasonably prone to Mast Cell Tumors. They get lipomas more often, but you can’t tell without testing whether one lump on a dog is a fairly benign lipoma, or a dangerous Mast Cell Tumor. While some Mast Cell Tumors are highly treatable with surgery, early detection increases your chance of a cure.

English SBTs are, technically, brachycephalic. However their anatomy is nowhere near as extreme as the breeds notorious for brachycephalic airway syndrome. These dogs generally breathe well, but you will often come across individuals with a mild symptoms, such as a subtly elongated soft palate or a moderate collapsing trachea in their old age.

Epilepsy seems to crop up in these dogs a bit more than average, but it’s generally manageable. It means lifelong medication, but often it’s initially more stressful for the owners than for the dogs.

The AmStaff version still has a hip dysplasia problem and I would recommend pennhip screening from 16 weeks of age, especially from ‘breeders’ who are breeding primarily for ‘rare colors’.

Originally posted by introxlifetrap

These dogs are extremely popular, and consequently also the most popular breed to end up in the local shelter. There are a large number of people who keep wanting to breed their ‘rare, blue’ SBT of either type, that wont let me talk them out of it. 

I think the shelter problem is compounded by how common they are alongside their neediness. The vocal range of this breed is huge, the sounds they can make include ‘screaming child’ and ‘strangled goat’. People get the cute puppy, but decide they can’t meet the needs of the adult dog.

The AmStaff version as a whole social issue of its own to contend with, because a certain segment of the population is in love with the idea of the aggressive Pit Bull, and they want one, but can’t get a ‘real’ one, so get themselves an AmStaff since it’s not a restricted breed. Pit Bulls are here, but the situation is a bit sticky because you don’t ave to prove the dog is a pit bull, you have to prove that it’s not. The enforcers of these laws have a checklist of physical attributes, and if the dog meets enough of them it can be labeled a ‘pit bull’, no matter what it is.

I’m very loathe to ever label a dog as a Pit Bull, because there are some breed restrictions around me, and I don’t wish to accidentally get a dog into serious trouble. The dog breed DNA test we use also won’t publish anything with the words ‘Pit Bull Terrier’ on it, lest the dog gets euthanized for that reason either.

But for these people what actually want the tough looking pit bull, not a pibble couch buddy, the dogs are often not well socialized and unfortunately problematic in the clinic.

SBTs are one of the breeds I would label as ‘addictive’. Once somebody has owned one, more often than not they end up with multiple dogs, or find themselves unable to enjoy life without owning a dog of this breed. They are kind of like kids to their special people.

As for mixed breed dogs, their issues are less predictable, and their anatomy generally less extreme, but they are no guarantee of health. If you cross two breeds with the same health concerns,you are equally likely to see that concern in the resulting cross. I would not guarantee a mixed breed dog would be healthy, but there is very little in general that I would guarantee.

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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Your writing is one of my absolute faves! I'm glad I caught the ask box open. Maaayyy IIIII request Kuroo, Iwaizumi, and Daichi kabe-don-ing their crush/significant other?

Got you @ballisticscenarios! Check out my other kabe-don post from before! I know I did Kuroo, but I’m down to write a different situation for our cat captain  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“What are you doing, Kuroo-san?” you asked dumbfounded.

What was he doing? At first, the thought was a good approach. But as he stood in front of you with his arm reaching out against the wall by your head, he realized how stupid he was to take advice from Lev. Just how distressed was Kuroo to take relationship advice from the lanky blocker?

“____-san seems like the type to like it when guys approach her with alot of confidence and the direct approach!” Lev professed, a proud pointer finger out.

“I doubt that works, Lev,” Kuroo sighed with a frown of disbelief.

“Oh c’mon, Kuroo-san! What do you have to lose if you did that on ____-san?” Lev whined.

A chance, so basically everything.

Kuroo sighed then turned to Kenma. “What do you think?”

