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i truly, genuinely hate packing. Like, you have to choose out of everything you own a select few things that you KNOW will be useful to you on ANY GIVEN DAY. Not even your favorites, because they might not be completely versatile. So you pack 3 bottoms, 5 light shirts, 3 heavy shirts, a statement item (like, i don’t fuckin know, a scarf?), a formal, yet casual dress, 3 pairs of shoes, undies and socks and shit, and you just. have to be happy with that for however long you’re away.

But the thing is, it gets WORSE the LONGER and FURTHER you’re staying away. Like, for say, a year, in Europe. You have to keep all of that in mind still, because you can’t make your suitcases too heavy, so you take 6 bottoms, 10 light shirts, 6 heavy shirts, two statement items (like, i don’t fuckin know, t w o  s c a r v e s) 2 formal, yet casual dresses, STILL 3 pairs of shoes, because shoes are bulky as shit, MAYBE a nice jacket??? and of course undies and socks and shit and that’s gonna be your whole wardrobe. for a y e a r. cuz you’re not about to go and spend money on getting new clothes once you get there that you’ll have to stuff in your bags coming back when you could use it for, uh, food and shit. And mailing things is just the worst™️, like unless you’re staying there permanently, there is no need to be Sharpay Evans and ship everything you own to you, but there’s that harry potter slytherin sweater that you love and you WILL be going to London at least once (???) so you want to bring it but, w h o o p s, it doesn’t fit in with your strictly black, grey, and blue color scheme, (dear god why couldn’t I have been a ravenclaw) and, mainly, is h e a v y. so you have to be happy with the cheap paper, thin snake t-shirt you got from Target©️ 6 years ago

can i just snap my fingers and i’m already packed and on the plane? please?

Thank you- Jason Todd x reader

Prompt: Person A:Is that a knife in your shoulder? Person B: Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you :) Person A: Nope, that’s a knife Person B: But I am happy to see you With Jason as person B (requested by @jadedhillon, hope you like it)
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If there’s anything they teach you more than anything in Gotham is to never go out alone, even less at night. But when you have vigilantes roaming the streets at night, guarding the city and keeping it safe, sometimes it’s easy to forget those rules.

It was a cold night, you were on your way home after leaving your friend’s bachelorette party, the second this year to have one. As your friend got praised and showered in congratulations, you were bombarded with the same old questions, when is the wedding?, For when the ring? And the worst of all, when will you have a boyfriend?

That’s why you left, it was enough with you thinking about it and your mother asking you the same. You knew none of it was with bad intention but sometimes you wished for them to shut up and a bit of luck.

As you approached your building, something that wasn’t the wind send a shiver up your spine.

The sound of steps behind you and the unmistakable stench of alcohol put you in alert. You thought of your options. You could run to your apartment and maybe manage to outrun them but wearing heels it looked impossible. Shouting may work but the way things were in this city, no one would come out to your aid.

You sped up your pace, hearing them laugh as they got closer, whistling at you trying to get your attention, your heart started to beat faster full with adrenaline and fear. You turned on a street hoping to loose them, only to find yourself with a dead end. No way, your luck couldn’t be this bad. Keeping your composure became something of the past, your mind trying to calm down, looking for a way out. You only hoped they weren’t too close, maybe you could turn and leave still with a little advantage on your side.

As you turned back to leave the men were already there, blocking the only exit. Shit. Four bulky guys sweating and drunk were looking at you, shouting the filthiest things and whistling at you like you were a dog. The one on the front was the first to move, calming the others as he approached you, licking his lips and eating you with lustful eyes. A gleam caught your eyes, a knife in his hand.

You tried to back away until you had your back against the wall, not daring to cry despite the fear pressing your chest. You were not giving them the satisfaction.

“Look what we’ve got here boys.” he spat, twisting the knife in his hand. “A little bitch looking for his master ain’t ya’?” a smirk on his face, pointing the knife at you.

“Go fuck yourself!” you shouted with a little more confidence than you felt.His smirk fell, being replaced by anger, his eyes shooting fire and his mouth wide open showing his teeth.

“It looks like she ain’t trained.” the rest of them laughed. “I guess someone has to teach her a lesson, right boys?” a round of cheers and laugh followed his words, until he raised a hand to shut them.

He raised his arm ready to stab you. Your eyes flew closed and your arms raised, trying to shield yourself, preparing for a blow that never came. The sound of confusion and grunting made you look. A tall man in a red helmet was standing in front of you, facing your attacker.

“Don’t you idiots know, that’s not how you treat a lady?”

“Now, save yourselves the pain and leave, please?” you could hear a smirk on his voice, which left you confused. Is he enjoying this.

“Are you stupid or what? We are four, and you’re alone. The one who needs to leave is you, asshead.” they all laughed, clearly drunk as they had no idea of what was going on.

“You shouldn’t have said that.” he said, flexing his muscles before attacking. As you saw him fight you realised those men never held a chance. You’ve heard of Nightwing, the way he fought was fluid and acrobatics more than anything, nothing like the one in front of you, even Robin’s moves seemed more controlled as if he’d known them from birth. But this was the Red Hood, he was pure brute force, anger flowing through every punch and not holding back a single move.

The four men were left unconscious and he was barely panting. When he fished cuffing the last man he looked at you. You had hid behind a dumpster the whole fight and just now where you coming out.

