Smas Bulc employee again here. Yesterday (10/1) I had a lady come through my line and buy a pack of HP ink. She brought up a laminated sheet with the barcode on it, which is how we ring up our most expensive inks. I informed her that she would have to go to the COS podium after I finished her transaction with her receipt so the COS could retrieve her ink from the cage (we keep it there to for anti theft reasons because it’s expensive as I said before). She proceeded to tell me that she would not be buying ink here anymore because she used to be able to just get it on the shelf. She acted like I should care that we’re losing her business, but I really don’t. Honey, what do you expect to happen when you bring a display item up to a register that is obviously not the item you want. Like lady, it literally takes less than 2 minutes for a COS to get your stupid ink out of the cage. If you want to be impatient, go to Office Max. I feel like she just wanted something to bitch about.