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When You Have a Shitpost Blog


He gives you this look that lets you know that he’s a little weirded out by how often you reblogged photos of him with “yasssss daddy 😩😍🔥”

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He’s got no problem with it other than the fact that you used to stan D.O. very hard and it made him a little jealous.

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He thought you were joking, no way could his girlfriend be one of those hardcore fangirls. He soon found out he was terribly wrong.

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He wasn’t one to judge someone who was so close to him but even he couldn’t help the thoughts of you being secretly crazy from coming up.

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As expected, you only reblogged and posted photos and posts that highlighted his cute, funny, and greatest moments. He was happy you ran such an innocent blog. Until he came to the bulge post.

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He found it by accident when he was using your laptop and reading your posts/comments made his year.

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Him: “So when you asked me to rock your world all night long, did you meant it?”

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The poor guy didn’t know what to do or say after finding your blog. On one hand, he was flattered you thought of him so much. On the other hand, he was shocked by the amount of vulgar words you use in a single sentence.

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Him: “I didn’t know she ran a blog just for me. That’s so cu–oh.”

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Him: “So you can say this on a blog to other fangirls but you can’t say you want me to bang you to my face?”

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You noticed he was being a little too smiley lately and couldn’t figure out why. Little did you know he was thinking back to the things on your blog.

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Him: “Don’t worry, ‘papa frita’ is here now.”


Seriously, his whole crotch area is like a goddamn disaster waiting to happen to my eyes. How do women control themselves who are actually in the same vicinity as him? How does he make it through one single day unmolested? I would go DIVING for it. I would throw children into the street to get to it. There would be a path of destruction left in my midst. The police would be called. It would be worth it.