Legend of Welp! #85

Ilia: Link, you’re conventionally attractive!

Link: Aw, shucks! Thank, Ilia!

Ilia: No, you don’t understand! Being the only conventionally hot guy in a small town is a sure sign that you’re destined for great deeds! I’m afraid that we’ll soon be dragged into a load of trouble if we’re not careful!

Link: Oh c’mon, Ilia! We’re just two commoners with peasant positions and jobs in the middle of the dung and hay filled sticks! What major events could possibly concern us?


Bulblin: I’m stealing your friends.

Midna: I’m telling you what to do now!

Zelda: I’m in need of your help!

Zant: Hello naughty children, it’s time for death!


Legend of Welp! #129

Bokoblin: I feel like we’re always getting showed up, you know? No one’s every afraid of bokoblins, we’re just the stepping stones before the bulblins, or the moblins, or whatever.

Link, in Bokoblin Mask: I know what you mean. Maybe it’s high time we bokoblins just give up on the whole “serving Ganon” thing, eh? 

Bokoblin: What? No! Why do you keep suggesting that, Steve?

@mavi-mav here you go love! i went with twilight princess link + breath of the wild link for this one! hope you like it! my goal is to finish prompt requests today!





⛺️ where they would take their s/o on a trip?

i actually answered this one in a previous ask so i’m going to copy and paste what i said in the last ask! link’s made a lot connections through saving hyrule so he can find a place to stay in just about any kingdom. he doesn’t like camping in random areas, it’s makes him feel like he’s on another journey and makes it hard for him to sleep. where he takes you depends on the iteration of link. botw! link will take you to zora’s domain where sidon will treat the two of you like royalty. twilight princess! link will want to take you with him to ordon ranch, he’s wants to introduce you to Ilia (she’ll adore you). skyward! is the one link that i think may take you camping. skyward! will take you to skyview spring, it’s quiet there and he likes just being alone with you.

☀️ early bird or night owl? do they wake their s/o up with them?

as a general rule, most links are notoriously guilty for burning the candle at both end. however, some are worse than others. twilight princess! link is more of a night owl than an early bird but that doesn’t mean he allows himself to sleep in. that’s a luxury he can’t afford when he’s on a quest. so when he’s traveling he’ll go to bed around 2 and wake up around 9. botw! link is very restless, he has difficulties falling and staying asleep since he slept through 100 years. he’s fairly confident he won’t fall asleep that long again but it’s a dull worry that chews at him. twilight princess! link will wake you up after he wakes up. once he’s awake, it’s time to head off. botw! link is a bit more generous, opting to let you sleep a bit longer while he hunts for some breakfast nearby.

🗯 how protective are they? do they worry about their s/o often? what makes them nervous?

regardless of the iteration, link is protective of his s/o. he’s a legendary hero after all, that basically puts a huge target on his and his loved one’s backs. twilight princess and botw link are no exceptions. neither of them want you to go on quests with them. they’ll put up less resistance if they knew you as a warrior before they knew you as a significant other, but be prepared to argue your case if you’re attempting to go on a quest with him. twilight princess! link gets nervous when you travel to dangerous areas (places where bulblins are rumored to reside, etc) without him. botw! link is also nervous when you travel to dangerous areas, or (if you’re in the timeline of the game) if you’re traveling to Zora’s domain he’ll specifically instruct you to keep your relationship a secret (many older Zora hold Link accountable for what happened to Mipha) and if you’re Hylian, try to keep your lineage a secret (some even detest Hylians in general because of what happened to Mipha).


Even More Punk Zelda au!

I said there’d be more of this and I did not lie. These are the Punk baddies (even tho one of them is a freaking biker and the other a thug I don’t even know).

