bulk arms

Clothes Off or On

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2604

Warnings: Semi-nude in public, fluff, unprotected sex, oral sex (male/female receiving), teasing, rough sex, orgasm denial (kind of), cumming at the same time, spanking

Square filled: This filled my square for Clothes Sharing for @spnkinkbingo

A/N: Alright, so sorry, this ended up turning out way longer than I was intending. I guess I realized when I was writing this just why this kink is super hot. Anyway, I really hope you like it. 

You stretched your arms up and over your head and flexed your toes back and forth trying to move your limbs enough to wake yourself up enough to finally open your eyes. A slight burn coursed through your fingers and up your forearms from your sore muscles as you stretched and writhed in bed. Cracking an eye open you turned your head to the right and glanced to where you figured Dean would be sleeping peacefully next to you, but he was gone.

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Corvo's arms, he always has two and able to choke out a whole squad then carry them to bed (or the dumpster).

yeah that’s right -



it may just be me but… the way this is phrased? is so strangely hilarious? i mean is it some sort of spoiler that other people sometimes, on rare occasion, have more than two arms? does Emily keep spare ones in her coat? does Delilah carry a whole basketful? DOES THE BLACK MARKET STOCK SPARE ARMS AT A DISCOUNT BULK PRICE

“Corvo’s arms, he always has two” fuck dude he sure does my man

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Dumb question for a non-reptile keeper #3345: How do you pick up a snake, exactly? I've seen a ton of comments about handling, what to do if the snake thinks you are food, etc. but none saying 'here's where ya grab'em'. Do you lift them from above, the sides, etc? Or do you wait for them to come to you? [Assuming we mean non-defensive, non-hot sneks here and you need to pick them up for husbandry reasons and not to make a living scarf]

Oo boy so…
when approaching the animal, do so from the side as much as you can because coming from above means PREDATOR! to most snakes. Its important to SCOOP and not pinch. So shimmy your paws underneath the snek and lift from the bottom DONT grab them with your claws. Make sure to support their entire body. i usually have my hands 1/3 and ¾ of the way down their body with as much of their bulk resting on my arms as possible.
For especially food driven snakes, i use a hook.

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I gotta say, I love your stories about Cor and his daughter. Could you write a one shot about Gladio falling in love with her once they are older maybe before the fall of Insomnia? Maybe Cor being super protective of her and so they have to keep it secret but of course it's Cor so he finds out eventually... thanks so much!!

HAHAHHAHA OH MY GOSH YES I LOVE THIS! I hope I did okay for this- had a little writer’s block when I was trying to change P.O.V’s. Hopefully it flows okay xD

A Father’s Lament

Gladiolus Amicitia was never phased by anything. Throw him into a sea of monsters with only single potion and a broad sword? No problems. Ask him to run a mile and half while inflicted with confusion and poison as conditioning training? Piece of cake! But strangely, whenever he had to sit in a room with Kari Leonis, his heart simply couldn’t take it. He noticed this little problem back when he was fourteen years old, and just getting started with his Crownsguard training. None other than Cor the Immortal was assigned to be his personal trainer, given that Gladio’s own father was busy shielding the current king and his prince for the time being.

Gladio had always been in awe of Cor Leonis. He admired the way Cor was a ‘no nonsense’ type of warrior. He also liked the fact that Cor was a ‘no nonsense’ type of father too.

“Kari, I told you to be careful with that! What if you hurt yourself?” A twenty one year old Gladiolus looked up from his set up push ups and observed the father-daughter couple a few paces away from himself in the training room. At eighteen years of age, Kari had grown into a fine young woman. Curves and muscles in all the right places, with a disarming smile to match. Her steel blue eyes both intimidated and entranced her foes, and she looked a shocking mic of both her deceased mother and her immortal father. Her long black hair cascaded in layers down her back, and her tanned, lightly freckled skin looked absolutely gorgeous. Gladio sighed and averted his gaze from Kari, feeling himself growing flustered in her presence yet again.

“You’re not serious, are you? I’m a woman, not a baby Papa! I can handle a broad sword!” Kari’s voice echoed loudly in the training room, her annoyance clear in her voice. Gladio sighed and stood up from his spot on the floor, finishing off his set of cool down exercises before approaching the Leonis family. Cor frowned down at his daughter, a disapproving glare in his eyes. Usually, people would cower in fear at the sight of Cor’s glare, but Kari merely matched it with one of her own. Gladio felt butterflies flitter about in his stomach, and he groaned inwardly and tried to make the feeling disappear as he finally reached the intimidating pair.

