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Do You Know What Happens When You Tease A Guy Like Me? daryl x reader

Summary: (Y/n) is always teasing Daryl which turns him on, what happens when can’t hold himself back?

Note: I tried so hard to make this good but i dont know how i feel about it, ENJOY!!!

Warning: language, smut, rough smut

You’d taken a liking to Daryl ever since you first met at the prison but you could never let your feelings be known until now. You were safe behind the walls of Alexandria and you left Daryl subtle hints that you liked him. Actually, they weren’t subtle at all. You often watched him when he was working on his bike in the hot sun, his muscles glistening with sweat. When he’d catch you looking you wouldn’t turn away, you’d just wink and carry on having a stare off until one of you looked away. Or other times you would purposely go around without any panties on, making sure to ‘drop’ something and bend all the way down to get it while Daryl was behind you. You’d catch him looking but as soon as his eyes met yours he’d look away, not awkwardly but more like he wouldn’t be able to resist you if he carried on looking.  

Deanna held a small party to welcome your group and everyone was there. You were on the opposite side of the room to Daryl but you would always see him staring at you out the corner of your eye. Both of you were talking to a different group of people and that’s how you knew he was drunk, he was actually socialising. You looked over to him and found him already looking at you. Half of you was getting intimidated but the other half wanted to be in control. He broke eye contact with you and went to sit down and a perfect idea popped into your mind. You excused yourself from the conversation you were in and you grabbed your drink from the table.

“Hey Dixon” you smirked, walking over to him.

“Ya alright?” he asked, nodding his head at you and shifting in his seat as his eyes fell on your curve hugging dress.  

“I think I should be asking you that” you laughed, pointing at the drink in his hand.

“Don’t worry about me sunshine” he grinned at you.

You giggled and went to sit in the chair next to him but you ‘accidentally’ tripped and fell onto his lap. You held onto his shoulders pretending to balance yourself and you apologised all while still staying on him. He let out a muffled groan as you moved to get up, making sure to grind your ass against him before you did. He grabbed your arm and stood up, quickly leading you out of the party. Everyone was a little too tipsy to notice. As soon as you got out the house Daryl led you down the stairs and then pushed you up against the side wall, his fingers creeping around your neck. He pinned you against the wall with his body, grinding his obvious bulge into you. Daryl moved his head down to yours and his lips hovered above yours as you waited impatiently for him to kiss you. You moved your head forward but he tightened his grip around your throat and shook his head.

“Do you know what happens when you tease a guy like me?” he growled, his breath warm on your skin and the sweet scent of alcohol filling your nose. You had to stop yourself from moaning.

“What?” you asked innocently, biting your lip and batting your eyelids at him.

He let out a chuckle and looked down to the floor then back at you. “You make them hard and they fuck the shit out of you” he said bluntly, his dirty words making you wet.

“Is that what you’re gonna do to me?”

He grinned at you before pushing his lips against yours, the force surprising you but you went with it. He opened your mouth with his and thrusted his tongue in, immediately taking over and not giving you a chance to fight for dominance. His hands roughly tugged at your dress as he groaned in your ear to take it off.

“What if someone sees us?” you asked, hesitating as Daryl stopped to look at you.

“You shouldn’t have teased me baby” he chuckled low before lifting the dress up to your waist, the thought of someone catching you made you and Daryl more excited. You fumbled with his belt, the rough bites Daryl was leaving along your neck made you forget everything. In the end, you got his jeans down and he pulled your panties aside with his fingers, making sure to brush them against your sensitive clit.

“You ready?” he growled.

You didn’t even get a chance to answer before Daryl grabbed himself and thrusted his full length into you, stretching you out and making you feel every inch of him.

“Fuck!” you shouted out as he left you no chance to adjust, thrusting into you mercilessly.

“That’s right (y/n), take me all in!” Daryl choked out as your walls squeezed tightly around him.

With every thrust your back rubbed up the wall, mixing pain with pleasure and making your knees shake. Daryl lifted up your leg as he fucked you at a different angle, making him grunt into the crook of your neck at how good you felt. Daryl’s hands made their way back to your throat as he wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed lightly. You let out a moan and he let out a low laugh.

“You like that?” he said, his voice husky from arousal.

You opened your mouth to reply but a strangled moan was the only sound that came out. His ego was filled and he continued to slam into you until both of you were close to your releases. He felt your walls tighten around him and you dug your nails into his back, dragging them down as pleasure was taking over your body. The heat built up to its maximum and soon exploded through your body, the sounds of you and Daryl’s moans merging into one. He came soon after you and sloppily thrusted into you a few more times to finish inside of you.

Daryl let your leg drop and you leaned on his shoulder for balance since your legs were weak. Daryl breathed heavily while he quickly shrugged his jeans back on and you pulled your dress down.

“That was intense” you panted, laughing a little at how dishevelled his hair was. You reached your hand up to fix it and he let you, dropping his head a little so you could reach. “I should tease you more often” you laughed.

“Try it, I won’t be so easy on you next time” he said, walking back to the house with you.

That was easy? You thought. You couldn’t imagine what him being rough was like but you couldn’t wait to find out.

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dunno if you take requests anymore but can you pplease write something where harry texts you all the naughty things he'd do to you from his point of view? like if he was on tour or travelling to do promo of SOTT or Dunkirk, wtv x

Harry. Missus.

Disclaimer: I’m not gonna write the cliche where Harry tells the missus what to do and how, I’m going to write what Harry would make happen if he were with the missus, but there won’t any clue at all. If you don’t like this kind of stuff please simply don’t read it and don’t send hate. I’m sorry if there are many typos, I’m on my phone and can’t fix them at the moment. Thanks for reading if you do.

Hey babe! I’m just done with interviews and promo. 

I’ve had my dinner but… Somehow, I’m still hungry ;)

You want dessert? :P

Mmm I won’t say no to something warm and sweet babe

What I have melts on the plate..

It’s not even going to make it to the plate. Straight into my mouth babygirl… I’m famished ;)

So come hop your cute petite ass onto my desk. I want to take my time and enjoy that amazing body for as long as I can 

I’ll run my hands up over your feet and along your calves, squeezing and massaging them until I grip your thighs, right behind your knees and smile up at you, turning me head up for a kiss.

You bend down and open your mouth, your warm sweet breath filling my head and I’ll dig my fingers into your soft thigh and lean up, biting your lips and growling into you as I suck on your tongue lightly.

Lay back and enjoy this babygirl. I’ve got you.

I’ll groan and suck on your tongue harder. digging my fingers into your flesh and massaging my way up and down your thighs as your hair falls around us and I feel your arms snake around my neck

I sit forward and pull you closer, pressing my body between your legs, grinding against you slowly while my hands keep fondling your soft legs, my thumbs digging in and probably leaving slight marks and bruises on your delicate skin

Your hands and fingers slide into my short black hair, gripping my as I push my tongue against yours, tasting you and hungering for more! I growl again, breathing heavily as I rush my lips against yours and feel your tongue gliding over mine,warm and wet and slippery in my mouth

You feel me begin to grow in my jeans. You’re just wearing one of my tshirts and a pair of lace panties. My bulge growing and throbbing, hard against you through the soft material. I grip you by your legs and pull you closer, rubbing myself against you and feeling your warmth through our clothes, your hands pulling and scratching at my head and neck as we kiss passionately.

I move my hands behind you, grabbing you by your gorgeous ass and squeezing one cheek in each hand. I pull you against me and lean forward, pushing my boy into yours.

You move and wiggle against me, rubbing your tits against my chest and your legs wrap around my lower ribs, your ass barely touching the desk as I grope and feel you and out tongues explore each-others’ mouths

I groan loudly and feel you begin to grind against my bulge. You let out little purring sounds into my mouth as I feel you grinding your lit and pussy against my bulge. Your ass moving in my hands as you buck your hips, dry humping me while I squeeze your sexy butt cheeks hard and firm

I chuckle and pull away slightly, smiling up at you ‘Oh no you don’t, little one… I’m only getting started with you’ I say as I put one hand on your throat and push you back, choking you ever o slightly ‘You still oh me a dessert, don’t forget…’ pushing you further and further back until you have to unwrap your legs from around me

I take hold of both your legs and put them over my shoulders as you lean back on the desk, bracing yourself with your hands behind you. My hands move back up your thighs and push my tshirt up your soft pale body, exposing your flesh as I turn my head and kiss your inner thighs, first one then the other, letting you feel my stubble brushing and scratching your skin 

I lick and kiss and bite my way up your thighs as you whimper and pout above me

Harry, please.

‘Mmmm no not yet babygirl… You are on my time now. Be patient’ I smile, winking up at you and I push the shirt up over your tits and expose them both, letting my thumbs brush against your hard nipples as I bite and lick my way up your thighs

I feel your breathing slow and your body relax. I smell your warm soft skin, your scent filling my head.

I’ll brush one cheek against your pussy through your lace panties, feeling your body tense as my stubble scratches your most delicate little girl parts

I groan softly, but deep, letting you feel the vibration through my teeth and jaw on your thigh.I reach up with one hand, taking you by your throat and pushing you right back up against the wall, so you nearly fall backwards against it and the other hand grabs hold of your soft warm boob, and I squeeze it hard ‘Grrrmmmfff yes… This is what I’ve been thinking about all day my little pet' 

I turn my face, eyes close and breathing heavily, and I smell your panties, drawing in your scent and feeling your wetness on my nose and lips, groaning again letting the cool air blow over your wet panties, sending shivers up your body and making your legs tense so I can feel your heels digging into my back

I look up one last time, into your eyes, and growl possessively but calmly ‘This is mine, little one…’ and with that, I turn my head and push my face into your pussy, licking and groaning loudly into you, feeling your body shake and your legs tremble as I bite and lick and chew on your delicious, dripping cunt through your lace panties! 

Your  passion flowing over my face already. Your juices soaking through the lace and dripping down my chin as I growl and grunt and breath into you like an animal on its prey. Devouring your delicious sweet flower as gnawing at you like you’re the last meal I’ll ever have!

My hand gripping your throat, going tighter and firmer as I fall deeper into the abyss of my lust. Squeezing your tit and rolling your nipples between my fingers, you know I’m going to leave marks on your neck but you don’t care. You beg and plead as I bite and lick your pussy through your panties and I push my gface into you more, harder, firmer! My nose rubbing against the hood of your clit and my tongue slipping your panties aside and finally sliding between your smooth wet pussy lips, tasting your nectar and feel your body shake in ecstasy! 

I hear you whisper 'please’ desperately ad I come back from the fog, looking up at you, still rubbing my nose and lips and chin against your pussy 'Please what, kitten? What does my little pet need?’ I ask, my breath on your thigh nd my face still brushing roughly against your tender partially-exposed flesh

I smile and see the pleasure on your face and the lust in your eyes 'Well?’ I ask again, still rubbing my cheek and chin and nose against your pussy 'Please what, littler girl?’ I ask again, smirking at you and then taking your panties between my teeth and sitting back slightly, pulling them aside and down out of my way, breathing heavily so I can draw your scent deep into my lungs!

I smile and watch your eyes open and loo down at me, glazed over and lost in the clouds. I push my chair back and stand up slowly, bring my hand down from your throat. I take your panties in my fist roughly, my knuckles pushing and grinding against your pussy and clit, and I start pulling it own off you slowly, enjoying the feeling of your hand on my chest and neck and your legs shaking as you straighten and hold them together for me to pull your panties off.

I pull them off your soft, delicate feet and bring them up to my face and smell them 'Mmmm oh babygirl… This is what I’ve wanted all day’ I say as I look into your eyes and take them between my teeth and with my free hand I start undoing my jeans and pushing them down, along with my boxer. My rock hard cock springing into view at full attention!

I take your panties from my mouth and bring them over to your face 'Open wide princess’

You obey and I put them in your mouth, letting you taste your pussy juices, showing you how wet I made you and I take my cock in my hand and stroke it a few times against your soaking cunt, letting the foreskin draw fully forward and brushing it against your lips and clit 'Is thi what you want my little slut? Is this what my little whore is begging for?’ I ask tauntingly, stroking the length against you slowly and then taking it in my hand and slapping your bare pussy with it a few times, letting you feel the weight and hardness against your flesh

I smile and watch you change… My sweet, innocent little princess evaporates and is replaced by her twin… The sultry, slutty, hungry whore who can never get enough 'good girl…’

I growl and hold my cock at your entrance feeling you open your legs and put your heels against my ass, trying to pull me in but I hold back easily, controlling every move as I smile and look into your eyes 'Oh you eager, greedy little bitch’ I say, smiling and hearing you moan and pout and purr.

