Ismael Jordan

I started a game with almost no CC, because I wanted to test a bit what was going on with the patch and the upcoming stuff pack, and because it’s kind of liberating sometimes, even though I love CC and I am endlessly grateful to all the wonderful creators (you people!) out there! Anyway this is the Sim I made for this game, Ismael Jordan. He wants to be a painter but found a job as an art critic for now.

Sorry for the pixely screenshots, I have to check my settings. Anyway if you like him here is is:


This the CC I have in my game, default skin, body hair, and errmmm… bulge @lumialoversims, default eyes @pyxiidis, “junk” Cmar.

reasons why yuri and viktor DEFINITELY kissed

1. No one hugs their “friend” or “coach” like that. Their eyes aren’t staring into each others and their lips aren’t damn GLISTENING. I mean !! Look !! At !! The !! Lips !!

2. Noses don’t touch when you “hug” your “friend”. HOW CLOSE TO THEY NEED TO BE WITHOUT IT BEING THAT THEYRE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE

Also, damn, but look at Yuri blushing over there. And look at Viktor’s, very subtle, smirk.

3. Do I even need to say anything? Viktor’s eyes are damn closed and that the squinty sorta face that an anime clearly shows when they kiss someone. Yuri’s eyes are bulging, and he’s left speechless (mainly because Viktor’s mouth is on top of Yuri’s, but you get the idea). They’re so close too!! Look at it, theres virtually NO space between those two. “Just bros” wouldn’t be that close to each other (especially not those gay-ass bros).

4. Look at people’s reactions. If a coach and a student hugged, even at that damn falling-on-the-ground capacity, then no one’s jaws would be to the floor and no one would be BLUSHING. Lets inspect these photos: 

-The lady in the back of the second picture’s face basically says “two men fell over hugging” so no homo there, honestly.

-Minako’s face is a dead giveaway, however. Her mouth is wide open, which would be a correct response to a boy she’s known all his life and the man he looked up to all his life KISSING. Plus she’s blushing! All day she’s been drooling over Chris and his routine and his sensuality. She would be totally chill if it was just Yuri and Viktor hugging, but two men kissing? She’d sure be shellshocked after all she’s seen that day.

-In the first photo, we start off with Yuri’s sister. Mari Katsuki is 7 years old than her brother, so she’d lowkey know him really well. Her face says, “was expecting it, but not on worldwide television”. Thats a given.

-Yuko obviously looooooves it. Its clear she’s shipped it since day 1. 

-Takeshi looks just as a straight, male who’s childhood best friend just kissed his idol should and would.

-Yuri’s mom is so intrigued by this. Moms always know, in a little voice inside their head, whats going on. She known this was apparent for a while and is happy its finally happening.

If it was just a hug, then why would all these reactions mean so much to the story and plot line

5. Last one: First, look at the hand placement. Yuri’s hand is on Viktor’s upper back, and Viktor’s is on the back of Yuri’s head. Viktor’s hand represents how he’s Yuri’s support system and always will be. Then, look how longingly Yuri is looking into Viktor’s eyes. Just a moment ago (if you scroll up), Yuri was in complete shock when he went down with Viktor in a “hug”. Yuri’s face now is something of acceptance and realization.

In drama shows and novels, there always has to be a romantic problem and solution. Yuri needed Viktor to be there for him when he burst out crying, and thats all he needed. In the end, Yuri realizes that Viktor had been there all along and they’re totally gay. the end.


that time mel didn’t check if his pets would get along

(there is absolutely no timeline accuracy here I’m sorry I just needed to get bubble eye goldfish!osse out of my system)