Hi guys!
I added 2 new product on my ETSY Shop!

As you can see, I personalized this 2 sketchbooks with brown cardboard hardcover: one with The Iron Bull from Dragon Age inquisition, and the other one with Eraserhead/Aizawa from My Hero Academia!

If you want to see them on my Etsy shop, you can find them here:
- The Iron Bull
- Eraserhead

I hope you’ll like them! Let me know if you’d like to see more of them with other characters :)

Ok here we go…

Anna is back and we are both blown away with your wonderfully hot responce.

All day I been screenshotting and texting her your likes, comments, follows, notes.

She like me was positively surprised and shocked by how much you want more!. I bet her she’d get for sure a few comments where as she thought shed get none (so she claims). Anyway I won the bet but I’m not telling you what my prize is lol.

So the good news is after several requests for more of her beautiful ass and one of her bent over I managed pretty easily to talk her into more.
Thanks to “ iwanttocheatonmyman” for her enthusiastic push…I don’t think Anna is regretting anything yet,).

Anyway…after a little egging on she agreed on the way home from work to take a snap when she got undressed to shower.

So here she is…short business skirt is gone and the heels stayed on.
I love her curves, I worship them.

Please if you love looking at her and want this game to continue feel free to let lose and tell us what she’s doing to you?XXX.

Love and licks to you all x

Ed and Anna

P.s People wanting to know the truth about how far we have gone as a hot wife couple.
Perhaps all will be revealed,).x