I rub my cock in small circles around your pussy and clit, stroking it a few more times, letting my foreskin move all the way up the head until it catches your lit and covers it, trapping it between my foreskin and the head of my cock. I lean in and bite your earlobe and growl softly 'This belongs to me, my little kitten…’ slapping my heavy hard cock against your pussy

Grunting as I hear you mewl desperately, hungrily, and then I suck your earlobe hard and whisper again 'And this, my little baby… .This belongs to you…’

And with that I hold my cock head at your entrance and without warning, I groan loudly straight into your ear, deafening you a I buck my hips and slide my swollen, thick mushroom cockhead between your smooth soaking pussy lips

In one long, slow, smooth thrust, I push myself into your warm, soft, trembling body. Filling you as I push inch after inch deep into you. Slowly, letting you feel every ridge and bump and vein, making every throbbing thick inch of me fill you up as you gasp and cry out and grab hold of me, your legs shaking and locking around my waist drawing me further

I groan and lay forward on you, my body weighing you down and pinning you to the desk and the wall, as I slide the last inch into you and you feel my heavy shaved balls against your ass and I stay there for  a moment, feeling your warm pussy engulf my cock and your body melting in my arms

I grunt and plant my legs apart from each other, putting one hand on the wall and the other on the desk

You hold onto me, clinging to me as I lift myself again and look down at you 'Enough of being soft and sweet. You’re not my princess anymore… You’re my whore!’

I growl and start bucking my hips, fucking you in slow deep thrusts at first, filling you with every hard thick inch and pulling out until just the head is left in you, then sliding back in

Deep and hard, making your body shake, banging the desk against the wall with my thighs, my heavy dangling balls slapping your ass with every thrust

I look into your big beautiful eyes, my breath i your face and my cock filling you again and again your moans filling the room and your smell driving me insane with lust 'Yes this is what you need. You fucking hungry, wanton little bitch! This is what you crave: To be mounted and dominated and rutted in by a beast

I groan and fuck you harder, driving my cock into your depths more violently with every thrust

My sweat from my forehead dripping onto you, my hands gripping the desk and my thighs hammering it against the wall! My body slapping against you as one after another the brutal, deep, violent thrusts wrack your body!

Your legs trembling, my body slapping against you, your pussy juices splashing along my haft and against my balls a they whack against your ass and pussy with every drive into you!

I take my hand form the wall and grab your throat, choking you violently, pushing you against the wall and glowering and grunting into your face with every animalistic thrust into your depths 'I’ll fuck you like I want to break you, you fucking greedy little whore!' 

Your hands clawing at me, grabbing and scratching, your breath wheezing through your nose and mouth as your beautiful eyes well up with tears and I grunt louder and louder! MY body slamming into you, driving my cock deep into your pussy and filling you with my raging hard flesh again and again and again!

Choking you against the wall, your toes curling over as your legs tremble and your juices squirt all over my legs and balls and desk, and I don’t give a fuck! I see your tears and hear you whimper and I growl, driven further into the red haze of my animal lust 'Cry and scream all you ant you slut! Nothing can save you now… You are mine and I’ll use you until you are broken into a thousand pieces!’

My fingers on your neck and throat, digging into you hard! I buck my hips and thrust with my legs, pounding my cock into you like I fucking hate you!! Leaning in I bite your neck an mark you, leaving my signs on you for the world to see, so everyone knows this bitch is owned and that you’ve bee used like the depraved whore you are!

I groan and bite you, sucking on your skin and I feel the tingle in my belly, that sweet familiar sensation that tells me I’m approaching the edge!

Your hands and nails digging into my back, marking me as I slam into you faster and faster. The desk shaking and  banging against the wall in a fast frantic rhythm now! My body pouring with sweat, my groans and grunts deepening and quickening, filing your ears so you can’t hear anything else in the world except my ravenous hunger for you!

I close my eyes and throw my head back! I grip your throat and pull you back suddenly, pulling your ass off the desk and I slam you down on it on your back, pushing your head up against the wall! Twisting and contorting your body as I want it

I pin you down and hold you i place, thrusting hard into you! Slamming you with all my strength, destroying your beautiful soft body as I pound my throbbing thick cock into your cunt without mercy!

'Grrraaagghh fuck bitch yes I’m close!!’ I scream loudly, choking you and grabbing hold of your thigh with my other hand! Digging my fingers into you again, marking you as I hammer your pussy hard and deep, making you ache inside and out!!

I close my eyes and my legs begin to shake. You pull me deeper, your on senses incoherent and scattered, your only sensations being the pain of my hardness ravaging your tight sopping cunt and my hands roughly holding you and overpowering you! Using you like a fuck doll I’m about to dump  a huge fucking load into!

I cry out and my body shakes suddenly! I plough forward, ramming my raging hard cock eep int you and holding it there, letting it throb and pulse deep in your gorgeous body!

I cry out and pin you down, holding you exactly where I want you!

Then I fall of the cliff. I release all the anger and frustration and lust and passion.. I cream loudly and choke you and grip you with all my power, marking and hurting you intensely, as my cock erupts deep in your cunt and I pump rope after rope of my thick, warm, creamy seed deep into your cunt and flood your omb with my spunk! 

My hands not releasing you, and shake an shiver and groan with each incredible jet of cum that pumps into you! One after another they flood your body, filling you as I groan and gasp in ecstasy, feeling myself melt into your warmth as your legs wrap around me possessively, not letting me go, holing me inside you, and I feel you clenching and releasing your cunt, milking my tender cock, drawing the last drops of me deep into you

I lay forward on top of you, my chest heaving, my heart racing, blood thundering in my ears and still I feel you. Your hands all over my back, your gorgeous legs still wrapped around my, not even considering letting go, and your brutalised, broken pussy still squeezing and milking my cock, wanting every single last drop of my seed deep inside your womb, and I gasp breathlessly 'even now kitten… gggrraaaggh… still as greedy as ever, my pet’

I’ll stay there, not pulling out. Growing soft inside you, feeling your bod melt under me. My seed filling you, warming you inside and I know that between my marks on your body, and my cum in your belly, my little slut has been well and truly owned. My kitten. My whore. My babygirl…

Fuck babe… I loved that.

So did I, too much

Mmm oh yes babygirl, mine to own and enjoy and spoil and use and show off and dominate

Hehe too much? I don’t think that’s a thing xx

   Touchè, it’s never too much because it’s never enough

It’s never meant to be enough. Lust is insatiable… And thank fuck for that!

Did you cum for me during that, babygirl?

Three times, I enjoyed that a lot I told ya

Oh fuck… I love that! 

I’m very glad you did. I cam so hard at the end. Harder than I had in a while

You’d have been filled up so much babygirl. Filled to the brim with my thick, warm cum

I don’;t think there is any better sign of ownership by a man, and submission by a woman, than him cumming deep n her pussy and filling her with his seed. I fucking love that so much.

I love how filthy and hungry you can be, while looking so sweet and innocent, babe

My kind of girl!

That’s why you chose me, :P

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How about pastel!Dan and punk!Phil pet play with Dan being a kitten? Bondage and that good shit is always welcome :P

ncould u do a breeding one?? srry its weird buT thats my shit xx

It’s OK anon it’s mine too/// Our queue has been running low and it’s easier to write short things, so send a short, simple prompt and mark it with * at the beginning, and a one-two paragraph hc goes into the queue. The amount of time it takes for the queue to post is less time than it takes for us to write a full length hc.

We hit 2.8k followers!!!

This turned more into businessman!Phil and pastel!Dan but you know I’m just not sorry

Tags: Pet Play, Overstimulation, Tail Plugs, Mouth Fucking, Bondage, Breeding, Double Penetration, Degradation, Creampie

Nothing was added bc I felt it had to be ~

- Phil’s been away traveling for almost a week, he’s stressed, and he misses his boyfriend/kitten, Dan. When Phil gets stressed out, he normally takes it out on Dan, because they have a d/s relationship and Dan says it’s okay, they have a safeword and all that, and the cuddles are unparalleled afterward. So it’s safe to say that Phil needs to get home to Dan. To make matters worse, his flight gets delayed by few hours, so he texts Dan not to wait up for dinner but he’ll be home before Dan goes to bed.

- At about eight o’clock that night, Phil slips into his flat and shuts the door behind him. “Dan,” he calls when he doesn’t see the boy in the lounge. As Phil takes off his coat, Dan crawls into the room with his kitty ears on his head, pastel pink lacy collar around his neck, and tail swaying behind him. “Hey, kitten,” Phil says fondly, reaching down to pet through Dan’s hair. The action earns him a satisfied purr and Dan tilting his face up to nose into Phil’s palm. “I’ve missed you. Think I can show you how much?” Dan’s lips curve into a smile and he scrambles to his feet, bouncing on the tip of his toes. 

- “Eager kitten. C’mon.” Phil calmly walks to their room, which has been lit with nothing more than fairy lights rather than the lamp. It leaves the room feeling much warmer, and Dan definitely did it to set a mood. “Get on the bed and don’t move or touch yourself, I’ll be right back.”

- He wanders into the huge walk in closet and returns with rope, a whitehead gag, lube, and a couple of toys to use on Dan. He doesn’t need to say anything for Dan to spread his arms and legs for Phil to tie him down. Dan wordlessly opens his mouth for the gag, letting out a small whimper as his lips are held open. Phil just smirks and kneels, fully clothed at the foot of the bed, easing the tail plug out of Dan’s hole and setting it aside as he watches Dan clench around nothing. “Look at you, already so open for me even though I just got home. You’re just looking to be filled up with my cum, aren’t you kitten?” Dan whines and nods. His back arches when Phil runs his fingertips up Dan’s inner thighs. He knows better than to touch himself without permission except for his tale, and he’s sensitive at the best of times, so every touch sends sparks up Dan’s spine. “Have you been good while I was gone?” Phil doesn’t wait for an answer, but moves up the bed and unbuttons his pants to push them down his hips a bit. He settles on Dan’s chest, his cock millimeters from Dan’s lips as he strokes himself.

- “Show me.”

- Immediately Dan lifts his head from the mattress and takes as much as he can into his mouth, unable to suck Phil properly around the gag, but doing his best. Phil’s eyes flit down to Dan’s for permission, which he sees, so Phil buries his hands in Dan’s hair to steady him and starts fucking his mouth. He goes until a familiar heat pools in his stomach and Dan’s face is messy with tears and drool. After pulling out, Phil removes the gag from Dan’s mouth. “What do you say kitten?”

- “Thank you Master,” Dan says in a slightly hoarse voice.

- Phil smiles and pats his cheek affectionately. “Good boy.” Now he sets his sight on working Dan up, slowly peppering light kisses up and down Dan’s neck. They gradually have more pressure until Phil chooses a spot to suck on, leaving a dark bruise just above the edge of Dan’s collar. He moves down when Dan starts to whine and rut his hips up into Phil’s, biting marks into Dan’s chest and playing with his nipples.

- Dan’s fists are clenching and unclenching and his toes curling and he thinks he might come just from this because he’s so sensitive and he’s missed Phil so much. “M- aster please, I…” Dan moans, voice breaking in the middle of ‘Master.’ 

- “Aww, look at my pretty kitten, falling apart even though I haven’t even touched you.” Phil’s hands skim over Dan’s waist at the same time as he moves lower to mouth wet, sloppy kisses along Dan’s inner thighs.

- “Please, please, let me come, let me come, Master,” Dan pleads, head thrown back onto the pillows at the head of the bed.”

- Raising an eyebrow, Phil looks at Dan, observes how he’s hard and leaking, how his hole keeps clenching around nothing, begging to be filled. “You can come if you come untouched.” To his amazement, Dan comes a few seconds later, splattering his stomach and moaning. Smirking, Phil picks up the toy he brought out earlier and covers it in lube to slowly push into Dan. He turns on the vibrations and makes sure it’s pressed against Dan’s prostate.