Ganondorf is the notorious biker leader of his infamous gang, with plans to takeover all of Hyrule City. He’s got connections everywhere, a majority of them being cops and political scum, and it’s through this that he's grown as powerful as he’s become. That is, for now. (he’s also got a big crush on Zelda, in which, I’ll draw a comic of how they first met)

Zant is an ever flamboyant dance student who resides in the same small town as Midna. He often spends his time trying to impress her and get her to return his affections, in which, he constantly fails…every…time… (but I’m sure she has SOME love for him in there…)

King Bulblin or as he prefers “Bud” is a childhood friend of Ganondorf and trusty bodyguard, however, he is in fact a terrible bodyguard, for he’s constantly getting is ass kicked by Link and on severaly occasions,  Officer Ashei. But deep inside he’s kind and loving and is basically Ganondorf’s Kronk. (He simply will not rest until he finally beats Link 1v1)

Look forward to seeing the following:

  • Commissioner Telma
  • Officer Ashei
  • Detective Shad
  • Old Man Auru and Old Lady Impa
  • Officer Rusl

And many other characters!

Thank you all for supporting Punk Zelda au! And once again credit goes to the lovely hylianprincess for the awesome idea!

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More Punk Zelda au

In Defense of Skyward Sword

Here is the entirety of my 7 part analysis on Skyward Sword’s story. Enjoy.

Part I

Skyward Sword is criticized for both its motion controls as well as its linear gameplay. The controls I’ve discussed in the past, so I’m going to focus on the latter. The Surface being divided into 3 distinct areas, frequent intrusions of story elements into regular gameplay. Fi isn’t exactly well-liked, nor is the game as a whole.

I understand that this could have been a step backwards for some people. That’s fine for you to think that. We all expect different things from such an old and expansive series. If you’ll have me, though, I’d like to explain what I perceive to be Nintendo’s thought process when making the game.

It is undeniable that Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks were the most story-heavy games in the series walking into the development of Skyward Sword. Gameplay is guided rather strictly by the story. Skyward Sword takes it even further though. That had a very specific reason. Like it or not, that’s what gave the game its story.

Part II

Skyward Sword’s narrative is the strongest of any of the 19 current titles. While in particular I enjoy Majora’s Masks’s and Twilight Princess’s very fleshed out and dark plots, this one in particular is the best executed of them all. The actual plot content is subjective, but in terms of how it was played out, it was easily better than any of them. It is thick with plot and features recursive story elements, that begins and ends strongly and ends just feeling complete. This is only made possible by how structured and restricted the gameplay is.

By only allowing three points of entry to the Surface, and a specific path that needs to be followed when exploring for the most part, the player is ensured to reach each milestone in the story at the exact right time. I’ve never tried to avoid these, as I absolutely adore the narrative, but I don’t believe you actually can. The sky is opened up completely, and it should be. It is the sky, after all. But when you need to do something important, you’re guided to a specific place at a specific time.

The first arc is Link trying to catch up to Zelda and Impa, hitting road blocks everywhere in his path that delay his pursuit. Fi is constantly reading signs of Zelda’s aura, but until the Earth Temple, he doesn’t even get the chance to see her. He finally catches up with them at the Temple of Time, but Ghirahim shows up and ruined it. All of these, and everything after, are completely and utterly dependent on the linearity of the game as a whole.

Part III

Let’s get some context. The story of Skyward Sword is one of my favorites. It’s easy for me to say that the six 3D console releases (Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild)) have the best stories of the series. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are there with them as well, because I’d say they could have made it as console games if their raison d'être was not to be designed specifically for the Nintendo DS.

What binds these all together is that for the most part, their characters, music, and story elements are memorable. The central gameplay elements (time travel, sailing, etc.) give everything context and tie it all together. I can easily remember intense moments and how I felt playing them. For example, the horseback battle in Twilight Princess was breathtaking. Chasing down King Bulblin across Hyrule Field on Epona to save Colin, all culminating in a joust atop the Bridge of Eldin, left me speechless. The final battle of The Wind Waker, with Tetra and Link fighting together to best Ganondorf? Holy shit, guys. The Characters were memorable and sometimes yielded dramatic development.

I cannot say enough that those eight games’ stories were awesome. They don’t get old. I must have played each of them but Breath of the Wild three or more times, and really. They feel new every single time.

