bulk candy store

So I made a run to the grocery store the other day...

And noticed one of the workers apparently had a little fun in the bulk section:

they feel me

ouuu look we got a lil artist on our hands

harsh truth

sharp eye over here

batman references perfect

again, they feel me

finally, a snack for me

aaaaaand the four-way signs around a display at the front of the store:

They just really want you to buy these suckers ok

thank you mystery fortinos worker you brightened my grocery trip

hi! i’m a dragonkin and i love your blog to death. i had a suggestion for the dragonkin tag, if this hasn’t been posted in it already.

chocolate rocks are super duper delicious (a very creamy milk chocolate) for any dragon with a sweet tooth, and especially those with a craving for pebbles, rocks, or gems to crunch on with their fangs.

you can find them most anywhere i’m pretty sure, in bags or bulk in candy stores and i even saw some online on amazon.

This is perfect! thank you! -Lion


Mike and Ikes have been around for quite some time. They were first introduced in 1940 by the company Just Born, Inc.

Mike and Ikes are a an oblong, chewy, fruit-filled candy. They come in a variety of flavors and colors. The Original Fruit Flavors (green box) are the most well-known but limited flavors were STRAWBANA (1991),  STRAWBERRY N’ CREAM (photo above), CHERRY VANILLA ICE CREAM (photo above), ORANGES N’ CREAM, VALENTINE’S MIX, CHERRY AND BUBB (1991), and LEM AND MEL.(1989)

In April 2012 the company announced a new ad campaign stating that Mike and Ike were splitting up due to “creative differences” and boxes started appearing on the shelves with either Mike or Ike being crossed out the logo with a black sharpie.

In 2013 the company also then announced that Mike and Ike were “reuniting”. Sheesh…what a marketing strategy for a box of candy?