Jaime Reyes Relationship Meme

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Warnings: Language, there are a few curse words in here.

Authors note: If you want this filled out you can send me an ask. I write for young justice, the bat fam, ultimate Spider-Man, and the Marvel cinematic universe.

  • What are your ringtones for each other? 
    Jaime’s for you is Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce
    Yours for Jaime is Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes 

  • Who kisses the other first?
      Neither one of you. You’ve seen those now kiss memes all over the internet well Bart thought it would be better in real life. Who did he happen to ship? None other than you and Jaime.
  • Who says, ‘I love you’ first?
     Does it count if whoever says it is asleep since that’s exactly what happened?
    Jaime had passed out on your couch during movie night, and you didn’t have the heart to wake him. With Finals and superheroing, Jaime had been running on fumes lately. So, you were just happy he was getting some rest.
    You’d fished an extra blanket out from heaven knows where and draped it over Jaime before leaning in and softly kissing him on the cheek. That’s when it happened “I love you (F/n)” Jaime mumbled in his sleep before snuggling deeper into your couch.
    A few hours later you heard a shout of “I DID WHAT!” coming from the living room.
    “So, I’m guessing Khaji Da told you huh?” You smirked as you strolled over to Jaime planting a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t worry I love you too.” You whispered in his ear softly.
  • What’s the first song you dance to? 
    Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce.
    Repetitive I know, but it’s Jaime’s ringtone because it’s the first song you danced to and you thought it was sweet that he cared so much.
    You went with Jaime to a dance that his school was holding and it was the last song of the evening. He pulled you close and started whispering translations softly in your ear while you lay your head on his shoulder. That is until a chaperone came through and demanded that the two of you put some distance between you.
    Not even the Scarab was happy about that one.
  • Who’s the jealous one? 
    It’s not you, It’s not Jaime, no, it’s Khaji Da.
    “The impulse is to close to our life mate termination is recommended.”
  • What starts your first big fight?
    Relationships aren’t all sunshine and roses, and you and Jaime tended to bottle up all the small annoyances and frustrations until boom the smallest thing will set you off.
    “D*mn it, Jaime, how many times have I told you not to put an empty milk jug in my fridge.” You shout at your boyfriend as you shake a milk jug in front of his face.
    “Chingada Madre, calm down It’s not that big a deal,” Jaime yells back at you. (Chingada Madre means Mother Fu*ker it’s often used like ‘da*n it’ is in English.)
    “Clam down, you want me to calm down.” Needless to say, the next half-hour is spent screaming every little thing you disliked about each other.

  • How do you make up?
     One month later and you two still aren’t speaking, and honestly it’s making you both miserable. The cherry on the cake was even the Scarab was refusing to speak to Jaime.
    “Dude, what are you two even fighting about?” Bart asks Jaime.
    “I honestly don’t even know at this point.”
    “Then go up and talk to her man.
  • Who calls at three in the morning? 
    Neither one of you Jaime is either sleeping or on a mission (If you’re on the team so are you), but you do have conversations at plenty of other weird times. Jaime likes to call you when he’s in the shower (Get your mind out of the gutter right now.) he says it’s the only time he can talk to you without Milagro listening in. Some of your best phone conversations happen when his cell phone is next to the bathroom sink.
    “Bart did what?” You laughed flopping back on your bed
    “I’m not joking he really tagged my face with a drawing of road runner and it won’t come off.” Jaime paused for a moment before continuing. “Last time I let him watch looney toons I swear.”


  •  What does Khaji Da think of you?
    He often refers to you as “Our life mate” when speaking to Blue.
    “Our life mate requires sustenance.”
    “Our life mate has hormonal changes consistent with menstruation. Take
    caution Jaime Reyes.”                                                                          “You’ve angered our life mate Jaime Reyes.”                                                So it’s needless to say he likes you.
Steve Rogers adapting to the 21st century would include

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  • steve having a dictionary for every new word he hears
  • him overusing “AF” but not knowing what it stands for
  • “thank you Friday, you’re helpful AF”
  • “Tony, i’m angry AF now!”
  • “Are you sure AF, Buck?”
  • him saying YOLO all the freaking time
  • “Cap, you need to wear a parachute!”
  • “C’mon Nat, YOLO!” *as he’s flying into the air*
  • him almost having a heart stroke when he sees Miley twerking
  • “Steve breath, c’mon, inhale, exhale”
  • “that’s just so …. degrading. Why would someone do this on tv? AND CHILDREN ARE WATCHING THIS???”
  • “why is this phone named after a fruit?”
  • “Tony, you need to take this one back to the shop, it’s used, look, the apple is bitten”
  • “who is this corn-man and why is he on tv so much???”
  • “he’s HYDRA! i know it!”
  • “you should have left me in ice”
  • him calling a 30-year-old his son
  • “what is uhmmm Facehook, Tony?”
  • “ohh interesting, so i can search anyone’s name and then i can contact them?”
  • “Clint, can you help me with this Lookbook thing? i’m searching for one of my friends but i can’t find him”
  • “what’s his name?”
  • “Timothy Dugan, he’s one of the Howling Commandos”
  • “Steve, he’s dead.”
  • “oh! sorry”
  • “Natasha, can you help me with something?”
  • “I need to choose a profile picture for this … uhm … *looking at the writing on his left hand* Facelook account. So which one do i choose: me in a cap suit or in civilian clothes”
  • “Bruce! i got 8 likes on my shield’s photo”
  • him pouting
  • “someone commented saying i’m not the real Captain America”
  • getting angry at the computer
  • “gosh, i’m tired AF i need to sleep ASAP”
  • Nat taking him to movie theater to see “50 shades of grey”
  • him having a seizure in the middle of the movie
  • really getting into selfies
  • taking selfies with Thor during missions, posting them on Instagram and captioning “freedom and justice are what we’re fighting for”
  • taking pics of random stuff that’s red, white or bule
  • “what? it matches my aesthetic”

Yang ini namanya Bule. Sodara kandung ucil. Kakak paling besar. Dari 7 bersaudara cuma ucil dan bule ini yang berhasil survive dan tumbuh jd anak kecil lucu. Dan setelah sempet sakit, ilang bulu alhdulillah mereka berdua bisa tumbuh sehat.

