Abs workout!

•Front plank: 60 sec
(Lift ur foot up and down sometimes)
•Side plank: 60 sec
•Bridge: 50 times
(Lift your foot up)
•Crunches: 75 times
•Front plank: 30 sec
•Double leg lifts: 25 times
•Crunches: 25
Then stretch!

TRIGGER WARNING: Drinkable laxatives

Okay so today I tested out drinkable laxatives. It was some fiber-powder that had to be mixed out in water, and honestly that was the most disgusting sht I’ve ever tasted. I literally almost threw up while I was chugging the mixture down. I kind of think this is positive though, because it sure did curb my appetite. Overall it worked pretty well, and is a go-to solution when I eat over my calorie intake limit or if I binge.