Gladio slowly reached out for the sword in Kari’s tight grip, and pulled it off her, eliciting a short gasp of surprise from the ravenette. Whirling to her side to face Gladio, Kari’s wide steel blue eyes caught Gladiolus off guard for a small moment.

“Uh, I need my sword back. Thanks for holding on to it?” Gladio trailed off, uncertainty clear in his voice. The shield-in-training could have kicked himself for his idiocy, but he was relieved when his uncertain tone forced a smile out of the annoyed young woman’s lips.

“You’re welcome, Gladio.” Kari’s eyes stayed stuck on Gladio’s amber gaze for a moment longer than necessary before Cor cleared his throat, reminding the two young people of his presence in the room.

“A great warrior knows of their limits. Take heed of that, both of you.” Cor stated, his voice level and authoritative. Gladio felt a lightning bolt of fear strike him in the chest, and he nodded quickly, saluting the marshal while Kari merely rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at her father.

“Yeah, whatever. You’re such a stiff Papa- loosen up.” And with that said, Kari grabbed Gladio’s wrist, causing Gladio to blush profusely, much to his own mortification. Gladio spluttered half an apology at the warrior he respected so greatly, only to be waved off by a stern father. “We’re going to the diner to grab some dinner! Gladio will make sure I’m home by nine- love you Papa!” Kari called out behind her as her small frame dragged Gladio’s bulky form with surprising strength. Well… Gladio shouldn’t have been surprised- she was Cor Leonis’ baby girl after all.

After ten minutes of being dragged around and out of the Citadel, Kari let out a loud groan and slowed her pace down, letting Gladio stand beside her. The young shield grasped Kari’s small hand in his large one and let out a tired sigh.

“How long are we gonna keep this a secret?” Gladio asked, his gravelly voice sounding rather put out. Kari tilted her head up to stare at her ‘secret’ boyfriend and grinned up at him cheekily.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Gladiolus Amicitia- ah!” Kari yelped as Gladio suddenly flicked her wrist and tugged her towards his chest. Before she could even process what had happened, she found Gladio’s searing lips atop hers, in a cacophony of biting, groaning and sensual licking, begging for entrance. Kari’s first thought was to slap Gladio away, but the way his fingers were trailing up and down her spine from over her shirt was driving her absolutely nuts.

She’d wanted to kiss him that whole time during training, but her father hadn’t left the room even once. The kiss Gladio had just gifted to her in the public eyes was a rather badly timed blessing. Kari moaned into the kiss, opening her mouth and letting Gladio slide his tongue in. The two battled for dominance, pulling each other close and mussing each other’s hair and clothes with their rough display of affection in the city centre.

Gladio was the first to pull away, a mischievous glint in his warm amber eyes as he licked his lips after seeing how swollen Kari Leonis’ pink lips were. Kari rolled her eyes and grabbed Gladio by the hand, ignoring the disapproving looks the two had garnered by some of the more traditional folk milling around, before dragging him towards their favourite diner.

“Just because I let you kiss me doesn’t mean you can get away with not paying for dinner tonight- and we get to have a banana split tonight! None of this strawberry smoothie shit, okay?” Kari reminded Gladio. The young shield glared softly at the marshal’s daughter before swinging a bulking arm over her shoulders.

“Fine, but I get to pick what we’re having as the main.”

Kari shook her head, a fond smile on her pink lips. “Noodles?” she asked, tone slightly exasperated. Gladio offered Kari a grin and nodded happily.

“Of course! They’re the best!” Gladio stated, absolutely enthused. Kari sighed and shook her head, snuggling into Gladio’s hold as the two walked towards their usual diner. The young couple didn’t notice a tall, broad figure tailing them, stern blue eyes set upon the pair as they walked together in such close proximity.

The imposing figure stalked after the two, disappointment and slight anger plain in his eyes as he watched the young couple throw physical affection at each other out in public. Passer-by kept their distance from the clearly off-put man as he made a clear beeline in the direction of the young couple, following them discreetly into the diner before taking a seat near their own booth, bringing a menu up to his face to cover up his identity.

Gladiolus Amicitia and Kari Leonis had NO idea they were being watched. Of course they didn’t- they were young, in love, and trying to hide their suspicious relationship from none other than Cor Leonis. The marshal. The freaking ‘Immortal’. The young couple continued their adorable, clingy banter, unaware of the bemused and slightly seething presence sitting only a few booths away from them.

