bull moos


Fold of fluffy cows in a beautiful winter landscape.

Denial, It is now a Team Sport (TM)

“What I… look for in a man?” Dorian blinks.

“I like redheads,” Bull offers solicitously, before shrugging. “I mean, not just for men. Or women. I just like redheads.”

“You mean you like red hair,” Dorian corrects absently, rolling his eyes when Bull grins at him. “You great daft cow.”

Moo,” Bull deadpans, and then ducks to avoid the swing of Dorian’s staff. “And you haven’t answered the question.”

“I make a point to not acknowledge stupid questions,” Dorian retorts, without skipping a beat.

“I thought there were no stupid questions,” Bull replies, eyebrows arched and mock hurt in his voice.

Dorian refuses to acknowledge the fact he recognizes it as mock-hurt, rather than the genuine article. He’s not in a hurry to examine how precisely he’s done that.

“Clearly, you haven’t spent much time among Cullen’s Templars,” Dorian mutters sullenly, taking the easy target and stubbornly not feeling cheap about it, despite having higher standards for snark, usually.

“Can’t say I have, no,” Bull says, one of those huge, expansive shrugs cascading down his back and making the scars twitch almost mockingly to Dorian’s eyes. “Can’t say you’ve answered the question though.”

“What was the question again?” Dorian says, feigning ignorance and glaring a little when Bull leers.

“What are your redheads, Dorian?”

Dorian looks up at Bull and sternly orders his tongue to untwist itself and his lungs to do half-a-day’s worth of work, for once. With the breath no longer caught in his throat and Bull’s teasing expression no longer transmogrified into expectation by Dorian’s own stupid, unreliable brain, he stutters, in the most awkward way possible:

“…horns, maybe?”

Bull roars a laugh, and Dorian fights off the unfathomable urge to hide, as he goes on to promise a meeting with the best racks among the Valo-Kas.

Perspective, Dorian decides, can kindly go fuck itself, preferably on something sharp.

the signs: are sgins
  • aerie: 25% all bras
  • bull: moo
  • twins: twins
  • cancer: oo.. ://
  • lion: leo the lion
  • virgo: i dont know what u are and im sorry
  • library: weigh on the scale
  • poison crab: ouch
  • saggitatrrous: saggitairious
  • caprisun: corn
  • aquaman: stay hydrated :)
  • 2 fish: 2 fish

Don’t worry, Rosy is a lot better now and should be back to drawing tomorrow!

Once Rosy and I were talking about, what even is the non-gendered animal “cow”?  While we usually think of them as cows and bulls and oxen (mucche and tori and buoi), in English, there is also a collective term of cattle for a group of any or all of the above.

Boo Radley & Mini Moo, Pit Bull & Miniature Australian Shepherd (8 & 1 y/o), Prince & Bowery, New York, NY • “Boo is a rescue, we think from a dog fighting ring, due to his scars. Mini Moo barks like she’s deaf. They’re best friends.” @mynameisbooradly