ok. look.

its december. its almost christmas. you missed out on being skinny this winter—that’s fine.

it’s okay. you’re still pretty, okay? i love you.

but hear me out. admit you missed your goal to be at your ugw going into 2019. it feels like failure, it sucks, it’s embarassing to miss your goal by THIS much. but hey, it’s okay. i promise. you’ll be alright.

because look. june is a whole SEVEN MONTHS away. in seven months you can easily lose 50-70 lbs. summer bodies are made in the winter, you hear me?

repeat after me.








take it slow, make it manageable. increase your cal limits to stop binges, drink your damn tea. don’t weigh yourself everyday—do it one a week, once every other week if you can. hit the gym, pop some squats and run some miles. do a couple sit ups. throw some dumbbells around. find some hobbies. get your zzzs, make sure you eat your shrubbery and get those vitamins. we’re trying to be skinny, not dead. drink the clear splashy stuff.

you’re going to be SO fucking skinny by june. when you drop your sweats and oversized shirts, you’re going to be so so pretty in your bikini and crop tops and short shorts.

when everyone’s embarassed at the beach that they stuffed themselves full this winter, they’ll be so fucking jealous of you.

it’s okay if you didn’t make it to your goal this year.

but don’t give up.

you have SEVEN months. you got this. you and me.

let’s fucking get it.

i love you. stay safe.

If my ed was a genie 🧞‍♂️

My ed: hey, do you want something? I’ll grant it.

Me: I want food please.

My ed: be more realistic…

Me: be skinny

My ed: ok! Binge it is!