bull jumping


The Inquisitor faces an endless uphill climb
She’s got something to prove
She’s got nothing to lose
The Inquisitor’s pace is relentless
She wastes no time

The Inquisitor doesn’t hesitate
She exhibits no restraint
She takes and she takes and she takes
And she keeps winning anyway
She changes the game
She plays and she raises the stakes
And if there’s a reason
She seems to thrive when so few survive, then goddammit—

I’m willing to wait for it

DAI Companions + Hamilton

What to do if you have a binding injury

1. Take the binder off. I don’t care how dysphoric you are, I don’t care how bad you feel, I don’t care who is around. DO NOT PUT IT BACK ON. 

2. Go to the doctor. Or to a nurse. When I broke my ribs, I went to the nurse at my school because that was free and that worked fine.

3. Accept that there isn’t anything you can do to heal faster. The most likely thing that doc is going to tell you is that you have some bruised ribs, and you need to let them heal. Sometimes broken ribs can break lungs, which is potentially fatal, so no matter what, you still need to do step two, but that’s probably not going to be the case. 

4. Treat yo’self. Get some icecream, and settle down with your favorite tv show. This is gonna be rough on your mental health. 

5. Tell people that you are injured (make up a bull-riding/bungee-jumping story if you don’t wanna tell em why). This will garner you some sympathy points, and people will go easier on you. Maybe your boss will let you wear a hoodie to work.

6. Don’t reflect too hard on it. The first thing you are going to think is not “oh I have an injury so I better take care of myself” it’s going to be “this is the physical manifestation of my dysphoria and why does being trans always ruin my life”. Try to refrain from that particular thought. You have an injury. Treat it like any other injury or illness you could get. 


What not to do. 

1. Put that damn binder back on. Don’t. I see you tempted. Don’t. 


3. You could end up with a warped ribcage if you don’t allow yourself to heal. Don’t put it back on. 

4. Really. Don’t.  

One Tribe One Dance

Before the bull jumping ceremony there is a lot of drinking, dancing and whippings. Women agressively fight each other, demand and harass the men to whip them with a stick.

They scream - “harder, harder, more, more” while jumping up and down. The harder the whipping the more it demonstrates her love and strength and to the tourist’s eye, toughness. - Omo Valley, Ethiopia

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Dai romanced characters: Inquisitor lets out sudden, violent sneeze during sex.


  • Bull would jump so fucking hard. He’d think he’d hurt them, and would immediatly stop everything. After finding out it was just a sneeze, he’d deflate, his face flushed from embarrassment. It wouldn’t take much to get him excited again though. *WinK wONk*
  • They would have scared poor Josephine so badly. She’d laugh afterwords, then ask if they needed any allergy medicine.
  • Solas’s eyebrows would have nearly flown off his face at how quickly/hard they raised. He would make sure they were alright, and would continue, a slower pace, under the blankets this time.
  • Sera would jump too, totally thrown off by how explosive the sneeze was. She’d then laugh really hard after finding out it was just a sneeze
  • Cassandra would be so emberassed at how hard she’d be startled. She’d think there was something wrong, asking for them so stop immediatly before they hurt themselves more. Finding out it was just a sneeze, her face would be beet red. “Bless you….”
  • Cullen would have also nearly lost his eyebrows at how fast they shot up, extremily concerned about the ‘sneeze’ he had just heard. It sounded like they had just be stabbed (with something other than his dick LMA-FUCKING-O) in the gut. He’d make sure they were ok, then he’d bunch every blanket he could find to keep them warm before continuing.
  • Dorian would laugh, “Was that a sneeze? I’ve heard Qunari battle cries quieter than that!” He’d never let them hear the end of it.
  • Blackwall would laugh too, a deep, gumble of a laugh. he’d make sure they were ok before he’d continue rutting into them.

Brandon Semenuk takes his bike to new places…

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AAAH LUCKY ME IM NOT SHOWERING THIS TIME 6 and 8 from the smut drabbles with bull pls? 😏

6 - “We’re in public, you know.”
8 - “Don’t be so rough. There can’t be any marks.”

Bull had to try seriously hard to suppress a shiver, but it was hard. Your lips were trailing over his jawline, fingers running down the length of his torso. If this were any other place, Bull would have you up against the wall. But he shifted awkwardly. “We’re in public, you know.”

You gave a light snort. “We’re in your office. It’s not exactly public.” You ended the sentence with a light nip to the junction between his jawline and neck.

It made Bull jump a little; he wasn’t expecting the sharp jolt of pain. Even if your tongue did come out to soothe the bite. “Don’t be so rough. There can’t be any marks.” He breathed out.

After a small, breathy laugh, you leaned away and narrowed your eyes at him. “You’re acting awfully shy.”

Bull gave a tight smile. “Not shy. I’d just prefer it if my hickeys weren’t brought up whenever somebody wants to undermine me.”

Drabbles are closed

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how about teen inquisitor having a crush and asking for love advice to DAI companions?

Cassandra: She’s a little bewildered, but does her best to offer sound advice, and tells them to go with their heart, but not to forget they have a brain as well.

Blackwall: He gets flustered but does his best to offer them advice. Unfortunately, most of it is a bit jumbled.

Iron Bull: He jumps right in with advice, telling them to go for it. Then he talks about doing it safe and the Herald is mortified when he starts talking about consent, condoms, and lube. They’re doubly mortified when they find both of the last two things in their room later.

Sera: She giggles and asks who it is, and happily offers her advice for romance. Then, like Bull, she jumps into safe sex and consent and the Herald is embarrassed, not that Sera cares. “I’m telling you this ‘cause I love you.” she reassures.

Varric: He thinks for a few moments and offers some kind suggestions, such as to be willing to talk and listen to each other, and tells them not to use his books as a reference guide.

Cole: Quivering, hesitating, cheeks burning red hot, do they see me, do I see them, pulsing from the chest throughout, I hope they like me, too. Do you want to know what they think about you? You should.” He approaches them before they approach him.

Dorian: He sits them down and calmly talks it out with them, and offers advice depending on the situation. He’s very patient and respectful, and is candid with the Herald. After offering his advice, he asks if they’d like his help talking to them, and they politely refuse. He leaves it be, but keeps an eye on the situation.

Solas: He looks as though he’s about to start a speech, but he stops after thinking for a moment and advises them to speak to Cassandra or a similarly close party member. He looks almost sad as they go.

Vivienne: She starts by asking questions about their crush in question, as if gauging if they are worthy. If she deems so, she tells them about approaching the situation with tact and grace. She almost tells them a story about her and Bastien, but decides not to.

Cullen: He gets completely and utterly flustered and stammers helplessly, red in the face.

Leliana: She knows already. She offers what advice she has, and keeps an eye on the situation. She almost considers pulling their crush in for the shovel talk, but the Herald asks her not to. She may change her mind if need be.

Josephine: She thinks it’s adorable, and tries her best to answer any of their questions. After telling them to follow their heart, she asks if they’d like any help at all, and they refuse hastily, embarrassed.