With the new canon, I hope beyond hope that they swap out the escort carriers for both sides. 

In the original EU, these were Imperial escort carriers:

And these were Rebel:

But the triangular hull of the latter ship would probably look much better alongside Star Destroyers, while the bulkier, more bestial-looking version would match Mon Calamari cruisers and the hodgepodge Rebel fleet.


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Markiplier is so fucking problematic. I mean he fucking spilled his coffee , dances WITHOUT caution, and fucking had the nerve to get bulkier and also, can you fucking believe he has the audacity to talk and love his fans???? I mean he has a fucking nice ass fanbase who return the love back and try to be supportive to all. Wtf Markiplier

Not to mention he:

  • Is a nerd
  • Has friggin great hair I mean what’s up with that
  • Constantly lies about his height ( he just gets shorter and shorter ) 
  • Has WAY too much fun

I could go on all day, Markiplier is extremely problematic 

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Okie important question.. Do u like the 'Sleak and Abs Adorning Stefan' of S1 or the Stefan from now which I classify as 'Sexy Handsome Stefan'. I just can't choose which one I like more. But I have this little inclination towards the S1 Stefan. He looked really good not that he doesn't look good now. He's like Always Perfect! Shamelessly Fangirling ;P

Hahahahaaa this is a very important question and you know what… I’m going to go with the unpopular opinion and say I prefer current “Sexy Handsome Stefan” because I like men with more meat on them. Obviously Stefan had a ridiculous 8 pack going on in S1 that it almost looked like his abs were painted on.

But for me I like the bulkier arms, the more filled out face and just in general the fact the he can fill out a tight shirt in alllll the right places now 

Not that I would mind either… let me make that very very clear.

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"Fight me!" Josh looked up at the man. A full foot taller, bulkier, and all muscle. "Fight me!" the man repeated. Josh shook his head. He saw no reason to enter into combat with someone of that size and physique over literally nothing. He'd accidentally bumped into the man, not insulted his honor. "I'd rather not," he replied, simply. The monstrous man seemed to be angered further by his refusal, and charged.

As the larger man charged as purple rod appeared at hi throat nearly stopping him instantly. “What?” The angry man said as he looked over.

“You’re being loud and obscene.” A woman dressed in a revealing green dress and mask said is an annoyed tone. “You will leave this place or face punishment at my hands.”

The monstrous man laughed. “What from you? Listen little lady, I dunno what anime convention you rolled out of but, if you think you could stop me then you got another thing coming. I’m gonna kick this little shit’s head in and then I’ll deal with you sugartits.”

“Is that your choice?” Jade sighed. “It was a poor one…” Her rod quickly flicked around ramming directly into the bigger man’s junk making a horrible squish sound. She then rammed the staff into the man’s stomach tossing him up and out of the alleyway. The bully rolled around in pain for a moment before quickly getting up into a squatted position and waddled away in fear of the green ninja before him.

Happy with her work she turned to the smaller man with curious eye. She did not speak, it was as if she was scouting him. 

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Hello! Do you know the specific breeds of all seven of Will's dogs?

Hi there! I’ll try to answer but I’m no expert! If anyone has any corrections, feel free to send me a message. :) Here’s a few of the best reference pics I could find of them first of all:

1. Good old Winston, he’s a fluffy mutt. No particular breed that I know of.

2. Aside from gorgeous, bernese mountain dog. (Mixed perhaps as he/she seems smaller)

3. At least part jack russell terrier

4. Mixed… he’s a bit german shepherd shaped but the markings are different.

5. Havanese or bichon frise

6. Cute little underbite… I don’t really know. Probably mixed as well, looks a bit chihuahua-ish?

7. Another probably mixed. All the dogs I found that had similar markings were a lot bulkier looking. Maybe has a touch of pit bull in him/her?

Hopefully that’s been somewhat helpful! Like I said, anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I think most if not all of these dogs are mixed breeds, but Will’s got a soft spot for the strays which is why we love him so much!

Also #2 and #3 appear to be besties since they’re side by side in almost every photo and that’s totally adorable.

What’s more adorable is that #5 looks like he gets his fur trimmed, so delight yourself with the visual of Will making appointments to bring his precious baby into a pet groomers on a regular basis or even better, lovingly doing it at home himself. <3

This time on “My old PMD characters I never got to show evolved!!” I present Tikay the still very much inadequate Lucario. She was by far one of my favorite characters to write dialogue and things for back in the pmde days due to her having a rather quirky and silly demeanor. She was rather thin due to being malnourished as a Riolu but she would later take after her mothers bulkier build meant to help sustain Tikay in her used to be chilly Mountainous home. She’d be a tad shorter then your average Lucario though but still be as weird as she’d always been.

