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My first actual arm day in probably a year and a half, and it lands on a flex Friday! I’ve sorta ignored my arms for other areas for way too long, and I’m honestly disappointed I let my arms lag behind so much. But I’ve got a dedicated arm day now, and a pretty good arm routine going to get my arms where I think they should be. I’ve researched the exercises that should target all the bits and pieces of both my biceps and triceps, which I’ve written down below.

My arm day routine:

  1. 3 sets of heavy barbell curls (4-8 reps)
  2. 4+ sets of heavy triceps bench press (4-8 reps)
  3. 3 sets of preacher curls (8+reps)
  4. 3 sets of incline curls (8+ reps)
  5. 3 sets of cable triceps extensions (overhead)(8+ reps)
  6. 3 sets of triceps extension pulldowns (8+ reps)
  7. 3 sets of cable curls (facing outward)(8+ reps)
  8. 3 sets of triceps-focused push-ups. 
Clothes Off or On

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2604

Warnings: Semi-nude in public, fluff, unprotected sex, oral sex (male/female receiving), teasing, rough sex, orgasm denial (kind of), cumming at the same time, spanking

Square filled: This filled my square for Clothes Sharing for @spnkinkbingo

A/N: Alright, so sorry, this ended up turning out way longer than I was intending. I guess I realized when I was writing this just why this kink is super hot. Anyway, I really hope you like it. 

You stretched your arms up and over your head and flexed your toes back and forth trying to move your limbs enough to wake yourself up enough to finally open your eyes. A slight burn coursed through your fingers and up your forearms from your sore muscles as you stretched and writhed in bed. Cracking an eye open you turned your head to the right and glanced to where you figured Dean would be sleeping peacefully next to you, but he was gone.

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Corvo's arms, he always has two and able to choke out a whole squad then carry them to bed (or the dumpster).

yeah that’s right -



it may just be me but… the way this is phrased? is so strangely hilarious? i mean is it some sort of spoiler that other people sometimes, on rare occasion, have more than two arms? does Emily keep spare ones in her coat? does Delilah carry a whole basketful? DOES THE BLACK MARKET STOCK SPARE ARMS AT A DISCOUNT BULK PRICE

“Corvo’s arms, he always has two” fuck dude he sure does my man


The inspiration for these pictures were taken from this image of Mettaton (by @sushidragon) and this image of a magician Mettaton (by @stellar-art, the full image can be seen in the @mtt-fanzine, which you can download the PDF version for free, btw). 

I just had to do a shot where Mettaton does a trick where he summons Dapper Blook out of his hat. I’d like to imagine that he pulls this trick off by having Napstablook hide under the table, who then floats upwards right into the hat when the time comes. 

Mettaton’s blazer is made of stretchy black fabric, with purple ribbon for the lapels. The white shirt on the inside is sleeveless to prevent arm bulk. Seed beads were used for the buttons. Pink velvet was used for the cummerbund and the bow tie. I already had a top hat from a previous project.

The lighting for these shots were kind of tricky. It involved having to take the shots at twilight hour (this so that it’s dark outside, but not exactly night), while keeping the shades closed. A pocket LED flashlight was then used as the light source to give the soft spotlight effect.  

Speaking of lighting:

Here’s a picture of Mettaton in regular room lighting. From an artistic view, this lighting is bad, but I decided to take this shot so you can see how Mettaton looks like from head-to-toe.

And here’s a picture where the LED light was not focused right, causing Napstablook to stand out much more and Mettaton to hide in the shadows. It’s not a good shot, but at the same time, I like this one anyway because this oddly gave Napstablook a much more haunting look to him. them. (edit on 12/12/16. Totally forgot ghosts were non-binary in “Undertale”! Whoops! ^^;)

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Dumb question for a non-reptile keeper #3345: How do you pick up a snake, exactly? I've seen a ton of comments about handling, what to do if the snake thinks you are food, etc. but none saying 'here's where ya grab'em'. Do you lift them from above, the sides, etc? Or do you wait for them to come to you? [Assuming we mean non-defensive, non-hot sneks here and you need to pick them up for husbandry reasons and not to make a living scarf]

Oo boy so…
when approaching the animal, do so from the side as much as you can because coming from above means PREDATOR! to most snakes. Its important to SCOOP and not pinch. So shimmy your paws underneath the snek and lift from the bottom DONT grab them with your claws. Make sure to support their entire body. i usually have my hands 1/3 and ¾ of the way down their body with as much of their bulk resting on my arms as possible.
For especially food driven snakes, i use a hook.

