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Made it to the gym again! That’s the third time this week already! I finally feel back on my game. And I’m happy when I’m in there. The first day I walked back into the gym I felt weak. I felt like I looked weak. Everyone else just seemed so much more confident than I was. I got down on myself. But then I remembered that I’m there for me and to make myself stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. I remembered what it’s like to be in that mental happy place again that the gym was for me 6 months ago before I had to stop lifting. Now I want to go and look forward to it! Yay for physical, mental, and emotional gains!😍🎉💪🏼

1/25/17 Workout:

Leg press: 4x10 90#
Bodyweight squats: 4x10
Squat curtsy lunge pulses: 4x6
Back/booty extensions: 3x15 25#
Leg extensions: 4x6 80#
Front lunges: 4x6
Bulgarian split squats: 4x8 10#


“ 😅 This combo though! Bulgarian split squat/forward lunge.
4 sets - 8 reps per side/alternating legs (no breaks) ”


Let’s get after it guys! Today was leg day and i decided to throw in a few things I usually don’t do, just to change it up for a change.

1- safety bar front squat *

2a- Bulgarian split squat
2b- Stiff leg RDL deadlift

3a- Sled drag with weight vest *
3b- sled push with weight vest *

I’m so wiped now it’s time to eat💪🏽🍝

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anonymous asked:

After squats and recently bulgarian split squats, my adductors are really sore but not my glutes or quads or anything else. Do you know what the relationship is there between these muscles or how to get my glutes to fire more / inhibit the adducotrs?? thanks !

Your adductors have to stabilize your knee during the movement, so it makes sense! You wouldn’t want to “inhibit” them, otherwise your knees will go into valgus.

Try to roll out your glutes before doing them and focus on contraction as you extend your hips.


Warmup: 10 min run on treadmill as per

Killer LEGS/GLUTES workout - 
4x15 Squats 12kg dumbells
4x30 bulgarian split squats 12kg dumbells
4x15 sumo squats 6kg on bench
4x24 reverse lunge knee ups on bench
4x30 jump lunges
4x15 dumbell squat walks 6kg
4x15 squat jumps
4x24 walking lunges 12kg
4x24 cable kick backs 11.25kg
4x30 single leg calf raises
4x24 cable hip abductors 8kg
4x15 squat press 51kg
4x30 donkey kicks
3x24 hydrants
3x20 flutter kicks
4x15 hip bridges
4x10 box jumps (including one where I went over the bench and almost flew headfirst into the mirror…ooppps…)

LISS today: 30 mins 10.0 incline 6.8kph walk

Have a lovely and productive day! <3


Barrecore this morning for an intense workout! (Here’s what I thought of it!) 

Legs & Glutes at home workout (too lazy to go down to the gym, cleared some space, got my mat, some weights and a chair out. PLUS got to play my own music :D )

4x30 jump lunges
4x15 squat with 12kg dumbell
4x15 jump split squats
4x15 bulgarian split squats 6kg dumbell each side
4x24 hydrants
4x24 weighted lunges
4x30 donkey kicks weighted 6kg

EDIT: had to cut my workout short here because I was a little too enthusiastic with my donkey kick and kicked the dumbell off my leg and onto my other leg… NEVER AGAIN. Be sooo careful omg. I’ve thoroughly learned my lesson ouch, my poor calf :’(
4x24 weighted single leg deadlifts 12kg
4x15 sumo squats 10kg dumbell

4x15 hip bridges

Gonna do some abs instead and give my legs a break, think they’ve done enough already.. and now a bruise is forming! :’( Gahh but you live and learn!

Today was leg day but I actually did it all without weights! Everything I did today was just with body weight so it can even be done at home! Just did everything very slow and controlled and I’m already feeling it. Sometimes I think you just need to change it up!

11/19 Workout:

Squats: 100
Single leg rdl: 4x10
Donkey kicks: 4x15
Bulgarian split squats: 4x8

Back to another little gym leg workout! But I’ve decided to just break down and spend the money for a one day pass to go to the golds gym here so I can do a heavy leg day! I think I’m gonna go on Thursday. But I gotta be honest, today’s leg day almost killed me anyway! I’ve been stumbling around all night🙈

2/29 Workout:

Sumo squats: 4x10 50#
Dumbbell deadlifts: 4x8 80#
Walking lunges: 4x10 4x10 40#
Bulgarian split squats: 4x8 40#
Dumbbell rdl’s: 4x8 20#
Donkey kicks: 4x15
Treadmill: 20 mins walking at 4.2 speed


Today was LEGS yet again after Barrecore Band this morning! Expecting a burn tomorrow.

4x15 jump squats
4x24 walking lunges 6kg each arm
4x15 squats 12kg dumbells
4x30 Bulgarian split squats 12kg dumbells
4x15 leg press 51/58kg
4x30 jump lunges
4x24 reverse lunges step up
4x15 sumo squats 10kg
4x15 squat walks 10kg
4x15 jump into center squats
4x10 box jumps
4x15 hip bridges alternate legs up

I finally made it back into the gym after taking both Saturday and Sunday off and I actually went for a leg day! Just fronts today so no bootywork, but it was hard, I was feelin the burn, and it felt so amazing to get that workout high again!

2/8 Workout:

Sumo squats: 4x10 50#
Bulgarian split squats: 4x8 50#
Walking lunges: 3x10 40#
Calf raises: 4x15 70#
Treadmill: 50 mins walking at 4.0 speed


First time trying plyo Bulgarian split squats…. because the booty won’t build itself. #cleverstrength

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