But Kenma didn’t say a word. He only looked to Kuroo after he paused his game, shrugged, then returned to his game.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to try. Better than just bumping into walls as I stare at her,” Kuroo agreed nervously.

“Yes! With this, ____-san’s sure to fall for you, Kuroo-san!”

“Shut up, Lev. You’re too loud.”

Kuroo chuckled nervously. “Uh, talking? I wanted to talk to you, ____-san.”

“Oh, that’s all?” you asked with a smile. You looked to Kuroo’s arm with a small laugh, your knuckles covering your petite smile.

If Kuroo was watching you from afar like he usually did, he would definitely bump into some pillar or wall from getting distracted from such a cute smile.

“It feels more like you’re trying to catch me than talk, Kuroo-san,” you chuckled.

“W-What? S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it seem like that, I just-” Fuck. Kuroo swiftly took his arm back and rubbed at the back of his neck, which was just as red as his face, which was as red as a tomato, fire hydrant, probably the sun.

“It’s fine, Kuroo-san. I wouldn’t mind if you caught me,” you said.

“Wait, what?” Kuroo spluttered.

You shrugged with a confident smile, yet your cheeks were pink. “It’d be nice. You know, getting captured by you. Sounds like some Pokemon, huh?”

“Uh, yeah,” Kuroo replied, still a bit thrown off. Was he hearing this right?

“If you caught me, we’d get to talk more,” you averted your eyes before looking Kuroo in his hesitantly. He raised an eyebrow even more confused. “I mean, talking more beats bumping into walls right?”

Kuroo’s ears stopped working. So did his mind. His vision was all white except for his sight of you and him. There wasn’t much audio when he could see your lips move, and he definitely didn’t think about the way you fidgeted around. All Kuroo could understand was your last sentence.

You knew. You knew he was watching you and getting distracted from you.

Suddenly, Kuroo squatted to the ground, hiding his red face into his crossed arms and legs.


“You knew?!”

“I-I’m sorry! It was hard not to notice! You would bump into things and whenever I looked at you, you were so cool and laughing and didn’t-”

“You watch me?”

“Huh?” Now you were the one who became red. “Y-Yes and so what?! It’s better than walking into walls, Kuroo-san!”

It took a second for Kuroo to realize what you admitted. Then again, when didn’t it take him a few more seconds to realize anything in this conversation? When it came to you, Kuroo had no sense of mind. But he was glad now. More than glad, ecstatic.

“Huh, Lev’s solution actually worked,” Kuroo scoffed. He stood tall again, not acknowledging the way you tilted your head. It would be best not to let you know he went to his kouhai for some advice. Instead, Kuroo smirked. He liked the way you flinched back, your cheeks red. He liked you. “So, do you want to talk? You know, instead of just watching each other?”


This is stupid. It won’t work on ____-san. This is stupid. So damn stupid. I should’ve just asked that damn Trashykawa-On second thought, let’s not even think about what type of bull shit that idiot would-

“Iwaizumi-kun, what do you think?”

“Oikawa is an idiot and shouldn’t be any where near me,”

In an instant, Iwaizumi realized he had just answered your question. He hadn’t been paying attention to what you were saying the entire time you two walked together. He flinched to find you staring at him, confused as all hell. Well, you did have a good reason to be confused.

“S-Sorry! I was thinking about something else. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention,” Iwaizumi grumbled, his hand grasping his face. Really, he was just trying to hide the redness in his face. He was getting too nervous for this.

Thank goodness you were laughing. There was no one else as understanding as you were. It was one reason Iwaizumi liked you.

“It’s okay. Is Oikawa-san bringing you trouble again?” you asked.

“When is he not giving me a hard time?” Iwaizumi grumbled as you mimicked him, pout and all. He stared at you, bewildered, but then began to laugh. “I really do say that alot, huh?”