Part IV

Skyward Sword in particular took it up a level. Because of the almost oppressively linear gameplay, it was able to become the most fleshed out, exhilarating, and heart wrenching in the series. I’d say it is level with or even tops Halo 4, and that is one amazing campaign. Multiplayer is hit-or-miss, but damn, that story. I have cried at very few video games, and those two are of them.

There are scenes that I can’t not break down at. The entire scene when Zelda explains the truth about her outright using Link for her purposes. Link hears this, and is obviously shocked and appalled, but still can’t help but love her. All he wants is to be with her, and she locks herself away, not knowing when she would wake up. Then what she said.

“So I’m going to ask you a favor, sleepyhead. Ever since we were kids, I’d always be the one to wake you up when you slept in. But this time, when this is all over, will you come to wake me up?”

Link has three preset responses. “I will,” “I promise,” and “Of course!”  No matter which he says, afterwards he almost breaks down in tears. There’s just so much emotion charged into that scene that only works because of the development provided by the linear gameplay and previous events. As I’ll get into next, there is so much that goes into this scene that makes it so believable and devastating. The amount of planning, as you will see, is truly a masterpiece of recursive storytelling.

Part V

This goes back to the very first scene in the game. When Link looks at the letter Zelda sent to him with her loftwing, he tilts his head, cocks an eyebrow, and smiles. This tiny, throwaway gesture gives legitimacy to the entire concept of her always waking him up. You hear characters call him lazy and reference this dependence on Zelda, but in that opening sequence, you see firsthand from Link that this is a usual occurrence for him. He’s used to her waking him up, and you aren’t left to just take the word of NPCs to know that.

Now fast forward to him banging on the outside of Zelda’s divine seal, and her turning the tables on him. With us, the players, knowing the significance of her waking him up, the actual meaning and emotion behind their exchange takes form. We also get a good picture of the fact that Link has a deeply-ingrained dependence on Zelda. His disparity when she is missing, and he can never quite catch up to her, makes perfect sense. She has always been there for him, and now she’s gone.

Link’s obvious confliction between needing to help Zelda, and him feeling helpless without her, is even further justified from when he got through the Earth Temple. There was Zelda right in front of him. He lit up, because there she was. But Impa puts out her arm, and instructs Zelda to leave. She is clearly conflicted here, but understands that her destiny required it. So, knowing that she is going to hurt Link even more, she steels herself and leaves. The next bit actually starts to tear at my heartstrings.

Part VI

Before Impa follows Zelda, she scolds Link for failing to make it to them before it was too late. Not just scold. She belittles him. Tears him down. She makes it absolutely clear that he failed Zelda. He’s used to her helping him. Even though it’s such a small daily occurrence, its repetition means so much more than the actual act. Now, the moment he needs to help her, he failed her. He couldn’t reciprocate what she had done for him. Impa makes sure that notion cuts deep under his skin.

Now fast forward to him banging on the outside of Zelda’s divine seal, and her turning the tables on him. Already he has that deep insecurity put in place by Impa, and he is even less confident that he will be able to wake her up at all. If he couldn’t reach her in time, how could he possibly do this? If he isn’t able to stop Demise, what will happen to her? Will he ever actually be able to be with her again? Those must have been questions burning in his mind.

What finishes this cutscene also depends heavily on the previous exchange with Impa. As Link leaves Zelda frozen and alone, the massive stone doors close behind him. He looks at Impa, and nods. Again, this tiny, throwaway gesture speaks volumes. He acknowledges what she said to him before, and knows that this time he can’t fail. Not in the way of “I’m unstoppable; I can’t possibly fail.” More like “So much is weighing on this that I don’t have any choice but to succeed.” He resolves to do everything he can this time. He relays his new determination to Impa with one simple nod.

Don’t get me wrong, Link isn’t really helpless. He earned the Triforce, and fulfilled his destiny. What I’m trying to get across is that when anyone has a friend or loved one who fills a niche in their life, their absence hurts so much more than they think it will.

