bulbasaur cosplay


Adorable Bulbasaur inspired dresses

Top design created by: @topascrossing

2009 cosplay as bulbasaur from pokemon

this was ridiculously fun.

you can’t really see the detail of the bulb, here, but my mum – whoo my mum! she sewed an awesome bulb for me. i want to make it a backpack really badly, and i’m hoping together, she and i can make that happen.

OMG you guys, Bulbasaur is GONNA HAPPEN!! I’m seriously shocked how well the print-at-home tattoo paper worked! …And can’t believe I stuck that Venusaur on my arm 1 hr before my kickboxing class… My teacher (who is covered in real tattoos) is going to laugh her ass off…I have poor impulse control :(

Wig is the “Magnum” style in Olive from Arda wigs. I. LOVE. IT. 

Now… any of you got tips on nylon para-cord bullwhip making? I’m waffling over handle materials & transition area techniques….


Hey guys!  My sister Jaime (who makes all those sick Sock Hats for me!) has got a few more items up in her ETSY SHOP!  

  • BULBASAUR hat - with FUCKIN SWEET little vine straps!

  • KYLE hat - “As a matter of fact… I think it’s the nicest hat I’ve… ever known.”

  • CRAIG hats - Fleece, crocheted, alternate poofs, straps, we got ‘em all! 

and as always (and because I had room for one more picture in this photoset), 

Every item in her shop is hand made with love, care, and the materials used to make them!  GUARANTEED!!!  Check them out!

here’s just a quick pic of my bulbasaur cosplay from today at anime boston! (inspired by Tamtamdi’s drawing)

I’m too exhausted to edit the others right now but there will be a few more to come!