“Unfortunately,” Iwaizumi became shocked. Maybe you had started to become tired of these repetitive conversations with Iwaizumi. “It makes me wonder if I should worry for your health. I mean, I’m sure Oikawa-san is a good friend. If he wasn’t, you wouldn’t be friends with him for this long, right?”

“Y-Yeah,” you were full of surprises, Iwaizumi could say that. Whenever he thought something, you always proved him wrong. You couldn’t read minds, yet Iwaizumi was having trouble believing otherwise.

Just a few more steps and Iwaizumi would have to go to practice. Just a few more seconds and Iwaizumi would have to either follow what the mangas he read did or just let another day go by without asking you out again. His nerves were getting the best of him again. Maybe another day would go by, just like the past fourteen had gone by.

“Ah, well, have a good practice, Iwaizumi-kun,” you beamed. You stood with such a bright smile. It was making it hard for Iwaizumi to concentrate.

“Y-Yeah,” Iwaizumi stuttered. There was a pillar behind you. It would be perfect. He could do it. Just put a hand against it, just like in the mangas, and ask you out. Simple, perfect. Just do it.

“I hope Oikawa-san doesn’t give you alot of trouble today,” you chuckled.

Stop being so cute.

“Yeah, me too,” Iwaizumi coughed as he averted his eyes. God, don’t do the head tilt. And don’t look at me so worried. You’re making me more nervous.

“Iwaizumi-kun? Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah, I just… Uh…” Iwaizumi’s voice trailed off as he rubbed the back of his neck. He still couldn’t look at you, but the second he did…

Suddenly, Iwaizumi leaned forward, placing his hand against the pillar behind you. The sudden movement started you a bit, it made you take a step back. Your back was suddenly against the pillar and Iwaizumi’s face… Your faces were probably a person standing in between you two, but that had been the closest you two had ever been. And facing each other, it made the situation… More intimate.

“____-san, I… I, uh, I wanted to ask you something,”


Iwaizumi couldn’t handle your eyes staring at him, or the way your mouth hung open a bit in shock. He had to mentally shake his thoughts of kissing you away. As much as he liked you, there was no way of that happening now. There shouldn’t even be a thought of anything like that. Iwaizumi should just be thinking of the big question he had been nervous to ask you for the past fourteen days. He just had to say it, he just had to ask, it was easy. Just say it.

“Did you want to go out with me? On a, uhm, date?” Iwaizumi mumbled. He cursed himself for sounding so nervous.

Your lips snapped shut and you stood straighter. In that moment, Iwaizumi couldn’t wait for an answer. His heart was beating too fast and hard to wait. If he was being completely honest, Iwaizumi would have quickly changed his mind and ran right then and there from the nerves. But fourteen days had past. Fourteen long, unnecessary past days.

Iwaizumi’s stomach fell to hear your light laughter. Of course you would reject him. Iwaizumi was an idiot to think this type of thing would work on you. No stupid manga cliche would work on a girl like you, Iwaizumi had to-

“I would love that,” you answered once your laughs calmed.

“R-Really?” Iwaizumi couldn’t hold back his confusion. Or his frown. But it didn’t falter your smile. Again, full of surprises. “Why were you laughing?”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t making fun of you, Iwaizumi-kun,” again with the head tilt and that smile. Iwaizumi was thankful his arm was against this pillar, he might have lost balance from this much distraction. He felt like he would just forget how to stand because you were so cute. “The way you asked me out just reminded me of a manga.”

Iwaizumi immediately turned red and became stiff.

“But I would love to go on a date, Iwaizumi-kun,” you beamed.

“Me too,” Iwaizumi agreed, bringing his hands into his pockets.

“You can call me after practice? To talk about it, okay?” you suggested. You walked a few steps as you waved to Iwaizumi. “Have a good practice, Iwaizumi-kun.”

Iwaizumi waved to you with a nod. As he turned towards the gym, Iwaizumi chuckled to himself. He finally got to ask you out. It was a little embarrassing how, but it worked out. Iwaizumi was happy.