The hidden figure, none other than Cor Leonis himself, watched the two slurp up their noodles as they talked to each other amicably. Cor flinched slightly whenever Gladio reached over the table to grasp his daughter’s small, feminine hand in his larger palms.

“Get those damn bear paws off my little girl Gladio…” Cor growled lowly to himself, sipping on a paper cup containing cold water. For lack of anything better to do, Cor grabbed some bread from the complimentary bread basket and ripped some to shove into his mouth. He made a face of disgust at the staleness of the bread roll he’s just ripped into, but continued to chew anyways. Cor watched Gladio and Kari closely as they held hands across their table and chatted comically about the happenings of their day.

Cor frowned when he realised that he could hear absolutely EVERYTHING they were saying. He would have to teach the two more about being discrete in public… after they’d been torn apart for keeping their relationship from him for so long of course. The marshal kept his steel blue eyes trained on his daughter as she suddenly stood and leaned over their booth’s table towards Gladio. Cor almost had to shut his eyes when he realised that he was watching his little girl KISS Gladiolus Amicitia full on the lips, none too innocently, in full view of the public.

Not that the marshal was a prude or anything, but this was his little girl! He couldn’t have her KISSING strange boys out in public for the world to see! People would get the wrong idea of her. They’d think she was all for carrying around a muscle-man to keep her safe and do her bidding- but Cor knew that Kari was able to out-muscle most men, even Gladiolus at the best of times, and she knew plenty of combat and self-defence arts to keep herself safe. Cor had seen to that in her formative years, up until now.

“Babe… let’s go back to my place real quick. It’s been too long since we’ve… you know?” Gladio’s low, gravelly voice travelled over to Cor’s ears and the over-protective father could not take another second of it. The marshal stood up from his spot, not caring that he’s upturned the basket of stale bread he’d unknowingly been ripping into tiny pieces onto the table, and stalked his way rather intimidatingly towards Gladio and Kari.

Kari’s eyes widened in alarm at the sight of her father approaching them. She had the decency to flush red in embarrassment, though Gladio had his back turned to the marshal- he had no idea what was about to go down.

Cor didn’t know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. Either way- Gladio was going to get his ass kicked. How DARE he touch his daughter in such an impure way? Without even asking for his blessing to date her!

“Papa…” Kari gasped out quietly, stepping out from behind Gladiolus and placing herself between her father and her boyfriend protectively. Cor frowned at the gesture, slightly troubled by it, but continued to make his way forward until he was close enough to Kari to grab her hand and pull her out of the diner. Gladiolus finally caught sight of him and Cor would have laughed in any other circumstance at how comically funny Gladio’s thick eyebrows looked, raised so high on his forehead out of shock of seeing him in the diner.

“Gladio, follow us. We need to talk.” Cor ground out, grasping his daughter’s wrist tightly in his large calloused hand. He proceeded to drag her out, gently but firmly, out of the diner. Kari knew better than to protest against her father when he was in a mood. She followed Cor obediently through the crowded diner and out the door. Cor felt a tug on his arm and he shot Kari a scathing glare, to which Kari actually lowered her gaze and bit her lip nervously.

Cor’s gaze softened slightly at the gesture. It had been a while since his glares had been able to truly scare her. He felt a little bad about it, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Did we pay the bill?” Kari finally asked, her voice strangely soft- full of trepidation. Cor let out a sigh at his daughter’s skittish behaviour and nodded in confirmation.

“Yes- charged to the Crownsguard Fund.” Kari nodded slowly, turning her cold blue eyes towards Gladio, who had been smart enough to read the whole situation, opting to stand an acceptable distance away from Cor’s baby girl. Cor regarded the two with stern eyes, glaring at them for a few long moments. He could sense their nervousness in their expressions, their stances, their breathing…

Cor finally let out a tired sigh and raised his free hand to his temple and massaged it slowly. His grip loosened on Kari’s wrist, Kari grasped his large hand in her small ones, squeezing lightly out of nervousness.

“Papa…? Are you alright? Are you mad? I’m sorry.”

Gladio nodded, staring right at Cor with his warm amber eyes. His gaze was filled with apprehension. “Me too. I’m sorry too. I should have told you about us… I should have asked for permission-”

“How long?” Cor interjected, staring right at Gladio, ignoring his daughter’s questions for the moment and sizing up the young man who stole his girl’s potentially fragile heart. He didn’t want to ever have to hurt Gladio for hurting his little girl. Gladio was a good young man. Cor respected his mettle and his dedication and pride to being the next king’s shield.

He also didn’t want to kill his pupil either.