Part VII

My intent with Parts IV-VI is to show that the story of Skyward Sword is easily more layered and rich than any other in the series. The game itself being so rigidly scripted lets the plot develop this way. Don’t get me wrong, the linearity of the gameplay is frustrating to me sometimes. You are interrupted by Fi and other characters a bit too frequently. But I know it brings the plot first and foremost, so I can excuse it.

The dissent for how its gameplay and controls are executed is legitimate. The Legend of Zelda has 19 mainline games, with this being the 16th. With fans joining on all along its 32-year-long lifespan, it’s intensely subjective what every game is perceived as. The first experience you have with something is extremely formative in your opinion of it. That becomes your expectation of it. How you think of the next depends almost entirely on the first. So I get that people don’t like Skyward Sword’s alternative playstyle. But don’t shit on its story because of it. In truth, the alternative playstyle is what allowed the story to be as damn beautiful as it is.

A Secret Friend: A Sub Chapter of “A Tale of Two Rulers”

“GAH! It’s not fair”, Rinku screamed. “All I did was give him a little push into the water and now I’m grounded.” She then threw herself onto her bed and screamed into her pillow. “Well I guess life isn’t fair, huh?”, a sudden voice said. Rinku looked up from her pillow and saw a small figure standing in her chair. She instinctively grabbed a dagger to defend herself.

“Jumpy are we? Sup Fairy Girl?”, said the Skull Kid. “Oh it’s just you again”, Rinku said, putting down the dagger and allowing herself to relax. Skull Kid, not entirely looking at Rinku, said playfully, “Aw, what’s the matter, have a bad day?”

“I may or may not have tried to kill my soon to be step-father by drowning him”, Rinku said. Skull Kid then just looked at Rinku in a mocking shocked expression and jokingly said, “Wow, how courageous of you, the brave heroine came so close to slaying the King of Evil, only to be given the curse of being grounded by her mother. Ooooooo.”

Rinku, slightly flustered, gave him a punch and replied, “Shut up man, not cool.”  

“OW!”, the Skull Kid said. “You know, you’re the only girl I know that can punch like a Goron.” Rinku, puffing her chest up, replied, “I will take that as a compliment.”

They both then sat on the bed together. “Shame you got grounded cause some people can’t take a joke”, Skull Kid said. “Well I did maybe act like a jerk”, Rinku replied.

“Well between you and me”, Skull kid said, looking around as if someone was listening, “there wasn’t a funnier sight than that soaking big red haired giant, with his hair stuck to his face and seaweed covering his body.”

Rinku giggled. It seemed her friend always knew what to say to cheer her up. Skull Kid then asked Rinku in a more sympathetic voice, “Hey, you gonna be ok, what with your mom getting married to Ganondorf?”

Rinku took a moment to think on that. The marriage was going to happen tomorrow. To be honest, she still had conflicting opinions on the matter. She was terrified that this man would harm her mom. “Well I suppose it will be o.k in the end. I’ve already told Ganondorf that he can be my dad, but if he does anything to hurt my mom I’ll kill him, I’m not afraid of him”, Rinku said, giving a confident smile.

“Whatever you say hero”, Skull Kid said, rolling his eyes. “So Rinku, any cool visitors coming to this wedding that you know about?” Rinku then got up and grabbed a piece of paper she hid in a book.

“I was able to sneak this guest list off from the service hall. Thought it would be nice to know what friends mom is having over. Not much on future dads “Friends”.  They both then gathered close together under a lamp and started to read the list.

“Let’s see”, Skull Kid said, “there’s a bunch a royal dukes and barons from Hyrule, the President of Lon Lon Milk Co. and his son and daughter, an ambassador from the Korki, they are really nice folk once you get to know them, the Rito Chieftain and his daughter with a few other Rito shamans, and….oh…. that’s gonna be awkward…”, Skull Kid said suddenly.