Until he could hear snickering echo throughout the gym. He didn’t like it. Not one bit.

As Iwaizumi made his way into the gym, a few of the members were trying to quiet their laughs. They had their backs to Iwaizumi. Were they hiding something? If this was another prank, then-

“You should just walk away now, Iwaizumi-san,” Watari suggested, a weary smile across his face.

“Huh? Why?” Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Oh, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa sang as Hanamaki and Matsukawa tried to control their laughs. Iwaizumi definitely didn’t like this feeling he had.


“I wanted to ask you something,” Oikawa snickered too loudly. Iwaizumi didn’t like the way the three lined next to Iwaizumi laughing. “If I were to ask out a girl, what would you do?”

Oh no.

“You see, I was going to ask out this girl I like, but I didn’t know how to do it,” Hanamaki giggled, his cheeks turning bright red.

Oh no.

“Would you take her to a nice place at the school?” Matsukawa cackled. “Or…?”

Oh fucking no.

“Would you do something that was from a manga?” the three chimed with a roaring laugh at the end.

“I’m going to kill all of you, jack asses!”


Daichi was reasonable. It was one of the traits that got him the position of captain. He weighed out the pros and cons to situation, and sometimes he didn’t even have to think about the right answer. There were morals he stood by and he was the type of person to stick to them.

So why? Why is he trapping you against the wall with his arm against the wall? No, the better question was why did Daichi actually commit to this stupid wager with Sugawara when he knew it was stupid?

“S-Sawamura-san, is everything-”

“S-Sorry!” Daichi reached his arm back, holding them up defensively. He should just apologize now. That is what the goodness of his heart is screaming at him. The badness in his heart is telling him to punch Sugawara later. Both seemed morally correct. “I’m sorry, I just-”

“Were… Were you just kabe-don-ing me?”

Ah, dammit. Daichi could feel himself make the same face he did when the vice-principal’s toupee had fallen onto his head. Just tell the truth. ____-san is a reasonable girl. More reasonable than you. She will understand.

“I-I’m sorry! To be honest, Sugawara had won in a bet we had and his prize was for me to do this to you. I’m sorry, I know it was childish and stupid and I promise-” But Daichi was cut off from the sounds of your laughter. “Huh?”

“Sugawara-san sure is sneaky,” you replied as you shook your head, but with a smile.

“Well, that’s true. But what makes you say that?” Daichi asked curiously with a tilt of his head.

“Ah, he made me bet with him too. I lost, so I was resulted to ask you for that study date for calculus back then,” you admitted.

“Wait, the one two weeks ago? Why would he…” And then it clicked. “Do you… Do you like me, ____-san?”

Your face immediately turned red. “D-Do you like me?!”

“Oh my gosh,” Daichi couldn’t hold back a laugh. At first, you were taken a back. But you realized Sugawara’s doing and couldn’t help laughing along with Daichi. “We’re so stupid.”

“Yeah, we are,”

“Well, I guess Suga being sneaky was a good thing,” Daichi shrugged. “It got us to figure things out. And kind of make me look like an ass.”

“You didn’t look like an ass,” you replied, laughing even though you were distracted by his crooked smile. It was nice. Daichi was nice. This was nice. “It worked out nicely. It really did.”

This is true love.

“Maybe we’re just having too much fun.
Maybe you can’t handle yourself,
Staring at me with your lips and tongue”

- Bulls In The Bronx, Pierce The Veil

Raphael, the Dog Lover (TMNT)

This is the pitbull thing that was requested a while ago and I figured I’d write it while I’m in the swing of writing requests. ^.^ Plus this so cute and I love doggies…

My only issue is because I love doggies, I know there are several breeds of dog that are called ‘pit bull’. It’s a type of dog, not a breed. Personally I’m going to write the dog as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Why? My own dog is a staffie, and a recuse for that matter.