Yang gue heran gen nya gada banget yg mirip mama nya.
Padahal indukan bulu panjang dan pesek lhoh.

Eniwei, sehat sehat terus yah anak² mommy yg lucu… Hihihihi

Melihat Sisi Lain Islam di Inggris

Alhamdulillaah, saya diberangkatkan Allah untuk studi tingkat master di tahun 2015 ke kota Manchester, Inggris bagian Timur Laut. Tidak disangka setahun di negeri ‘Barat’ memberikan pelajaran spiritual yang sedikit berbeda, yaitu saya melihat sisi lain Islam di Barat.

Islam bukan semata karena keturunan

Selama di Indonesia, tentunya mindset yang lazim terbentuk adalah Islam karena keturunan. Misalnya, saya beragama Islam karena Ayah saya, kakek nenek saya, dan buyut saya muslim. Tapi di Inggris saya kemudian tersadar: Hmm… apakah Islam akan berterusan sampai ke keturunan-keturunan berikutnya tanpa upaya?

Toh, putri-putri dari beberapa ulama ada yang tidak menerima berhijab sebagai perintah Allah dan putra-putra mereka menjadi penentang Islam yang diajarkan bapak-bapak mereka.

Ternyata nasab bukan jaminan keislaman seseorang. Di Inggris, tak jarang wajah-wajah Pakistan dan Arab saya temui dengan santai menenggak minuman beralkohol. Sebaliknya, orang-orang terlahir di keluarga Barat saya melihat mereka begitu antusian mencari ilmu agama dan mengamalkannya.

Manchester lebih bersuasana Islam dari Indonesia

Selama di Manchester, saya pernah tinggal di sebuah flat selama 12 bulan dan mengontrak satu kamar di sebuah rumah selama 3 bulan. Pada periode mengontrak kamar, rumah tersebut terletak sepelemparan baru dari sebuah masjid yang dikelola oleh muslim keturunan Somalia. Masjid itu bernama Alfurqan.

Ada tiga hal yang menarik dari masjid ini. Pertama, walaupun dikelola oleh muslim keturunan Somalia, para jamaah masjid sangat beragam. Ada muslim keturunan Arab, Pakistan, Mesir, India, ada warga negara Malaysia, Indonesia, dan terlihat beberapa wajah bule. Jadi, masjid ini bukan jadi trmpat berkumpulnya jamaah dari negara atau 'firqah’ tertentu. Masjid ini masjid semua orang.

Kedua, jamaah masjid sholat shubuhnya hampir menyamai jamaah sholat jumat. Kapan ya ada masjid di Indonesia yang seperti itu? :’)

Ketiga, suasana bersaudara sangat hangat di sana. Kami saling berkenalan, menanyakan kabar, dan berbagi cerita selepas sholat tanpa ada pagar-pagar yang membatasi kami. Saat sholatpun, kami sholat dengan cara sesuai madzab yang kami pegang. Hanafi, Maliki, Hambali, dan Syafi'i semua meluruskan bahu dan merapatkan kaki. Kami duduk di halaqah mingguan yang sama. Kami makan di nampan yang sama saat jamuan ifthar di bulan Ramadhan. Saya merasakan kehangatan dan kesatuan hati umat Islam di Manchester.

Pantas saja Allah menyuruh manusia berjalan di muka bumi (travel) untuk saling mengenal, saling belajar, dan melihat tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah.

Dan saya rasa muslim di Indonesia pun harus belajar dari jamaah masjid Alfurqan di Manchester sana.


Kita Hidup Di...

Kita hidup di dunia yang merasa perempuan berkerudung panjang adalah sosok yang mengerikan, tapi perempuan berpakaian mini bisa dimaklumi, demi seni atau profesi.

Kita hidup di dunia yang sulit sekali untuk bahagia. Buktinya, banyak anak muda yang menggantungkan kebahagiaan pada pasangan, kalau jomblo katanya tidak bahagia. Kita mengejek yang tidak punya gandengan, merasa lebih bahagia, padahal prestasi kita tidak kemana - mana. Kita hidup di dunia yang pamer kemesraan dengan pacar adalah kebanggaan, tapi menikah adalah hal yang mengerikan.

Di sisi lain, kita hidup di dunia yang menikah menjadi sebuah perlombaan dan media euforia. Kita lupa, bahwa menikah adalah kendaraan berjuang, bukan sekedar tentang membebaskan diri dari kesendirian.

Kita hidup di dunia yang fanatik terhadap agama dianggap membahayakan, sedangkan yang tidak paham tentang agama dianggap toleran.

Kita hidup di dunia yang menganggap celana cingkrang adalah pakaian teroris. Tapi tidak demikian jika yang mengenakannya adalah para selebriti bule yang necis.

Kita hidup di mana kita terlalu sibuk menggunjing dan menyepelekan orang yang tengah hijrah, menilai dia radikal. Kita membuang waktu dengan membuat meme - meme lucu tentang dia, sedangkan dia tengah sibuk berdoa dan mendekatkan diri pada Sang Pencipta. 

Kita hidup di dunia semacam itu. Celakanya, kitalah yang membentuk dunia menjadi begitu. Lalu apa jawaban kita jika suatu hari malaikat bertanya, “dunia apa yang telah kau ciptakan?”