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I don't suppose we could see some Karkat & Signless family bonding?

Karkat smiles as he and Signless enter an ice cream parlor. Having gotten away from Kankri’s lectures about triggers, they were finally spending some much needed time together. “Jeez,” Karkat sighed, “I thought we’d have to listen to him ramble for gog knows how long. For fucks sake! He’s always going on and on about how ‘I find y9ur 6ehavi9r t9 6e quite triggering.’ Bite me! I find your lectures triggering.” Signless laughs. “That’s a pretty good Kankri impression, Kar. I swear I love the boy, but he just drives me nuts sometimes.” Karkat’s smile grows. “I can do Gamzee and Terezi too! ‘I sPaCeD oUt, Do YoU kNoW hOw BeAuTiFuL tHe OcEaN iS, mOtHeR fUcKeR?’ And 'I R34LLY W4NT TO SM3LL YOUR BLOOD. M4YB3 TH3N I COULD F1N4LLY KNOW WH4T’S GOT YOUR BULG3 1N 4 KNOT.’” Signless is hysterical at this point. “Wow, Kar! That’s amazing! I’m really impressed! Haha!” Karkat’s cheeks flush red with happiness. He’s never been that close to his lusus, so he’s never spent much time with him. The moments he does though, those are some of the moments that Karkat is happiest.

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