“What?”, Rinku asked. “Well your mom invited both the Royalty of the Zora Kingdom and the Tribe leaders of the Goron People, and within the last couple months Ganondorf’s forces have committed sieges against both nations, killing several elders on the Gorons side, and had the the Zora Queen’s brother assassinated. There is a lot of bad blood.”

Rinku was taken aback. This was the man her mother was going to marry?! Skull Kid then continued reading the list without much worry. “And on Ganondorf’s side he has the witches of the Gerudo Desert, the Chieftain of the Bulblins, King Bulblin the 3rd, what an original name for their leader, a couple sorcerers, and the all the commanders of his army. Welp, if everyone shows up it should be one hell of a wedding!”, Skull kid said, seemingly amused. Skull Kid then turned to Rinku and asked, “Hey, I was meaning to ask you about something a while back.”

“Yeah?”, Rinku replied. “You know that artifact I’ve showed you in that picture, the one I’m convinced is in this castle somewhere? Have you learned anything about it or where it could be?”

“Well no”, Rinku said, “it’s a little hard when you asked me not to tell anyone else about it.” Skull Kid gave a light hearted sigh, “Well forget about it, I just-”. Suddenly he caught himself and stood to attention, like a dog sensing a presence. Then there was a knock at the door.

Rinku turned toward the door. “Who’s there?”, she asked.

“It’s me, Impa”, a voice replied from behind the door. “Hey you should-”, Rinku started to whisper, but the Skull Kid had disappeared. Rinku then went to her door and unlocked it for Impa. After doing so, Rinku was a little shocked. Impa, serious cold Impa, had a deep concern in her eyes. “Impa, are you alright?”, Rinku asked, slightly worried that she might be in more trouble.

“I’m fine, young Rinku”, Impa replied. She then walked through Rinku’s room as if looking for something. Or someone. “I feel as if something has been here”, the sheikah said only to herself. Impa then turned to Rinku and looked directly at her, her own expression growing more stern. Impa then said to her, “Rinku, in these very delicate times, where the next twenty-four hours will shape the future of our people, so with no secrets between us, have you noticed anything strange, with anything at all?”

Rinku simply shook her head, putting on the strongest poker-face she could. Impa just stared at Rinku, and after moment of thinking something over, went over to her, knelt down to be on her level, gently grabbed her on the shoulders and said, “Rinku, I need you to listen to me when I say this. I need you, at least for just a while, to please behave yourself. I know there is a mischievous streak in you, but you can’t put yourself in any risk. Please avoid Ganondorf and any monster under his control until after the wedding. You’re a smart girl Rinku, just be ready for anything.”

As Impa got up to leave she said to Rinku, “By the way, I would appreciate it if you didn’t steal important documents in the future.” Impa waved the guest list. Rinku didn’t even see her take it, and all she could do was manage a guilty smile. With that Impa took one last look at the darker parts of Rinku’s room and then left. Rinku took a moment to process what happened. With the warning and that initial look on her face, Rinku felt that something bad must have happened recently, but what?

“Oh gods, I thought she would never leave.” Rinku turned around to see Skull Kid materialize on the corner of her ceiling, clinging there like a spider. Hopping down Skull Kid continued saying, “I think she’ll actually be able to catch me soon. Very hard to outsmart a Sheikah in the long term. To bad for her I’m smarter.” Skull Kid laughed to himself, his ego getting to him.

Rinku then said in a more hushed voice, “You know if you keep laughing she might burst in here.” “Yeah I suppose”, he said, “you know, I just wanted to say thanks again for not ratting me out. If anyone else found me, they probably wouldn’t hesitate to kill me. Especially the freak ninja.”

“Hey, it’s no problem, you’re my friend”, Rinku replied.

“Or maybe I’m just a figment of your imagination caused by years of being alone without any other real friends”, Skull Kid replied cheekily. There was moment of silence. Then Rinku went over to him and sucker punched him straight in the chest, causing him to keel over dropping his hat on the floor.