- A quiet whimper escapes Dan’s mouth and his back arches off the bed. “Master, too much, feels so good-”

- It’s not like Dan’s not used to a big stretch, but it burns a little in the best possible way when Phil slips a slicked up finger past Dan’s rim alongside the toy. Dan practically screams, but to his credit, remains relaxed and allows Phil to keep stretching him. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum,” Phil says in a low voice as he gently pushes in a second finger. “You’ll be so wrecked, stretched out from me and a toy at the same time, dripping with my cum and yours, fucked out and perfect for me.”

- He starts sucking the head of Dan’s cock to distract from the burn of adding a third finger. Before long, Dan’s coming down his throat with his second orgasm of the night, still panting and begging Phil to fuck him. Phil pulls completely off of Dan despite the small noise of protest and lubes himself up. His eyes flicker up to Dan’s for the permission he already has before pushing in alongside the vibe. Dan’s tight around him, even tighter than usual, and it feels so good, especially paired with the toy pulsing along the underside of his cock.

- “Please, Master, move!” Dan pleads, pulling even harder at the ties holding him in place. “Hurts but it feels so good, please, move, Master! Fill me up, breed me like a good bitch, please!”

- Phil starts slowly, but gradually moves faster, transfixed with the way that Dan’s so full that he can see a slight bulge moving under Dan’s taught abdomen every time he thrusts forward. “That’s what you want, huh, slut? To be bred like the fucking whore you are, shown your place? You’re nothing more than a hole to be fucked.”

- For a moment, Phil pulls out, drawing a sound of complaint from Dan’s lips to untie his legs and pull them over Phil’s shoulders so he can get deeper into Dan when he goes back to fucking him. The new angle has Dan nearly screaming with every thrust, and he comes a third time, only a pathetic dribble of cum dripping from his red and abused cock. “Please, Master! Please, hurts, Master! Cum, please, I need it, I need it so bad! Need to be filled up, claimed, need it, please!”

- That’s what finally drives Phil over the edge, allowing himself a small sound as he pushes as deep into Dan as he can, his high seeming to last forever. When he’s done, he winces and pulls out, turning off the vibrator and removing it as well. Everything’s sticky with cum, and it leaks slowly from Dan’s red, open and abused hole, still trying to flutter closed around nothing.

Damn I have a thing for overstim someone stop me. I didn’t include aftercare but it’s really important, esp after a scene like this!


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REQUESTED: Simon Imagine - SMUT. “Very smutty Simon Imagine. He’s super frustrated after his videos haven’t gone the way he wanted them to and he takes his frustration out with sex?”

I sat on the floor in the lounge of the sidemen house, surrounded by all sidemen except the one i’d specifically arrived at this house to see. We were all playing video games, waiting on the arrival of the take out we had ordered. “He’ll be down any minute,” Josh assured me half heartedly. “Probably just finishing a video!” I nodded and smiled politely, appreciative of the reassurance but still not convinced. Simon had been so stressed lately. He put way too much pressure on himself these days, constantly needing validation and approval from his subscribers. Admittedly, his dedication was admirable, but it was upsetting to not see my boyfriend anymore nonetheless. These days Youtube had become his main focus. I was spending more and more time with the other guys every time I came round here, I was lucky to even see Simon alone for a minute. There was no intimacy, no bonding; we hadn’t even had a sex life recently. 

Suddenly, there was a smash followed by shouting coming from upstairs. All eyes in the room turned to me as realisation kicked in that the noise had in fact come from Simon’s room.

“(Y/N)..this might be your queue to go to him mate.”

“I don’t know..he sounds busy-” JJ cut me off.

“It’s probably sexual frustration! He just needs a good, hard, long-” 

“Alright, JJ, we get the picture.” Josh stopped him before he could continue, lessening my embarrassment.

My face heated at Jide’s words, embarrassment instantly washing over me at the thought of Simon discussing our sex life with Jide - or rather, lack of it. I slightly wanted to pry, but I decided against it, not sure I would be comfortable discussing details with Jide and the rest of the boys. It’s not like I hadn’t wanted to be intimate with Simon - he just hadn’t had enough time and these days, neither did I. My thoughts were interrupted by more shouting and swearing coming from up the stairs.

“I need to go and see him don’t I.”

I was met with nods and shouts of approval coming from all the boys, encouraging me to stand up and head towards the stairs. 

Upon arrival at Simon’s door I felt slightly nervous, in case I was interrupting something. However I found the more he yelled the more I started to become slightly aroused. An angry, aggressive and possibly even dark Simon was a Simon I hadn’t seen before. My mind was instantly filled with sinful thoughts - It really had been too long.


I opened his door slowly, cautiously. Simon was sat in his gaming chair in front of his laptop. His jaw was clenched. Frustration and fatigue ran through his face and along his features. His hands were on either side of his face, fists clenched in irritation. I stood by the door, waiting for his signal to come closer. 

Eventually he responded. His voice was rough as he forced out the words “yeah?”, not looking up from his computer screen. I edged closer towards him.

“What’s wrong? I heard you shouting..”

“What’s wrong? You know what’s wrong, I cannot fucking do anything right. Nothing is going the way I want it to and I fucking give up. I don’t even want to be doing this at this point. I just-”

He looked up and over at me, stopping his sentence suddenly. His eyes were inviting as they scanned up and down my body. I was suddenly intensely aware of my lack of clothing, as I had ended up wet and messy in a challenge video earlier and had been left wearing nothing but an extra large sidemen shirt. It was well suited to my body, clinging in the places that knew how to make Simon weak. This became more and more evident by the look on his face. His eyes became darker, his lip red from biting down on it.

“Simon? You just what?” 

I urged him to continue, however he just rubbed his temples, bringing my eyes to his fingers. They were long and thin. 

“Don’t do that.”

I moved even closer towards him until eventually, I was stood directly in front of him, my butt resting on his desk. Just out of reach.

“Do what?”

“Don’t look at me like that,” he sighed, rubbing his temples again. “With those innocent, puppy dog eyes. It makes me crazy.”

His voice was hoarse and deeper than usual, sending vibrations through the room. I focused my eyes on him, choosing not to respond to his comment. Only to keep looking at him.

“Fuck you don’t make this easy, you know that.” Suddenly there was an aura of aggression about him. He was becoming increasingly frustrated, his eyes still running up and down my body. “I’m trying so hard to get things done..fuck it”

He pulled me by my waist, sitting me down on top of him and kissed me with force. Hands roaming my body he sucked my bottom lip, running his tongue across it and eventually letting it roam into the depths of my mouth. I threw my left leg over him so I was straddling his lap, an action he seemed to approve of as a suppressed moan vibrated from his throat into my mouth. So much passion and heat was exchanged between our lips, both of us refusing to pull away. I tugged at his shirt. Without an exchange of words he understood my request, immediately removing the piece of fabric. I instantly moved my lips to his neck, his head falling back at the action, hands grasping tighter on the back of my thighs. I sucked on the skin, blowing cold air over the sensitive surface. This again caused a moan to echo from his lips. My skin heated at the sound of his vulnerability. Underneath me I felt him become even more vulnerable as only the fabric of his sweats separated his hard member from my skin. Taking advantage of this I bucked my hips, rotating them clockwise against his bulge. His hands moved to my hips, pushing me down onto him, desperately trying to eliminate all remnants of space between us. A smirk covered my face as I decided to tease. 

I ran my fingers down Simon’s chest, stopping just above the waist band of his Sidemen sweats. He inhaled deeply, his rosy lips slightly parting at the lack of contact. 

“Oh we’re teasing?”

Gripping onto the backs of my thighs he lifted me, my legs wrapping around his chest, and placed me onto his desk. He stood levelled with me and lifted my shirt, leaving me in just my underwear.

“I’ll show you teasing.”

His lips were warm and swollen as he pressed them against my neck, sucking the skin harshly just the way I had been doing to him. He moved them to my collarbones, and then to my breasts, leaving a cold tingling trail of his saliva along my chest. His hands moved to my thighs. I opened them, placing a leg at each side of his waist. He trailed his fingers up and down my legs, edging towards my panties until I began to squirm.

“It’s not fun, is it?”, he laced a finger underneath my leg onto my butt. “teasing.” 

He leaned in to kiss me and, resisting the urge to tease, I grabbed his face. He planted a single unfulfilling kiss on my lips before moving back to my neck, moving a single finger back and forth just above the waistband of my underwear. Occasionally he let his hand linger slightly underneath the lace, making my entire body jolt, however as soon as I showed a reaction he withdrew. 

I couldn’t handle anymore.

“Simon, please..”

I internally cringed at the desperation in my voice. A smirk covered Simon’s face.

“Are you begging?” His hand slid slightly into the top of my panties, tracing circles just above my clit. I bit down on my lip at the lack of contact. “I don’t hear an answer..”

I remained silent until he withdrew his hand. “Looks like you’re not that desperate..”

Grabbing Simon’s hand I whimpered. “Simon please. I’m begging”

His eyes glassed over, turning almost black in the glow of his room. Even in the poor lighting I could make out the evil grin on his face as he submerged his hands into my panties entirely, rubbing my heat in circles, making me gasp.

“Tell me how desperate you are baby.” He whispered into my ear, sucking my earlobe as he rubbed me underneath my panties. I whimpered again. 

“S-S-So desperate S-simon”

He increased the pace of his hand, moving his lips to my neck and sucking midwhisper. 

“Louder baby, I want to hear you scream.”

“But-But everyone’s home-” he cut me off, placing his lips on mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth and using his spare hand to grab my hand. 

“Who cares?” He whispered into my mouth. “I know you get a thrill from it baby.”

My head fell back as he lowered his kiss, focusing on my cleavage and down my stomach. My legs began to shake. 

“S-Simon, I’m close-”

He withdrew his hand, making me whimper once again. It was short lasted, however, as he lay me horizontally onto his desk.

“Just hold on for me baby”

Simon kissed down my stomach, running his tongue above my panties before using his teeth to drag them down my legs and throw them onto the floor. He harshly and suddenly placed his lips onto the place I was most sensitive, inserting his tongue into me. A scream escaped my lips and I felt him smile against me before returning to work, kissing and sucking at the skin. I bit down on my hand but he quickly stood.

“S-SImon please”

“I know baby. Just bare with”

He ruffled through his draws, leaving me impatient before eventually bringing out a tie and walking towards me.

“SImon? What are you doing?”

“You trust me, right?”

“Yeah, but-”

He pressed his lips to mine as a symbol of reassurance as he took both of my small hands in one of his, using the other to wrap the tie around my wrists. He placed my arms above my head.

“I wanna hear everything baby. Give me what I’ve been dreaming about for so long”

His words alone were enough to induce a moan as he moved his lips back inbetween my legs.

“Simon, oh my- i’m close”

He withdrew his tongue causing me to whimper again, however the loss was short lived as he pulled off his sweatpants and underwear. Throwing my head back the air was sucked out of me as he inserted his dick inside of me, not hesitating to begin thrusting at a fast pace. I screamed in pleasure several times, forgetting for a minute that I was in a house with six other boys. For the third time tonight I felt my stomach twist and my legs shake, a sign I was close, however I stayed silent through fear of being deprived once again. 

The feeling appeared to be mutual as Simon’s thrusts became sloppier and his grip on my body loosened.

“Babe-I’m close” his voice was shaky, showing how much pleasure he was in. I screamed once again as waves of ecstasy ran through my entire body, shortly followed by groans from Simon as he released.

“Oh-my God.”

The sounds of our panting filled the room as Simon pulled up his sweatpants, sitting down on his gaming chair and pulling me to sit on him. He picked his shirt up off  the floor.

“Are you gonna untie me?” I asked, to which he shook his head. He put both hands around my waist, lifting me onto him. I raised my arms above my head as he threw his tshirt over me. “Not yet. I kind of like the feeling of being in control.”

I didn’t complain, resting my sweaty head on his shoulder and smiling to myself.

“I love you Simon.”

“I love you too.”

The door burst open to reveal JJ.

