bulb field

Flower Beds in Holland (also known as ‘Bulb Fields’)
Vincent van Gogh - 1883
National Gallery of Art - Washington DC (United States)
Oil painting
Height: 49 cm (19.29 in.), Width: 66 cm (25.98 in.)

This work from 1883 marks the first time we really feel Vincent’s expert use and knowledge of color. There are a couple more examples from earlier, in ‘82, but for me, this is the physical representation of the beginning of his mission to work only to let God move through his vessel and leave something timeless behind. 

Vincent painted and drew (and wrote letters) voraciously from here on out, compiling over 900 paintings, at least that many letters, and even more drawings.


Electric Fields Made Visible

Physics educator James Lincoln helps people understand the natural world. The gifs above are from a Youtube video he made on how to “see” an electric field, the region around a charged object where electric force is experienced. When the object is positively charged, electric field lines extend radially outward from the object. When the object is negatively charged, the lines extend radially inward.  

Click the gifs for more info or see the full video below.

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you cannot change people,
they are not light bulbs;
you cannot pick and choose
the parts of them which
should go and those
which should stay.
some will emit light,
while others might
prefer the dark.
—  Nav K, field note: light bulbs