disneyyandmore's Pick A Princess Challenge: Pocahontas

Favorite Song
This song is so absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely one of my favorites of the whole soundtrack and ugh, just the entire sequence is stunning! I had a hard time actually picking which little scenes to do.


that time mel didn’t check if his pets would get along

(there is absolutely no timeline accuracy here I’m sorry I just needed to get bubble eye goldfish!osse out of my system)

hockey player luke giving his team a pep talk because there’s ten seconds left in the last period of the championship game and he’s slapping his hands against one another and his veins are prominent against his pale, sweaty skin and his blue eyes are bright as he shouts and finally as they put their hands together and chant he looks up at you in the crowd and winks and blows a kiss and the girls all around you start squealing but you know exactly who its for