Serious note before we get onto the fic, pit bulls are often victimised by the media but the dogs are sweethearts and anyone who knows anything about the breed is well aware of this. Owners are to blame. I say this as someone who owns a dog who was quite nasty when I got her. Now she is very sweet. Her old owner used to beat her. I think that speaks miles about it. Because of this abuse of the breeds known as pitbulls, most of them end up in shelters. About half a million pit bulls are euthanised in shelters every year, about 40% of all dogs euthanised. (Not that kill shelters aren’t a problem in and of themselves) Please, please, please, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, consider a pit. It’s a bit of a long story and this foreword is getting too long as it is, but my pitbull saved myself and my sister from being murdered. And it’s not we might have been hurt, we would have died. I’ll never forget that. And I’m not trying to say another dog breed wouldn’t do that, all dogs would but that’s my point. Pits are not these evil creatures the media makes them out to be. They’re dogs.


Raphael sighed, as he ventured the rooftops. Alone. Unusual for this time of night. He should be heading home, with his brothers but tonight had been different. He’d had a small… Exchange with Mikey forcing Leo and Donnie to step in- But dammit Mikey had started it with that dumb prank!

So now, he was taking the long way home. Descending from the city buildings, he made his way into the alleyway, only to hear… Whimpering? It was a strange noise but in a city like this it was one he could recognise as a dog. There were so many pet pooches around, he’d grown used to their noises.

While he could have just went home and forgot about the whole thing, he was up for anything in order to avoid going home to confront his family. So follow it he did, tracking the noise to the back of some garbage cans.

Lying there, nursing a clearly broken paw and a skeletal body, was the thinnest dog Raphael had ever seen. She whimpered and whined, licking at the blood seeping from the wound.

Raphael grunted a little, the sight unnerving him. Poor dog, how had she gotten into such a state? He wondered. “ Yer not lookin’ yer best, are ye, girl? ” He asked, making a few soft kissy noises to get her attention.

In response the dog’s head snapped up, her ears pinned back, a low growl escaping a throat. Raph slowly raises his hands.

“ S'alright, I’m not gonna hurt ya, ” He assured, trying to work out how to calm the canine. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small wrapper. It was just a cereal bar, mostly oatmeal and honey. He usually carried one or two on him, for working out if he got hungry so he didn’t need to stop. Unwrapping it, he held it out carefully to her.

The dog seemed to give a small sniff, examining the extended morsel before giving a few uncertain licks. Having come to the decision it was not dangerous and tasted good, she wolfed it down, her tail wagging heavily; beating against the ground.

“ There’s a good girl. Were you hungry? ” He asked, very slowly moving a hand towards her to sniff, clenched in a fist. At the sight, the dog howled, whimpering and trying to back off. Quickly Raph stopped and she calmed. He paused for a moment, frowning before he tried it again, his hand held loosely now. She seemed more calm with this, her wet nose rubbing his scales.

Raph clenched his teeth a little. “ It was a person that did this to you, wasn’t it girl? ” He asked, as she continued to explore his hand with her tongue. He wasn’t really sure why he was talking to the dog, she couldn’t talk back, it just felt more natural than silence.

After staying there for maybe ten, fifteen minutes, slowly building up some trust with her; Raph very carefully moved to slip his strong arms beneath her, scooping her up, paying no mind to the blood that coated his arm now.

The dog seemed somewhat happy to have the pressure taken off of her leg, it seemed. Slightly less so about the smell of the sewer.

Upon arriving, Mikey was the first to greet him, as usual. Looking up from the comic he was reading, he took a moment to register before gasping in shock.

“ Dude, that’s a dog, ” He said, leaning over the couch, childishly. Raph grunted.

“ Yes, Mikey, she’s a dog, ” Raph agreed, making his way to Donnie’s lab.

“ What’s wrong with her leg? And how’d you know she’s a she? ” Mikey asked.

“ Someone hurt her… And you can tell on pitbulls, ” He responded.