“YES SIMON MY MAN” he exclaimed, holding out his hand for Simon as he approached us. “AND YOU (Y/N)- oh my fucking god you’re tied up.” His jaw dropped as he turned and ran out of the room. “GUYS SHE’S TIED UP! YOU ALL OWE ME £50 I KNEW SHE WAS KINKY.”

“Come and sit on my lap.”


Arousal rushing through your veins as he captures your lips, exploring your mouth with his tongue. His warm hands trail over your arms, making you shiver as he suddenly pulls away.
Slowly you open your eyes and look down at him, confused and excited what’ll happen next.
“Come and sit on my lap.” Peter orders roughly.
A small groan leaves your mouth as you feel the bulge on your crotch, moving slowly against it. With a growl he presses his lips on your neck, sucking the sensitive skin there.
“Peter.” You groan pleading as he grabs your hips and rubs himself faster on you. “No teasing, please.”
“Mh, but only because you begged so nicely..”

Norman Reedus x Reader - Road trip [SMUT] (Request)

Anon:Could you do a Norman x Reader where they take a road trip but reader spends all her time teasing him like slowly rubbing to his crotch  and undoing his pants and putting her hand in and palming him, while he’s driving his bike and he pulls over cuz he can’t take it and they get down dirty on the bike in a back road please make this and kinky and smutty as your imagination let you.

Hope you like it♥

Since i got complaining, now all my smutt fictions will have a “read more” so I don’t make anyone uncomfortable

Note: Italic are reader’s thoughts



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The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 4

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 9.5k

Genre: Angst, Smut

Series: 1. Lust2. Gluttony |  3. Greed (1) |  4. Greed (2) |   5. Sloth |   6. Wrath 7. Envy

Comment: Just like with the first part of Greed, it came out so much longer than I expected it to! Still, I hope you guys are able to get through it an enjoy it <3

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Some lovers, some friends, some enemies, all of them left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


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anonymous asked:

Could you write a dry humping scenario for the hip pop unit. Your bloggg is the bomb. Your so amazing! Saranghe <3 and thanks


“Have I yet said that I love you?” Seungcheol asked between your sloppy kisses, his hands in the back pockets of your jeans as you lay on top of him on the couch, your legs spread and hands resting on his chest.

“Not today,” you mumbled him an answer, slowly sliding one of your hands to his warm neck and up to his jaw. “But I love you too.”

He smiled into your kiss, his hands grabbing your ass through the fabric of your jeans and pushing you against himself, sighing quietly as your crotch pressed against his. You grinned and ground down against him as well, nibbling at his lower lip when you started feeling him get harder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Seungcheol asked, his voice low as he ended your kiss and pressed an open-mouthed kiss on your jawbone instead, bucking his hips up to let you feel how you were making him feel. Moaning quietly and feeling the effects on yourself, too, you then chuckled.

“Continuing what you started,” you replied and got up, standing on your knees with Seungcheol’s hips between them. His hands were now on your hips and he looked into your eyes with his own filled with lust. He took his lower lip between his teeth as he waited for you to proceed.

With a smirk slowly taking over your face, you lowered your crotch onto his, pursing your lips at the moan Seungcheol let out, trying to keep quiet yourself. “Yes, baby.”

You started moving your hips back and forth with the pressure increasing the more your clit was rubbed by your clothes as a result of pushing against his clothed, now fully hard cock.

“Come on, let me hear you,” Seungcheol said before grunting as he bucked his hips up while pushing you down on him simultaneously. You finally let out the moans that you had been holding back, the wetness in your panties getting painfully obvious to you. Seungcheol shut his eyes as he focused on the beautiful sounds you were producing and the way you felt against him even through all the denim between you - or exactly because of it all.

From the way his hands tightened on your hips and his breathing got more rugged, you knew he was getting close to his release. Knowing this, you leant back down again, latching your lips onto his neck, nibbling and sucking on the skin while you kept moving your clothed sex against him, now focusing on the upper part of his length.

With a moan and a quiet curse word, Seungcheol came in his pants, his mouth hanging open as he rode through the orgasm with you still moving on top of him at a slow pace.

“Shit, stop,” he gasped, causing you to chuckle a little. You moved to sit upright on his thighs and stroked his arms sensually, looking down at him with a small pout.

“I didn’t come yet,” you said with a whine, and Seungcheol’s face lit up in a matter of milliseconds.


You were too immersed in the video game you were playing to notice Wonwoo’s presence until he crawled to lie on top of your back, his lips brushing the back of your neck and his hands giving him support next to your arms. Losing your focus on the game, you sighed heavily and put the controller away, knowing you had already lost the mission at hand.

“Thanks a lot,” you groaned and shifted underneath him, Wonwoo’s sudden moan making you freeze immediately. Your ears burned as you began feeling him harden against your ass, the thin sweatpants you were both wearing hardly making it any less noticeable.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo said to your ear with a thick, slightly desperate voice, and swallowed hard before slowly moving on top of you, grinding his bulge against you. He held a grunt in and stopped as you remained still. “Can I..?”

You licked your lips and turned your head sideways, resting your cheek on the bed you were lying on. “Let’s turn around.”

Wonwoo complied without a single word, and soon you were straddling him, your hands resting on his chest and his hands placed steadily on your waist. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he took in the way you looked from the angle.

“You must’ve been really needy to get hard this fast, Wonwoo,” you spoke with a calm voice and sat down on his bulge, moving against it with a smirk on your lips while Wonwoo moaned. “You like that?”

All he could reply with was a nod and yet another moan, his cock growing hard at a quick speed with your movements and your words. His hands moved from your waist to your hips and he held them tightly, bucking up into you involuntarily. “Oh, yes.”

You gasped at the feeling of him grinding against you, as you were painfully turned on as well, a small wet spot forming on your thin sweatpants little by little. You picked up your pace, pushing a bit harder down onto him and getting as much friction on your clit as possible, which soon turned your gasps into moans.

“Are you close?” Wonwoo asked, his hips now moving a bit more sharply against yours. You nodded and bit your lip, trying to keep more quiet to fully enjoy each and every sound that Wonwoo was making. “Good, I am too– ah, fuck.”

His movements came to an end suddenly, and upon realizing that he had just come, his facial features contorting in the most beautiful way, you were thrown over the edge as well. You lay down on top of Wonwoo while panting heavily, kissing him before shooting him a glare, although it was a playful one. “You better make up for the game you made me lose.”

Wonwoo’s lips spread into a wide smile that revealed his teeth and made his nose crinkle a little. “Of course.”


Mingyu held you close to his chest and showered the back of your head and neck with kisses, a happy smile on his face as you giggled.

“Focus on the movie,” you said with a playful tone and moved to sit closer to his crotch, which made him tense up, the smile disappearing in an instant. You swayed from side to side, your lower back rubbing against him.

How was he supposed to focus on the movie when your every movement would brush against his length, especially when he knew that the only thing you were wearing other than the bra and his shirt, were your panties?

“Uh, Y/N,” Mingyu said quietly as he felt himself growing hard, and cursed in his mind. There went the cute and romantic movie night. You stiffened against him when the erection became obvious, poking against you in the way it often did in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon after a good nap. There was no doubt.

With a smirk, you swayed some more before turning around and straddling Mingyu on the bed, his back resting against the wall. You placed your hands on his shoulders and leaned down to place a kiss on his ear. “Now, I have an idea.”

“I’m all ears,” Mingyu replied, his breath hitching in his throat when you pushed your sex against his bulge.

“Do me like you would if there were no clothes on,” you whispered to his ear, dragging his earlobe between your teeth afterwards. Mingyu groaned at your words and placed his hands on your ass, as he loved to do, and bucked his hips up while pulling you close to him.

Hugging his head close to your chest and tugging his hair a little, you let out a high-pitched moan. “Yeah, just like that.”

Mingyu grunted and continued thrusting up while pushing you down, his clothed cock rubbing nicely against your heat that was only covered by your panties that were getting wetter with each movement.

“Mingyu,” you muttered, angling your hips so that his length was rubbing your clit, which nearly made you mewl. He kept your hips that way and thrust up faster, now desperate for his release, especially with you such a mess on his lap.

“Let it go, baby,” Mingyu choked before grunting as he came, his head falling back against the wall and his hands squeezing your ass while his hips kept bucking up against you.

“You didn’t give me enough time,” you groaned and continued moving against him. Only, he was quick to move one of his hands from your ass to your front, easily pushing your panties aside and slipping his fingers between your wet folds.


Woken up by the stiffness rubbing against your lower back, you opened your eyes slowly, becoming more and more aware of what was going on the more obvious it became that the rubbing was intentional. Vernon’s hand was on your hip, trying not to squeeze too tightly, as he grinded against your lower back with quiet sighs leaving his lips.

“Vernon?” you asked, trying to disguise your own arousal underneath a confused tone. He halted his movements, and you turned around with a silent groan, meeting his widened eyes. You raised your eyebrow. “Did you seriously expect me to sleep through that?”

“Not really..?” he asked, flashing you a grin afterwards and pulling you a closer by your hips, your panty-covered heat meeting his bulge, hidden underneath his boxers. “You being awake makes it a lot more fun.”

You bit your lip and locked your eyes with his as he turned you to lie on your back and got on top of you, pushing his hips against yours and groaning at the friction. You moaned quietly and bucked your hips against his, deliberately ignoring the way you could feel your panties getting wetter by the minute.

“I had a really nice dream,” Vernon mumbled while kissing your neck, his bulge pressing into your pussy as he moved his hips up and down in controlled movements, rolling them every now and then. “You were wearing that one lingerie of yours with your hands ti–”

“Vernon,” you said forcefully, teeth clenched as you pulled him into a kiss, frustrated with the way his words were affecting you - your panties were soaked, and the close proximity of his length hardly made it any better. Chuckling lowly, Vernon continued pushing against you, his breathing growing heavier and more erratic as he got closer to his peak.

Teasing his tongue with yours, you pushed against him as well, desperate to reach your own climax and knowing how close he was to his. As he finally gasped and the wet spot on his boxers got bigger, you continued moving your lower region against his clothed member, coming with a pleased moan into your own panties a moment later.

Vernon moved back to lie down by your side, his arm resting on your stomach as he caught his breath. Leaning up to kiss your jaw, he then spoke: “Shower?”

“Sounds good.”

- Kay

I hope you enjoyed!

Kinky Kookie (Jungkook Smut)

“J-Jungkook” You shivered under his kisses and touches that he left on our body, arching your back at how much pleasure he was giving you.

 He started biting and licking your breast, massaging and pinching the nipple of the your other breast. “Do you like that Jagiya?” Jungkook bit your nipples a bit harder, his other hand leaving your breast to caress your clit instead.

 His touches left you a moaning mess, wanting him to do more you, you snaked your way to his bulge, quickly moving your hands up and down through his clothed bulge, you took his head and kissed his plump lips. 

He licked your lips for entrance, but you denied, he wasn’t getting his way. Jungkook pinched your ass, resulting in you gasping and him getting entrance into your wet cavern.

 He quickly explored every crook and cranny of your mouth while both of your tounges were fighting for dominance. Jungkook obviously won, his hands still rubbing your clit through your lacey panties. You moaned in his mouth, quickly unbuckling his belt and moving his pants down.

 You quickly stopped the kiss and moved down on Jungkook, licking the base of his cock, massaging his ball in the process.

 "Ah Jagiya" Jungkook moaned, quickly grabbing your head and forcing you to suck on his big hard cock.

 As you tried your best to not gag, you happily licked Jungkook’s hard cock.

 "Jagiya" Jungkook repeated, grabbing a fistful of your hair, he forced more of his cock into your mouth, you choked at how big it is but you kept going on.

 "Jagiya shit" Jungkook cummed, his warm salty but slightly sweet cum mingled with your saliva. You tried your best to swallow but some escaped, dripping onto your breasts.

 "Oppa" You whined, quickly scooping up the cum that fell and licked it off your finger. “Yes Jagiya” Jungkook lied down on the bed, his cock still hard. “I-I want it now” You begged, your pussy dripping wet.

 "Fine fine but you should beg y'know, how I like it" Jungkook smirked, tucking your hair behind your ear, caressing your cheek in the process.

 "D-Daddy, I-I want your b-big hard cock in my dripping wet pussy" You muttered, shifting your gaze to your hands, fiddling and playing with it.