Title: Like Real People Do

It was a warm night in Whitestone when she slipped from the castle, making her way out into the gardens. Crickets chirped under the cover of darkness as naked, heavy foot falls thudded across the stonework, heading in a very specific direction. 

As she closer neared her destination, long having left the tameness of the gardens for the wilderness of the surrounding forest, the unmistakable sound of music reached her ears.

It was not the happy notes she was so accustomed to, set into a jaunty tune that was written to bolster drives and lift spirits. Instead this was something low and haunting, dragging and slowing so as to create something melancholic and longing, almost like a howl on the wind.

She followed the sorrowful flute to a familiar bench, where she found what she’d been looking for.

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Omma,, would you be able to do an opinion on got7s shoulders​? For me a guys sexiness is based on a guys shoulders and how strong they look 😍 like their shoulders or upper back?

ok so I’m with you here! I’m really into shoulders too, but not how wide they are but rather the actual deltoid muscle, so ill include a few deltoid photos too ^_^
also i have to say goggling ‘got7 shoulders’ was the stupidest thing i ever did, the first 40+ photos are just jb :P 
my points out of 10 mean be a bit harsh, as i have a tendency for bulky muscle rather than smile muscle.
i did some maths and went about figuring how close the boys are to the ‘golden proportions’ for shoulders to waist. obviously its going to be off because i dont have there actual measurements, but its a rough guess. 
the ideal number is 1.618 
So heres goes :P

proportion number= 1.57
this just shows how close to ideal jbs shoulders are compared to his waist, also with his waist being smaller than his hips means he’s ratio is higher.
personally i love the fact that he’s naturally got broad shoulders (bone) and its not just a lot of muscle making them wider. and i can’t deny that any dance he does that involves his shoulders is amazing, however i must say that that one never ever performance where he wore the bomber jacket with the padded shoulder was super extra :P

Deltoid gif ^_^

proportion number= 1.52
even thought marks body type is naturally slim, more akin to a runners body type. but theres no doubt that he has been bulking up lately, and I’m all for that :P he actually have a great tapered line from his shoulders, its clear that his waist is much smaller than his hips.
7/10 (because he’s bulking up)

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.50
what can we say, jackson body is his pride and joy, he looks after it so well and it shows. for me he did over do, i think it was the ‘if you do’ era, but its come back from that. he’s always naturally been able to build up muscle. even in his trainee days he was super defined. like jb he’s has a bulky muscle look rather than the slim look. unlike mark he’s waist is the same as his hips which shows in his ratio being smaller than marks

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.46
ok so things start to get harder now, with mr.never-ever-show-my-muscles. which is a shame because I’m 100% sure he has more defined muscle lines. he’s more slim toned muscle, but like jackson his waist seems to be similar to his hips not giving him the advantage that mark has of a thinner waist, hence his proportion number.

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.41
do you all know how hard it is to find any pics on youngjae in fitted tops where he’s looking straight on, it was so hard to find anything. thank god for that black and red fan meet. 
as for youngjae, the majority of his muscle is in his legs and (i think) chest. its not too focused in his arms or back. for this really cuts down on his ratio, also like jackson his waist doesn’t taper much again cutting on his ratio.  
i can’t really say much else as I’ve really got no photos to go off of, except that he might be working on those areas more.
6/10 (only because i have no photos)

proportion number= 1.51
man was i surprised when i saw bambams ratio, but trust me it makes sense because bambam has a super tapered waist, just like mark. his shoulders were wider than i thought, maybe not as defined as the others, however he is going to the gym more so he might even get to the ideal ratio before the others.  he’s a lean type, but with a smaller waist. 

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.44
now what do we say about biggest chest yugyeomie. surprisingly he’s bigger pecs adds nothing to the ratio! even though he might have slightly wider shoulder than the others, its all gone out the window because his waist doesn’t taper at all, and because he doesn’t have as much deltoid muscle as jackson or jinyoung his ratio is less than theirs. however its all made up by his height proportions being nearly perfect (Assumed). I’ve not noticed any bulking up regarding his arms nor have the others mentioned it, which is a shame because he could probably get to the ideal ratio quite easily. unlike bambam, yugyeom is a bulky muscle but mostly in his pecs.

also this cue tiptoe jinyoung is adorable XD

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If you don’t mind either, maybe a small continuation of the witch mercy with fem!s/o who’s a werewolf fic. Perhaps a bit of angst, hurt/comfort? Like Mercy is cornered by some bad dudes who want to hurt her, Werewolf s/o appears and protects her but gets wounded pretty badly in the fight. Mercy taking care of them and praising them for protecting her

Got ahead of myself again. Sorry its so long, I know you wanted small…

“Here you go, Mrs. Brigget,” Angela said to an older woman, standing outside her door holding a small pouch as the sky slowly darkened with nightfall. “Inside this are some ground up herbs. Just put a teaspoon into your tea once a day for the next week and your should be feeling better in no time.”