“ Pitbull? ” Donnie looked up from his work as Raph walked in, the messy bundle of chocolate and white fur in his arms still. Studying the creature as he rose out of his chair, he corrected, “ Actually I think she’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. While Pitbull is technically correct, that’s a type of dog, not a breed. ”

“ Whatever you say Kennel Club, can you help her? ” Raph asked nervously.

“ I don’t know, I’m no vet… I’ll call April and Casey, if they’re free I’ll ask one of them to take her to a vet. I’ll try and make her comfortable until then, ” Donnie agreed, clearing a space on the table for her while searching for his phone.

“ Al'ight, but don’t mess around, ” Raph agreed, patting soft ears as he placed her down.


It was a week later when Raph got a call. From April. Placing his weights to the side, he grabbed his phone and answered.

“ Hey? ” He asked, wondering what she wanted.

“ Hey, Raph, it’s about that dog you found. The vet’s prescribed her a medical plan and they’ve operated on her leg but they’ve had to amputate it, ” At the mention of this, Raph winced at the memory of the mangled leg. He wasn’t surprised, it’d been a mess. “ She’s really underweight but the vet says she should make a full recovery and she should still be able to walk once she figures out how to balance, ” April finished.

“ That’s great, I’m glad she’s doing good, ” Raphael told her, as he picked up a bottle of energy drink, downing half the bottle.

“ Yeah but now they want to know what to do with her. The state could take her but… The nearest shelter is a high kill one. So the vet asked if I wanted to take her… But I really don’t have the time for a dog. ”

“ You’re asking me if I want her? ” Raph asked.

“ Yeah, I am… I guess if you don’t we could try and find someone el- ”

“ No, ” He cut her off. “ I’ll take her, ” He agreed without a moment of hesitation. Master Splinter was going to kill him.

But it was the right thing to do.


Once she got home, she was like a new dog. Raph could hardly believe this dog April had brought with her was the same pitbull he’d found last week.

“ Thatta girl, ” He praised, rubbing her belly as she ambled over to him, still trying to perfect the balance of running on only three legs.

“ Are you going to name her? ” Leo asked, watching vaguely amused from the couch.

“ Name her? ”

“ Well, duh, she needs a name, ” Mikey quipped in response. “ I vote for Turtledog. Like Batdog, but a turtle. ”

Raphael rolled his eyes, considering for a moment. “ I don’t know, I’m no good at names, ” He admitted.

“ What about Tenshi? ” Leo offered idly. While Raph’s Japanese might not have been as great as his brothers, he could translate that well enough, Angel.

“ Mm, I guess it’s better than Turtledog, ” Raph agreed, chuckling as he pet her ears.

“ Oh and Raph, the vet mentioned something else, ” April said.

“ Really what? ”

“ Just to mention she’s recently had pups. Maybe she was part of a puppy farm and they decided they didn’t want her anymore? ” April offered, trying to explain it somehow.

Raphael nodded, looking back to Tenshi as she snuggled up to him. A sigh escaped him, “ Where are your babies girl? I hope they’re doing better than you were. ”


The next day, Raph was walking Tenshi. It was a little hard, given he had to avoid being seen and let her pee and all, but he managed it. Somehow. He didn’t have a leash but he didn’t seem to need one, as she happily plodded along.

At some point however, she seemed to be leading him, rather than him her.

“ Tenshi, Tenshi c'mere, where ye going girl? ” He called after her, carefully following as she crossed the street. This was near where he’d found her, only maybe a block or so away.

He continued to follow her, all the way to a seemingly abandoned warehouse, continuing to call after her but stubbornly she seemed to be ignoring him. Once inside, he followed her further, round the back of some dusty crates that hadn’t been touched in what could have been years.

There he found something most unusual. Tucked into a makeshift bed of the sheets that used to cover crates were four skinny puppies, guarded by a Dalmatian; his face battle scarred and worn.