Gladio gulped and stared Cor right in the eyes as he answered. “Seven months, marshal.”

Cor felt Kari’s hand squeeze his own, but he didn’t respond to the silent request for reassurance. Instead, he bore down on Gladio with his eyes.

“Have you touched her inappropriately?” Cor asked quietly. Kari’s grip tightened significantly at his question, and though he already seemed to have his answer, Cor refused to show any reaction until Gladio admitted it himself.

Gladio squirmed slightly under his trainer’s glare before nodding carefully. “I have never done anything she didn’t want.”

“It’s true Papa.” Kari piped in, her voice wavering slightly. It was at this point that Cor had to look over at his precious little girl… wait, she wasn’t so little any more. She was a woman… a woman in love. Cor turned his body slightly so that he was fully facing his daughter, and his heart hurt with a strong pang as he spied the first few drops of tears dripping down her cheeks.

Cor Leonis, the father, couldn’t keep up his tough charade any longer. He’d scared his daughter to the point of tears, and he felt absolutely terrible for it. She was obviously happy with Gladiolus, and Gladiolus seemed to have immense respect and love for his little girl. If they’d been together for seven months, even if the first five months of their relationship was not known to him, Cor knew that Gladio was definitely dedicated to Kari Leonis and her happiness.

Wrapping his daughter up in his gentle embrace, Cor smiled slightly and hummed Kari’s favourite lullaby- if a little off tune- to calm his precious girl down. He felt Gladio take a few steps closer to them, and he turned his head to the young man and rolled his eyes mockingly.

“You two are terrible at hiding your flirting in the training room. It was very uncomfortable for me to watch. And both of you didn’t disclose anything to me. What did you think I’d do if I knew?” Cor asked, his voice suddenly incredulous as he smoothed Kari’s hair gently and regarded Gladio with a raised eyebrow. Gladio smiled sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders.

“To be honest, I wanted to tell you as soon as we shared our first kiss because I was scared shitless. But Kari was too scared to tell you, so I kept her secret-”

“Gladio!” Kari gasped, her cheeks red and her eyes looking raw from her tears. Cor grasped her small face in his hands and wiped away her remaining tears with his thumb before pressing a tender kiss on her warm forehead.

“You can tell me anything, sweetheart.” Cor simply said, hoping to assuage Kari’s fears. “Gladio is a good guy- I approve.”

Kari immediately threw her arms around her father’s shoulders, and the marshal could only lift her slightly as they hugged, holding onto her small frame tenderly as he felt a heavy feeling sink into his chest. Kari soon removed herself from her father’s embrace and quickly turned towards Gladio and flung herself right at him.

Gladio readily caught her, and twirled her around happily. The two shared a short kiss with each other and Cor’s heart broke a little at the sight of his little girl and his long-time charge growing up quickly, right before him.

While the two were locked in their own world of happiness, they didn’t notice Cor had departed from the scene until Kari’s smartphone buzzed with a message alert from her father.

‘I’m heading home. As long as Gladio gets you back before midnight, you’re free to do as you wish. Just exercise some responsibility and use protection when… you know. I love you Kari.’

Kari smiled and pocketed her phone, squeezing Gladio’s hand as they made their way to Gladio’s own apartment. The two didn’t notice a rather misty eyed Cor standing behind a building, his hand clenched at his chest, as he watched his little girl walk away with the man who became her new hero.

Cor could still remember the little Kari who used to ask him for bed time stories and cuddles. He wanted that Kari back. He missed that Kari dearly.

“I guess… those are all just some good memories now.” Cor sighed quietly to himself before making his way back to his empty apartment. That night, Cor sipped on a beer while flipping through Kari’s baby pictures.

“You’ve grown up well. I’m so proud.”


The inspiration for these pictures were taken from this image of Mettaton (by @sushidragon) and this image of a magician Mettaton (by @stellar-art, the full image can be seen in the @mtt-fanzine, which you can download the PDF version for free, btw). 

I just had to do a shot where Mettaton does a trick where he summons Dapper Blook out of his hat. I’d like to imagine that he pulls this trick off by having Napstablook hide under the table, who then floats upwards right into the hat when the time comes. 

Mettaton’s blazer is made of stretchy black fabric, with purple ribbon for the lapels. The white shirt on the inside is sleeveless to prevent arm bulk. Seed beads were used for the buttons. Pink velvet was used for the cummerbund and the bow tie. I already had a top hat from a previous project.

