bulb field

Flower Beds in Holland (also known as ‘Bulb Fields’)
Vincent van Gogh - 1883
National Gallery of Art - Washington DC (United States)
Oil painting
Height: 49 cm (19.29 in.), Width: 66 cm (25.98 in.)

This work from 1883 marks the first time we really feel Vincent’s expert use and knowledge of color. There are a couple more examples from earlier, in ‘82, but for me, this is the physical representation of the beginning of his mission to work only to let God move through his vessel and leave something timeless behind. 

Vincent painted and drew (and wrote letters) voraciously from here on out, compiling over 900 paintings, at least that many letters, and even more drawings.

blue | bradley & max

She still had her socks on. That was all she kept thinking about, knees tucked to her chest like a child attempting to squeeze inside a high school locker to hide from the things that go bump in the night, fingers laced in among each other like her own little skeleton key prison to hold another tremble captive. It was stupid. She knew that. The rational part of her knew that, but that didn’t stop her heart from clenching like a fist inside her chest as her head tipped back to rest against the wall of the double shower cubicle, steam settling over the blooming bruise on her cheek in the form of a humid shine that the glow from the dim bathroom bulb had a field day dancing in. She still had her socks on. Feet shifting slightly inside of soaked cotton, her eyes stayed stuck on the trickle of water running along her calf even when she heard the door to their motel room click open, teeth anxiously grating on the inside of her cheek while her stare remained blankly fixed on a runaway droplet. A fresh set of feet making themselves apparent in the peripheral of her focus, she swallowed around the apology attempting to wrestle itself out of her throat in means of an explanation, settling for feebly lifting a shoulder instead. “Didn’t feel clean.” @maxdcotes