That freakin dragon Grim Matchstick in Cuphead’s been giving me more trouble than I care to admit. I will say though, he did inspire me to do some fiery shenanigans with Candice, particularly showing how cartoony she could be when very angry/at her limits (yes the fact that Grim’s head transforms like that has inspired that second pic pfft)

Also figured with how dangerous but capable Candice can be, I figured she could use cartoon logic to extend her wick and use it like a fiery whip to strike some suckers. vuv)/ Poor Lucy and Bulby though, aheh…

Giardini & Orti - Fiori & Piante Vocabs

il giardino - garden
il giardinaggio - gardening
l’erba - grass
il prato - lawn, grassland
potare - to trim
raccogliere - to pick up
piantare - to plant
innestare - to graft, to insert
il tagliaerba - lawnmower
le cesoie - shears
le forbici - scissors
i guanti - gloves
la rafia - raffia
i filari - rows, lines 
il restrello - rake
la pala - shovel
la zappa - hoe
la vanga - spade
il piccone - mattock
l’annaffiatoio (m.) - watering can
la carriola - handcart
la ramazza - besom
il trattore - tractor
il diserbante - weedkiller
l’erbicida - herbicide
l’insetticida - insecticide
il concime, il fertilizzante - fertilizer

tagliare il prato / l’erba - to cut the grass
potare le piante - to trim plants
raccogliere i fiori - to pick up flowers
piantare un geranio - to plant a geranium
la maturazione della frutta - fruits’ maturation
annaffiare/innaffiare le piante - to water the plants
il ciliegio (m.) è cresciuto molto - The cherry tree grew up a lot
mi piacciono molto le ciliegie (f.) - I really like cherries

il fiore - flower
i semi - seeds
i bulbi - bulbs
la rosa - rose
la margherita - daisy
il crocus - crocus
il tulipano - tulip
il garofano - carnation
l’orchidea - orchid
il dente di leone, il tarassaco - dandelion (1st name lit.: lion’s tooth)
la portulaca - portulaca
la primula - primrose
il mughetto - lily of the valley
la viola - pansy, violet
la calla - arum lily

la pianta - plant
il legno - wood
le radici - roots
i rami - branches
il bocciolo - flower bud
i germogli - sprouts, buds
l’ortensia - hydrangea
la camelia - camellia
il geranio - geranium 
il girasole - sunflower
il lillà - lilac
la magnolia - magnolia
la felce - fern
l’azalea - azalea

le piante da frutto - fuit trees
il pesco - peach tree
il melo - apple tree
il ciliegio - cherry tree
il pero - pear tree
l’albicocco (m.) - apricot tree

l’albero (m.) - tree
il cipresso - cypress
il faggio - beech
il pino - pine
l’abete (m.) - spruce
il larice - larch
la betulla - birch
la quercia - oak
l’ontano (m.) - alder
l’acacia (f.) - acacia
il salice piangente - willow tree (lit.: crying willow)

le colture - cultivations
coltivare - to cultivate, to farm
l’orto (m.) - vegetable garden
il campo - field
la campagna - country, countryside
la fattoria - farm
l’agriturismo - holiday farm, agritourism
la cascina - country house
il frutteto - fruit garden
le verdure - vegetables
la frutta - fruits
il grano / il frumento - wheat
il riso - rice
il mais / il granturco / il granoturco - corn, maize
i pomodori - tomatoes 
le carote - carrots 
le zucche - pumpkins 
le zucchine - zucchini

( more food - vegetables + fruits - here )



So uh… I really love Cuphead. Fantastic game, even if the word of it being a soul-crusher is true. Playing it for a while, I became inspired to make my own 30s-esque cartoon character concept…

Light Bulbs!

Or rather, “Lady Light” Lucy and Bulby!

I was never too sure on what exactly to make of their dynamic as I was designing them, but in the end I think it’d be interesting and rather unexpected to have this be some sorta mother-son team of sorts? Probably not CRIME FIGHTERS per se but there’s definitely potential if this were to be for a comic, and I figured Lucy’d be a pretty capable lady while still minding her composure once dealing with trouble, all while looking out for her son.

And yes, I did base Bulby off of a Bob-Omb, ‘cause I always did like the base design of Bob-Ombs and figured it’d make a cutely shaped side-kick sorta character.

So ye, here, have Lucy and Bulby! All thanks to my love and appreciation for what Cuphead has done as a game. vuv)/


Cantate pour salle de bain // Bathroom Singer par Amaktine


- The OR -

anonymous asked:

I love everything about birds; can you tell us about F5? What's the backstory? Why are they called F5? How do they feel about Gary and Bulby?

F5 doesn’t really have much of a backstory except for that Gary and Buddy stumbled into him on Route 1:

Gary named him ‘F5′ after tornadoes (more info through the link), and as for how he feels about his new team:

Thanks for the ask! I hope most of his answers were satisfactory. :>

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