UPDATE: “OOOOPSIE!” In all this Monday madness, I forgot to mention it’s the LAST week for the SWEETLY SOUR PORK (aka “Panda Pork”). Btw, it’s SUPA DUPA delicious over the Spicy Spam Fried Rice!!

First of all, it’s the happy return to the BULGOGI BURGER on this (seemingly) beautiful #MOTOWNMONDAY .. WOO HOO!!

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Oh yes, the BULGOGI BURGER returns in all of it’s minced kimchi glory (well, that’s glorious for some.. not so much for others). The KITCHEN NINJA is mixing it up again and adding a Gochujang Lime Aioli this time around too… WOOOOOOO WEEEE that should f'ing delicious (if I don’t say/blog so myself LOL)

Get that with some Spicy Spam Fried Rice (if ya didn’t know.. YUP, we gots some) and I reckon you’d be a happy camper and/or office/cubicle employee of the day (and Chuck Norris would be proud of ya too!)

(conveniently borrowed from the Fuck Yeah, Chuck Norris Facts page.. thanks guys for the hilarity! ;D)

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In other news, LQ@SK is still goin’ strong y'all (get yer ressie HERE foo’s) along w/ *GLORIOUS trumpet sounds as if King Arthur had returned from the dead* …. THE CHEESE CART! And holy CRAP it’s a lot of cheese (38 picture here all from France.. and they’re GOOD too). Even if you aren’t in for a full meal, you can come in for JUST the cheese cart (and I think I forgot to mention TRUFFLE HONEY along w/ a lot of other accompaniments as well)

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Last bit of news: if you’re work near or around the LACMA, we’re going to be on the 5900 Wilshire block in the Cart for a Cause TRUCK (yup, another SK TRUCK experience!!) from 12-2p tomorrow/Tues. Come on out, support a great charity, say “Hi” and get yerself a BOUDIN NOIR Banh Mi while you’re at it too (it’s SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!)

Okay, thats the longest post I’ve been able to get to in a long time (oh how I miss you my faithful blog), but not it’s time to gets to work. So be safe, come for some BULGOGI BURGER-liciousness, stop by LQ@SK for some (or ALL 38) cheese and tell your friends about us on a truck… You MIGHT see me in my banana suit (or similar ridiculous outfit) too. ;)