Да останеш верен на себе си, а не на чуждите очаквания е един труден път, който си заслужава на 100 процента.

В. З.

Ако срещнеш човек, който те окуражава да обичаш себе си повече отколкото него, никога не го изпускай.

Qiya Solihin

Fun facts of countries 2:

Australia: In 2009, snipers were deployed in Australia to protect a colony of little penguins from predators.

Bulgaria: No army in the world has ever captured a Bulgarian flag in battle

Brazil: There’s a single cashew tree in Brazil that has a mutation that allowed it to cover an area of 7500 square meters.

Estonia: Has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world.

Greece: Holding an open palm to someone’s face is considered an insult in Greece.

Hungary: The musical condom, which plays a tune while being unrolled, was invented by Ferenc Kovacs and launched in Hungary in June 1996.

Ireland: A nickname for people in the county Wicklow is Goat suckers.

Liechtenstein: Is the world’s leading manufacturer of false teeth.

Lithuania: As a symbol and act of independence and union between the Baltic States, a 600 km long human chain holding hands was made in 1989 from Lithuania to Estonia crossing all three countries organized by Lithuania.

Portugal: The world record for the largest omelet belongs to Portugal. It weighed 6.466 tons.

Romania: There is one city in Romania named Caracal and their fire lookout tower in the city burnt down one time and the main door of the police station was stolen once.

Russia: The word “vodka” derives for the Russian word “voda”, which means “water”.

Spain: The name Spain diverged from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits.

Taiwan: Toilets can’t handle toilet paper in Taiwan. Signs next to the toilet instruct people to place the used tissue in the trash can instead.

Turkey: A few hundred years back, women in Turkey could legally divorce their husbands if he didn’t provide them with enough coffee.

South Korea: It’s not uncommon for a South Korean to ask, “Have you eaten well?” instead of “How are you?”

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Part three

reminder for me

I can be thin. i really can be. everyone always says so, but i can be thin.

let me say it again.

i can be thin.

but i can’t just read these words.

i have to work for it.

i can literally be thin if i put in the fucking effort.

Малките неща? Малките моменти?

Те въобще не са малки.

John Zabat-Zinn


Не се ядосвай, не е загуба на време.

Понякога най-големият урок

от любовта,

е да научиш

какво точно не искаш.

Димитър Калбуров

Ancient Mirrors Said Nice Things To Their Owners

These five lead mirror frames, dating to the turn of the 200s CE, have been found while excavating a Roman villa in northern Bulgaria. Three of the frames are decorated with the image of a large wine vessel and bear an inscription that means a “good soul.” A nice thought to have when looking at oneself, no?

The villa belonged to a Roman military veteran. The specific building where the mirrors were found was initially thought to be a house for workers, but the mirrors suggest perhaps it was a temple.


Бито куче не се гали просто така.

Не отивай при него веднага щом го видиш,

изчакай то да дойде при теб.

Дай му да те огледа хубаво,

да те подуши,

да те прецени.

Внимателно, не бързай,

страх го е.

Няма как да ти се довери лесно,

но ако успее да го направи,

ще разбереш, че се е случило.

Е, може да не ти е важно да знаеш

как се гали бито куче,

но пък ще вземе да ти хрумне

да обичаш някого.

Димитър Калбуров

Излязох с нагласата да подишам чист въздух.

Озовах се с цигара в уста и мисълта за теб.

“Защото не всички чудовища са били чудовища от самото начало, някои са станали такива от мъка.”

“Баба праща поздрави и се извинява” - Фредерик Бакман

„Не оставай без любов, за да не умреш. Умри с любов, за да останеш жив.”