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Regrowing Edible Lily Bulbs

This experiment has been 2 years in the making!

Very often in Asian (especially Chinese) supermarkets, you’ll find packs of shrink wrapped edible lily bulbs. (The sweet, crunchy, and delicately starchy bulbs are broken into scales and often stir-fried with celery.) I planted these two winters ago  because I was so  curious as to what the flower might look like. In the first year, the bulbs did root and put out leaves and stalks. It was only until this year that one stalk finally put out a blossom…and what an interesting beauty she turned out to be. Her petals screamed a florescent orange; the pollen was so bright I could have used it as war paint.

But I’m still not sure which species of lily this is. Halp any one? Anyhoot, I’m delighted to recommend this plant as apart of a edible landscape.


Not all lilly bulbs are edible and many can be toxic to you and your pets. It should go with out me saying this, but please don’t go around sampling random lily bulbs.