 "Good choice of words Baby Girl" Jungkook quickly opened the night stand, finding the condoms next to the flavoured lube and big toys. He quickly closed it, ripping the package open with his teeth. You helped Jungkook with putting the condom in his cock, being the good baby girl you are, you decided to move your hands up and down for the condom to fit snuggly.

 "Jagiya" He sighed out, pushing you onto your back. “Are you ready” He said, positioning himself on your entrance.

 You nodded, looping your arms around his neck. He quickly entered you, stopping a moment for you to get used to his cock seeing as it’s your first time. You squealed out in pain, waiting for a few minutes before you got used to his cock.

He started thrusting into you roughly, not giving any mercy to you or your pussy. You held on to his neck tighter, scratching his back, leaving marks. “D-Daddy” You moaned out, as pain started becoming into pleasure. You both started chanting each others name, as knots starting building up in your stomachs. You cummed first, your vision blurred with white and stars, Jungkook followed you, cumming after a few more thrusts.

 You both collapsed on the bed, sweat and cum on both of your bodies. You two fell asleep after cuddling and telling sweet nothings to each other


Sorry if the ending sucked ( or the whole thing) I just did this yesterday, this was originally for a friend.

Melanie Goes to Church

Melanie got up as her alarm went off for the third time that Sunday. She pulled the sheets over her head, trying to block out the sun and remember her dream. She was horny, and rightfully so after John, the music director at her church, had thoroughly fucked her in dream land. Her hands began to wander, feeling her skin and imagining his large hands grabbing her, caressing her. 

She had seduced him in her dream, her attractive body and desire forcing him to give in to his lust. It felt so wrong to her, but so right! She had developed a crush on him when she was just a teenager, his strong jaw, and dark hair making him incredibly attractive. Now she was 21, home from college, and he was just as sexy as she remembered. If anything, he looked even hotter, she thought, as her fingers reached her lips and clitoris. She gently rubbed herself, sliding a finger in and out of her tight hole, imaging his mouth on her, her legs wrapping around his head. “Oh John, yes!” She moaned quietly as she came, shoving three fingers inside of herself to reach her orgasm.

Melanie came downstairs after showering, and found her parents had already left for church. “I guess I’ll have to go to the last service,” she said to herself. She grabbed her keys and left, heading to a small cafe to grab breakfast before heading to church. After finishing a small plate of pancakes, she found herself in the church parking lot, which was unusually empty for a final service. Melanie went in, find a seat to the left, so she could get a better view of band. John’s son was one of the singer’s, and he was the sitting image if his dad, although a bit younger, and not as built. Yet. She cold feel naughty thighs rise the surface of her mind as church began, the band opening the sermon, her fantasies getting the better of her.

After the sermon was over, and she had sexually frustrated herself, the few prime that had shown up had left, and to her surprise, John came out alone to clean up.

“Hi, Mr. John!” She said, eager to have any conversation with him.

“Melanie! Good to see you. Are you back from school?” John asked as he started to rearrange the instruments.

“Yeah, I’m back for the summer.  I just finished my junior year,” Melanie replied, moving to help him.

“That’s great to hear.  You’ve certainly become a wonderful young woman.  Study hard and I am sure you’ll succeed at whatever you do.”  At that moment, they both reached for the one of the music stands, and his hand wrapped around hers.  “Oh, sorry.  Can you bring that over here?” he asked, quickly letting go to grab another one and walking to the storage room.  

The touch was electrifying to Melanie, his hands warmer than she imagined, and she felt his touch surge right to her groin, after fantasizing about him the whole sermon.  She picked up the stand and followed him.  “Do you still give lessons?”  she asked, beckoning to the piano that is stored in the back of the room.  

“No, not as much any more.  I haven’t played in a while, actually.”  

“Oh?  Why don’t you play something for me now?  No one is here.”  Melanie gave the best doe eyed look she could, hoping to spend as much time alone with him as possible.  This was the most she had spent with him in a while, and she was sure to make it last.  

“Sure, I could play a quick one,” John said as he placed the stand down, before pulling up a bench and lifting the lid to the keys.  He sat and started softly, a gentle, melodious tune that brought a peace to one’s mind.  She set her stand down and listened, before joining him on the bench.  Feeling empowered by him not scooting away, she lay her head on his shoulder.  John glanced at her, but seemed not to mind.  

He actually kept glancing at her, or more accurately, at her chest, down her shirt.  She had not intended to, but her shirt was loose, and gave him a wonderful view of her cleavage.  He could just barely see the tan lines of her bikini around her bra.  Melanie leaned closer, turning her head ever so slightly, and exhaled, gently blowing on his neck.  

John’s fingers stuttered with surprise, and the song ended abruptly.  Neither one of them moved.  

“Mr. John?  What’s wrong?,” she asked quietly, her breathe tickling his ears.  To her delight, she could see a bulge in his pants move as she did this, his erection visible now that he twitched.  

It was then that she decided to go for it.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did I cause that?” she followed up quietly, placing her hand on his thigh and slowly moving it up to his groin over his slacks.   

“M-m-Melanie, I…”  he began, but stopped as Melanie leaned over in front of him, looking him directly in the eyes.  

“It’s okay.  I want to help.  I want this.”  And she bent forward slightly and kissed him.  It was not a long kiss, or an erotic one.  Just a simple kiss to express her feelings.

John, stunned, was struggling inside.  “Melanie, you can’t, I mean, we can’t do this.  You’re young enough to be my daughter.  I have a wife.  We shouldn’t… this place…”  his argument trailed off as Melanie stood up, grabbing her shirt, and pulling it overhead, exposing a cute blue bra that cupped her breasts nicely.  

“I know.  And honestly…” she paused as she got closer to him, reaching behind her and leaning in. “… that’s the best part, Daddy.”  With that, she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground, and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his face into the cleavage he had been eyeing.  

John’s resistance washed away as he took one of her nipples in his mouth, tasting her skin, and wrapping his arms around her waist.  They held each other for a moment, before he pushed her gently away.  He stood up, and looked at her.  “Alright,” he said quietly, before leaning in to kiss her.  

His lips met hers, and they kissed, longer than the first time, with more need than before.  He kissed her passionately, eagerly, and soon their tongues intertwined.  His hands explored her back, before moving down to her ass, grabbing her cheeks firmly and rubbing them, enjoying how tight her ass felt.

Melanie’s hands moved to the front, and found his belt buckle, deftly removing it and unbuttoning his pants.  She reached inside his boxers, and found what she was looking for, his penis already erect.  She grabbed him and stroked him a few times, her hands sliding over his skin, before pulling his pants down, and breaking her kiss with him.  She fell to her knees, his cock eye level with her, and she grabbed him firmly, watching as she grabbed him at the base and jerked him.  John moaned at the motion, and she locked eyes with him as she pumped her hand faster and faster, his erection becoming harder at the sight of her topless, stroking his cock.

She reached for his balls, and played with them gently for a bit, before moving up and kissing his stomach, his cock touching her shoulder, and working her way down to the base of his shaft, wear she looked at him and kissed it gently, before extending her tongue and licking it from base to tip.

She began to swirl her tongue around the tip, making a big show of making his head shiny with spit, before wrapping her lips around him, starting with his head, then slowly pressing forward.  He moaned the further she went, until he was groaning with surprise as she pressed her face against his pelvis, deepthroating him completely.  She held there for a moment, before backing off, grabbing his base and beginning to stroke him in time with her lips.  

“Fuck Melanie.  When’d you learn to do that?” John asked in disbelief.

“she slowly pulled off of him, and while stroking him responded.  “You’re actually my first, but I like to practice on my dildo.  I usually imagine it’s your cock.  Today it really is.”  With a smile, she returned to his cock, a woman on a  mission.  

She began to speed up, sucking hard on his head while stroking him with her hand.  He started moaning more vigorously, and she grabbed his ass, pulling him deep into her throat.  She rapidly throated him, and he grabbed her by the hair, controlling her strokes.  

John groaned feeling his orgasm coming on.  “Oh Melanie.  I’m gonna cum,” he grunted, and Melanie pulled him deep, urging him to cum in her throat.  “Oh, God, yes!”  He moaned as his orgasm hit, spurt after spurt of hot semen shooting out from him.  Melanie swallowed the first few shots, before pulling out to the tip, licking his head and cum as he continued to pulse.  

She swallowed what she could, with the rest landing on her face and chest.  “Oh Melanie.  That was amazing.”

“Thanks Mr. John,” she replied sweetly, using her finger to wipe off the cum and place it in her mouth.

“How about I return the favor,” he suggested, quickly pulling her up to her feet, and laying her gently on the bench.  He stripped his pants off, before pulling hers down, revealing her shaven pussy.  He kissed her thighs, working his way inwards, and she could feel his breath on her pussy.  She moaned as his lips brushed hers, gently kissing her labia, sucking and licking her folds.  

He starts licking up and down her slit, wrapping his arms around her legs to hold her in place, while he eats her out.  She can feel his tongue caressing her, loving her, as he buries his tongue in her, and licks all over her clitoris.  She moans louder and louder as her fantasy becomes reality, and he increases the pressure on her, his face pressed against her and his tongue and lips working wonders all over her pussy.  She moans as she feels her orgasm approach, her body beginning to convulse under him, and her orgasm rips through her body, tendrils of pleasure shooting to her extremities.  She can feel her body tingle as he pulls her up and bends her over the piano, his face buried in her crotch as he continues to please her pussy.  

He eats her from behind, his tongue making long flat strokes against her, going through her folds, and teasing her hole.  He sucks on her clit hard, licking it intensely as a second orgasm approaches.  He opens his moth to cover her lips completely and shoves his tongue inside her, probing her, and licking her clitoris.

“Oh Mr. John,” she moaned as he pleases her.

“Call me Daddy,” he growls from behind, the vibrations of his voice doing wonderful things to her groin.

“Oh Daddy, I’m gonna cum again!” She screams loudly as another orgasm, even larger than the first ripples through her.  He continues to lick her clitoris throughout her trembling until her orgasm subsides, turning her around and kissing her hard.  She can taste herself on him, and is happy to find his erection returning.

“Mmm, Daddy.  That was wonderful.  How about you take this hard cock of yours and show me what else you can do with it?”

“Happily,” John says as he presses her against the piano.  He gently lifts her leg and presses himself against her entrance.  He begins slowly, thrusting himself gently into her as he fills her hot, wet hole.  After a few seconds, he’s completely inside of her, his hard cock inside her tight snatch.  Melanie moans at how full she feels, the sensations different from when she uses her dildo.  She can feel his warmth, his skin pressed against her.  “Are you ready, Melanie?”

“Mmm, yes Daddy.  Please fuck me.”

John slides himself back, then thrusts forward, his cock entering and exiting her slowly. he leans forward and kisses her as he fucks her, his balls slapping her thigh as he begins to speed up.  

“Oh, Melanie.  You’re so hot and tight,” John moans, unable to control his voice.  He thrust hard and fast, pounding into her pussy, pulling groans from her lips with every stroke of his hips.  He goes faster and faster, before pulling out and turning her around, getting her into doggy position.  He enters her from behind, shoving himself balls deep on the first stroke, and she moans as she’s quickly filled with his hard cock.  They fuck like this for a while, his hands slapping her ass and grabbing her breasts as she moans and pushes back against him.  She reaches back and rubs her clitoris while he pounds her from behind, and he grabs her hair and pulls her head back to control her as he slams himself into her repeatedly.  They get rough and faster, the sounds of their fucking making beautiful music.

“Melanie, I’m getting close,”  John groans, clearly straining to hold himself back.

“I want you to cum in me while I ride you.  Lay down.” She responds, pushing him onto the bench while she straddles him.  She grabs his cock and lowers herself onto his erection, pleased by the way she can rub her clit against him when he’s buried inside her.  She grinds herself furiously on him, both moaning at their approaching orgasms.  

“Cum for me.  I want you to cum inside me!!!” Melanie gasps as her orgasm washes over her, her pussy pulsing as John slams himself repeatedly in her.  Her words set him off, and he unloads his hot cum into her waiting pussy, the white fluid spilling out the sides of her lips with every thrust.

They lay their together a while, his cock still buried in her, both of them panting heavily.

