Ana water fast tracker โœจ

So, whenever I fast for a long time I tend to lose motivation quite often. If you have the same problem, hereโ€™s something you can do.

You make a long stripe of paper, glue multiple stripes together bc it has to be quite long, and then you devide it in however many hours youโ€™re fasting (I did 48 hours). Then you write down the hours from 1 to 48 from top to bottom and hang it on the wall.

Every time you make it through one hour you can cut off a piece from the bottom and then see how many hours you have left. Try to make it all the way to the top star and you made it through your fast!!

Itโ€™s very motivating to see the stripe get shorter and shorter with each hour, itโ€™s like making your way to the top, literally!

I got this idea from my grandma, we used to do this to count down the days until my birthday when I was little. Iโ€™m using it now to count down the hours of my fast but you can use it for literally anything.

It might seem silly but I do this every time and itโ€™s awesome!