bukit timah monkey man

Bukit Timah Monkey Man

Bukit Timah Monkey Man (BTMM or BTM) is a crypitd that inhabits in the bukit timah forest, singapore. The creature is often cited as a forest-dwelling hominid or primate, and is also accounted for as being immortal;however, its exact identity remains unknown, and its existence disputed. 

The BTMM is said to be hominid-like, greyish in colour, and between one and two meters (3 to 6 feet) in height, with a bipedal gait. All sightings have been centred upon the Bukit Timah region, which gives rise to the cryptid’s name.

The first reported sighting was in 1805 and there are still reports of it till this day.The first report of the creature came in 1805, before the colonial British discovery of Singapore, when a Malay elder claimed to have seen an upright-walking, monkey-faced creature in the Bukit Timah area. Japanese soldiers also reported the creature during World War II. 

The most recent sighting of the BTM was in 2007. A Singapore tabloid, The New Paper, has since featured the cryptid on its papers, gathering accounts from a number of witnesses. 

Amongst those highlighted in the article are:A 48-year-old taxi driver, who lives around the neighbourhood of Serangoon, was quoted as saying:“When driving my taxi past the fire station on Upper Bukit Timah Road in the middle of the night I hit what I thought was a child that ran out in the middle of the road. It was on the car bonnet and then snarled at me - it was like a monkey but so big! It ran off injured covered in blood, and holding its arm which was broken.

A 65-year-old retiree from the neighbourhood of Bukit Panjang recalled the creature from his childhood, saying:“We were always told as children when in the Kampung not to go near the forest at night due to the Monkey Man. Of course we never saw it ourselves but it was always some uncle or friend of the family who had seen it. Once we were shown these footprints near the forest road, and I remember the strong urine smell. Whenever we heard shrieks coming from the jungle we would tell each other- don’t disturb the Monkey Man.