Wow, this girl has a lot of potential on floor. I’ve not seen a Bulgarian gymnast with that kind of tumbling difficulty in a number of years. Two E passes, which is great!

Archaeologists Dig Up Ceramic Head of Dionysus in Ancient Roman City

Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Danube city of Ruse have discovered a ceramic head of ancient deity Dionysus, among other archaeological artifacts, during the excavations of a recently discovered section of a 4th century AD fortress wall of the Roman city of Sexaginta Prista.

The 20-meter-long section of the southeastern Late Antiquity fortress wall of Sexaginta Prista has been excavated in July 2015, the Ruse Regional Museum of History has announced.

The newly unearthed fortress wall of Sexaginta Prista in Bulgaria’s Ruse, which is preserved to a height of up to 7 meters, has been found on private property; this is the first time the archaeologists from the Ruse Museum have revealed structures from the Roman city on a privately owned plot. Read more.