The elderly woman smiled warmly at Angela, little wisps of gray hair poking from beneath her small hat. “Thank you, dearie. I do appreciate your spells, Miss Witch. Especially when they help an old woman like me,” she said, giving Angela a gold coin before taking the pouch. The witch noticed the little boy peeking from around the woman’s skirts, clutching her dress folds as he watched her.

Smiling down at him, Angela reminded the woman, “You can call me Angela, Mrs. Brigget. Or Mercy.” The little boy gave her a hesitant smile that grew, before he fled back into the house with a giggle. It melted Angela’s heart, honestly.

Waving it off, the little old woman smiled at Mercy again, showing off a dimple. “Why don’t you come inside for a cup of tea, Miss witch? You walked an awful long way to bring us the medicine,” Mrs. Brigget said. Mercy hid her smile and was prepared to accept, finding herself a bit parched.

Mrs. Brigget paused when a gust of wind blew the chimes on her porch violently, losing its usually sweet sound. Mercy had to reach up and hold down her hat, even as the breeze seemed to tug and pull at her. Suddenly unease, Mercy turned back to the woman.

“That’s okay, Mrs. Brigget. I think I’m going to head straight home,” Mercy said, giving her a gentle smile and briefly she squeezed the woman’s frail hand in farewell. “Blessed be.” Mercy prayed for the woman’s good health and safety, knowing the herbs and her little spell could only help the woman so much. The rest was up to the woman’s will.

Leaving the house, Mercy walked down the dark streets of the village, heels clicking on the cobblestone sidewalk. Vaguely she noticed that some of the villagers were lighting the lamps along the roads, but right now Mercy could hardly focus on that.

Often Mercy would get a feeling, a vision…a premonition that something was to come. This was the first time though that her vision filled her with such unease…. something bad was coming, Mercy thought. She was sure of it. The breeze that flitted the autumn leaves down the winding streets seemed to be telling her the same thing: she needed to go home, right away.

Mercy wished she hadn’t come alone to the village to deliver the parcel. It would have been so easy to just accept your invitation to walk her there and home. Yet Mercy had thought it best to take a nice quiet walk by herself to clear our the long list of orders rattling in her head.

She saw now how wrong she had been.

The unease grew into a discomfort that seemed to physically envelope her, and soon she became aware of what felt like eyes watching her from the shadows. A soft noise of fear escaped her lips when there was a sudden sound of heavy foot falls behind her, like something was chasing her.

Angela reacted on instinct and began to run. Whoever it was following her was bigger then her, she had already deduced, though Mercy was a bit on the small size. And the pursuer was definitely a man.

Fear drove her feet to move faster, even as the chaser seemed to get closer and closer. Heart beating wildly, Angela didn’t dare glance back at him in fear of what she would find, in fear of how close he’d really be. This street was still dark, and most people were inside their homes, tucking in for the night.

A howl sounded in the distance, and to Mercy’s relief she caught sight of the forest ahead and the path that would lead her home. The gravel patch that led home lay tucked between to large willow trees ahead. If she passed the trees and made it into the woods, surely no human would follow her in there. Not while knowing what dangers lurk within those woods…

While Mercy was a powerful witch, she had her limits her magic could not be used to bring harm to a human. And humans were the most dangerous of all, for while the villagers were kind and believed in her gentle soul, many humans still would not stand to hear of witchcraft for being used for anything but evil.

Almost there, she thought desperately, just reaching the willow trees-

A large hand roughly grabbed her arm, shoving her hard enough that Mercy was knocked back into one of the willow trees, falling against its rough bark with a soft cry. The pain was sharp in her arm as the force of the shove and the rough bark scraped at her skin, leaving little bleeding scratches along her elbow and shoulder.

“There you are, witch,” laughed a deep, masculine voice. “Been lookin’ everywhere for you. We wanted to say a little hello.”

Angela lifted her head, leaning back against the tree as she clutched her arm. A bulk of a man stepped through the swaying branches of the willow tree, and she recognized he was a traveller, from his obvious wears. We…she thought, and at that moment three other fingers pushed through the branches, each of their eyes burning with a hatred that shook her.

This is what the premonition was about, she thought as terror coursed through her veins, trying to form the words she needed to protect herself. But these were large, mortal men. There was nothing you could do to fight back.

