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The pup in Lassen Volcanic National Park
September 28, 2016
Leaving in about a week for my next trip with my loves and I couldn’t be more excited!

Service Dogs
  • Person: (In front of me at Safeway) So this person came on the Metro with a pit bull wearing a service vest AND OBVIOUSLY it was a fake vest, because PIT BULL, hello, so I took all these pictures of this person and posted them so everyone knows, because it's a PIT BULL, this bitch -
  • Me: Excuse me?
  • Person: I'm sorry?
  • Me: Pit bulls actually make great service dogs, especially for people suffering from PTSD and other psychological disorders. They're incredibly empathetic dogs, and they've been shown to be very attuned to knowing whether their person needs a comfort or a sentinel to keep threats at bay. They even used to be referred to as 'nanny dogs'.
  • Person: (sneering) It's a pit bull.
  • Me: And you're a fucking ignorant asshole who needs to be backhanded. Any other obvious statements we need to voice?

anonymous asked:

Need some advice on what to do next time like somethings like this happen. I was at a restaurant, and this lady brought in her "service dog", which was a massive pit-bull. The lady was feeding it scraps from the table, the dog kept trying to climb on chairs, and at one point she dropped his leash allowing him to walk around and letting people to pet him So what can you do if you see somethings like this?Can you ask them to see proof it's a real service dog and not just a vest they bought online?

Service dogs are required to uphold certain level of obedience in public places. 

  • No aggressive behavior toward people or other animals; no biting, no snapping, no growling, no mounting, no lunging and/or barking;
  • No begging for food, eating table scraps, or petting from other people;
  • No sniffing merchandise or people who pass by;
  • No overly excited or hyper behavior
  • No urinating or defecating in public unless given a command/signal to eliminate in an appropriate place.

You cannot ask proof of a dog’s status, that would be similar to asking someone for proof that they need a wheelchair. But you can alert the business of the dog’s disruptive behavior. The dog could be an emotional support animal, which does not require proper training, but they are not to be granted public access.

Unfortunately, vests can be purchased at anyone’s leisure. But regardless, asking someone if they’re faking it is not good. Simply reporting the dog’s behavior to the business is sufficient.

Also, Pit Bulls can make wonderful service dogs ;)

Is that a service dog?

There are 2 questions that anyone is legally allowed to ask when it comes to a service dog. 2 questions that the owner must answer by law.

1: Is your dog a service dog?

2: What is you service dog task trained to do?

By the way, if the answer to the second question is along the lines of, “S/he makes me feel better” and that’s it, then that dog is more then likely not truly a service dog.

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Here I am binge-watching Bull..

And I find myself constantly comparing the characters to those is NCIS as if Bull is really just an extension of NCIS and not something completely different. I dare you to tell me that Cable doesn’t remind you of Abby Sciuto!? And when Bull called Abigail “Boss” I swear to god I instantly had flashbacks of him getting smacked in the head by Gibbs and calling him boss!

And no, I will never let go of the idea that Ziva could still be alive.


ryanmiaku  asked:

I'm wondering if Villalobos, the animal shelter prominently featured on Pit Bulls & Parolees is a good service. They seem like it but I am woefully under qualified to judge something like that,

I’ve only watched a few episodes, and those ones didn’t show much of their husbandry routine, so I can’t really make a call. I’d want to see more of the compound (200 dogs is a lot and those runs look small unless everyone is getting solo walks daily) before forming an opinion.

I will say was impressed with the ethos of the people who run it - I saw snippets I liked a lot, like knowing when to educate and when to just overcome cognitive dissonance, offhand comments about accidentally rewarding bad behavior, a focus on matching the right people to the dog and thorough home checks. I would hope that carries over into the husbandry side of things.

It seems to me that the thing that causes most damage to those of us with personality disorders is constantly being made to feel as if there’s something wrong with us.

When actually there’s a whole lot more wrong with a world that is far more intent on blaming its victims than it is addressing the many parts it played in creating those it’s demonising.

We’re the Pit Bulls of the mental health service. Don’t blame us, blame those that taught us it was necessary to bite.

[Image shows montage of man on a beach in multiple different poses showing he is emotional and in mourning. Text above image states - “When u see a cute service dog and u want to pet hi but u know he has an important job he trained his own life for.”]

I getting sent this meme since so many people want to pet Itty and it fully encompasses how they feel when they see Itty’s “Do Not Pet” patches. I decided to make a response.

[Image shows a white and brown pit bull wearing a purple service dog vest smiling at the camera. The text on the bottom right of the image states, “And you thought I was here for you. Sad.”]

Totally get people love dogs but it’s super overwhelming consistently navigate the emotions of people who want to interrupt our day because they think she’s cute. Many people just simply say, “Love your dog” and keep going or just look before passing by. There is also a good amount of people who squeal or have no idea what to do when they see a service dog and I’m ok educating them. The last group though, the group that gets mad that they can’t pet Itty, are by far the worst. 

The biggest thing I want are for people to be in the first group and then remember there is a person on the end of the leash. My dog is SO cute and I don’t mind people sharing my job of her with me. (Not all SD handlers would agree.) I just want people to remember that they are walking with a person who they are assisting so they can live a full life. 

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Adoribull Prompt - Modern AU - There is a girl trying to go after Dorian, who works as a librarian, but Dorian has declined and told her he isn't available for the 5th time these past two weeks. She refuses to believe he's taken, but as she was arguing with him, Dorian smiles at the figure behind her carrying a lunch bag and says "Ah, Amatus. Right on time, as usual"

Oh my Nonny, I had far more fun with this one than I had anticipated.  I hope you enjoy it!

“Dorian, imagine seeing you here.”

Yes, imagine that.  Here I am, in the place that I work.  Only years of Tevinter society kept the words in his head and the smile on his face as he turned to face the woman who had become the bane of his existence.  “Good afternoon Madame Bouchard so good to see you again.”

The woman before him giggled as she laid her hand down on his arm.  “Now, now Dorian, I know I have asked you to call me Celeste.”

“Of course, Celeste,” Dorian acquiesced as he focused on keeping his fingers from digging grooves into the top of the information desk.  “What may I assist you with today?  Did you already finish the novels you checked out yesterday?”

Oh, what Dorian would give to be able to snicker right now.  Novels indeed.  More like trashy bodice rippers, but when the woman before you was the single largest contributor to the library’s continued existence small fibs were expected.

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