SCANDAL; “School Festival Lives” blogpost by MAMI☆

We had school festival lives both this Saturday and Sunday☺︎ Yesterday was Kyoto • Bukkyo University. We were at the backstage riding about on unicycles. The Japanese fragrance was extremely healing. And then, at 24 years old, unicycle; I was still able to ride☝︎

Today was Okayama • Okayama University. We had messages from everyone in the executive committee☺︎ With the chance being offered by everyone of Okayama University, we decided on doing our first school festival live in 4 yearsー☺︎☝︎

The school festival lives were lots of fun!! The way each university’s executive committee gave their all was no joke☝︎♥︎ For calling SCANDAL, thank you so, so much! And then all those who came to have fun at the live, thank you very much! I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart!!

In Kyoto, at Arashiyama (historic site / scenic spot in Kyoto). Look at Kinkaku-ji (a zen Buddhist temple). Sightseeing for just a bit☝︎☺︎ It is IN MAMI’s places-to-live-in ranking; Kyoto. It was wonderful. It felt like being in the middle of a dream!! I’m looking forward to meeting again next time during the tour!

Mystery Spot: Ryotokuji

Ryotoku-ji is a small, seemingly-gorgeous temple just south of the Kawaramachi-Imadegawa intersection. I say “seemingly” because it’s under construction, so you can’t actually go inside. From the outside, you can see tall, strong trees in a garden that leads up to a large temple. 

I call this a mystery spot because my husband did. See, it’s under construction - and has been “as long as I can remember,” he says, with a serious look on his face. “And no one knows why.” 

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SCANDAL; “Bukkyo University / Ouryo Festival” blogpost by RINA☆

Bukkyo University「Ouryo Festival」, it’s been fun! As it’s our first time doing a live in Kyoto after a long while, everything’s all hyped up. Even as we spoke to one of the executive committee after the live ended, the girl spoke of giving her all for the sake of working in a nursing home in future. I thought that was wonderful. Dreams, please fulfill them! Myself as well, I’ll work even harder!

Yesterday, the members and I spent the night at an inn and went sightseeing. Tenryuu-Ji (Temple)’s bamboo forest and the clear air was healing. We ate delicious food, and it’s been probably around 6, 7 years (?) since the 4 of us slept like small fishes in one room.*”

We talked about next year’s world tour, and looking at a nurse’s job. It was exactly like an adult’s school trip (no pillow throwing though). It’s been a revitalising one-night-two-days for the heart. Kyoto, I love it.


SCANDAL; Bukkyo University, Ouryo Festival Set List →

  • Yoake no Ryuuseigun

  • Taiyou Scandalous

  • Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene

  • Kagen no Tsuki

  • Osaka LOVER

  • Image

  • Satisfaction

  • DOLL

  • Your song



Tweets (translated)

  • SCANDAL Staff: “Bukkyo University「Ouryo Festival」has ended!! Our first Kyoto LIVE for the first time in a long while! Thank you very much to the many who has gathered here! Although we couldn’t come to Kyoto but we’ll be back to the Kansai (region) for the tour! Let us meet again at a tour!*”

  • MAMI: “Kyoto・We challenged the unicycle at Bukkyo University’s Ouryo Festival’s backstage☝︎🌝 24 years old, but I still rode it☝︎🌝 The muscle above my knee hurts☝︎🌝 The live, it was loads of fun♥️ Thank you so much♥️🌝 I want to live in Kyoto☝︎🌝*”

  • TOMOMI: “Thank you Bukkyo University’s Ouryo Festival! It’s been a great school surrounded by maple leaves*”

  • HARUNA: “Bukkyo University, the Ouryo Festival has been lots of fun! Our first Kyoto LIVE for the first time in a while, it was really hyped up wasn’t it\(^o^)/ We can’t come for next year’s tour but I hope you’ll come have fun at our next Kansai LIVE!*”

  • RINA: “Bukkyo University「Ouryo Festival」, I’m happy you called us! Thank you very much! I really love Kyoto! I want to come here even in private. I want to see you from today again.*”

Tweets as translated by fyscandalband, set list w/ thanks to goshi0522.



Starting from last week onwards was the school festival LIVE series, and today was the final(^^) All in all it was 4 places… Ishikawa Prefecture • Hokuriku Gakuin University / Aichi Prefecture • Fujita Health University / Kyoto • Bukkyo University / Okayama Prefecture • Okayama University

Everyone who called us, and those who came, really, thank you very much! For us, this is our first school festival LIVE in 4 years, however no matter which university it was, it’s been a super heated, fun, wonderful time♪ Since this year we focused on Tokyo-Osaka, to be able to go about all sorts of regions and meet with plenty of smiles, it’s something I was happy about! As we’ll be going around plenty on next year’s tour, be it those who couldn’t come this time or those who are seeing us for the first time this round or those who’ve already seen us many times before, please do come and have fun★

We did some sightseeing in Kyoto.