“Well if you look at that, that sure felt real to me. Shut up bonehead.”, Rinku said a little pissed off.  Skull Kid dusted off his hat, turned to Rinku and said, “Well I should get going, big day tomorrow. See you around buddy.” With a wave goodbye, Skull Kid slowly moved into the shadows and disappeared out of the room.

Rinku was shocked, in the year she knew him she never saw how exactly he was able to sneak away so well. Yawning to herself, she suddenly felt the fatigue of the day catch up to her. She tucked herself in and fell right asleep.

Far away from outside Hyrule Castle, away from any potential Hylian Spies, Ghirahim sat waiting on the top of Hyrule field. When was the last time he had had any real rest recently? He then felt a presence of someone teleporting come up from behind him. It was about damn time. “Well Skull Child, what do you have to report?”  

Skull Kid stretched his arms out and gave out a yawn. “I just got here and you want to get straight to business? Fine, whatever.” “Well our little princess was kind enough to save me the trouble of finding out what guests the Queen of Hyrule is having over. Nothing much of note except she actually thinks, probably hopes, that by having the tribes of Zoras and Gorons over she can help them have peace as well with our Lord Ganon.” Ghirahim, with annoyance in his voice, asked, “Is that all you have to report? Your hangout time with the child?”

Skull Kid in a mocking voice said, “Oh I’m sorry, are you mad that your BEST spy has nothing else to report. Oh wait, this just in, those earrings of yours are still tacky.” Ghirahim gave a hiss, but Skull Kid ignored his anger and continued his report. “Turns out some of the Hylain Guard tried to attack Ganondorf.  It didn’t go too well, it was a gooey, bloody mess when I took a look; it should diminish some of Zelda’s forces from keeping watch on the wedding though. As for the artifact our master wants, I haven’t been able to find any clues on its location. Even with having a year to search the castle, it’s still kept hidden beyond my reach. I’m convinced that damn shiekah has it somewhere. By the way, you should appreciate all this information I’m able to gather, security has been increased to unbelievable heights recently.”

Ghirahim rolled his eyes and said in a sarcastic tongue, “I’ll be sure to keep your personal feelings on the sheer difficulty of your tasks in mind.” It was then Skull Kid asked Ghirahim, “Don’t you think it’s rather a shame that we just don’t attack everyone at the wedding, all of our enemies in one place? A lot of wonderful chaos could be made.”

Ghirahim smirked and replied, “Oh please don’t give me such delicious thoughts. As much as I would love to dance in the blood of humans, until our master gives a command to do so, I will obey his current order to leave them alive.”  Ghirahim then turned away from Skull Kid. “I want you to keep spying on the armies of Hyrule and find what information you can, we don’t want any surprises. Also, double your efforts on finding these artifacts guarded by the humans. If our master can gain more power, then he won’t have any need for this ridiculous truce. You’re dismissed.” And with that Ghirahim disappeared into a puff of diamonds.

Skull Kid was now alone on the hill top. God he hated that demon, in fact, he hated about almost everyone he came across. Sometimes he wished he could throw those he despised into a pit of Dead Hands. But the kid, Rinku, now she was someone Skull Kid had gotten attached to over the year. It would suck if she ever found out he was using her. A shame too, she was the first real friend Skull Kid had made in a couple decades. Once he found the artifact he was looking for all his problems could be taken care off. He could use it for himself, put an end to his master and his forces, and make Rinku stay his friend. Forever.

A friendly Nightmare (Closed with Janofthedesert)


Clad in the milky light of the moon was the Gerudo Desert. A place long forgotten by many but also traveled by many, home to the sandworms and the Arbiter’s Grounds. Usually only the sound of wind, sand and some bulblins strolling around their camps could be heard. But somehow, tonight, the sound of a violin could be heard coming from somewhere. The wind carried forth the sad melody through the desert and from a distance Poes and other ghost would follow the melody.

Playing the melody while walking through the sand with bare feet was a girl clad in a dark purple cloak and surrounded by a handful of purple will-o-wisps. Her grey-ish skin didn’t reflect the moonlight, in fact if anyone was close to look at her they would see, her appearance was slightly translucent.