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into--the--forest  asked:

Hello! I really like Lensblr and I've been a follower for quite a long time. It might be my Internet browser that's not functioning properly, but I can't view any pictures on the site anymore. I do get the reblogs on my dash but nothing appears on lensblr[.]com. I hope it gets fixed soon!

To all that this may concern:

We will post this weekend or early next week to fill everyone in on what is/will happen with Lensblr in the near future. 

1.We lost our server and all dbase and functionality for reasons out of our control. Some of that has carried over to the actual blog although I have no problem still dialing up our home page @ lensblr.com so not sure why some can’t see it. Submissions and Member pages and are all down for good.

2. We will most likely shut down Lensblr forever in the next few weeks unless we can raise the funds to rebuild what we had and that is substantial dollars in the range of 6k plus US.

3. We will stop publishing once the fundraiser kicks off  and will reopen if the fundraiser gets close to the monetary goal we have set and  we will publish while the admin site and dbase are being rebuilt.

4. We will make some changes to memberships at that time but we should be able to rebuild the bulk of the membership database.

5. The fundraiser is asking for a max donation of $5 US, we will not accept more from donors because Lensblr is a community effort. We have had offers of substantially larger funds but we won’t accept these because it might give the appearance that we can be influenced by money. This will be successful or not because the community got behind the fundraiser in a substantial way.

6. If we don’t reach our goal we will return unused funds to the community in the form of a final photography contest details will come later but hopefully we will be successful in our quest to rebuild Lensblr.

7. Lensblr has been successful to date because we don’t do things like most rebloggers or feature sites, we had a system in place that involved finding photographs, voting on photos, and then having editors review the results to determine what we would publish. We have over 4000 members as part of our community. We kept stats on everything we published so that when we published we fairly represented the well known and the unknown or barely known photographers equally. We are not run by just a couple of photographers we had a system and we need to get back to that state.

8. We hope you and all photographers that have ever been published or that are members will get behind our fundraising drive and promote it on their blogs and to everyone that they know.


Cpleblow and the entire Lensblr Staff