“Are you alright?” he asked, lending you a hand.

“Y-yes, thank you.” you said, taking his hand and pulling you up. You looked as he took off his helmet, revealing a handsome face and a mane of black hair with a white streak. Your heart gave a leap.

“Good, did they hurt you?” himself getting closer to you, checking for any injuries. “No.” your voice faltered at the sudden proximity of your bodies.

“You know, it’s not usual that I get to rescue someone as pretty as you.” a grin drawing in his face.

Was he flirting? A smile grew on your face at the thought of it.

“Well then, I’d say I was lucky you…!” you stopped as a gleam caught you eye. “Is that… what the… is that a knife on your shoulder?” you shouted, more from the impression than anything.

“Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you.” he shot you another smirk. How could he be so calm, if it were you, you might have fainted already and yet he was there, as if nothing had happened, flirting shamelessly.

“No, dude, seriously that’s a knife.” you said, pointing at it.

“But I am happy to see you.” you rolled your eyes, the guy talked as if he’d died before. You had your feelings torn between utter exasperation or complete gratitude towards him. He had saved you, he took a knife for you, and even in that state he still managed to fight those guys. More than gratitude you felt something else, admiration? Your head needed time to decide.

“You have to take it out.” a serious tone in your voice. “My place is just a block away, I can help you patch up there.” you said, your hand moving towards his shoulder.

He moved to grab your wrist, stopping you from reaching the knife. “Don’t touch it, it may not look like it but that thing is paining me like you have no idea and taking it out may just make it worse.”

“But it will be worse if you leave it there! It could get infected!” twisting your hand to free from his grip.

“Still, better leave it there honey.” he said, taking a step away from you.

“Oh, come on!” you stepped forward, your hand grabbing his collar and your head finally deciding on what it felt. You pulled him down and pressed your lips against his.

A sight left him at the sudden kiss, but it was quickly forgotten as he got into it just as fast. You could feel his hands on your back, making their way to your shoulders and finally resting on your cheeks, cooing your face tenderly while he kissed you. A tender kiss that became something else, his hands becoming stronger as he grabbed you, responding to your moves as your hands trailed up his body resting on his shoulders. You felt him wince at the touch but without stopping the kiss. You pressed yourself against him, trying to get as close as you could.

The moment you felt him lower his guard, your hand finally there and with a swift quick move you took the knife out, breaking the kiss and making him back away.

“What the… God it hurts.” he said, pressing the wound with his hand.

“Stop whining.” you said with a smile. “Now, let’s go patch you up so maybe we can continue where we left off.”

lunaaltare  asked:

give me all your headcanons on a sambucky childhood friends to lovers AU that doesn't exist. i imagine they didn't like each other at all in elementary school; bucky was the greasy haired white kid that played in dirt and sam didn't have the patience of color to put up with that. Like Bucky's the bad ass kid that swears and starts fights all the time, but is respectful towards teachers and knows his place, but Sam still doesn't like him. (1/?)

Well, until Sam starts getting picked on by all the rest of the little shits in his grade and Bucky’s basically ready to throw down. Sam doesn’t really understand it bc they didn’t talk much and the only time they communicated is when Sam was commenting on how nasty he was, so he still doesn’t trust Bucky even though he’s the only frenemy he has. But then one day Little Shit 1 PUSHES Sam off the swings and next thing they know Bucky is sprinting across the playground to beat this kids ass. (2/4)

Both kids are pretty rough after the fight and both get in trouble, but that’s basically when Sam’s like “wow, this gross little bastard actually cares about me” and that’s when their friendship officially starts. Bucky basically takes on the role as Sam’s “protector”–even though he eventually learns Sam can protect himself–through out high school and college. They become the troublesome duo, like you don’t see Sam without Bucky glaring over his shoulder and those are just facts. (¾)

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but just know that Bucky loves Sam v much but is too emotionally constipated to say it so he spends their entire friendship showing it instead ok bye (4/4)

Yes yes yes-yes-yes-yes-yes, I like it veryyyy much.

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im so stoked for my hipster shit to come in the maaaiiill

midnightbluhm  asked:

Omg I'm obsessed with your nessian head canons!! Seriously I die every time , I have a head canon that one time when nesta is taking a luxurious bath it is invaded by a sweaty cassian , and although she try's to shoo him away , she eventually just massages the whiny baby bat .... Lol these two are ruining my life

I imagine nesta taking this nice relaxing bath, humming to herself and with not a care in the world WHEN HER BULKY AS SHIT LITTLE CHILDMAN OF A BAT CHIMES IN and half the water of the bath goes on the ground and he can barely fit in the bath but he is smiling like an idiot and she just stares at this 500+ dork and he’s sweaty and dirty from sparring and she takes the oil in her hands and growls at him to turn around because she’s going to wash that mess on his hea that once where his hair and he IS SO SURPRISED BECAUSE IT’S THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE DOES THAT FOR HIM AND SHE’S SO SWEET AND GENTLE AND IF HE WERE A CAT HE WOULD BE PURRING but he is kinda emotional because no one ever did something like that for him and she washes his back while  blabbering about “illyrian idiots” BUT REALLY HE FEELS SO HAPPY AND CARED FOR MY BIG ILLYRIAN BBY BAT it will eventually end up in filthy stuff, but very lovely and gentle and loving filthy stuff