“Mmm, thank you Daddy.  I could feel you cum inside me.  I think you’ll have to do this again.”

— Credit to @musicalkats-blog for the idea.
BTS reaction to catching you masturbate:

Rap monster:

He quickly opened the door after coming home and hearing moans. He figured you were either hurt or with someone else, suddenly he catches you moaning his name with your fingers in your panties, he stops and smiles.

“I can help finish that Jagiya..”


He had wondered where you had gone, so he searched through the house until he got to your room. Once he opened the door his mouth dropped and he instantly got hard seeing you grip at the sheets.

“I hope you need me right now cause I need you..”


Figuring you were upset about something he looked around for you when you weren’t around. When he found you, he didn’t regret it at all. You whined out his name, needing him.

“I know what my job is..”

He removed his shirt and started to unzip his pants walking towards the bed slowly teasing you.


Of course a guy like him had a bit of trust issues, so when he heard the moaning coming from a room he crashed in. You were startled and stopped. His face remained calm as he told you to continue. He sat and watched you as your face turned red. When you were close to climaxing, he climbed over you and held your hand.

“Without me? I don’t think so..”


After turning you on, you left his side in a hurry to go to the bedroom. Of course you didn’t think he would follow you but he did later on. He peeked through the crack in the door to see you doing the dirty. Quickly he came in as you were about to climax and startled you.

“You have a punishment for not telling me..”

He unbuckled his belt and bit his lip.


It was night time and you had woken up from a wet dream. Suga seemed sound asleep next to you, but you found out he wasn’t when he replaced your hand with his in your panties. His bulge rubbed against your moving leg causing him to moan a little in your ear.

“All you have to do is wake me.. I’m more than willing to help.”


As you washed off in the shower you began to think about Jungkook and an encounter you both had over the weekend causing you to touch yourself. As moans escaped your lips, they stopped as you thought you heard him listening at the door. Eventually you just shrugged it off. He startled you when he got into the shower with you, completely naked and began helping you.

“Perfect place…”

Drip Drop (M) | Taemin

Because this comeback has given me lots of feels

//do it fast, do it slow, you control the tempo

The club by the beach was drowning in deep house music; bodies were moving sensuously against each other in rhythm, and mouths were open in invitation for tequila and rum. You were intoxicated, and alcohol played no part in it.

The both of you had been goofing off, attempting to dance the waltz to the club music, when Taemin was whisked away by a man itching for a dance battle. Little did the guy know that he was in for a losing game. Cheers erupted from all around you as Taemin took off his baseball cap, feet moving swiftly across the floor as he turned slave to the rhythm. You smirked from the bar counter, taking in a sip of your fresh jug of beer. It didn’t matter how many times you watched him dance, his moves would always turn you on. Taemin showed no signs of slowing down, his hips thrusting and body rolling. The screams got deafening as he teased the crowd with a flash of his six-pack, ending his solo with a fist pump to the air.

It didn’t take long for the space that had formed around the two dancers to disappear as the crowd pushed the loser aside, all ready to shower admiration over Taemin, the undisputed winner of the battle. Girls clad in skin-tight dresses that barely draped over their butts were fondling over him, running their fingers along his nape, touching his abs through the fabric of his black tee. Unfortunately for them, his eyes were already set in your direction and he pulled himself away before they could say “sleep with me”.

“Hey,” he called out, breath slightly hitched.

“Hey to you too,” you greeted him with a kiss, and when you broke apart you could see the smirk that dared other guys in the club to be jealous. He wrapped an arm around your waist, gestured for a share of your beer and chugged a good quarter of it down.

“Did you see me out there?” he said devilishly, his tongue gracing the lower half of his fleshy lips.

“I always see you, Tae,” you slipped your hand into the back pocket of his black jeans, rubbing the tip of your nose against his and like always, it elicited a chuckle.

“Come on,” he grabbed your hand and nodded towards the exit, “let’s get out of here.”

With your hand in his, Taemin guided you out the club. The lanterns that hung down from the poles lit up the pebbled path with their orangey glow, the flowery shrubs by either side of you adding to the mystique and romantic vibes of the villa.

“Fancy a dip?” asked Taemin as he fumbled around in his pockets to find the key card to the bungalow.

“Sure, I think there’s guacamole,” you said with the straightest face, and the look of exasperation on Taemin’s face had you bursting out in laughter as you walked past him to open the door once he found the key card.

“Yeah, you laugh now, I’m going to have you screaming later.” Taemin stated as he closed the door and you turned around, laughter gone and tension present. “I saw the way you were looking at me in the club.” He took off his khaki jacket almost too slowly, knowing that the sight of his muscles rippling underneath his t-shirt would make you weak.

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Amanda’s Dreams: Tentacles

Contains: Inflation, Bursting, Bondage, Gore, Consensual.
Tone: Morbid.
Method: Slime.
Characters: Human, Tentacles.

Taking a break from her latest exhaustive dream, Amanda tries for another dream the next weekend.

The morning after her overwhelming predalien lucid dream, Amanda felt sore and tired from both the dream, and all the rubbing she had done to her body just before she had fallen asleep. She spent the day eating well and relaxing in bed with TV, trying her best to not jump back into the internet. As another work week began, she couldn’t wait until the weekend to try again.

Right as she got home on a Friday night, she dashed into her bedroom, grabbing her laptop and jumped into bed with it. With how random dreams could be, she knew she couldn’t force specific settings to happen. Treating it like the lottery, she watched and read about every kink she could find, praying that one of them had their way with her. After another evening of exhaustive “research”, she set the laptop aside and curled up under the covers, quickly falling asleep.


Amanda was in her room getting ready for bed, figuring out what to wear. Checking her naked body out in the mirror for a moment, she decided on a loose shirt and fluffy sweat pants to wear, wanting to keep warm from her cool room. She slipped both pieces of clothing onto her sexy tanned body, feeling much warmer already.

Not feeling tired just yet, she grabbed a book and climbed into bed; she rested on the soft blankets of the bed, propping her head and back up on the pillows. Romance novels were her favorite thing to read, always anticipating the steamy love scenes that they contained. Noticing that a scene was about to start, she slipped one of her hands down into her pajamas, positioning her fingers right between her legs. As the scene heated up, her fingers went to work, slowly speeding up as she became wetter.

“That’s right Susan, take his thick cock deep inside of you!” Amanda thought, egging on the characters in the book.

Warmth built between her legs, her breath and heart beat intensifying as well. The woman Susan in the book was getting pounded fast and rough, Amanda wishing she was in her position; for the time being, her fingers would have to do. Much like Susan, Amanda began moaning, her fingers having slipped deep inside of herself. The man pounding Susan was about to explode deep inside, forcing Amanda to focus on her clit now. Right when it seemed like she was going to time her own orgasm with the man’s own, Amanda was shocked as she turned the page.

“What the hell? The page is blank!” She said, unable to comprehend the book; her distraction quickly killing her once growing climax.

Before Amanda could ponder what was going on for too long, she heard some sick gurgling sounds outside of her bedroom windows. Her bed was positioned in a corner, a window present on both walls that touched her bed. Putting her book down on a nightstand, she sat up on her knees to look out of the side window. Not seeing anything at first, she suddenly jumped backwards and landing back on the pillows, when something crashed into the window.

As her shock died down, she knew what was outside the window, triggering her lucid dream talent, “Oh shit, that’s a tentacle!” she screamed, her fear instantly turning to lust, “I’m glad my book went blank when it did, as this is so much hotter!” she scooted towards the window. “You look lonely out there, why don’t I let you in?”

The thick tentacle slid up and down the window, leaving a thick trail of slime wherever it touched the glass. Not wanting shards of glass all over the bed, she quickly lifted up the window to let in the slimy intruder. She promptly laid back down on the pillows, her mind going wild thinking of all the things that the tentacle might do to her.

In no time, the green tentacle slid further and further into her bedroom, piling up between her feet. It went right for one of her legs, slithering up inside of her sweatpants, coating her leg with a layer of slime. Amanda shivered from anticipation and the cold sensation of the slime, goosebumps forming all over; despite being far from the tentacle, her nipples quickly stiffened, visibly poking out through her shirt.

“Man, I wish there were more of you!” She said.

As if on queue, her head snapped towards the open window right as three more tentacles entered the room. Her focus on the tentacles was disrupted as she felt the one up her leg prodded her between the legs, only inches away from her unguarded entrance. Thinking that it was just going to dive right in, she instead saw the end of it poke out from the band of her sweatpants, viciously pulling back on them. With a loud rip, the tentacle tore through her pants and pulled away the remaining tatters, leaving the bottom half of her body exposed to the cold room, and soon the tentacles.

“You’re lucky I’ll have a new pair when I wake up!” She yelled at it.

With her pants out of the way, the rest of the tentacles split up and descended upon her body. Two of them tightly gripped her ankles, spreading her legs wide, making her feel they were going to rip her in half. The last one that just came into her room slithered along her bed, stopping momentarily when it reached her ass. Cold slime covered her ass as it slid underneath between her cheeks a few inches, stopping again as it found her clenched entrance.

“Feel free to do whatever you want! My body is yours!” She said.

Before her ass or pussy got penetrated, the tentacle that had ripped her pants off aimed for her shirt next, slithering up her belly and underneath it. Sliding up between her soft mounds, it once more poked out from the collar and pulled back, completely shredding her last piece of clothing. While her nipples were stiff before, they nearly became hard as diamonds as they were met with the cold room.

“You had all better do what you’re going to do before I freeze to death here!” She said, her body shivering.

Amanda heard another knock on a window, this time on the one just above her head. Straining her neck to look up at it, she saw what must have looked like more tentacles. With her legs held tight by tentacles, she sighed in relief as the clothing shredding tentacle went up to open the window for her. As it opened the window all the way, sure enough two more tentacles came slithering in.

“Welcome to the party, there’s more than enough of me to go around!” She said to them.

Much like her legs, they wrapped tightly around her wrists, pulling her arms to the side; almost enough to pop them out of their sockets. With her body completely exposed and spreadeagled, the last tentacle slid back down her body, resting only inches from her dripping wet pussy. In perfect sync, she let out her first moan of the night as both her ass and pussy were split wide.

“Oh god, go as deep as you want, split me in half for all I care!” She screamed in ecstasy.

Her limbs were held tight, the tentacles never loosening their grips. Both invading tentacles slithered in without difficulty, their slimy coating providing a nearly frictionless penetration. Every inch split her body wider and wider, her body struggling to keep itself in one piece. With her mind overwhelmed with sensations, she held her head up for but a moment, catching a glimpse of her lower belly, watching as a bulge moved underneath towards her belly button.

As the tentacle stuffed deep inside reached her cervix, it stopped; the one sliding up her ass stopping as well. Not having to wait long, Amanda felt them both slide back out, moving faster than they did when going in. Stopping once more, each leaving only an inch of their slimy lengths inside, they pushed right back in, harder and faster.

“Just like that, fuck me good!” She screamed.

Slowly speeding up with each thrust, they pounded her curvy, sexy body, sending her into a moaning mess. Sick sloshing and slurping sounds echoed through the room, each paired with slime squirting out of her body each time a tentacle pulled out. Even with her limbs gripped tightly, the ramming of her body still caused her heavy breasts to bounce all over, their nipples finally softening from her body heating up. Sweat and slime mixed all over on her body, the air filling with a sweet aroma, kicking her arousal into overdrive.

“Fuck, I think I’m coming!” She screamed.

The tentacle thrusting in and out of her pussy quickly built warmth and pressure in her depths, bringing her towards climax. Part of the tentacle had been angling itself upwards, rubbing greatly over her G spot. With one last powerful thrust, Amanda arched her back as far as the tentacles allowed and let out an ecstatic scream, sending her pussy into powerful convulsions. The tentacles deep inside of her were repeatedly constricted as her orgasm swept through her, causing them to feel even tighter within her seizing body.

“That… Was amazing. What else can you guys d-!” She said, unable to finish as a new tentacle caught her off guard.

While Amanda was savoring the energetic climax pulsing through her body, she failed to notice another tentacle had entered the window above her. As her chest heaved, breathing through her wide mouth, it quickly slipped in between her wet lips, interrupting her question. She didn’t question it, her mouth quickly sucking on it, savoring the sweet taste of its slime.