The lighting for these shots were kind of tricky. It involved having to take the shots at twilight hour (this so that it’s dark outside, but not exactly night), while keeping the shades closed. A pocket LED flashlight was then used as the light source to give the soft spotlight effect.  

Speaking of lighting:

Here’s a picture of Mettaton in regular room lighting. From an artistic view, this lighting is bad, but I decided to take this shot so you can see how Mettaton looks like from head-to-toe.

And here’s a picture where the LED light was not focused right, causing Napstablook to stand out much more and Mettaton to hide in the shadows. It’s not a good shot, but at the same time, I like this one anyway because this oddly gave Napstablook a much more haunting look to him. them. (edit on 12/12/16. Totally forgot ghosts were non-binary! Whoops! ^^;)

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Omma,, would you be able to do an opinion on got7s shoulders​? For me a guys sexiness is based on a guys shoulders and how strong they look 😍 like their shoulders or upper back?

ok so I’m with you here! I’m really into shoulders too, but not how wide they are but rather the actual deltoid muscle, so ill include a few deltoid photos too ^_^
also i have to say goggling ‘got7 shoulders’ was the stupidest thing i ever did, the first 40+ photos are just jb :P 
my points out of 10 mean be a bit harsh, as i have a tendency for bulky muscle rather than smile muscle.
i did some maths and went about figuring how close the boys are to the ‘golden proportions’ for shoulders to waist. obviously its going to be off because i dont have there actual measurements, but its a rough guess. 
the ideal number is 1.618 
So heres goes :P

proportion number= 1.57
this just shows how close to ideal jbs shoulders are compared to his waist, also with his waist being smaller than his hips means he’s ratio is higher.
personally i love the fact that he’s naturally got broad shoulders (bone) and its not just a lot of muscle making them wider. and i can’t deny that any dance he does that involves his shoulders is amazing, however i must say that that one never ever performance where he wore the bomber jacket with the padded shoulder was super extra :P

Deltoid gif ^_^

proportion number= 1.52
even thought marks body type is naturally slim, more akin to a runners body type. but theres no doubt that he has been bulking up lately, and I’m all for that :P he actually have a great tapered line from his shoulders, its clear that his waist is much smaller than his hips.
7/10 (because he’s bulking up)

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.50
what can we say, jackson body is his pride and joy, he looks after it so well and it shows. for me he did over do, i think it was the ‘if you do’ era, but its come back from that. he’s always naturally been able to build up muscle. even in his trainee days he was super defined. like jb he’s has a bulky muscle look rather than the slim look. unlike mark he’s waist is the same as his hips which shows in his ratio being smaller than marks

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.46
ok so things start to get harder now, with mr.never-ever-show-my-muscles. which is a shame because I’m 100% sure he has more defined muscle lines. he’s more slim toned muscle, but like jackson his waist seems to be similar to his hips not giving him the advantage that mark has of a thinner waist, hence his proportion number.

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.41
do you all know how hard it is to find any pics on youngjae in fitted tops where he’s looking straight on, it was so hard to find anything. thank god for that black and red fan meet. 
as for youngjae, the majority of his muscle is in his legs and (i think) chest. its not too focused in his arms or back. for this really cuts down on his ratio, also like jackson his waist doesn’t taper much again cutting on his ratio.  
i can’t really say much else as I’ve really got no photos to go off of, except that he might be working on those areas more.
6/10 (only because i have no photos)

proportion number= 1.51
man was i surprised when i saw bambams ratio, but trust me it makes sense because bambam has a super tapered waist, just like mark. his shoulders were wider than i thought, maybe not as defined as the others, however he is going to the gym more so he might even get to the ideal ratio before the others.  he’s a lean type, but with a smaller waist. 

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.44
now what do we say about biggest chest yugyeomie. surprisingly he’s bigger pecs adds nothing to the ratio! even though he might have slightly wider shoulder than the others, its all gone out the window because his waist doesn’t taper at all, and because he doesn’t have as much deltoid muscle as jackson or jinyoung his ratio is less than theirs. however its all made up by his height proportions being nearly perfect (Assumed). I’ve not noticed any bulking up regarding his arms nor have the others mentioned it, which is a shame because he could probably get to the ideal ratio quite easily. unlike bambam, yugyeom is a bulky muscle but mostly in his pecs.

also this cue tiptoe jinyoung is adorable XD

When someone says ‘nymph’, this is not what you think. You don’t think upper arms that bulk from the broadness of their shoulders or bodies so heavy with muscle that the earth trembles beneath their feet. You don’t think chlorine hair or five-thousand-calorie diets. You certainly don’t think sweat dripping onto the floor where a puddle has already formed as they settle yet another twenty-kilo weight onto the machine. You think skinny; elegant; desirable. But these women — The Naiads of Greece, Team Iara from Brazil, the Russian Rusalkas — they are not the delicate, fragile flowers of the myths. To them, it’s the feeling of perfecting an inch of a stroke; of that tenth-of-a-second cut off their times after half a year of sweat, tears and vomit; of watching the sun rise over the pool as they finish their first practice of the day… It’s power, not elegance or femininity. They don’t care about the attentions of men. All they care about is winning.

