Like wtf Nick, most of these shows are not even yours. I thought KCA was a nickelodeon thing. ((correct me if Im wrong.))

I swear I think Nick thought that TMNT was gonna beat out Spongebob this year which is why they didnt even nominate it.

I mean come on guys!

How can you not see this is a KCA awards worthy show!

This deserves a KCA award. The beautiful animation, the voice casting, the time and effort they put into this show, the seriousness balanced with humor! And what about these heart breaking moments

((warning this maybe damaging to all fans everywhere.))

Also how about this!?

((warning this maybe damaging to all fans everywhere.))

Seriously!? You only have three shows that airs on YOUR network and one of your shows JUST started last year and its already nominated! Seriously!?

Also the turtles have been nominated for the past 2 years ((or 3yrs?)) So why not now? At its highest point? At the season where it turns better, you decide, “Oh screw the turtles, lets give these other shows a jab so we can just let spongebob win.”

This is my done face ——> (-…..-) <——See it?

I know I wont have people agree with me, or say I should just shut up already, but no, Im seriously upset about this. Because I know the reason why they did this crap, so they could have that yellow sponge nominated. THIS is why I DESPISE this stupid show, because Nickelodeon strives on it, NEVER giving an actual good chance to win.

Its like a slap to our faces when that sponge wins, because no matter how much we vote, IT WILL ALWAYS BE THAT SPONGE. And the horrible part is, there was never a main show that nick was hooked on. It revolved around on all the shows they had, until Spongebob came along and he became their damn icon. Forever now.

Im just… maybe Im getting to worked up about this, but I feel like this is really unfair, and for those who wanna throw ratings in my face, they dont mean shit. I just, freakin dont get it. This stupid awards show is fix and I will rant about it till the day I die, dammit. It may not be important to you, but this is important to me, and maybe to others to. 

I seriously hope they win something, or at least get nominated soon, cause this show is way to good to ignore, I can list so many things, but I think I listed some above.

  It needs to get recognition it deserves dang it.

Ciro and Brandon along with all the people behind this show should be given more recognition for the hard work and effort they pit in this. They give it their all, making sure to please us fans, and at least to me, that deserves a freaking reward of something!

Anyways, Ive done my ranting, damage, er, hope I didnt make a lot of people angry with me, haha.

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No one has mentioned…the fact that Briana was not wheel chaired out of the hospital….even though it is hospital policy ALL over America that all patients after giving birth should be wheel chaired to their car for hospital liability ??? This is sketchy af and no one is falling for this ridiculous bullshit