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So I want to lose just like 10 pounds. I've been using the elliptical. I don't want my legs to be bulky any advice?? Is using the bicycle better

Bicycle makes legs bulkier than elliptical. Both work the same muscles pretty much. If you want to lose weight do the tredmill and eat less calories. It doesn’t matter if you are working out if you are eating too big of portions you won’t lose weight. What I usually do when I want to lose weight is I completely cut out refined grains– so no bread, rice, cakes, cookies, cereals etc. exceptions are brown rice and oatmeal. Refined grains also make me bloated /retain water. eat good lean protein like fish if you like it or turkey or chicken. Cut out red meat for a week or so cause it is high on calorie and you’re trying to reduce calorie consumption. I try to have at least one day a week where I don’t eat meat just because it makes me feel better and it cuts out some calories. Also eat lots of veggies… I can’t stress this enough because literally they make all the difference in filling you up and making you feel better and crave less sugary foods. If you crave candy or chocolate then you can have a little if you really do cut out all breads pastas etc. soup is also good for filling you up because it’s hot. Steer clear from lots of cheese, anything breaded, any sauces or dressings with cream like ranch, Caesar, mayonnaise, etc. don’t go out to eat as much and try and prepare your own food so you know what’s in it. And lastly check portion sizes especially for meat… Portion should be the size of your first. Eat tons of veges no limit on those (unless potatoes or starchy), don’t eat too much fruit especially around nighttime because some can be high calorie and spike insulin levels/fat storage cause they still have tons of sugar in them. But overall– have patience, don’t over fixate on your weight. Weigh yourself once a week and don’t beat yourself up if it’s the end of the day and you ate too much/didn’t stick to your diet that day. It’s all about consistency overtime, so aim for 75% consistency and 25% cheating lol. You probably will get to a point where your body gets used to eating smaller portions but I can’t even tell you how much harder it will be if you don’t ease into it and don’t beat yourself up about messing up. Every day is a new day so just start over the next day!!! Get plenty of sleep, don’t eat at least 2 hours before bed, drink lots of water, check portions, do cardio (cycling classes are so fun– studies say you work harder if you workout with friends or in the presence of others)… I prefer to go to the gym and just blast music and push myself through it because honestly working out is fun compared to my homework so it’s kinda a procrastination mechanism lol. But be consistent and don’t think of it as temporary. Working out and eating well makes you healthier and happier, boosts energy and focus, expands brain capacity, and generally improves your confidence and outlook on life. Losing weight and looking better is just another perk. If you change your lifestyle, your new healthy habits will be infectious and spread to every aspect of your life so just keep thinking about that and stick with it!!! Also, don’t use the strategy of thinking positively about the future because fantasizing about your desired outcome actually incites your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing your breathing, heart rate, making you less prone to push yourself. So some psychologically backed ways of getting motivated and sticking to it might be thinking about how if you don’t do this, you will just be making inconsistent effort that amounts to nothing and it won’t get any easier, but if you just get through that first couple week period of pushing, then you will beat that plateau and things will get easier and you will see results. If you think about what you don’t want to end up like, that actually can empower you more. Mental contrasting with implementation intensions (MCII) also seem to be an effective technique. Hope this helps. Oh– and 4 words, sugar free red bull. 20 min before workout… It will make you push that much harder. And tastes bomb. Best of luck :)

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I have a larger chest size and it's makes binding both hard and worrying. I'm always afraid to do so for cons, and that prompts me to either not do the cosplay I want to or do a female version of it (Which while there's nothing wrong with doing that it's really not what I want to be Doing and I always have people mad at me for it). I have no idea what to do about this.

Hello there :) I have friends with large chests who use binders in tandem with a backwards back brace. It is also totally cool to alter a costume to better for your build or comfort zone. In fact if you look at a lot of well known cosplayers altered versions are a vast majority of what they do. So just like how you have been doing femme versions of characters, you could also do a version that is more covered, wears a bulkier chest piece to help obscure the shape of your chest etc.

Best of luck!!! I hope some if this might help you cosplay what you want to do :)

Stealing Flowers

Pairing: RusAme, 

Rating: T

Warnings: Mentioned Character Death

Alfred was frozen in place as he stared, fearfully, up the walkway leading to the door of a quaint home. He supposed that it must look odd that a man, nearly six feet tall, would be looking so fearfully at such a tiny, innocent home on a lazy street like this one. However, any on lookers would not guess that Alfred had just taken a peek at the actual owner of the home which he’d been stealing flowers from for the last few months. He stood there silently looking from said flowers in his hand to the window through which he’d seen the homeowner, staring at him. Just when he had chosen to drop the flowers and get as far from the house as possible, the door opened which caused Alfred to freeze once more in shock.

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TSW Character Meme

Day Two - Appearance

Write a detailed description of your character/characters’ appearance. There’s a lot of stuff that you can’t really do in the game! How tall is your character? Do they have any interesting markings or tattoos? What’s their favorite outfit, or do they prefer to just chill in their faction uniform all day?

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One month difference, both taken early morning with natural light. Push ups are amazing and not even that hard??? My shoulders are literally a bit broader now?

Fellow transmasculine folks looking for a more masculine body: 20 push ups and sit ups every night will seriously make all the difference. I am substantially chubby and yet I’m getting the V abdomen muscles. I’m still heavy but I broadened my shoulders and made my collar bones show through. I just look bulkier, more solid.

Just because you’re kind of fat doesn’t mean muscle gain will be pointless- you WILL see the results, and faster than you think. I was skeptical of it working but tbh I’m so so glad I started doing just a handful of push-ups and sit-ups before bed.

And btw I’m wayyy pre-T