“I have done nothing wrong,” Mercy managed to say, voice quivering. “Please, let me go. I can forgive this.”

One of the men shook his head, holding a pitch fork in his hands and he smiled a cruel, gap-toothed grin. “Y’see, missy, we don’t like witches or nothin’,” said the man. “Worlds best without ‘em. Y’get what I’m saying here, miss?”

Mercy prayed within herself. Prayed for these men to stop, prayed that a miracle would happen. Prayed you would forgive her for her foolishness.

“Maybe we’ll be gentle,” the big one said and the rest laughed. “Why don’t we have a look here-” His big meaty hand reached for her, and Mercy flinched back against the tree, eyes closed tight as she waited for him to grab her.

Instead, his hand never found you. Your eyes opened as suddenly as they’d closed as a loud howl permitted the air, too close by. The men had stopped briefly, looking a bit wary. Surely they wouldn’t risk it…

“Them wolves don’t come to the village, aye,” said one of the men. “The forest creatures don’t touch the village. As long as we’re on this side of the tree, all will be fine-”

A snarl filled the air and the men let out a shocked cry, all of the stepping back and one scrabbling behind the other. Beside the tree stood a massive white wolf that came to Mercy’s shoulders. Hackles raised, large canines were bared in a snarl as the giant creature slowly stalked forward.

“W-What is t-that?!” said one of the men, as the massive one scrambled back from Mercy. None of them had ever seen such a massive wolf, one that could easy fit one of their heads in its whole jaw and squish it like a grape.

A tiny, relieved whimper left Mercy’s lips as the wolf firmly planted itself between you and the men. The wolf’s ear flicked back toward her, as if saying it was here. Here to protect Mercy…tears filled her eyes. How good it was to see you…

“Thats the witch’s beast!” said one of the men, and he immediately had his torch up. You snarled, tail straight up and your ears laid flat against your head. How dare these men hurt your witch?

The big burly man got into a stance before he launched himself at you. You easily dodged him, dodged the knife you hadn’t seen clutched in his hand. Except in that moment, all of them attacked. 

Mercy let out a cry as metal met flesh and teeth tore skin, blood spraying across your beautiful pelt. There were screams, yelps, snarling and cursing as the five of you fought. And Mercy could do nothing, because the men harming you were mortal. Never had she despised such a rule in her life, for this was the first time she had ever thought of hurting a human.

And yet…

Despite being out numbered, your strength was too much. You bowled over the last assailant, sharp claws tearing his shirt as your sheer weight pressed him down into the earth. The man had sweat and blood dripping down the side of his face, and you felt no mercy in your heart as you prepared to end him.

“Y/n!” you heard Mercy’s voice, a soft plea. “Please…I…you can’t kill them. They’re cruel, but we can’t take the life of another…please.”

The wolf in you said to kill the abominations that dared to harm her mate, and yet the human in you regrettably knew Mercy was right. As much as you wanted to…this was a case where you could walk away and no one had to die. After all, they hadn’t had a chance to really harm your beloved.

“P-Please,” the man begged, trying to shield his face with his hands in defense, prepared for you to attack.

Lips curling back, you snapped at him and took satisfaction in seeing him flinch and whimper. Then you slowly got off him, padding over to where your witch stood by the tree, clutching her arm. Looking back, you watched as all the men scrambled away and ran, clutching their wounds.

You still wished you hadn’t let them go. How cruel people could be, you thought to yourself before licking at her wound gently, nosing against her. You could smell no other injury on her, as far as you could tell.

Mercy’s fingers came up, threading through your fur and gently fisting in the fur of your cheeks as she laid her head upon yours, letting out the longest breath you’d ever heard. “I’m so happy your okay, that you found me in time…” Mercy whispered, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of your soft fur.

“I was so scared, y/n. I was so afraid…” Mercy’s eyes opened. “Your…your shaking, Y/n.”

Am I? you thought distantly. For a few brief minutes, you had felt overwhelming pain in your body. The pitch fork had pierced one of your legs twice. The big man with the knife had stabbed your back and side as many times as he could manage, which hadn’t been too much. There were spots the other two had kicked and hit mercilessly at you. And the pain had been intense…

Now though, you felt numb, as though you were floating on a cloud. You felt colder, you thought, despite the thick fur. Slowly your legs started to buckle beneath you.

That was when Mercy saw the blood coating your beautiful white fur. “Y/n!” she gasped, just as she sank to the forest floor. “Oh god, y/n! Baby, you have to change back! Change back, baby!” Mercy’s voice was distant, as though she’d somehow moved far away.

