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Tf, whatchu got against dad dating sim?

to tl,dr; it, it always gave me this kind of… weird vibe - like, the bulk of its pre-release coverage had this sort of “haha, it’s a visual novel but with gay dads instead of anime girls, isn’t that wacky?” tone to it that, combined with the whole “dadsona” stuff, gave me the vibe that the whole thing was largely being treated as a joke

combine that with the fact that i’ve never really been a fan of the game grumps (just a personal thing), and my interest in the game has all but evaporated into thin air - yet i know it’s a big thing complete with discourse right now, so i’m just gonna filter it and move on

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Diabla gets fed up with Demonio and tortures him. *shrug*

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Lu, master, please-”

His pleas fall on deaf ears as Lu strides down the dungeon hallways, Ciel’s long hair twisted around her fingers.  She stops only to give it a particularly harsh yank.

“Shut up,” she snarls.  “Just shut up.”

He doesn’t say anything more aloud, but through the contract she can still hear him - begging, pleading, apologizing desperately.  She sends him only cold ice in return.  He should know better at this point.

At the end of this hall, just before the stairs, is a dark cell with a separate cage in the corner.  Lu unlocks the door with a wave of her hand and a flare of demonic magic.  The door of the smaller cage in the corner creaks open, as well.  The inside is pitch-black and barely big enough to hold Ciel’s lean bulk.

“In,” she snaps, releasing his hair and kicking him in the butt.  Ciel stumbles forward, hesitates, then turns and drops to his knees.

“Master, please, I’ll do anything, I’m so sorry-”

“Silence!” Lu snaps.  Ciel falls silent, staring up at her with a terror that sends a thrill of power down her spine.  “Now.  In.”

After another moment of hesitation, he obediently crawls inside the cage.  Lu kicks the door shut, hears him yelp as some of his hair gets caught in the hinge, locks it, and steps away.

“I’ll come back for you in a day, probably,” she tells the cage.  “If I hear one sound from here, it’ll be longer.  Be good.”

Then she leaves.  The cell door locks behind her, and she strides up the hall, her lips flattened into a grim line.

A day in total cramped, dark solitude will teach Ciel not to hesitate when she orders him to shoot.

Even if it was his best friend and alternate self she’d ordered him to kill.

Fun Fact About Fat Loss

Ever wondered what happens to fat when you lose weight? When your body metabolises fat to use as energy, the process releases bulk carbon dioxide & water.

Every 10kg of fat you use requires 29kg of oxygen for the metabolic process, releases 28kg of CO2 through the breath & produces 11kg of water, which is excreted through urine, faeces, breath, sweat etc.

Basically the atoms in 10kg of metabolized fat become 8.4kg of CO2 & 1.6 kg of water.