While she sucked on the thick, delicious, tentacle in her mouth, the others that were stuffed in her body below returned to work. She was too focused on her sucking of the juicy tentacle to notice as the one in her ass slid even deeper than it had before, making her belly writhe slightly. A sudden jolt of pain broke her out of her trance, the tentacle in her pussy having rammed her cervix as hard as it could, breaking through and resting within her womb.

“Things are about to get interesting!” She thought to herself.

Her eyes went wide when yet more tentacles came through the window above her head, both quickly descending upon her ignored breasts. They roughly wrapped around the soft bases, constricting them tight until it looked like they would burst. The ends of the tentacles opened up, revealing slimy maws that promptly took a hold of her nipples, sucking in half of her breasts inside of them. She moaned as they applied pulsating suction on her luscious mounds, trying their best to get any milk from them, if she had any.

Not wanting to be left out, the one stuffed in her mouth suddenly shot down the back of the throat and into her neck, not stopping until reaching her stomach; she was lucky to have taken a deep breath right beforehand. With her unable to move, every hole completely stuffed with thick tentacles, she knew something big was coming.

Sure enough, every tentacle that was deep inside of her began to undulate and pulsate, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her body. Gurgling noises grew louder outside of the windows, and with her limited vision, she saw what looked like bulges traveling within the tentacles, heading right towards her body.

“Fuck yes! Fill my body with your vile slime! Pump me full until I burst!” She yelled in her head.

As the first bulges met with the entrances of her pussy and ass, she screamed in bliss through the tentacle in her mouth as she was split wider than ever. Moments later the tentacle in her mouth brought a bulge as well, nearly causing her jaw to break as it forced its way into her hungry mouth. More and more bulges went along the tentacles, splitting her wide, all the while depositing slime within her. If one of her hands had been loose, she would have easily been able to feel her neck bulge with each deposit.

Smart enough to have propped herself up on pillows, Amanda watched as her belly slowly grew right before her eyes, each bulge growing it further. With her stomach, womb, and intestines getting filled at the same time, it wouldn’t take long for her body to reach its limits. Another climax had been growing as bulges of slime passed through her pussy, putting extreme pressure on her G spot until she could handle no more.

“Oh god, coming again!” She screamed through the tentacle.

Powerful pulsations traveled through her pussy, helping the tentacle deposit its slimy loads. Her growing belly made it hard to arch her back, not to mention the tentacles still keeping a tight grip on her. As her latest orgasm died down, she estimated that her belly was at least a few months along pregnancy, showing no signs of stopping. The hungry maws on her breasts showed no signs of slowing down, their suctions now coupled with nibbling sensations of her nipples.

For what felt like eternity, she laid there in eternal ecstasy, watching and feeling the tentacles as they pumped their vile slime deep into her sexy body. A new orgasm swept through her body each time her belly grew a month in size, becoming more intense each time. Her body sweated like crazy, beads of it dripping down the sides of her belly as it grew. Pressure and tightness grew as well, only registering in her mind when she reached the sixth month mark. For the first time since her cervix was penetrated, pain grew in her belly as she reached the 8th month. The sweaty, towering form of her belly began turning red, darkening more towards her belly button. Stretch marks quickly formed when she reached the ninth month, pain and pressure almost unbearable.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last, I’m going to burst soon!” She thought to herself.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself for the inevitable explosion, she got a surprise as nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the tentacles had stopped pulsating, no more bulges traveling through them. The tentacle in her mouth slowly slipped out of her stomach and her mouth, letting her freely breathe and talk again.

“What are you doing!? You can’t leave me like this, burst me already!” She screamed at them in anger.

Her outcry was hasty, as she heard the loudest and sickest gurgling sound of the night. Her heart beat heavy in her chest as she looked over at the side window, the source of the sickening sound. Louder and louder it grew, until her eyes went wide with what she saw. Easily three times as big as they were before, a gigantic bulge was slowly but surely traveling along a tentacle, more accurately the one that was shoved deep into her ass.

“Holy fuck, now that is what I’m talking about! Bring that bad boy to mama!” She screamed with joy.

The anticipation was killing her, knowing that the room would be painted in her guts when it reached her. So much adrenaline flowed through her veins that she couldn’t moan any longer, only able to breath heavy and deep. Her heavily heaving chest felt powerful beats as her heart was nearly overdosing on adrenaline, feeling like it too would burst alongside her gravid belly. She wished that she could rub her clit, which was promptly answered by the tentacle that had been in her mouth, moving down right to it and stroked it with its slimy length.

“Just like that, you know how to treat a lady. Don’t go too fast, I want to cum right when my belly bursts!” She yelled at it.

   Slow, gentle strokes passed over her clit, only to be joined by the tentacle that had remained in her pussy; it started to thrust in and out of her once more, being careful to not unleash the slime it had pumped into her. Inch by slow inch, she continued to watch the giant bulge move along the tentacle, which was now right at the foot of her bed, starting its journey right for her ass. The heavy load of slime pushed down on the bed as it moved closer, leaving behind a thick trail of slime. As it finally neared her ass, she began hyperventilating.

“This is it, don’t hold back! Cram that thing right in!” She struggled to scream, her breathing too heavy.

As her ass felt the initial push of pressure, her last orgasm was nearly complete. Somehow having brains, the tentacles tending to her pussy and clit quickened their pace, thrusting and rubbing her like they were trying to start a fire. The giant bulge pushed harder and harder on her ass, splitting her wider than was humanly possible. With her ass opened as wide as it could go, the giant bulge slowly emptied itself into her. Pain and pressure grew immensely, her belly somehow still growing. When the large bulge shrunk down half of its size, she felt a bolt of pain in her belly.

“My intestines! They’re popping!” She screamed.

One after another, sickening pops radiated out from her belly as different sections of her intestines gave out, spilling the vile slime all over inside of her. Each miniature burst made her tight belly jiggle slightly, sending the sweat on it all over the room. She did nothing but scream as the rest of the slime load flowed into her, and as the last section of intestines burst, the final push of slime shot into her. Right on time, a final stroke over her clit made her pussy explode into ecstasy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The last drop of slime sent into her ass set off a chain reaction, starting with making her stomach and womb burst.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT, my belly is bursting!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

With a final arching of her back, almost powerful enough to snap her spine in half, her taut, gravid, dark red veined belly exploded. Blood guts, and an unholy amount of slime covered the entire room, only leaving the area under the bed spotless. With their job accomplished, every tentacle left her body and disappeared into the night through the open windows. Amanda laid there covered in gore and slime, still weakly breathing even after such an explosive event, savoring the final moments of her last orgasm.

“That…  was… amazing…” She weakly said, then expired soon after.


With the sound of birds chirping, the morning sun gleaming through the windows, Amanda peacefully woke up. Having experienced lucid dreams before, she no longer woke up abruptly in a panic. Just to make sure, she rubbed her belly, smiling when she felt no harm had been done to her. Knowing that she shouldn’t abuse her dreams, she got out of bed and enjoyed her weekend off of work.

The Car Ride

Sorry for not posting in a while. Been busy, and the wettings I’ve been doing weren’t really storytelling material. I’ve got a new one though 🤗, I really pushed my limits, both on purpose and accidentally. On with the story: Me and my parents were going on a 9 hour car ride to see family for the holidays. I was dressed for comfort so I had on my Uggs, gray sweatpants, and solid blue, soft cotton panties. I came up with a plan where I would not go to the bathroom once we had no more than 4 hours left in the trip. Plenty of time for me to get filled up and desperate. When we reached the 3 hour mark, I got a little wreckless, you could say, and started drinking more water than I normally do on road trips. 3 empty bottles later I caught myself and thought, “what the heck Kate?! What if we get stuck in traffic or something? Now I’m gonna have to go sooner than I had planned 🙄”. Sure enough, with 1 hour left, we ran into some traffic. I really had to go, my bladder was filling up and bulging. Moving too much hurt, and I had both my hands clutching my crotch, and I was squirming. 45 mins later we got out of traffic, but I wasn’t dry. I made the desperate decision to let some spurts out from time to time to try and maybe help the pain. It worked fine 3 times, I let a little bit out, no more than 2 secs. It was helping. I felt the warm wetness soaking my crotch each time I let some out, getting wetter and wetter each time. But on the 4th time, I had teased myself for too long, and as I relaxed for 2 secs, my bladder lost it. For around 6 secs hot piss jetted into my pants. Helpless I made the bad decision to grab my crotch to try and stop the flow, I felt my pee soak my hand and felt my hot throbbing pussy through my pants. I was quickly becoming a mess. Somehow, I got my bladder under control and when I looked down I saw I had a very noticeable, dark wet spot on my sweatpants, to make things worse I could see little signs of blue through my pants, my underwear. My hands were wet so I wiped them on my legs. My heart was pounding because I knew if I wet my pants in the car, my parents would make me clean it up, and probably force me stay in my clothes( and lock me out of the bathroom again) I looked up and they didn’t know what had happened, thank God. I felt a little better. However once we made it to the hotel, luck had left my side. I was so desperate, squirming in my seat, worried I wouldn’t get to my room in time. Getting out of the car was so painful, I actually lost a few spurts involuntarily, I felt them run down my left leg and into my Uggs. One good thing was that my pants had dried. So there was no more visible wet spot nor were my panties visible. My parents went to the room so I was left to grab my bag and go to my room. In short, the walk to the elevator and then to the room was horrible, I had to walk bent over and legs bent in a little, taking baby steps and focusing on not losing my bladder in the middle of the lobby. In the elevator I was clearly doing the pee pee dance, bent over I put my hand on my crotch, and bent my legs in. (I actually had my own room next to my parents because we got smaller ones as we were staying at the hotel for just one night). Trembling, and cross legged I swiped my room key and closed the door. I quickly turned to the bathroom and in that instant I knew I couldn’t hold it, I was seconds away from bursting, so I hopped into the shower (so there wouldn’t be a mess on the floor). And before I could finish swinging my left leg into the shower, I exploded. A hot, violent stream of piss gushed into my pants and underwear. I gasped and bent my knees in, but that was all, I had no plans of stopping. I heard the *hiss* and rapid *pat pat* of the pee going through my pants and hitting the floor of the shower. I looked down at my pants to see the dark gray spot rapidly grow out from my crotch and down my inner thighs and legs. My blue underwear slowly becoming visible. My Uggs soon became a darker brown after being soaked with pee. I felt the warm wetness crawl up my butt and up the front of my crotch. Streams went down my legs and pooled in my boots. Half way through I moaned and said, “oh my god this feels so much better!”. 2 minutes later I stood up straight and looked at myself. My sweatpants were dark gray on my butt, hips, and crotch as well as the front. All down my legs were dark lines big and small. I could faintly see my now dark blue underwear through my pants. My socks were soaked and so were my Uggs. I pulled down my pants to see that my underwear was soaked except for a little bit near the top of my butt. Satisfied with myself I began to get ready for a shower when I remembered that those pants and panties were the only pair I had on me…the rest were in the car. So I ended up putting them back on after my shower. Then they were cold and damp, I still wore them to bed. In morning all was dry and we finished the last bit of the drive to my aunt’s house. I just changed out of those clothes. Both my pants and underwear have pee stains, I love it. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed having that accident.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU

Part 1 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Tagged: @thatblondeemogirl

Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers, short

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?


That’s all she remembered. Her mind blank, and filled with nothing but pure silence. Why couldn’t she remember anything? One moment she had memories, and then…gone. Nothing. Just an empty organ. She felt numb, like she couldn’t move…but she was moving.

Wait…no she wasn’t. It was something else moving. Inside of her. Something…moving around inside of her? What did that mean, she wondered. Did she have gas? No…Stomach ache? Doesn’t remember eating anything…

Cold, cold and dark is what surrounded her. The last thing she could remember was that she needed to protect something…but she just didn’t know exactly what to protect. Herself? Someone else? 

She heard voices…masculine voices, none sounding familiar. They sounded panicked…and confused. Yelling at each other, but their words were muffled, due to her unconsciousness. Open your eyes, she told herself. Open…your..eyes…

Open your eyes…open…your…

“Ah!” She screamed as she jolted upward. Her breathing was quick and shaky, as her eyes darted all around the room she was in. She placed a hand on her heart, feeling the beating muscle speed up and then start to slow down as she calmed her breathing. And then…she felt it. 