AESTHETIC PUNK MYTHS 2/4 Creatures/monsters

Current Dominator cosplay concept. I’m hoping to make the shoulders bigger than shown, but I’m not sure how heavy they’ll come out. I’m hoping for comfort in this costume, lol. I’m also hoping that I can bulk up the arms when I get to those. Also, I decided that repeating the chest pattern onto the horns would be interesting, but if I did that, the shoulder horns wouldn’t light up, only the chest would. I’m really just throwing around some ideas rn.

Stressed-Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N: for my girly @estheletic bc I know how much she loves Sebby

You were in the worst mood. You were surrounded by papers from assorted classes and subjects. All of which were for the pileup of exams that were due to destroy the last few threads of your social life. Highlighters and assorted coloured pens were scattered on your floor and there was no coffee left in your house. Sebastian was away filming so you really had no distractions but looking at pictures of your boyfriend was a good excuse to not study.

He was supposed to come home at some point in the week but you weren’t sure exactly when. You hadn’t heard the door open as your headphones were on and your revision was going well or so you thought. You looked up to see Seb walk in and you threw off your headphones and ran to him. His bulked up arms lifted you off of the ground and he kissed your lips feverishly. “I missed you. What’s happened to our bedroom? It looks like you deforested the amazon in here.” He lay you on the bed and a pen dug into your back which was removed swiftly.

“I’m so glad you’re back. Ugh, I’ve been so stressed. There are so many exams soon and everything is just…ugh!” You buried your head into the bed and his hands were on your shoulders. They slowly kneaded at the tensest areas and the knots in your muscles were slowly dissipating. “Seb, thank you. It’s just been pretty crappy these past few weeks.”

“I know, princess, just relax okay. We can catch up when we’ve both rested but you’ve been revising for ages. I remember last time you refused to sleep and you camped out on the sofa ‘cos I can’t sleep with the lights on.” His hands went down to your back and massaged there too. 

“I don’t deserve you. God, I love you, Seb.” His warm hands helped your tense muscles melt into heaven. He knew exactly how to move his hands. You knew that for sure.

He shushed you and continued to help you relax, your eyes were slowly starting to close and he knew that. He knew how much you panicked and how little sleep you had gotten recently. He was glad that you were drifting to sleep and that you did not force yourself to stay awake for his sake.

Taking In Strays - Chapter 8

A/N: Sorry its take a while to update! I hope someone still wants to read this!
Fic Summary: Emily Embers is at rock bottom, doing what she can to care for her son after the death of her husband. A fall on an icy street finds her in the arms of Steve Rogers, who offers her some assistance that she gratefully accepts, but little does Steve know just how deep he will have to get himself into someone else’s world in order to save them.
Chapter Summary: Emily wakes up in a strange place, but a familar face soon makes her realised where she is and what happened after she was sucked through the portal. Steve meanwhile is thrust into sudden fatherhood much sooner than he was expecting.
Warnings: None (exciting stuff to come in chapter 8 though)

Chapter 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7  


Taking In Strays – Chapter 8

Emily groaned as she came to; the bright lights above her hurting her eyes, shapes moving beyond her focus. Voices started to become clearer as she was able to concentrate on the pounding in her head;

“Miss? Miss? Can you hear me?”

She blinked at the bright lights, holding her hand to her head;

“Where am I?”

“Bellevue Miss”

Emily considered what the voice had told her; Bellevue? The hospital?;

“Where’s Steve? And Mickey?”

“Who? Is that your husband Miss?”

As she pondered what the voice had said she was finally able to focus on the room, seeing a young looking nurse at the foot of her bed, the dark iron frame a stark contrast against the crisp white sheets. Before Emily could answer the questions a middle aged doctor entered the room and dismissed the nurse, checking over Emily’s chart on an old fashioned clipboard that had been hanging over the end of the bed. Glancing at his name badge she read it aloud;

“Dr Erskine”

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