Tenshi greeted the other dog happily, nuzzling and licking faced as Raph followed curiously. Upon getting closer the Dalmatian snarled, baring his fangs however Tenshi happily trotted up to him and pressed some slobbery kissed to his leg and the spotty dog accompanying her seemed to understand.

“ Tenshi, these are your babies, ” Raph said happily, a very proud smile on his face, his heart melting. He was glad his brothers weren’t around to see him consumed by his soft side. Carefully holding out a hand to pet the Dalmatian who was now equally as curious about him, he smiled. “ Is this yer mate? Has he been looking after yer pups? He’s a good boy, ” He praised, ruffling his ears.

“ C'mon, ” He said, gathering up the pups in the sheet with no protest from either parent. “ Let’s go home, all of us. ”


A year later, Raph lounged by the TV. To one side of him Tenshi was snuggled up to him. Her stomach was once more swollen with pups, she’d give birth soon. By his feet lay her loyal protector and 'Raph’s good boy’, Butch the Dalmatian. Only two of their first litter still remained in the Lair. Turtledog, who was of course Mikey’s bundle of fun and Hana (Flower in Japanese) who had become something of a therapy dog for Master Splinter. Beowulf and Godzilla were never far behind their master, Casey.

“ You want some beef jerky? ” Raph offered the dogs and at the mention of 'beef jerky’ Turtledog had somehow appeared from the woodwork for her fair share of the food. Hana didn’t seem so bothered, resting still by Splinter’s feet.

Looking around him, Raph was very happy he had decided to keep Tenshi. She had only brought their family happiness. She was an angel, just with four legs and a tail rather than wings.

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The types of sexy thing is fun~ Could I ask for Bull Randleman and Johnny Martin?

it’s so much fun!

Bull Randleman is “he raises anxiety dogs, fixes furniture in his spare time, and from the size of his hands i know this is gonna be a big kind of time” sexy

Johnny Martin is “he know how to verbally tear apart bad media or assholes and watching it happen is like watching the sun rise” sexy

Golden Age Part 1

Cole Sprouse x Reader

Summary: It’s the Golden Age - 1950s - in a fictional town/city of Twin Oaks with a fictional take on L.A. Your new job as a singer at The Blue Room introduces you to Cole Sprouse - a mysterious, handsome man. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into now that he’s got his sights set on you.

Word Count: 1459

Warnings: N/A

A/N: This is truly part one! For a little background, I linked the prologue. Where this went could definitely see trouble tagging along. Also, I didn’t have the heart to make any of the Riverdale actors into jerks, so I made one up. Enjoy!


You received a warm welcome the week you returned to The Blue Room. Mr. Calloway had called on you a couple of times, but you had been apprehensive to take a permanent job there. He had been adamant enough and Lili had been pushing for you to take it, so you were a permanent act every Wednesday and Friday for now.

You slid up to the Cherrywood bar. Jack slipped you a cherry vodka martini. With elbows propped on the bar, you gazed across the room. Your heart constricting as your eyes landed on a booth in the back. You caught a glimpse of dark hair, but the face behind it made your stomach drop.

Disappointment sat on your shoulder like a small devil. You attempted to shrug it away, but it was no use. Though you would never admit it, you knew it was because he wasn’t here. He wasn’t inquiring after you or hanging on the edge of his seat watching you.  Settling back at the counter with a resigned sigh, you swirled the cherry in your drink.

“Why the look of disappointment, doll?” He took a drink before placing his gin and tonic down on the counter. His head cocked to the side, making his combed hair flop down. Your heart thudded deep in your chest.

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“My being a Gemini explains a lot, I think. It forces me to extremes. I’m never really balanced in the middle. I go from one side to the other without staying in either place very long. I’m happy, sad, up, down, in, out, up in the sky and down in the depths of the earth. I can’t tell you how Bob Dylan has lived his life. And it’s far from over.”

Bob Dylan

Gemini Sun - Taurus Moon