bull roar

Headcanons - Kissing Inquisition Members (friendship):

-Dorian arches his eyebrow and grins “Well, that was unexpected. You know, in Tevinter we prefer shooting spells, as a sign of affection. But I think your method is not so bad.” and he kisses you back, your laughters echoing in all the rotunda.

- Varric is surprised and not a little, by the quick peck on his cheek during a Wicked Grace match “Your Inquisitorialness, your cards must be very bad if you have to use your charm!”. But he smiles, not a grin a proper smile, and shakes his head, patting on your arm “Your turn.”.

- Cassandra blushes “That was…?Well, I suppose I should thank you.”. She clears her throat, shifting a little, but then she smiles “You’re really an unusual person, I’m glad I can call you my friend.

- Vivienne looks at you, sternly “And what was that, my dear?”. She sighs, shooing you away with a delicate movement of her hand, and she sits again on her sofa, a heavy volume already open, the only witness of the sincere smile which blooms on her face.

- The Iron Bull roars a laughter and puts his arm on your shoulders, giving you at the same time a huge cup of… something, and squeezing you almost painfully “Well ,thank you, boss! Here, have a toast with us!”. He grinns at you and  drags you with him in the centre of the tavern.

- Sera freaks out loudly, at the beginning “Oy, you, what was that?”. She grumbles about strange people who do even stranger things, and she threatens you lightly, before admitting that maybe that wasn’t so bad, after all. 

- Cole is surprised, he asks and answers alone “Why?…I see, a fixed point in the middle of the crowd, unseen yet essential, so young despite everything. People sometimes don’t remember, but you wanted to say thank you.”.  A brief pause, looking at the  Inquisitor from under his hat, with something very close to a smile “You’re welcome.”.

- Blackwall grunts something that could be a laugh or a surprised curse, but when you look at him he laughs openly “Didn’t the beard sting you? Well, then, thank you, it was a nice thing.”. He smiles again, shaking fondly his head and murmuring something to himself.

- Solas looks at the Inquisitor, touching his cheek with painted fingers and leaving a green track on his too thin skin “I suppose I should thank you?”. He seems uncertain, even if not displeased, almost if he couldn’t remind the last time someone showed him such a simple and spontaneous affection.

- Cullen seems shocked and for a moment you fear to have dared too much, but he blushes and smiles, rubbing his neck “Uh, thank you, Inquisitor. That was… very kind.”. He smiles again, his shoulders a little more relaxed and his frown gone, leaving behind a soft happiness.

- Josephine giggles openly, touching her cheek “Inquisitor, this is entirely inappropriate!”. But her bright smile betrays the pretended outrage to the etiquette and she asks you if you have time for a cup of coffee. When the beverage arrives, she’s still smiling.

- Leliana steps back, puckered “Inquisitor?”, her voice a strange mix of puzzlement and coldness. But after a moment, a little smile appears and she bows slightly, a silent thanks, her eyes brighter and she looks at you with more tenderness.