You didn’t feel as her hands skimmed over you, didn’t feel her as she looked at the severity of your wounds. You didn’t understand the tears that welled in her eyes and slid down her cheeks as she desperately tried to chant a spell to heal you. You didn’t comprehend the sobs that shook her.

All you could so was watch her with soft eyes that were slowly closing. “Don’t-Y/n, you can’t sleep! Don’t you dare! You have to change, y/n, I can’t help you like this!” Mercy sobbed. “Please, change back!”

Change back…you thought vaguely. Mercy…wants me to change…back…

The world went black around you, the last echo of her voice filling the oblivion you fell into.


Slowly you came back to the world, and the first thing you knew upon awakening..was that you were in pain. A low moan left your lips as a searing jolt went through your back. You laid in a soft bed of furs and quilts, naked beneath a large blanket. You could feel the bandages covering your upper body and both your thighs.

Eyes opening slowly, you registered the room was rather dark, but warmly lit by a fire in a large hearth. “Angela…” you murmured, looking around slowly, trying to crane your neck but each movement hurt. Candles littered the room and you could see a new pile of spell books at her desk.

The door opened suddenly, and you saw a tired looking Mercy walk in, only to freeze at the door. She held a tray In her hands, with what smelled like delicious cream and tomato soup. Immediately there was a pang in your belly and your mouth watered, as though you hadn’t eaten in days..

“Your awake,” she whispered, a wobbly smile coming to her face before she slowly made her way over. Putting the tray on the bedside table, she took a seat on the edge of the bed and immediately reached for your hand.

How warm it is, you thought, before you studied her. How tired she looks…there were circles under her eyes and her eyes slightly puffy, like she’d cried recently. It broke your heart to think she might have cried without you to go and comfort her.

“I am,” you croaked, your throat dry. “Are you…are you okay?” You could remember what happened, the men who had prepared to kill Mercy, tearing at them and knowing in your heart that you had to protect her..but it went kind of fuzzy after that.

It looked for a moment like she considered it, but after a moment Mercy crawled into the bed and gently tucked herself against your side. At first it hurt, the pressure of her body on yours, but you wanted her close and gradually the pain eased.

“You’ve been unconscious for two whole days,” Mercy said softly, her fingers gently stroking your collarbone. “I…I was so afraid, y/n. There was so much blood and you were barely breathing…If you hadn’t changed back into a human, I’d have never been able to get you home.” 

Hating how her voice wavered, you managed to reach up and stroke the blonde strands from her face. You didn’t need to look at her to know her eyes were full of tears.

“I’m sorry, Angela,” you murmur, stroking her hair and resting your cheek to the top of her head. “But you know I can’t regret it, right? I’d give my life a thousand times over if only to keep you safe.”

A little laugh bubbled to her lips, and Mercy wiped at her tears before pressing a kiss to your chin. “I know, baby. Thank you. Thank you for saving me,” Mercy says softly, playing with a lock of your hair that fell across your shoulder.

“I love you,” you murmured, breathing in deeply. Just the smell of her, of candle wax and herbs and soup…all of it soothed you. “There’s no need to thank me.”

Slowly nodding, Mercy rested her cheek on your chest and closed her eyes, thankful for every blessed moment she had you in her life.

When someone says ‘nymph’, this is not what you think. You don’t think upper arms that bulk from the broadness of their shoulders or bodies so heavy with muscle that the earth trembles beneath their feet. You don’t think chlorine hair or five-thousand-calorie diets. You certainly don’t think sweat dripping onto the floor where a puddle has already formed as they settle yet another twenty-kilo weight onto the machine. You think skinny; elegant; desirable. But these women — The Naiads of Greece, Team Iara from Brazil, the Russian Rusalkas — they are not the delicate, fragile flowers of the myths. To them, it’s the feeling of perfecting an inch of a stroke; of that tenth-of-a-second cut off their times after half a year of sweat, tears and vomit; of watching the sun rise over the pool as they finish their first practice of the day… It’s power, not elegance or femininity. They don’t care about the attentions of men. All they care about is winning.

AESTHETIC PUNK MYTHS 2/4 Creatures/monsters

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Would you happen to know any exercises a pre-t trans guy could do to pass better? I'm assuming mostly weight exercises?

I’m not a pro  gym goer but I’d say that trying to make yourself more top heavy would help. So weights to bulk up your arms and shoulders, and I know that I personally work out my chest as much as I can to reduce my chest tissue. But don’t forget that you need a balanced gym experience so make sure to add some cardio and don’t miss leg day it is important! I find that rowing machines are great for an all round upperbody workout!

If any followers have better info please add to this!