bull moos


Big bull with long horns eating hay

More Highland Cattle videos on our Youtube channel.


Fold of fluffy cows in a beautiful winter landscape.

Like I mentioned in my last post, Ginger called Mina for playing but she wanted to play with me, so she brought me the mouse. When she wants to play, she usually drops the mouse on my feet or she runs around then jumps on the sofa, bends down, then wait that I come for playing, after she wants me to throw the mouse, she runs to pick it up and comes back to me with the mouse, lol.

After Ginger was calling her, for few minutes it was quiet when suddenly the bull started mooed, lol, he has his moment when he calls the female but sometimes he moo in the night and it’s loud, lol. So in the night we fall asleep with the cow bells/church bells and sometimes the moo of the bull, lol. In Vancouver I used to fall aslepp with the sound of ambulance as I had the General Hospital very near. I prefer the cow bells. :-)

Just a quick anatomy study on the triceps. The reason there hasn’t been much art lately is cus I’ve been mostly doing boring anatomy studies with humans and stuff, not much of anything I wanted to post here. Gonna switch it up so I have some stuff to show to you guys. Plus it’d prolly be good practice anyways since I’m mostly an anthro artist  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Noisy bull says moo moooo mooooooo