A kick. 

Looking down, she audibly gasped, a hand flying to her mouth. That’s right…she was pregnant…She needed to protect the baby. And that was all she could remember…but what about her name? Or age? Or more importantly..the father of her baby. 

Her mind again went blank as that question echoed through, who was the father? How far along was she? Frightened tears started to form in her eyes, as one hand laid on the bulge that constantly moved, almost making her smile.  Even though she didn’t know who she was, or where she was…that didn’t mean she didn’t love the growing life in her stomach. And she sure as hell was going to protect it. 

The sound of the Med-jack door scared her, as a few figures stood at the doorway, all of them wearing the same expression as she was. Shock. But on her face, it held more fear. One of them held their hands up slowly, with her watching his every move. Slowly and carefully, the stranger made their way step by step over to the girl, showing her that he wasn’t a threat. He didn’t wanna excite her too much.

“H-hello…my name is Jeff…I’m just here to help you. I’m not going to hurt you, none of us are.” He spoke calmly, still holding eye contact with you. “How are you feeling?”

Still not being able to find her voice just yet, she nodded to signal that she was okay. He sent her a slanted grin, showing he understood but was still a bit nervous on what to do next. He walked a little closer, alarming the girl to grab the nearest weapon she could find. Scissors. Jeff backed up a few steps, with his hands still raised.

“Whoa there, girly,” Another spoke, his interesting eyebrows raised up in alarm. “Be calm, be calm.” 

She gulped, watching their every move as she gently had an arm wrapped around her stomach, while the other hand held the scissors. The blonde boy that stood right next to the dark fellow had soft eyes as he stared at her, seeing how frightened she was, not for herself, but for the child. 

“Hey,” He said as softly as he could, but enough to catch her attention. “We’re not going to hurt your baby, okay? We just want to help you. Promise. Do you know your name, love?”

She gulped again, darting her eyes from left to right, up to the ceiling and down to the floor as she thought. Searching her brain for an answer. Then, it hit her.

“Y-Y/n…m-my name’s…Y/n.” 

Dance for me - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested smut)


A/N: *coughs awkwardly* P-Porn? Um-I don’t really kno—okay here it is…don’t kill me


Y/n’s POV

Shawn’s lips graze the sensitive skin of my neck, raking his hands down my torso. I fumble with his jeans, pulling them off his ass. God his ass. I don’t even fully take off his jeans, before trying to pull at his boxers. Shawn smirked into my neck, the curve of his lips against my skin. Before I could pull his boxers down further, Shawn sat up, pulling me up with him. His large hands grabbed the hem off my top, pulling it over me head, throwing it on the floor somewhere. Shawn looked at me, his eyes hovering over my white bra, the innocent material having an affect on him. His hands roughly tug on my hair, pulling me into kiss him. Our lips meet, a hot kiss where tongues were touching and teeth were scraping. His hands wander around my body, pulling my black tights off.

I lift my self off the bed and straddle Shawn, my covered heat grinding down on his bulge. I move my hips in a circular motion, pulling back to hear Shawn moan. It was deep and satisfying, his grip tightening on my waist.

I continue grinding, kissing his open neck. I left hickey after hickey, not stopping until there was a trail going down the left side of his neck.

I push Shawn, his back hitting the mattress. My hands land on his chest, holding myself up. I lean down, my lips colliding with him, my hands grasp his face, pulling him closer. Suddenly, I pull away, getting up off the bed and standing in front of Shawn. He moves, scooting to the edge of the bed, his jeans still hanging loosely on his hips.

I smirk turning around, moving towards my phone. I turn it, letting Natalie Graham’s cover of Ride, softly fill the room.

Take off those heels, lay on my bed

Whisper dirty secrets while I’m pulling on your hair

I close my eyes slowly moving my hips side to side, my hands touching my chest and gently moving up to grip on to my hair. I start humming along with the song, the beat picking up. The beat allowing me to roll my hips faster, my hands moving from the tangled mess of hair to my neck. I open my eyes to face Shawn, his bottom lips pulled in between his teeth, palming himself through his jeans. A breathy moan escaped my lips, the sight making me wetter.

My hands glided down from my neck, to my heaving chest. I decide to move lower, continuing to move my hips. Rising from the ground, I urn to Shawn, spreading his legs apart and moving in to the open space.

Teasing was the point of this little game, so I did as the rules stated.

Swaying my hips faster, I turn around, sliding on top of Shawn’s crotch, softly grinding down on his bulge. His hands moved from their position on the bed to my inner thighs, pulling them apart, gliding to my underwear. Resting on his shoulder, I let out a low moan as Shawn’s fingers played with the wet spot on my underwear, rubbing my soaking heat. Sense hits me and I pull away, it was my turn to be in control.

Naughty, lets’ get naughty, girl it’s only one or two

The fever’s fucking running, feel the heat between us two

With my back to the boy and rolling my hips, my hands find their way to my bra strap, undoing and throwing the material on the floor. The song repeated itself, my hands ran through my hair as I continued swaying my hips. I began massaging my breasts, hissing and moaning as I played with my nipples, flicking the little buds. My hand moved across my body, it’s place on the hem of my underwear, before delving in, rubbing circles on my clit. I hear the unzipping of jeans before hearing the slap of his hard erection hitting his lower stomach. My eyes fluttered open to see Shawn, his hand stroking himself, concentrating on giving himself pleasure. Angry, I started towards him, my hand yanking him away from himself. His startled eyes boring into mine, before being clouded with lust once again.

I’m gon’ take care of your body, I’ll be gentle don’t you scream

It’s getting hotter, make it softer, feel your chest on top of me

My knees hit the floor as I lean closer, holding Shawn’s erection in the palm of my hand. Both hands grip on to his cock, moving up and down teasingly. Every so often, my thumb ran across his swollen tip. A guttural groan escapes Shawn, his lips now dry and parted. I watch his hands grip the bed sheets tighter as I move faster. I place the tip of his cock into my mouth, my tongue running over it and sucking gently. I take him, my mouth stretching over his large size, trying to fit all of him in. I continue to suck, my hands moving against what i couldn’t fit. His hands grip my hair, not pulling or tugging, but gripping for support.

I’m gon’ make you feel that loving, getting weak all in your knees

Kiss your body from the tip-top, all the way down to your feet

Shawn’s head was thrown back, his mouth hanging open, his eyes shut tightly as he let the pleasure slowly consume him. Seeing him made me try harder to make him cum, wanting to be the reason he came undone. My hands began going faster, his moans becoming louder, his cock going deeper. His groans filled the room as he came, his cum sliding down my throat as I pulled his cock out of my mouth, continuing to stroke him through his high.

Standing between his legs, I push Shawn down, the bed creaking underneath him. Breathing heavily, mouth still hanging agape, his tongue sweeping across his lips, moistening them. I remove my underwear, throwing it lazily behind me. I place both my thighs on either side of his legs, softly grazing my nails down his chest, watching as goosebumps arose from his skin. I grip his erect cock, moving it so it was below my heat, before lowering down letting him fill me up.

I roll my hips against his, friction making me moan. Shawn’s hands gripped my hips, helping my move against him. His plump lips were becoming dry, his eyes closed slightly, it was a sight bringing me close to my orgasmic bliss.

My hands grab Shawn’s, moving with him, my hips rolling faster. Our moans filled the hot steamy room. A small knot began to rise in my lower stomach, growing and growing until complete pleasure rushes over me.

“F-Fuck Y/n,” his words being covered by his groan. His hands tightening on my waist, moving me faster, riding out my high.

I’m so high, but i ain’t smoked yet

I’m just coming down from this

My hands run through my hair, my moans almost never-ending. Our panting filled the room, as Shawn slowly pulled out, laying me down next to him.
His arms pulling my waist closer to him, his lips leaving soft kisses on my exposed neck.

“That was amazing, I love you for this Y/n,” Shawn’s voice was just above a whisper, his hot breath fanning over my shoulder.

“Does this mean to say you enjoyed it and wanted more?” I felt Shawn’s laugh hit the back of my neck, his head nodding.

“So I can top more often?”

“Well we’ll have to see now, won’t we?”

I’m gon’ ride, I’m gon’ ride on you baby

On you lady, all night, all night

A/N: Well damn… I don’t really know what to say to that honestly, I-I just don’t know what I wrote. Excuse me while I look for places to buy holy water…

The First Time

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Stiles

Rating: NSFW

Word Count: 1,247

Requested: “Heyy! Can you do a Stiles Stilinski smut where its like the first Time for both of them and its cute and awkward at the same Time?”

A/N: I’m so fucking sorry it took me this long to write it and its still trash I just couldn’t get a good plot for some reason I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy it. 

You had been dating your boyfriend for almost two years. In reality not that long, but it had seemed like a lifetime to the both of you. In a good way of course. You didn’t have much alone time together, first, it was Peter, the kanima, and then the darach. You were always busy nd never got do normal teenage things. It was nearing his birthday and you wanted to make it extra special. You made sure everyone was busy doing their things, his dad was at work, so there would be no interruptions. Twice was enough, you had been craving him, never having the time or “alone time” to go any further. You planned a very special day for the both of you. You set up a scavenger hunt with the help of the pack that would lead him to you where you would be waiting at the preserve waiting to have a picnic with his favorite foods.

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The Peanut Vendor is a stop-motion film produced in the year 1933 by  Dave Fleischer of Popeye and Betty Boop fame.  The Peanut Vendor stars a lanky-limbed money with bulging eyes who moves in rigid, creaking shivers around his environment.  This, along with the jittery film reel, static-filled music, and fuzzy image quality that are usual now for films created so long ago, all serve to subtly put many viewers into a sense of unease.

But why?

Generally speaking, the main reason that The Peanut Vendor is “creepy” because of something called the Uncanny Valley.  The Uncanny Valley is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when our brains react to something that is almost real, but is executed in a way that it is obviously not actually real.  Dummies, dolls, and some masks and media characters, also cause the Uncanny Valley effect on people who view them.

Due to exposure to horror media, many will also have a mind that has been “trained” in a way to be upset, afraid, or disgusted by depictions of staticy music and film, as well as by the image of anatomically grotesque or impossible creatures (such as those with improbably long, skinny limbs, and obscenely large bulging eyes).

Lap Dance

Taehyung Imagine

genre: smut word count: 435 words

“Come give daddy a show, kitten.” Taehyung voiced as he sat on the couch with one hand on the arm rest and the other set beside his thigh. He licked his lips as he watched you bend over to the radio, taking in the curve of you ass. You stood up straight and turned your body in his direction, slowly making your way towards him, placing your thumbs underneath the hem of your white lace panties and pulling them down just enough to make it to the middle of your thigh before quickly pulling them back up to your hips in hopes of teasing the blonde boy. A smirk spread across your face and you saw him take his bottom lip inbetween his teeth. Once you were close enough, you leaned down and placed your hands on his knees to prop yourself up while you brush your lips against his, causing his lips to part slightly letting a soft sigh escape. He began to lean closer but you pulled away as quick as you could.

“ah ah ah..” You grin, shaking your head. You then get down on your knees between his legs and graze your nails up his thighs quite close to the now prominent bulge in his jeans. The way he gets so turned on by your small light touches makes you smile proudly at yourself. You slowly make your way up through his legs, slipping your hands under his shirt making him shiver slightly at your cold hands. You traced the lines of his abs as you straddled his lap making sure you kept your distance from his bulge for the moment. You leaned in closer to his neck just barley grazing your lips over his skin allowing your breath causing goosbumps to rise on his neck. A chuckle left your lips at his reaction before you place your hands around his neck, lifting your hips up just above his bulge beginning to move your hips around to the beat of the music intentionally brushing yourself against him earning a low groan from beneath you. Taehyung looked down at your hips biting down on his lips hard enough to draw blood. He threw his head back against the couch, fluttering his eyes closed as a deep hum became audible.

“Y/N..” He warned as you continued your teasing, slightly turned on by his frustration. Taehyung let out a frustrated groan, placing his hands on your thighs placing them around his waist, He stood up and began making his way to your shared bedroom,“I’m so fucking tired of your teasing.” He growled.

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