Jaka Bulc
Canon EOS 300 | Canon Canonet G-III QL17 | Mamiya M645

Your photos portray so much silence and serenity, yet have so much life with pops of colour. What would you say is your point of view as a photographer?

I just try to impart a personal perspective. I think that’s the key when shooting subtler landscapes. It’s not that I don’t like portraits or hectic city scenes, but in the end I usually find myself drawn to the nuances of nature and I just kind of try to do something different with them. I think it really shows when a photographer likes the stuff he shoots. I really love serene spaces.

Tumblr: @jakabulc
Website: @jakabulc
VSCO: @jakabulc



A Glacial Journey with Jaka Bulc

Jaka Bulc’s portraits of natural sprawling landscapes charmed us here at Lomography. On his recent trip, he took this breathtaking collection of photographs, which perfectly encapsulate the serene and almost eerie calmness of mountains. We had a quick chat with him about his artistic inspirations and affinity with the outdoors.